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Tips, News and Advice for buyers and sellers of houses and condos.
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Thinking of getting into home ownership, but want to avoid bidding wars? Want a nice place to call your own without spending too much? Consider Winnipeg CondosFor more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:00.240]What's Winnipeg condo market in July 2020? Coming up next. [00:00:23.230]For those of you who have listened to or watched my housing market report for July 2020 in Winnipeg, you already know that the housing market is super hot. It's a super hot sellers market. Tough for buyers. Well, condos are kind of the opposite.[00:00:38.430]Condos are and remain and have always been for the last five years a real strong buyer's market. It's a great opportunity for you to get into real estate, to become a homeowner if you don't want to endure the bidding wars of houses. You can find a really nice condo even for under 250,000 dollars. But Condos in the 250 plus range are superstrong buyer's market. They can sit there for several months. You won't likely get into a bidding war if you buy one and you can get a pretty good deal on these days.[00:01:09.420]So let's take a look at what the market is like as an overview.[00:01:12.570]Last year for this time period, for a month, we sold 82 condos in Winnipeg. Last month, we sold 78. And then in June, we sold 108. So it's not only faster than last month, but it outperforms last year as well. As for the most expensive condo it did hit one million dollars in the North Henderson Highway area. And you're going to see that the condo market this month actually outperforms not only last month, but last year as well.[00:01:40.200]Let's take a look at the numbers of available condos for sale as of July 1st. We can see that last year, under two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Last year we had 513 for sale. On June 1st, we had 354. And July 1st it was 369. So it's slightly more than last month, but it's way down from last year.[00:02:02.350]Same thing for condos of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. +, all the way up to as high as they go. And they do go for a million dollars in Winnipeg. That's pretty, pretty comparable to last year. Last year we had 323. This this month we had 302, which is virtually identical to the previous month as well. So that's remained fairly stable.[00:02:21.390]But now looking at the sales, you're going to see that this month has outperformed the previous month and even the previous year condos under 250,000 dollars last year.[00:02:30.930]This time period, we sold 35. This month, we sold fifty five. And for more luxurious condos, 250,000 dollars and up last year we sold 47. This year we sold 53. So even when compared to last year, which was a fairly active year, condo sales are up this year over last. What does all this mean? I'll explain when I come back.[00:03:07.230]So with math formula, we combine the sale statistics and the available listing statistics and we come up with something that works out to be the days of inventory. This is basically answering the question that if nobody else listed their condo going forward, how long would it take to sell everything that's out there? And of course, the lower the number, the hotter the market. If we take a look at condos under 250,000 dollars last year, that number was 455 days.[00:03:36.420]In other words, it would take nearly a year and a half to sell everything that's out there. This month, that number has dropped to 201. So that's twice as fast as last year.
Update on the real estate market for Winnipeg. Housing sales and listings stats for July 2020For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:00.240]Let's take a look at the real estate market conditions for July 2020 in Winnipeg.[00:00:23.090] Well, hello, Winnipeg, it's Bo Kauffmann Remax Performance Realty, and it's July 2nd, 2020. And I take a look back at the sales and listings which happened over the last month or so, all of June.[00:00:34.580]And you're going to see that we are in a super hot sellers market right now. And for example, last year for the month, we sold 786 houses in Winnipeg. This year we sold 861. So that alone is 10 percent more sales. But you're going to see that the listings for actually way down, which makes it an even hotter market. Similar story with condos last year and this time period, we sold 82 condos and Winnipeg this year we sold 108.[00:01:03.030]So that's about 20 percent more or even 25 percent more. As for the market highlights for June, the most expensive house sold was 1.45 million in South Headingley. In fact, during the month, there were four houses sold for over a million dollars. And the most expensive condo hit one million dollars. And that's in the North Henderson Highway area. And as I mentioned earlier, the number of available houses substantially down quite a bit from last year.[00:01:28.190]So let's take a look at available houses in Winnipeg. Last year this time, we had 1,866. And today we got 1,232. That's that's a huge drop. That's about a 35 percent drop in listings available for the buyers to pick from breaking that down among the different price ranges for houses under two hundred and fifty thousand. Last year we had 486 available this month, virtually the same as last month, 265 available in that price range.[00:01:56.770]The mid-range homes, 250 to 500 thousand dollars. Last year we had 934. This month, we have 584 way down. So. And it's just about 10 more than last month. Luxury homes last year. 446 available. This month, 384. Again, a big drop over last year. Now the available listings are down, but sales are keeping up, or actually better than last year in most of these categories.[00:02:25.400]Under two hundred and fifty thousand dollar homes last year, in a time period of June, we sold 203. This year, 199. virtually the same. Quarter million to half a million dollar homes last year, we sold 504. During June this year 570.[00:02:41.630]And luxury homes as well. Last year we sold 79 in that time period, this year, 92. If you've been listening to my real estate reports over the past few years, you know, I put those numbers, that is the sales and the listings, together. And I come up with a quotient I called days of inventory that is kind of giving a number to how hot the market is. So let's take a look at houses under 250thousand dollars. You can see that maximum would be about 120 days. In fact, an average market would be around 90 days or so. Last year we were at 74. And this year, right now, this month, we're at 40 days. That is super, super hot sellers market.[00:03:20.860]Houses for 250 to 500 thousand dollars are in a similar predicament. Maximum is 120 days. Average would be around 90 or so. Last year, 57. This year 31. If you've got a house in the 250 to 350, 375 range and it shows half decent, it's going to be gone in a few days.[00:03:42.200]Luxury homes over half a million dollars, you know, a maximum about...
