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Brandon and Dennis talk about movies, home theatre systems, physical vs streaming media, and film industry topics.
38 Episodes
We've returned! We keep saying we'll be back, and we aren't liars! Dennis and Brandon talk about starting up the podcast again, after a long hiatus.They disagree on the movie OLD, and Dennis whines and goes on a tangent on Criterion 4K Blu-rays... and much much more!Get into it!
Dennis and Brandon return after a few months to talk about Fast 9, COVID shots, Tom Cruise going to space, and robocalls. Dennis also did a half-decent impression of Cristoph Waltz that he's pretty proud of, so check that out, if not for anything else.
Guess who's back, back again? Brandon's back. Tell a friend. Dennis and Brandon talk about the latest episode of WandaVision, and also discuss a trailer for a little movie called Zack Snyder's Justice League.
Dennis is joined by Rebekah Manthey to discuss the hit Disney+ series WandaVision, and other Marvel stuff. If you hear a Dennis' dog barking the background... you didn't... it's actually your fault, and we have nothing to apologize for.
Here's some good news, Brandon and Dennis review the movie Wild Target starring Emily Blunt and some other actors from across the pond. Yes, we know who the other actors are, but they don't factor into my John Krasinski pun. Also there's a fun interview with Brandon's son, