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Coming this summer: the epic full story of CHRYSALIS.

Open your mind. Listen carefully. The future has arrived.

DUST is the premier destination for immersive science fiction audio stories.

Season one, Horizons, is an anthology of audio stories ranging from genre groundbreakers such as Philip K. Dick and Ray Bradbury to the electrifying emerging voices of today. All episodes now available.

Season Two: FLIGHT 008. Eleven of the biggest writers in science fiction, through eleven unique stories, follow one single thread: a non-stop flight from Tokyo to San Francisco that passes through a wrinkle in spacetime and lands in the year 2040. Made in partnership with XPRIZE. All episodes now available.

20 Episodes
When Yumiko’s return trip from her mother’s funeral lands her 20 years in the future, she finds that in a sense, she is the one who’s been buried. But perhaps, if she’s lucky, she can find a way to unearth herself and reconnect with her long-lost daughter. Last is written by William Shunn and performed by Sarah Drew.
Wracked by the guilt of abandoning her terminally-ill son, a teenage mother returns home only to find out that the trip took longer than expected. Twenty years longer. Homecoming is written by Sheila Finch and performed by Martin Jarvis.
Technology and art may seem at odds, but in this stunningly beautiful portrait, Nebula-award winning author Chen Qiufan shows us a future made vivid through shared artistic experience. Oblivion is a Crease Left by Memory is written by Chen Qiufan, translated by Ken Liu, and performed by Greg Watanabe.
Flung 20 years into the future, a desperate inventor must find a way to come to terms with his new reality, or the same fate as his innovations. Collapse is written by Nancy Kress and performed by Alfred Molina.
When a young woman returns from her gap year in Tokyo, she finds herself in a future in which A.I.-enabled eyewear facilitates your every need. Gap Year is written by Justina Robson and performed by Moira Quirk.
In the future, Kenji finds that tracking down loved ones is significantly harder when every door, elevator, and kiosk mocks his every effort. Morning Glory is written by Charles Yu, and performed by SungWon Cho, Deborah Ann Woll, Andre Sogliuzzo, Moira Quirk, Suzy Nakamura, and Helen Sadler.
Evelyn always assumed her partner would be the one whose life would disappear, one early-onset Alzheimer's memory at a time. But that was before Evelyn jumped decades into the future... Dido's Lament is written by Aidan J.S. Menuge and performed by Sarah Drew.
After disappearing for twenty years, Malcolm returns home and quickly discovers his life has changed in ways he could have never expected. Iterations is written by Daniel H. Wilson and performed by Dan Stevens, Calista Flockhart, and Helen Sadler.
Senator Oscar Diaz's checkered past comes back to haunt him when an old friend–thought to be dead–suddenly returns and threatens to topple his empire. Treatment Option is written by James L. Cambias, narrated by Keith David, and performed by Reid Scott, Danny Trejo, Suzy Nakamura, Moira Quirk, and Andre Sogliuzzo.
DUST is proud to announce a special second season, FLIGHT 008, made in partnership with XPRIZE. Eleven of the biggest writers in science fiction, through eleven unique stories, follow a single thread: a non-stop flight from Tokyo to San Francisco that passes through a wrinkle in space-time and lands in the year 2040. With performances by Dan Stevens, Danny Trejo, Calista Flockhart, Alfred Molina, Reid Scott, and Keith David, FLIGHT 008 is an audio experience unlike any other. Season two premieres March 25th. The future has arrived.
Dismissed as primitive and ridiculed by her own allies, a single human ship is all that stands between those allies and oblivion. Just One Ship is written by Alexander Bruce, performed by Aaron Cavette.
What happens when the machines we create begin thinking for themselves? Will they see us as their creators...or as oppressors? A Ghost in the Machine is written by Ed Bartlett, narrated by Sabra May, and performed by Natalie Pelletier, Amy Argyle, Matthew Wolf, Tara Novic, George Aivaliotis and Paddy Wilkins.
When an AI awakens after the genocide of the human race by an unknown alien species, it sets off on a path of vengeance across the known universe...and beyond. Chrysalis is written by S.H. Serrano, performed by Matthew Wolf.
When a budding sculptor undergoes a procedure that allows him to focus on his dreams, he quickly learns that success may not be what he wanted it to be. The Motivation Cure is written by RK Nickel, performed by Matthew Wolf, Devon Sorvari, and Hugo Armstrong.
From Philip K. Dick, visionary behind Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Total Recall, comes his first published story: Beyond Lies the Wub. When a space crew purchases a creature on an alien planet for food, they quickly come to discover that the "wub" is more than meets the eye. This episode is performed by Moira Quirk.
A very special Halloween two-part episode featuring the creepy tales Sanctity by Alan O’Doherty and Targeted Adverts by Phoebe A. Xavier. In Sanctity, the perils of artificial intelligence might be found not in rebellion, but in absolute obedience. Targeted Adverts follows Madoc, who, while attempting to evade an overly persistent advertisement, accidentally turns his world upside down. Both stories are performed by Matthew Wolf.
When an inventor’s creation accidentally kills all of the world’s top scientists, he is sentenced to live out the rest of his life within his very invention. This is Pendulum, written by visionary storyteller Ray Bradbury, co-written with Henry Hasse, performed by Devon Sorvari.
A century after dying in a mountaineering accident, Peter is brought back to life...only to find that his twentieth-century hobbies are twenty-first century terrorist crimes. This is Peter Skilling, written by Alex Irvine, performed by Erin Bennett, Hugo Armstrong, Devon Sorvari, Helen Sadler, and Andre Sogliuzzo.
When a genetically-enhanced assassin is sent on a mission to hunt down terrorists on a faraway planet, she is forced to confront facts about herself that she’d rather keep buried—deep, deep down. This is Genborn, written by RK Nickel, performed by Moira Quirk and Andre Sogliuzzo.
Welcome to DUST: Horizons, an anthology of immersive science fiction audio dramas ranging from classic tales by pioneers of the genre to thought-provoking stories from the emerging voices of today.
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a beautiful story