Still renting? Interest rates are super low, and there is even a way to buy without having 5% down. Let me show you how.For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( [00:00:00.240]Are you currently renting and thinking you can't afford your own home? Let me dispelled that myth right now.[00:00:22.680] So are you renting right now and wondering if or how you could afford a new home? Let me tell you what happened to a client of mine very recently. They called me at the end of May to tell me that they were they had been renting for about five years and everything was going okay until a noisy tenant moved in above them and they finally had it.[00:00:40.720]So they were looking at alternatives, but they didn't initially think that they could afford it. I put them in touch with my mortgage specialist and this is what we came up with. So they were pre-approved for $300,000 and their initial plan was to find a stand-alone home. But in the south end of the city, St Vital, , Fort Richmond, Richmond West. Now there are neighborhoods in Winnipeg, where I can find you are really nice. home for 300,000 dollars or less. Standalone house. But St. Vital, , Fort Richmond, White Ridge. Those kind of areas are not among them. So after a few disappointing showings, we switched focus and we started looking at condos. Currently they lived in about an 800 square foot apartment, two bedrooms, one bath, outdoor parking, and they were paying 1,210 dollars a month. After looking about three or four condos. This is what we found them for $275,000 dollars.[00:01:32.780]We got them a three level townhouse condo in Bridgewater. Here's what you've got on the main floor. You have a small office area plus closets and the laundry room, and that is the door to the attached garage. So they go from outdoor parking to a single attached indoor garage. On the second floor, we have a half bath, a really nice, open, modern kitchen with all the appliances, all stainless steel appliances included the patio door leading to the balcony and a large living room area.[00:02:03.760]And the top floor features two good sized bedrooms, a main four piece bath and the large master bedroom with a full en-suite and lots of closet space. Now, as I said, their apartment was 800 square feet. This condo is 1,350 square feet. So let's take a look at how those costs compare. As I already said, they initially paid twelve hundred and ten dollars for rent plus hydro. So this condo, we got them for two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars.[00:02:31.510]They put five percent down, but there's CMHC fees lumped into it, which is around four percent. So let's say that they had to mortgage a two hundred and seventy five thousand dollar mortgage and figure out what the interest is on that. So let's be generous and say they're paying 2.4% , which makes a monthly interest costs of 550 dollars. So, yes, the actual mortgage payment is going to be higher. But anything above the interest goes against their own mortgage payment. So that money is not lost. It's not an expense. It goes to pay down their own debt. The only real cost is the interest.[00:03:06.670]After this, a property tax of 250 dollars per month and then a condo fee of 225 dollars a month. Now, hydro costs are going to be very similar as their rented space, as will insurance. The condo building insurance is actually included in the monthly condo fees.[00:03:22.300]So all they have to do is add condo owners insurance, which is similar to renter's insurance. So add up all these costs and instead of 1,210 a...
If you're serious about buying a home in 2020, you will face 2 main challenges. Here is the one solutions to both:For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:00.240]Are you serious about buying a house or a condo in Winnipeg in the summer of 2020? You're up against two challenges. I'll talk about those and how to get to the head of the line right away.[00:00:26.710] Hello again, everybody. It's Bo Kauffmann Remax Performance Realty. I'm a residential real estate agent in Winnipeg for the past 15 years and I enjoy working with buyers and sellers of houses and condos.[00:00:37.420]If you're serious about buying a house or a condo in Winnipeg in the summer of 2020, you're up against two challenges. One is a super active market. And the others is Covid. I'll talk about both of those challenges right away and then give you a shortcut to get you to the head of the home shopping line. Please note I said if you're serious about buying a house or a condo in Winnipeg, I get a lot of calls from people saying, hey, I just want to see your listing.[00:01:01.750]And when we talk about it a little bit further, they say, no, we're just starting to look or we're just curious. We just want to see it. So let me explain.[00:01:10.180]When a seller hires a listing agent, that agent owes the homeowner a set of duties and responsibilities,.... responsibilities, which I take very seriously. Those responsibilities include not showing the home to anybody who is not pre-approved, not pre qualified, may or may not be able to afford it, and more importantly these days, to show the home only to those people who have been deemed to be covered free to the best of our ability.[00:01:36.080]So if you're just browsing, just starting out, just looking, there are plenty of open houses still. You can go online, see virtual tours, even virtual open houses. Now, that's a great way to start, but don't call a listing agent to show you a house, because here is what's supposed to happen if you phone me. My first question to you is, are you pre-approved? Now, even that question has offended some callers, and I'm sorry for that.[00:01:59.160]But as I said earlier, I owe the home seller, a responsibility that I'm not going to show the house to anybody who just makes a phone call. You've got to be pre-approved. My next question may be who are you pre-approved with? Because not all lenders are the same. I'm just now dealing with somebody who has gone through their third week of financing, continuing to get extensions on the financing condition. It's not acceptable. And these people were supposedly pre-approved.[00:02:25.060]And another example, I met a young couple who came to me pre-approved by one of the smaller credit unions when it came time to make an offer. That credit union wanted a full week financing again in this active market, that's not sufficient. So not all lenders, not all mortgage lenders are the same, and some are definitely better than others. Another example may be that you need to sell your current home before you can buy one. There really is no point in looking at a house, especially these days, because when we make an appointment to get you into a house for a showing, that homeowner has to pack up and leave.[00:02:58.120]That's under the COVID rules. The homeowner is not supposed to be in the house at the time. So we are really inconveniencing that seller to show the house to somebody who is not ready to buy. But
Housing Market Report for Winnipeg on June 1st 2020For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:00.150]What's the real estate market on June 1st 2020 in Winnipeg? Coming up next. [00:00:20.710]Well, it's time to take a close look at what the real estate market is doing and Winnipeg, this is at the beginning of June 2020. You know, I get phone calls just about every day.[00:00:29.490]I got a call from a nice older lady saying, you know, right now with all this Covid stuff, this must be a terrible time to be selling your house? And really nothing could be further from the truth. You're going to see that in the last month, that's the month of May, sales have nearly doubled over April. Yet the numbers of available listings has not kept up. So you're going to see all the indicators are towards a much, much stronger seller market than normal.[00:00:55.260]There is buyers are coming out, but they're just not finding the available homes. There's one thing I'm doing different this month, and that is that this is specifically for houses. I will do a separate podcast for condominiums because they really are a separate market all to their own. So let's take a look at some of the highlights. For the month of March, the most expensive house sold in the month of March was 1.5 million in tuxedo.[00:01:17.880]And the most expensive condo was a brand new construction condo. F$488,000 in the S.St Vial area. In May 2019. We sold 758 houses. Now, compare that to the sales of April this year. They were 375 houses, but in May we bounced right back to 641 houses sold in Winnipeg. That's fast approaching the norm, which was kind of last year. So let's break that down a little bit further in the price ranges under two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on June 1st.[00:01:51.450]Last year we had 444 homes available. In April, we had 285. And in May this year, we're down even further at 269. So the available homes in this price range keeps dropping. But buyers are coming out. So if you've got a house in that price range, now is the time to list that.[00:02:10.220]Looking at the mid price range, these are homes between a quarter million and a half million dollars. Last year we had 778 available. At the end of April, we had 590. And at the end of May or June 1st, we only have 575. Again, the available number of homes has steadily drop and it's much below normal.[00:02:31.390]And a slightly different picture in the luxury homes sections last year. These are homes of 500,000 dollars or more. Last year we had 413 at the end of April. This year we had 338.[00:02:44.730]And on June 1st this year, the inventory bounced up a little bit to 368. So let's take a look at sales over the past month. So last year, during the month of May, we sold 187 entry level homes in May. This year we sold only 93. So that's about half. And now in May 2020, that jumped back up to 157. So almost on par with what it was. like mid-range homes, 250 to 500,000 dollars last year in May, we sold 487.  April this year 247 again 1/2.[00:03:18.630]And that bounced right back and made this year to 418 almost on level with what it was. Now, as far as luxury homes go, last year we sold 85 of those in the month of May.[00:03:29.850]This year in April, that dropped down to 35. But this year in May, it went back up to 66 homes. As you can see, sales have nearly doubled over last month. But in most cases, inventory, the available number
Recent sales stories point to the fact that right now, the spring market is starting.For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( Looking after and reporting on historic stats is easy…..  extrapolating information from those stats, and predicting the future is harder. UnlessA few very loud and obvious facts jump out, making it easier to interpret.For example:2 weeks ago I listed a bungaow in the west st james area for $250,000.It ended up with 45 showings and 15 offers, and sold for $30grand over asking.But one example does not make a trend So this past week, I listed another bungalow, this one in north kildonan, for $260K.46 showings, 10 offers and sold for 23K above asking.So 91 showings, and 25 offers on these two listings. Seeing a trend? Two different parts of the city, but both homes are smack in the middle of Winnipeg’s most popular price range category….Why is this happening?Well, lets look at available listings.Last year, this time, we had 1635 homes for sale in Winnipeg.Today, that number is 1273.  That is 22% fewer listings than the same time last year.So if you’re thinking of selling your Winnipeg home, NOW is the perfect time. Listings are down, but buyer activity  (91 showings, 25 offers on two homes) is up.
