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Author: Gwen Jones

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Everyone knows the Rotary wheel, you've seen it on benches, or a school playground. But do you know any Rotarians? NO? Well, this is the podcast to fix that. Join producer and Rotarian Gwen Jones as she interviews some of the many men, women, famous or under the radar Rotarians that live all around the US, and even the world. Join us as she talks to them about the history of Rotary, how each became a Rotarian, and where they see Rotary international going in the 21 century and beyond. lisen in won't you? Who knows maybe someday you'll say "I'm a Rotarian" too.
204 Episodes
Margaret James -Cooper is the past editor of Rotary Magazine London, has traveled all over the world, and has a very strong idea of what the words "service above self" mean to her. She and I ask the question, do you serve for others or for yourself. This is just one of the many topics we cover. It's a great chat, and thanks for joining us!
You know how I love my Fellowships!!! Join us as we travel all over the world!!!And you can too.
 Dr Nischal Pandey is one of the most inspirational Rotarians I have ever met. Join us as we talk about his wonderful work with children all over India and around the world.
Tom Gump is back!!!!This time to talk about his new job at RI, being PE Stephanie Urchick's new aide. He has lot's on his plat for the next 2 years, and Tom is giving us a sneak peek on all that's going on with our PE.
It's time to learn about diplomatic relations  with the  Dean of Rotary Representative Network to the UN, Judith Diment. You just may be amazed at how respected Rotary is with dignitaries all over the world ...Join US!
She's Back!!!Jennifer Jones is back one more time, this time as "Past President" Jennifer Jones.She's rested, had a bit of time to unpack and play with her dog, and now she's talking to me...Join us.
Three Generations One Rotary Family? YES! and I got to know each one of them. Jasmine, Angela and Tracy are daughter, mom and grandma and they're all Rotarians .These three ladies have a lot to say, and they said it to me, and it was GREAT!!!
Better late then never:Time to catch up with our first RI Zoom President Holger Knaack.Find out how life has been since leaving office, and learn the story of  how Holger became a Rotarian in the first place. JOIN US!
We are off to Rotary International headquarters to meet Strategic Relationship Manager ,Rotarian and my friend Amanda Ottman.
Happy Season 9 everyone. And there is no better way to kick off the season then meeting Ted Faigle and the Rotary Fellowship of Gin. Grab a glass and sit back as we head off to Hawaii to talk Gin, and even a bit about the 2027 convention.
This week I'm off to New Zealand to introduce you to Nicky Donkers! Nicky is "refreshing" Rotary groups two such a huge success that she's going to tell us the story of a Rotary with members only in the teens that she brought up to over 40 members in just nine months
Well i do try, but learning Spanish has been really hard for me, and what about all the other amazing languages in out Rotary world. It can be one of Rotary's biggest problem, and even worse if your a simple podcaster like me. Well this valid point was brought to my attention, and is what we are talking about this week with my friend Eza Benitez Blugerman. Podcasting so all can understand , i like that idea!
It is my honor to have past RI President Ian Riseley on the podcast. We talk about the in-and-outs of being RI President, and the joy of what came after his year.
She's a farmer, she's a teacher, she's helping to plan the next RI convention in Singapore, and she's a very proud Rotarian. Meet Kathy Fahy!This week on the podcast.
Grab your best tea cup and join me as I talk to members of the Rotary Tea lovers Fellowship.This worldwide love of tea has brought me together with members from Chile, Italy, Florida (USA)and the Philippines all on one call.These members are tea amateurs, experts, drinkers, and even a sommelier.
Ever wonder what it would be like to work at Rotary headquarters? Ever wonder what it would be like to teach Rotarians from all over the world? Do you have to be a Rotarian to work at or for Rotary?These and other fun questions are talked about today with my guest Sarah Remijan Director of Learning and Development for RI.
This maybe a longer podcast but it is worth the time. Meet Napa Rotary member Dorothy Salmon, and journalist Suzanne Gorden. Two woman who have set out to help the you understand the VA, cut though all the misunderstandings about the VA, and to show you though their book, and partnerships, how you can help the VA and all it's members. Especially those VET dealing with PTSP.
It's time to talk about expanding what DEI stands for. Specifically inclusion. Today we talk to David Morrison a proud Rotarian with cerebral palsy and an amazing story to tell about inclusion of all bodies and all people in Rotary. David's joined by his friends and fellow 7730 DEI members Vince Juric and 7730 PDG Magda Baggett. Join us for a truly wonderful chat!
Join me as I talk to Rotarian Dr Lee about his amazing 1931 Model-A  Ford Victoria better known as Ms Vicky.  Dr Lee and Ms Vicky are off this Summer to hit the road in a North America road  rally to help get the word out about ending polio. 
Tari Marshall-Day is Rotary though-and-though, she also thinks "Rotary" should be a verb. Join us and we'll show you what Tari is talking about.
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