May 24th

Karen Kellogg Wessler

this podcast is great! love this season and hope there are more episodes!

May 15th

Mandeep Sahni

Dust Flight 008 #Podcast has become more of storytelling rather than an audio drama from last 2 to 3 episodes. Not enjoyable anymore.

May 13th
Reply (2)

Crimson Nautilus

I never content on these, but this... powerful, emotive and empowering. All the same feelings the original Star Wars trilogy brought me. Hats off.

May 11th

Harper Clarke

hey I'm new to Making podcasts my name is brainicology please follow also I love this podcast great

May 2nd

Mandeep Sahni

Quite interesting. Dust Flight 008 #Podcast is fresh and entertaining. Nice acting. #Audiodrama #Story #PodcastRecommendations

Apr 28th

Tony Zac

hahaha. I loved this episode. it was funny. and not as dark as the others. Different=👍

Apr 22nd
Reply (1)

slygirlswagg -

Yesssss Dust is back 😜

Apr 20th

Micheal Henderson

I'm so sick of this fuckin woke ass narrative shit. "I bet the men set it to boobs" all contentious and shit like she wasn't just daydreaming about taking that girl back to her hotel room.

Apr 17th

Angie Herbet

I really enjoyed both the 1st and second seasons of this show! keep it up guys!

Apr 17th
Reply (1)

Christopher Chutuk


Apr 15th

Curtis Miles

Good but sad story, though likely for the future of relationships.

Apr 13th


Interesting that I looked up a song by this name just this morning.

Apr 10th

Paris stevens


Apr 6th

Lydia Barlow

wow I loved it. A version of AI that loves Humanity enough to avenge them.

Apr 1st



Mar 30th

Bella K

that was great 👏👏 I loved it

Mar 30th

Adam Cook

Not compelling. The plot holes stick out like a frozen corpse protruding from a glacier

Mar 30th

Catherine C

these dystopic stores can't come fast enough and I'm always waiting and watching for the next one.

Mar 29th

Julie Runov

A superb podcast that I selfishly binged in a day. What a marvelous job! Bravo!

Mar 29th
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