Can the time of year play a difference when selling your home? How about setting the best 'listing price'? Get the answer in these two stories.For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:00.150]What kind of an effect can the proper pricing and timing have when selling your home in Winnipeg? Coming up next.[00:00:25.460] So if you're thinking of selling your house or condo in Winnipeg, timing the market is important and pricing correctly for wherever that time of year is. Not every market is the same. Spring market is different than the summer and the winter and the fall is different again.[00:00:40.640]I've got two real life examples of what a difference pricing and marketing time can make. And the first one kind of talks about the difference of pricing. Recently, I had occasion to do research in an area in St. Boniface where two homes were sold on the same street. They were basically identical homes built probably by the same builder. Certainly the same size, the same style, built the same year. But inside they were quite a bit different.[00:01:08.090]The first home we look at was listed at the end of August. Generally, the market in Winnipeg starts to slow down in August, especially towards the end end and in September. People have bought their houses. They're now concerned about moving in, getting their kids in school and stuff like that. So at the end of August is generally not a great time to list the house. This one in particular had been updated extensively. New bathrooms, new kitchen windows, flooring, electrical, was extensively renovated, looked really, really gorgeous.[00:01:35.840]And they priced it at $285,000, which is probably fair for that market and that house. It took 40 days to sell and they eventually sold it for 275. So 10,000 under and it took six weeks to sell. Now look at another house. Same street. It was listed at the beginning of June. And that is still traditionally part of the spring market. Things are still active. People are still looking very much looking, especially the beginning of June.[00:02:01.790]Same kind of house, same size, layout, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms on the same street. But that's where the similarities end. It had an old kitchen, old bathroom. Couple of the windows were updated, but not much else. So they priced us at $249,900. Now remember, it's still spring market, $249K. They got multiple offers and it sold for $273,000, just two grand below the one that was completely updated and finished.[00:02:29.870]So that's the benefit of listing at the right time of year when there's still multiple bids, multiple offers happening. It doesn't seem fair, but that's just the way. Just the way it is. If you can avoid listing at the end of August, do so. Hold off for a little while. Market generally does pick up again at the end of September, beginning of October. But if you don't have a choice, you don't have a choice.[00:02:52.430]You have to just kind of make the best of it. But spring market is definitely the best time to list. And my next story is going to be an even wilder example. Unbelievable. So stay tuned.[00:03:17.240]This next example. I was actually intimately involved with both of them. I saw both houses inside and out. These homes are located in River Heights. And just like the previous example, they're on the same block, same street, same side of the street. So they're facing the same way, the same sun exposure. Probably built by
Looking at the sales of homes and condos during April 2020. How did Winnipeg's real estate market do during the first full month of the pandemic?For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:23.390]Welcome, everybody. It's mMay first and I take a look back at all the sales in April, the entire month, and that is the first full month in this pandemic, as you may remember. The markets, everything was shut down around the middle of March.[00:00:36.460]So March's report was still half normal, half pandemic. So now we're taking a look at the first full month to see what numbers have done. Bottom line listenings her down, sales are down, but the intensity remains. I'll show you what I mean. And I usually compare to the previous month. But really, the best way to compare is to the same time period previous year.. So what we have is last year in April, we sold 85 condos.[00:01:01.720]This year, 42. So that's half. Last year we sold 558 houses in that time period. This year, just 375. These are numbers for inside Winnipeg. And they're gonna be different than what Winnipeg REALTORS® puts out simply because Winnipeg REALTORS® covers the entire south east quadrant of Manitoba, including Steinbach and Portage LaPrairie and Selkirk, whereas I'm looking at only Winnipeg. All right, let's look at available listings. So last year, this is under a quarter million dollars.[00:01:30.280]Last year we had 363. This year we've got 285. So that's quite a bit down. Last year, 250000 to five hundred thousand dollar homes. At the end of April, we had 694 this year, just 590. So that's down about 14, 15 percent. And the luxury homes last year we had 378 available this year, just 338. So that's about 40 down. That's another 10, 11 percent.[00:01:57.460]So as I mentioned before, listings are down, but so are sales last year, quarter million dollars or less. We sold 156 homes, this year just 93. In the 250 to five hundred thousand dollar range, Last year we sold 357, this year, just 247. So that's about a 30 percent drop.[00:02:16.270]And last year, in the luxury home range of half million or more, we sold 45 homes this year, just 35. So as you can see, listings are down and sales are down. So how do you correlate the numbers? I mean, if one of them is significantly different than the other, it will have an effect on whether it becomes a buyer's market or a seller's market. And to look at that, we take what's called an inventory quotient.[00:02:38.350]So we take a look at how many days it would take to sell everything that's out there at the current sales rate. The lower the number, the hotter the market.[00:02:47.000]So last year, under 250000 dollars, it was 72 days. This year, it's 92 days. So it would take an extra 20 days to sell everything that's out there so that it's become a slower market than last year, same time. The same holds true for all the other price ranges at 250 to five hundred thousand dollar homes last year with 60 days.[00:03:07.300]This year it's 72. And for luxury homes, last year, 260 days, this year 290. The difference between last year and this year will become even more pronounced in the condo section, as we're going to see right away.[00:03:20.740]Comparing last year to this year under 250000 dollars last year, we had 383 Condos available. This year, just 322. So that's about almost 20 percent less listings. Quarter million and up. Last year we had 312 available this year 290....
