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Reflections on life from author and filmmaker Don Johnson. Learn more about Don's projects at and read his Substack at
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Welcoming sinners where they are is one thing; affirming them in their sin and encouraging them to stay there is another. Carl Olson joins Don to discuss the disturbing tendency among Church leaders to use the language of love and grace to entrench people in destructive lifestyles.Links to go with show:How much Sexual Sin is OK?The conflict over Communion is really about the cheapening of God's graceThe Consequences of Not Taking Sin SeriouslyWhat is Salvation?Called to Be Children of God: The Catholic Theology of Human Deification Twisted Unto Destruction: How Bible Alone Theology Made the World a Worse PlaceThe Cost of Discipleship
Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss the sharp decline in church attendance over the past few years as well as offer some thoughts towards a solution.Show links:How to Talk to a SkepticTwisted Unto Destruction: How Bible Alone Theology Made the World a Worse PlaceWhat’s Behind America’s ‘Great Dechurching’?The Largest and Fastest Religious Shift in America Is Well Underway
A Cry for Justice

A Cry for Justice


Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss the popularity of Rich Men North of Richmond and how it fits into a growing resentment of the ruling class. This leads into some thoughts about the nature of sin and the relationship between justice, mercy, and judgment, and why everything boils down to worship. Also, Don explains how this relates to his new project about Sodom and Gomorrah: LibertyvilleSome other links for the show:Oliver Anthony Quotes Scripture to Open His ShowCDC says teen girls caught in extreme wave of sadness and violence
Hurt Girl Summer

Hurt Girl Summer


What do the Barbie movie and Taylor Swift's Eras Tour have in common? Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss the two biggest cultural phenomenons of the summer, and offer some movie and music reviews along the way.Resources:What Feminism Gets Wrong about Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life Unprotected
Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss various news stories from the week, incuding the explusion of Saddleback Church from the Southern Baptist Convention and the rise of pro-gay and pro-feminist groups battling gender ideology.
The Anti-Science Covid Cult

The Anti-Science Covid Cult


Who is really following the science, here? Don and Alden discuss the increasingly cult-like and superstitious nature of the pro-lockdown postion.Links to go with the show:Why Christianity is the Worldview that Best Supports Science: craziness: Fauci the Messiah
What happens when you mix the weak epistemology of the postmodern West with a crooked ruling class? The death of truth. In this episode, Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss several factors that have led to the current cultural chaos, including the crisis of authority that results from widespread corruption among our media, tech, and political elite. They also examine the phrase "it's not who we are as Americans" and chat about whether calling people to "be good Americans" is a strong enough moral appeal.
Don Johnson and Carl Olson discuss various aspects of of our cultural moment, including the fact that even our religious leaders don't seem willing to offer God's perspective on our predicament. Along they way, they reference a recent New York Times article by Pope Francis as well as "Mr Biden and the Matter of Scandal," a First Things piece by Archbishop Charles Chaput. Carl Olson is the editor of Catholic World Report and the author of several books, including Will Catholic be Left Behind? A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today's Prophecy Preachers.
The Corona Grifters

The Corona Grifters


Don and Alden try to makes sense of some of the latest coronavirus developments by following the money. They also discuss Alden's interview with Erik Rittenberry about Erik's article "The American Life is Killing You."
Don and Alden discuss the history of propaganda in America, and how the practices and principles perfected in the first half of the twentieth century are still being used to great effect today.
Don and Alden discuss an America in which the media and political ruling class is completely corrupt and the general population seems to have only fear and anger to keep them going each day.
Don and Alden chat about living in a culture in which so many people act in public as if something is true, even when they don't actually believe it. They also discuss why there is no such thing as common sense anymore, and how various churches are dealing with the coronavirus.
Don and Alden discuss why mask wearing has become such a cultural flash point. They also examine what it means that the government is deciding what is essential and what isn't, and how this differs from their normal lawmaking role.
Don and Alden discuss the negative role social media is having on the coronavirus debate, and how relating to people only online makes it much more difficult to find truth, or even just common ground. They also talk about how historical ignorance leads people to be more trusting of their cultural gatekeepers, and how the way the media markets fear makes people far less rational when it comes to evaluating risk.
Don and Alden talk about the latest developments in the Coronapocalypse, and discuss why it is important to be willing to follow the evidence where it leads, even when it overturns something you have long thought to be true.
It's a Brave New World

It's a Brave New World


Why is it currently socially unacceptable to ask questions? Do we have to simply accept the “official” narrative of events and blindly obey our media and political overlords? What can we learn from scripture and history about our current cultural moment? And are we actually living in The Truman Show? On this Coronavirus edition of the show, Don is joined by artist and filmmaker Alden Olmstead to tackle these issues and more. You can learn more about Alden and find the t-shirt we discuss on the show at
What is the Bible? Protestants like to say "The Word of God." OK, what is the word of God? Protestants like to say, "The Bible?" How does that work?In this episode Don unpacks some common errors many Protestants make in understanding how God reveals himself, and what part the Bible plays in that revelation.
Since we ignore the Bible on slavery, shouldn't we ignore it on a host of other issues as well, including same sex sexual activity? Don tackles that argument and discusses the difference between Catholic and Protestant views of scripture, showing how the doctrine of sola scriptura has played out in history.Links to go with the show:Fr. James Martin finds this argument "interesting": Civil War as a Theological Crisis: the Church Ever Support Slavery?
No Eyes to See

No Eyes to See


According to Barna researcher Brooke Hempell, "More than any other segment of the population, white evangelicals demonstrate a blindness to the struggle of their African American brothers and sisters.” Why is this? In this episode, Don tackles this question from several angles, and addresses the myth that we live in a post-racist society.Links to go with the show:Black Christians Deserve Better Than Companies (And Churches) Like Relevant Media Group: Topic Got Me Censored and Removed from Conservative Catholic Radio: of Ferguson DOJ Report: Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street: Case for Reparations:
Don discusses the idolatry at the heart of the current culture war, arguing that both liberals and conservatives are on the wrong side of the battle that ultimately matters.
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