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Would you want to get married without your favorite toupee perched atop your head? Didn't think so! Neither would the WinkleVosses' butler, Olsen Carol. Being the butler buds that they are, the Winklevoss Twins agree to head back to where they saw the toupee last -- their freshman dorm at Harvard -- and find the ol' headmop. But rather than a hair piece, what the boys find is another one of their nemesis Mark Zuckerberg's nefarious schemes.
Chicago Mobster Tour

Chicago Mobster Tour


Ah the things we do for love! The Winklevosses row their way back to Al Capone's Chicago in a harebrained attempt to impress their (not so) secret crush, Sassy French of the French's Mustard Dynasty.But, when Al Capone tries to recruit the trio to help his booze-smuggling operation, friendships are tested, and the Winklevosses find out that when you get "hands on with history," History can also get its hands on you!
Glengarry Bob Ross

Glengarry Bob Ross


What's olive oil to a Winklevoss? A pan greaser? Something to dip bread in? No! A business opportunity of course. After sucking their home supply dry, the twins decide to get in on the ground floor of this tasty industry by hopping in the ol'time canoe and heading to Ancient Greece. But this would hardly be a classical tale if the gods didn't have a say in this scheme. When the Winkle's meet Dionysus, will he answer their prayers, or does this have all the makings of a Greek tragedy?
The Brothers Boner

The Brothers Boner


The Winklevosses can’t believe it - their beloved butler, Olsen Carol, is in love - and having sex with the aid of Viagra! Does this mean he won’t have room in his heart for the Tyler and Cameron anymore? Instead of unpacking that question, the Winklevosses decide to go back in time to the discovery of Viagra and co-patent it, ensuring that OIsen will have to think of them every time he uses it. Of course, that goes well and doesn’t lead to any emotional weirdness. 
The Winklevosses have just finished watching the Titanic and are in emotional disarray. Upon learning that it was based on a true story, they are determined to go back in time and save the truest example of true love, Jack and Rose.
When Mark Zuckerberg clones are on the loose and wreaking havoc (in a fancy French restaurant), the Winklevoss Twins head back in time to the birth of cloning technology to save the day (and their date)!
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