Living and working in Winnipeg's Exchange District. Interview with someone who knows!For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( A few links: Productivity & work-at-home resources ( Indie Author Weekly podcast ( @Saganlives on  Instagram (  What's Winnipeg's Exchange District like? Let's talk to somebody who lives and works there. That's coming up next.[00:00:10.100]You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate podcast, tips and advice for homebuyers, buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann.[00:00:25.860] - Bo Kauffmann - REMAXWinnipeg has a lot of fantastic neighborhoods, some well known like Osborn Village and Corydon Village, and another rapidly growing and expanding district is the Winnipeg's Exchange District. Now, some of you may know I've been publishing a blog for all going on 12 years now, and I've been publishing a podcast for about eight or 10 years.[00:00:45.270] - Bo Kauffmann - REMAXAnd a young lady by the name of Sagan Morrow has been writing articles for my blog almost from about 10 years ago. And I know she has a condo in the exchange district. So I went to her when I wanted to talk to somebody about life and work in that district. I reached out to her and she was more than willing to come on to the podcast. So by way of introduction, Sagan Morrow teaches busy, time crunched solopreneurs, how to build their own successful home based businesses without the overwhelm, through online courses and business resources at Sagan Morrow. com I'll have the links in the show notes. She specializes in productivity tips and action oriented strategic planning for multi passionate creatives. Sagan has over a decade of experience as a freelance writer and hosts the indie author weekly podcast. When she isn't teaching solopreneurs or doing freelance work for her own clients, Sagan likes to write romance novels. All right. So I'm here with Sagan, moral productivity strategist and author and Sagan that's been living in Winnipeg exchange district in a condo for quite a while.[00:01:58.440] - Sagan MorrowHow many years, Sagan?[00:01:59.940] - Sagan MorrowIt's been ten years now.[00:02:02.880] - Bo Kauffmann - REMAXAnd same place in a condo?[00:02:04.760] - Sagan MorrowYes. Yes. I bought my condo. ( I lived. I lived in author and village briefly. And then in West Broadway. And then this is the first the first condo that I bought. It was the first place I ever even looked at when I was looking for a home. And I just fell in love with it immediately. And I bought it and I. I've been here ever since. I'm very happy here.[00:02:25.500] - Bo Kauffmann - REMAXIs it one of those, like I'm not asking for your address here, but is that one of these, like, warehouses that's been converted which what the exchange district is really known for?[00:02:34.230] - Sagan MorrowYes, that's exactly what it is. You've got like exposed brick and all that. Yeah, OK. Very nice. All right.[00:02:42.000] - Bo Kauffmann - REMAXSo you've lived in always the like he said Osborne Village and some of the other nice areas. What do you like about the exchange district?[00:02:48.630] - Sagan MorrowYou know, it's been really wonderful to live here over the past 10 years and see how much...
Why are insurance companies getting concerned about aluminum wiring? What should a home owner, or a home buyer, look out for?For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( Bo Kauffmann 0:00  Do you currently own or are looking to buy a home which has aluminum wiring? What's the big deal? We'll talk about that next.Unknown Speaker 0:10  You're listening to the bone nose real estate podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning REMAX Agent Bo Kauffmann.Bo Kauffmann 0:24  You've probably heard that insurance companies are paying special attention to homes which have aluminum wiring. Well, what's the problem? Really, there isn't any problem. Aluminum is still being used today in industrial and commercial application. So for example, large warehouses, office buildings, industrial complexes and everything. It's being used today by companies because it's about a third the price of copper, a ton of aluminum right now costs about 1500 dollars US while a ton of copper costs well over $5,000 us and so it was that back in the 1960s a residential home builders thought They might have a better cheaper product on their hands. So you're looking at the prices of copper in 1962, they were about 30 cents a pound. And by 1966, they had more than doubled. So homebuilders, even though for for a single home, it might only be 100 or $200 difference, but if a home builder builds 234 hundred homes a year, it can add up. So they're looking for cheaper alternatives, and they settled on aluminum. Now like I said, What's the problem with aluminum? Well, there's no problem as long as it's treated correctly and upgraded correctly. And here's what happens. Let's say you have a 1970 bungalow that was built by a builder using aluminum wiring, they would have used aluminum switches, aluminum plugs, aluminum rated light fixtures, all those things are called devices by electricians. So all the devices that would hook into that house would be rated for aluminum. Now fast forward to 1995 as an example, the current owner of the home wanted to give it an update. So new paint, new floor. And of course, we're going to update the lights and why not update the switches and wall plugs to make them look more modern. So you go to Home Depot, and you find that a copper light switch is $1, whereas an aluminum rated light switch is $8. So what most people do well, they go with the cheaper stuff. And that's when the problem comes in. You'll have aluminum wiring, hooked into copper light switch, aluminum and copper, very dissimilar metals, they will heat and cool and shrink and expand at different rates. And over the years as this happens, they'll start to work themselves loose, causing corrosion and eventual sparking and that's what causes fires. Until a few years ago, insurance companies had grandfathered these types of homes. So if you owned a home for the last 20 years, insurance companies weren't bothering you. If you went out and bought a home then a new buyer would be required by insurance companies to get an inspection, electrical inspection with a certificate to show that they All the wiring is safe and has been treated properly. The devices are the right ones. And if they're not that they're at least hooked up in a correct way. That was until recently. However, now insurance companies are even sending letters out to owners of homes that are...
Want to sanitize and disinfect your car and home against Covid-19, SARS, H1N1 as well as germs? Here is a new product and service that will help do that.For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Sanitizing homes and cars. Introducing a brand-new product and service here in Winnipeg coming up next.You're listening to the Bo Knows real estate podcast, tips and advice for home buyers Sellers and owners with award-winning Remax Agent Bo Kauffmann.All right, so a couple of weeks ago friend mine who is the business development manager at Eastside Collision is name is Doug McGuffin reached out to me and told me about a brand new product that they are importing or bringing into Manitoba and they hold the sport for I believe western Canada. And it's a product that helps people disinfect their cars and it can be taken a step further. So let me introduce Doug Magoffin and let's find out more about it.All right, so I'm here with Doug of East Side Collision and he's told me about a great new product that they got a hold of that helps sanitize, disinfect cars. Doug, tell me a little bit more about it.Yeah, for sure Bo thanks for having me. So we came across a new product. It's called Environize natural vehicle disinfecting and sanitizing service and what this is about is it's a new way for us to clean and sanitize your vehicle prior to it coming into the shop just to ensure everyone's safety. With the recent events of what's going on nowadays, everyone's health and safety is of utmost importance. So what we've done is we've taken it upon ourselves to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff. So we're going to be sanitizing every vehicle that comes into East Side prior for repairs.And after we return it back to the customer and what this product does it's a fogging system that allows us to get into every nook and cranny inside a vehicle and the fogging machine will get in there with the solution our Environize solution and kill and destroy, in fact any of the harmful bacteria or viruses that may be in there. I kills everything like mold mildew, bacteria, viruses such as E coli, H1N1, covid. So everything that's out there nowadays if people are worried about this disinfectant cleaning will will take care of that.So that's awesome. So if somebody brings in their car for Auto Pack repairs, you said you're going to do it when the car first comes in and then you can do it at the end when the car goes back to the customer as well.Yeah, that's correct Bo. So we're going to bring it in we're going to disinfect it. It when it comes into the shop. So the safety of our of our technicians is going to be taken care of and then prior to releasing the vehicle back to the client after we've done our quality assurance test. The vehicle will be parked in our service Bay and it will be fogged One Last Time prior to us giving the vehicle back to the customer and all they do is they get in the car themself and drive it out the shop. So it is our version of a note touch service.Now I can think of a lot of different companies and services that could benefit just from having their cars done even without Autopac repairs. So I'm thinking police vehicles, ambulance, taxis, moving vans, anything like that. Do you offer this service to somebody who is not going through an autopac claim?Yes Bo. That's a very good question. We have had a number of people inquired about that have their own their secondary Vehicles whether or not they can have this service done. So there is a need for this and there are people that are...
