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OELC CASO: Shoulders of Giants

Author: OELCCASO (Nathan Adams)

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OELC/CASO: Shoulders of Giants focuses on the extraordinary achievements of OELC alumni. Nathan Adams interviews these “Giants” to discuss the impact their time at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre had on their journey.
15 Episodes
Éric Marcotte et Nic Marcil - Co-directors of C.A.S.O. (OELC's French leadership course for intermediate and secondary students) share their OELC stories, the special nature of the CASO course, the founding of their escape room company: Mobile Escapes and their work on the television show "Échappe-toi si tu peux!".  For the first time we are providing both a French and English version of this interview. This is the English version!(La version française est épisode 3.)
Je suis fier de vous présenter aujourd'hui notre premier épisode complètement en français!!Aujourd'hui, je parle avec Éric Marcotte et Nicolas Marcil, les fondateurs de Évasions Mobiles d'Ottawa. Ils sont également codirecteurs du cours de leadership en français de l’OELC  - nommer  «CASO», qui offre des programmes de leadership aux étudiants de niveau intermédiaire et secondaire en français.(The English version of this episode is episode 4!)
In the episode Nathan speaks with Bruce Dale (Artist, Filmmaker, National Manager and OELC Alumni).  Bruce discusses his deep connection with the philosophy of OELC and the process of filming a movie during Covid-19.  He also shared stories from the set of his recent project "It's Me Billy" a fan film sequel to the classic Canadian horror film "Black Christmas", as well as some ideas he has for future projects.This episode also includes the song "And We Will Grow Together" by Joe Crone (Musician Teacher, and OELC Alumni).http://www.oelccaso.comLinks to "It's me Billy", Bruce Dale + Joe Crone's webpages below:Indiegogo: Dale:  +  @itsmebillyfilm (Facebook)Dave McCrae: @thevoicemann (Twitter) + Crone: Crone:
Welcome back for Season 2!  Our first episode is an interview with Kat Pinhorn.  Kat is a talented singer, guitarist, song-writer and youth facilitator.  She has a new album out on iTunes - Resisting Change, and she discusses her time at OELC and the ways in which it has affected her art and her leadership skills. You can find Kat's album here:
In this episode Aarav Modi (co-founder of + grade 8 student) shares his experiences at the Summer Intermediate Arts course @ OELC.  He explains how this inspired him to create an amazing website focused on the artwork + opinions of Canadian youth.  Aarav and his team are taking submissions from youth across Ontario - submit your work at: This episode also features the musical talents of James Pinhorn, who shares his song inspired by his time at OELC : "The Game". http://www.jamespinhorn.comhttp://oelccaso.com
Arjun Ram is a correspondent for CBC Kids, he has interviewed many prominent politicians, sports personalities and tons of amazing Canadian kids.  He comes on the podcast to discuss OELC's impact on him and to share some insight into his interview process.  Please find below the link to Arjun's episode of Cross Country Checkup on CBC!www.oelccaso.com
In this episode Lisa Buchanan (OELC's Executive Director) + Susan Haiplik (OELC's Executive Associate) outline OELC/CASO's plan for an online platform for July + August 2020. This platform will allow for online clubs, digital cabins and a host of amazing programming delivered by our OELC staff.  There is also talk of an OELC care package that will be available to order soon!  http://www.oelccaso.com @OELCofficial
This week we are presenting Nathan's interview with the amazing Lex Leosis.  An artist well known for her dynamic flows, aggressive stage presence and elaborate story-telling, Lex Leosis is loud, opinionated, constantly fighting for what she believes in and hungry to make something of her family name.  A track from her recently released album is presented at the end of the episode!http://www.lexleosis.comhttp://www.oelccaso.comLex Leosis on Spotify:
OELC's Executive Director Lisa Buchanan discusses with Nathan the announcements around OELC's 2020 season and the challenges ahead.
This episode focuses on an interview with Mikaela Wilson, OELC alumni, author, McMaster grad and co-founder of “Senior Support Services of Southern Ontario”, a company that focuses on helping older adults through their cognitive, physical and emotional struggles.   Mikaela has some unique insights to share on how COVID-19 is affecting the seniors of Ontario.  The music of Kashka Ironside is also featured, as performed by Laura Tremblay. http://www.oelccaso.com
In this episode Nathan is speaking with Carolyn Wiens and Sarah Robertson from OELC's amazing Secondary Growing Leadership course.  This course is for high school students with various exceptionalities.  Sarah and Carolyn tell all about the impact this course has had on its participants, and share some inspiring stories helping these participants to overcome challenges at OELC!  Read more about SGL here:
In this episode Nathan interviews four recent OELC alumni: Samantha Tice, Andie McGuire, Morgan Johnston and Eden Burkhart.  They have all recently attended one of OELC's intermediate or secondary leadership courses.  Each of them discusses in detail the impact OELC has had on their lives and why they recommend OELC as a place for young people to develop their resilience and leadership skills.
In this episode Nathan interviews Scott Hammell.   Scott shares his unique perspective on leadership and facing fear as well as the impact OELC/CASO has had on his life.  Scott Hammell, the four-time Guinness World Record holder has hung upside down from a hot air balloon while locked in a straitjacket and chains at 7 200 feet (World’s Highest Suspension Straitjacket Escape), dangled by his ankles and juggled for over a minute and a half (Longest Inverted Juggling Duration), successfully completed a card trick while skydiving (World’s Fastest Moving Card Trick) and jumped from an airplane to skydive while blindfolded and handcuffed (Highest Blindfolded Skydive).  http://www.oelccaso.com
This is our very first episode. Listen as Nathan and Waleed discuss the amazing Day of Pink program Waleed ran at Agincourt C.I.  They also discuss the ways in which OELCCASO has impacted  Waleed's life and his leadership skills.
A quick bonus episode to mark the end of season 1 of the OELC/CASO: Shoulders of Giants Podcast.  We are asking everyone of our regular listeners to please help us to climb up to 1000 listens for the first season!  We are already at 895, and we want to make it an even 1000!Please share this link with anyone who might be interested + thank you for listening!
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