Is now a good time to buy or sell a condo on Wellington Cr.?For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Condos on Wellington Crescent is now a good time to buy or sell one. Let's find out. You're listening to the Bo Knows real estate podcast tips and advice for home buyers Sellers and owners with award-winning Remax Agent Bow Kaufman. I've been producing Winnipeg real estate market updates for many years. It's a great way to see what's going on in our city. But real estate is even more local than that. Each neighborhood can have their own unique market conditions. So if you're curious about your area and Winnipeg email me at Bono's Homes at, and I'll create a special report just for you. Alright, so the Wellington Crescent area is known for a lot of things very beautiful eclectic. Nice area great for walking, but one of the things its known for is its variety of condos and you have condos ranging from the mid 100's all the way up to the million-dollar plus so let's take a look at what that market looks like now and that's April 22nd 2020.There are currently twenty two condos available on Wellington Crescent three between a hundred and two hundred thousand eight of them between two and three hundred thousand six between three and four hundred thousand to between four and five hundred thousand. And then it jumps up to the six to seven hundred thousand dollar range. There are two there and one is just shy of $900,000 now next. We normally look at how many have sold in the past two weeks and how many are currently pending sale? Well now there are no pending sales and none of them have sold in the past two weeks. So we jump to the Past 31 dayswhere we see that two condos have sold in the past month one between two and three hundred and one between three and four hundred both of them sold the Under asking price to less than full asking price, which is not unusual for condos. If we want to know whether or not the coronavirus has an impact on the market. We need to compare this time period to the same time period over the past couple of years and here we see that in the past 31 days as I said with sold to condos on Wellington Crescent while last year the same time period we sold for however the year before that we only sold one and in 2017 again we sold for so in this market does not appear to be a huge impact being made by the current conditions. So to answer the question is now a good time to buy a condo or Winnipeg in general has been a great buyers market for condos for the past few years certainlythat holds true for welding and Crescent as well with 22 listings price between the mid hundred and seventy thousand dollar range all the way up to just shy of 900,000. There is a lot of condos out there just looking for buyers. So if you're looking to buy a condo where there's on Wellington Crescent or anywhere in the city, give me a shout. It spoke. Man Remax Performance Tool for triple 3 2 2 and hey, if you're still with me at this point, why not grab my free podcasting app available for IOS and Android devices? It's super easy. Just go to Winnipeg dot tips / apple / or Android that's Winnipeg dot t-- I PS / apple or / Android that way you'll never miss another episode about Winnipeg real estate or both. You've been listening to Bo Kauffmann of RE/MAX performance Realty.Are you thinking of buying or selling house or a condo in Winnipeg? Call Bo at 204-333-2202 To Remember bone knows real estate.Check my (
Thinking of buying a home with hardwood floors? Here are a couple of tips on how to check for hardwoods, and a funny real estate story.For more real estate info, check my blog at ( Never miss an episode. Install our FREE Podcast App available on iOS and Android.For your Apple Devices, click here to ( For your Android Devices, click here to ( Check my ( [00:00:00] Hardwood floors, 3 tips and one funny story coming up. [00:00:03][3.1][00:00:07] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:17][9.9][00:00:22] OK. So today we're going to talk about hardwood floors for a number of reasons. They've become really popular again. Some people think that they're just cleaner. They trap less allergens and dirt than carpets. Some people feel that a nicely finished floor adds a lot of warmth and color to the room and to the house adds a lot of class. For whatever reason, hardwood floors are a sought after feature in a house. [00:00:43][21.7][00:00:44] So I can tell you that a house built between the nineteen hundreds and up to the late 1960s, it's quite possible that that house was built with hardwood floors originally. I can also tell you that in the 1970s something changed. Builders either got cheaper, maybe hardwood floors got too expensive, but the Qualicos, Flair's, Greentrees and engineered Homes of the 1970s and onwards did not include hardwood floors unless they were a custom built or especially requested by the buyer. Now, remember that fact because there will be a test at the end not saying 100 percent for sure that that question will be on it, but it would be a good one to remember. Wink-wink. [00:01:20][36.0][00:01:21] If you're looking at something in River Heights built in the 40s and 50s, odds are that there is hardwood floors under those carpets. But how can you tell if the carpets are on there? Now keep in mind you're the buyer. That's not your house yet. You can't just peel back the carpet and damage stuff for the seller. So how can you tell? Well, there's a couple of really neat little tricks that you can use. [00:01:42][20.5][00:01:43] The first one would be to look inside the closets. So go in the hallway, open a hallway closet. Again, odds are that if they laid carpet, they might not have laid it on the floor in the closet. So if you look at the floor in the closet and it's hardwood floors, well, then the chances are most likely that the hallway is also hardwood floors underneath that carpet. Just because you found carpet in one spot doesn't mean it's everywhere. So quite often they've had the living room, dining room and hallway done in hardwoods. [00:02:11][28.7][00:02:12] But the bedrooms might be another story. So you have to look in the closets of each bedroom as well. And if you find it inside the master bedroom, make sure you check the second and third bedroom, because I just listed a house in the west end of West St. James, almost near the perimeter where the hardwoods are in the master bedroom. But the second and third bedroom are actually tiled floors. So what do you do if you can't find hardwoods in the closets? [00:02:35][23.3][00:02:36] Well, another neat little trick is to lift the heat register, the floor heat register. So you lift that piece of metal out, that little diffuser plate and then you can lift the edge of the carpet and tell whether there's hardwoods or just plywood under there. [00:02:50][13.5][00:02:50] So here's another tip. If you're looking at a two story home, or a story and a half. Whatever the configuration is, if it has...
[00:00:00] Mortgage insurance or life insurance? What's the difference? Let's find out right now. [00:00:04][4.1][00:00:08] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:18][10.2][00:00:23] Today, we'll look at the difference between mortgage insurance and life insurance. This has nothing to do with the property itself. Property insurance or CMHC kind of mortgage and housing. If you're buying a house and putting less than 20 percent down, you need to get CMHC. That's not what we're talking about. What we're talking about today is a bank offering product called mortgage insurance. And how does it compare to a personal or a life insurance? Let's let's discuss. [00:00:50][26.3][00:00:51] All right. So I'm here with Thomas Johnson, financial adviser for Cascade Financial. And we're going to discuss the differences between mortgage insurance and what I call life insurance. He calls it personal insurance. So here we go. Thomas, welcome. [00:01:03][12.6][00:01:04] Thank you Bo. [00:01:04][0.3][00:01:05] OK. So why don't you tell us a little bit about what a mortgage insurance is? [00:01:08][3.8][00:01:09] More insurance really is at its core, it's always a life insurance policy. And then there's usually one extra insurance type that you can add onto it that needed disability insurance. Critical illness or loss of employment. It's the kind of thing that comes standard when you go into a bank or when you deal with a mortgage broker. It's a requirement. It's something they have to offer to you as part of the lending deal. Just because the federal government realizes the importance of having mortgages insured against death, disability or illness. So that's what mortgage insurance is in a nutshell. [00:01:41][31.9][00:01:42] So they have to offer it. But the consumer, the homeowner does not have to buy it? [00:01:46][4.0][00:01:46] No, it is 100 percent electable, and that's a common misconception. A lot of people think they have to take the insurance to get the get the mortgage. But it is 100 percent elective and you still have to apply and qualify. [00:01:58][11.8][00:01:59] So what are some of the advantages of using mortgage insurance? [00:02:01][2.3][00:02:02] Really, there's only two that I can think of. The first thing is that it's simple and easy to apply for because you're already at a desk. You are already there with your mortgage broker and a banker. The papers are right in front of you and it doesn't require separate meeting. Somebody like me makes it easy. And then also it's easier to apply for. And I ask, is that just because they only asked a handful of questions, you may face three, four or five questions, basically. Are you a smoker? Yes or no? And are you suffering any serious health problems? Yes or no? And if you answer no to the second one, then will you get a policy in your hands? But the actress will talk about in a little bit. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to be covered. [00:02:41][39.0][00:02:42] Right. And actually, we'll get right into that right now, because that's one of the drawbacks of the mortgage insurance, as I understand it. [00:02:48][5.5][00:02:48] Absolutely. There's there's a number of drawbacks. The biggest one and the big killer for me is really that you are often not insured or guaranteed to be insured simply because the underwriter doesn't look at it until the time of claim. So the point came when you were diagnosed with cancer at that point in time when you were hurt and unable to work. The point can we passed away? You can no longer defend yourself. That's the point in time, somebody actually looks at your case and decides whether or not you would be covered. So in a nightmare scenario, you've got a widow or a widower who now has to go battle an insurance company over a claim paid for for their...
In addition to the mortgage, and down payments, anyone buying a house or a condo will need to come up with 'Closing Costs'.These include legal fees, Land Titles Taxes, Property Taxes and Home Insurance costs, in addition to possibly others.[00:00:00] When buying a house or condo, what and how much are closing costs? We'll look at that next. [00:00:05][5.4][00:00:09] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:19][9.9][00:00:25] So in this episode, I want to take a look at what the additional costs are when buying a house or condo. And what we're going to see that it doesn't really matter whether it's a house or a condo. The costs are virtually identical with just the one main exception. And these are also the costs that a buyer has to come up with in the form of cash. They cannot be lumped into the mortgage or in the form of a loan. You could have an overdraft in your checking account that you used to pay for these, but basically you have to come up with that money at the time of possession. [00:00:56][31.5][00:00:57] So we're not talking about CMHC fees. Those can be lumped into the purchase price. So, for example, a 300,000 dollar house fee putting five percent down your mortgage, you would expect it to be 285,000. That's three hundred minus 5% leaves two hundred eighty five thousand. However, with CMHC fees, you're going to quickly find that your mortgage is actually in the low to ninety two, ninety three, something like that. So we're not talking about those costs, we're talking about the additional costs you have to come up with at the time of possession. [00:01:28][31.0][00:01:29] And they are basically four different things. First one is legal fees. We're going to talk about land titles, transfer tax. We will talk about property tax and home insurance. Now, there are other things like a mortgage insurance, which is optional. There's moving costs if you choose to do those. But those first four are pretty much mandatory. You have to have home insurance. You have to pay the taxes, the legal fees and the property taxes as well. [00:01:57][28.0][00:01:58] So let's take a look at legal fees first. If you Google legal services. I'm sure you're going to find lawyers advertising, you know, a 399, 499 to buy a house. But there's fine print involved in all of those. And that is plus disbursements. And it's those disbursements that are really going to add up. What are disbursements? [00:02:18][20.0][00:02:19] Anything from office fees, secretarial fees, photocopying rubber bands and staples all the way up to registering the mortgage on the title, which is usually about $200 and getting title insurance. Highly recommended. And that's about 250 to 300 dollars. So by the time it's all said and done, a buyer should budget between 12 and 15 hundred dollars for legal fees when buying a house or a condo to air on the side of caution. I would even advise to budget around fifteen hundred dollars. [00:02:53][33.9][00:02:56] The next thing is the dreaded land titles transfer tax. And I used to think that Manitoba was the worst in Canada, but I recently talked to somebody who's moving to British Columbia and their rates are pretty much the same. So this these rates were set many decades ago and that's why you have things like or the first thirty thousand dollars are free, while $30,000 might have bought a house in the late 60s or mid 70s even, but certainly not today. So as a baseline, let me tell you that a 200,000 dollar house costs $1,720. This is a one time payment, and every dollar above two hundred thousand will cost you two percent. So two hundred thousand is seventeen twenty three hundred thousand dollar house will cost you $3,720 three hundred and fifty thousand dollar house will cost you $4,720. So basically every fifty thousand above that is another thousand dollars....
[00:00:00] You buy a house and it burns down before you take possession. You don't have to go through with it, do you? [00:00:04][4.7][00:00:09] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:18][9.9][00:00:23] I love law and I love history. And in Canada, our law has been based on British common law, which is something that has evolved over the centuries, literally over hundreds and hundreds of years. So I learned about this case a few years ago and I wanted to share it with you. I found it to be very interesting. So the story goes that in the mid 1500's, a home purchase took place in England and it resulted in a court case and ruling, which still impacts us today. Now, the names and the dates have been changed to protect the innocent, even though nobody from that time is still around. But the underlying facts are true. So let's go back in time and see what happened. [00:00:57][33.6][00:01:00] It was a sunny day, March 30th in the year of our Lord, 1546. A buyer, Richard Smith, was viewing a gorgeous homestead in Upper Uxton, being sold by the longtime owner, William White. Mr. Smith was quite impressed and decided to make an offer. [00:01:16][15.6][00:01:17] "I offer the total sum of a hundred gold coins and I would like to move into this home, on May the 15th, in the year of our Lord 1546". [00:01:24][6.7][00:01:26] "I accept your offer. Let's put it in writing". [00:01:28][1.8][00:01:28] And so the customary contract was drawn up with payment to come on the date of possession. On May 15th, the buyer arrived at his new home to find, to his horror that the place had burned down a week earlier, as a result of a freak lightning strike. As one might expect, the buyer was not happy and tracked down the Seller at his new home. [00:01:48][19.5][00:01:55] "How can I help you?". [00:01:56][0.6][00:01:57] "The place is burned to the ground on I'll not be concluding our purchase. You can keep your charred pile of rubble". [00:02:03][5.8][00:02:04] "We'll see about that. I'm taking this to court.". [00:02:06][2.0][00:02:06] The case went before the courts and the resulting ruling was a bit of a surprise to the buyer. "This court rules that are legally binding agreement was made on March 30th in the year of our Lord 1546, with the acceptance by the seller. And on that date the buyer became the new owner of the home. The sellers role switched from that of an owner to that of a caretaker of the property. It was the seller's responsibility to maintain the property to his best ability. However, a lightning strike cannot be prevented. Therefore, the buyer must conclude the transaction and pay the seller the agreed upon sum of money. [00:02:40][34.0][00:02:41] And we're back in the present day. And remember how I said that our laws today are based on these old English court rulings? Well, the underlying reasoning for what we just heard still holds true today. A buyer becomes the actual owner of the property, the minute all conditions of the offer are satisfied. The buyer might not take possession for several weeks, but they are the owner and the seller becomes a caretaker of sorts. So how do we protect today's buyer from the taper scenario we just heard? I'll have the answer right after this. [00:03:08][26.9][00:03:11] You're listening to Bo Kauffmann of RE/MAX performance realty. If you were enjoying the show, please subscribe so that you never miss an episode. Bo knows real estate. [00:03:21][9.7][00:03:27] So you bought a house and it burns down between now and your possession date. How do we protect the buyers interest in this? Well, over the years, several clauses have been incorporated into the standard offer to purchase in Manitoba. Here is just a few examples. [00:03:40][12.7][00:03:41] For starters, Section 4, (a) 3 states 'unless otherwise
[00:00:00] Is now a good time to buy or sell in Southdale, Winnipeg? Let's find out. [00:00:04][4.0][00:00:08] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:18][9.9][00:00:21] I've been producing Winnipeg real estate market updates for many years. It's a great way to see what's going on in our city, but real estate is even more local than that. Each neighborhood can have their own unique market conditions. So you're curious about your area and Winnipeg. Email me at Bo Knows Homes at G-mail dot com and I'll create a special report just for you right now. [00:00:43][22.1][00:00:43] In early April 2020, we have seven attached and detached homes available in Southdale, three between 200 and 300 thousand, one between three and four hundred, two between 400 and five hundred thousand and one just over six hundred thousand dollars. [00:00:58][14.9][00:00:59] There's currently one pending sale, so the buyer just needs to get financing or something along those lines and that is between 400 and five hundred thousand dollars. Over the past two weeks, we've sold five houses in the Southdale area, one between two and three hundred, two of them in the three to four hundred range and two of them in the four to five hundred range. In that last one, one sold just under a list price and the other one sold actually over list price, likely indicating multiple offers in that sale. [00:01:25][26.5][00:01:26] Now, looking back over the past month, it looks like we've had eight final sales, one between two and three hundred and five of them in the three to four hundred thousand dollar range. And then those two sales between four and five hundred. [00:01:36][10.6][00:01:37] Now, that's all well and good. But here's the important comparison. How does this 31 day period compare to the same 31 day period in the previous three years? So currently, including the one that's conditionally sold, we've made a total of nine sales in the 31 day period. [00:01:53][16.0][00:01:53] Last year it was 10. So we're right on track with last year. 2018 there was only four. And we'd have to look at the weather map. I suspect that maybe we had a snow storm or some event happen that kept sales to just four sales in that 31 day period. [00:02:09][15.2][00:02:09] And in 2017 we had 12. So currently we're right on track. COVID or no, the market in Southdale seems to be right on track with what is happening over the last few years. So what does all this mean? Well, with just seven listings available between 230 and 630 thousand dollars, Southdale is a good market right now to list your home for sale. So if you're looking to buy or sell in Southdale or anywhere else in Winnipeg, give me a shout at 204-333-2202. This has been Bo Kauffmann RE/MAX performance realty. [00:02:39][30.0][00:02:40] And hey, if you're still with me at this point why not grab my free podcasting app for your phone available for iOS and Android devices, super easy. Just go to Winnipeg, dot tips slash Apple or slash Android. That's Winnipeg dot T I P S, slash Apple or slash Android that way you'll never miss an episode about Winnipeg, real estate or both. [00:03:02][22.1][00:03:06] You've been listening to Bo Kauffmann of RE/MAX performance realty, are you thinking of buying or selling a house or condo in Winnipeg called Bo at 2 0 4 3 3 3 2 2 0 0 2? Remember, Bo knows real estate. [00:03:06][0.0][171.4]
[00:00:00] Is now a good time to buy or sell in Bridgewater? Let's find out. [00:00:03][3.3][00:00:07] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast. Tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:17][9.9][00:00:21] I've been producing Winnipeg real estate market updates for many years. It's a great way to see what's going on in our city, but real estate is even more local than that. Each neighborhood can have their own unique market conditions. So if you're curious about your area in Winnipeg. Email me at, And I'll create a special report just for you. So let's take a look at Bridgewater at the beginning of April 2020. [00:00:45][24.6][00:00:46] As far as detached homes go and homes that are finished and constructed, not under construction. There's currently 112 houses for sale in Bridgewater. The majority of them are between the 400 and $700000 range. So there's 29 houses between four and five hundred and 33 between five and six hundred. And the prices go all the way up to just shy of $2 million. [00:01:09][23.0][00:01:10] Currently, there are five homes that are under pending sales, meaning that they've got offers and they've been accepted. But the buyer just maybe hasn't gotten their financing yet. So there's five conditionally sold at this point. [00:01:21][10.8][00:01:22] While over the last two weeks there's been two final sales, both of them in the four to five hundred thousand dollar price range and both of them sold at just under list price. So there was no multiple offers and no bidding wars in those sales. [00:01:34][12.5][00:01:35] Looking back over the last month, including those two sales I mentioned earlier, there's have been a total of 15 sold over the last month, 8 of them in the four to five hundred thousand dollar range. 6 of those sold under last 2 sold over lists and 6 homes in the five to six hundred thousand dollar range. Again, 5 under list, 1 over list. And then the the other sale, a 15th sale was in the six to seven hundred thousand dollar price range, also sold just under list. [00:02:01][26.7][00:02:02] But this final stat is perhaps the most important one because it's compare sales this year as opposed to the same 31 day period over the last three years. That'll tell us whether the market has changed with a crew on a virus has anything to do with that. So this year, including those five pending sales, we've sold 20 homes in that 31 day period. Last year was 28 and the year before was 31. And then in 2017, it was 23. So we are slower than each of those years. Not by much, but there is a bit of a drop right now in the Bridgewater area. [00:02:35][33.1][00:02:35] So in summary for Bridgewater, with 112 listings available, the lowest one at 380 and the highest one just shy of $2 million. Bridgewater and South Pointe are excellent buyers markets right now. So if you're looking to buy a home in Bridgewater Trails, Forest, Lakes or South Pointe, a Prairie Pointe, give me a call 204-333-2202. [00:02:35][0.0][144.0]
[00:00:00] Real estate in the era of the Coronavirus. How do we keep buyers and sellers safe? That's coming up next. [00:00:05][5.0][00:00:09] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate podcast. Tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:19][9.9][00:00:22] Real estate has, at least for now, been deemed an essential service. And there's a couple of reasons for that. One of them is purely economic. There's a ton of spin off business coming as a result from every house or condo sale. Aside from taxes and legal fees and of course, real estate fees, moving costs, people buy furniture. People buy appliances. They fix up their houses when they sell and they fix up their houses after they buy. So there's a multitude of spin off benefits, economic spin off benefits from real estate. [00:00:53][31.4][00:00:54] But the other one is that we are able to conduct business and keep buyers and sellers safe. Manageable Real Estate Association has put in place a number of safeguards and I'm going to explain those right now. In the past, it used to be able to book a showing for a house just about any time. And even if you're showing overlapped with another buyer, that was that was okay. But that's been changed now. So from here on in, you can only book one buyer at a time. So if your agent if you looking at a house, new agent books a two to three o'clock window, you'll be the only ones in the house because sellers have also been encouraged to leave the house at the time. That may not always be possible, especially if they're elderly. They may not be able to go outside depending on the weather, but in most cases, sellers will be going outside and you'll you and your agent will be the only ones in the house at that time. [00:01:44][50.3][00:01:45] The next thing is that open houses are pretty much a thing of the past. There's no way to control the crowds sometimes. I remember having open houses in River Heights in February and there was people lined up outside to get into the house because the house was full already. So I don't believe any agents are gonna be having any open houses. It's just it's not worth the risk. Also, the Manitoba Real Estate Association has come out with a form that buyer agents and their clients must sign and fill out, indicating that nobody there who's going into the house. That's the agent or the buyers have traveled in the past 14 days, are showing symptoms or signs of the illness, have not knowingly been in touch with anybody who does have the virus. So like I said, buyer agents and their buyers have to sign these forms, which also make it tougher for buyers to see a house without an agent. Gone are the days of just pulling up in front, calling the listing agent and saying, hey, please slide down here and show me the house. [00:02:41][56.3][00:02:42] Which is further encouragement for anybody who's looking to buy a house or a condo to hook up with a real estate agent right now and get those forms filled out to assure that you are not carrying the virus and you're safe. And that will give you easier access to the listings these days. [00:02:57][15.8][00:02:58] In addition to these, I've personally implemented a couple of different procedures that will help protect my clients and myself. Going forward, I will not be driving buyers around in my personal car anymore. That's to protect them and myself. Buyers would have to meet me at the listings. I will also bring to each showing I will bring a bottle of hand sanitizer. We're going to sanitize before we go in and after we come out. And if buyers are showing any signs of illness, we will not be proceeding with the showing. [00:03:27][28.9][00:03:27] If you're the seller of a house, I would encourage you to put a bottle of hand sanitizer out just in case agents to come in and they don't carry their own. I would put that bottle near the front entrance and along with the...
[00:00:00] First time homebuyers. Are you planning on buying your first home in three to six months? What should you be doing right now? [00:00:07][6.7][00:00:11] You're listening to the bone nosed real estate podcast. Tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:21][10.2][00:00:26] These days, homebuyers plan well in advance. So if you're a first time homebuyer thinking of buying your first house or condo in three months or longer from now, here's something you should consider doing right now. [00:00:38][11.5][00:00:38] Put as much of your savings, which is earmarked for your downpayment, into an RRSP. Now to see how much you can put in check last year's notice of assessment from the CRA. Look for the line probably on the last page which says something like "your available RRSP contribution limit for such and such a year is..." So it might tell you. Let's say you have $15,000 worth RRSP contribution limit for the year, which is quite possible if you have not been contributing to Rs PS in the past. So let's go with that $15000 example. Take that amount out of your savings and buy a safe GIC or other form of RRSP. I know you're only going to get a couple of percent of interest, but that's not really the point. [00:01:23][44.7][00:01:24] You see after the money is in the hours before 90 days. That's why I said three months. You can take it out and use it as your down payment on your first home. Now notice I said I was stressed the word first. That's because this only works for first time homebuyers. By the way, separating couples who sold their communal home may also qualify as first time buyers under this law. [00:01:45][21.5][00:01:46] So why would you bother doing this? Well, next year, when you fill out your income tax forms, you can now claim that RRSP contribution as a deduction. Yes. Even though you've taken it all out to do your down payment, you can still write it off. And dear Justin is going to send you a hefty refund. You'll have to pay those contributions back over 15 years. But that's a small price to pay for getting around 30 percent of it gifted to you right now. So, for example, let's say you put 15000 into an RSP this week, three months or more from now. Three months is just the minimum. So if even if you're buying it six months, eight months from now, you go ahead and take it out and use it as your down payment. So you'll have to return that fifteen thousand into your own fund over 15 years, which works out to a thousand dollars a year. You even get to wait for two years to start this. [00:02:36][49.4][00:02:36] But by doing this, your very next taxation year, you're going to get a nice refund probably in the neighborhood of three to four thousand dollars. So who doesn't need an extra three or four grand from the government in the late spring? When you get your income tax refund, you might be able to use it to get a new furnace for your house to a roof or do whatever other maintenance or upgrades that you wanted to do. Now, I'm a real estate agent, not a financial advisor. So if you have any questions about this. By all means, give me a shout. I'll put you in touch with the financial advisor that alerted me to this. And you can discuss it with them. But the bottom line is it's gonna put an extra three to four thousand dollars, depending on how much you're able to put into your RRSP, into your pocket. And I hope this helps. Thanks. Till next time. Bye bye. [00:03:24][47.5][00:03:28] You've been listening to Bo Kauffmann of RE/MAX performance realty, are you thinking of buying or selling a house or condo in Winnipeg called WBO at 2 0 4 3 3 3 2 2 0 2? [00:03:41][12.2][00:03:41] Remember, Bo knows real estate. [00:03:41][0.0][203.8]
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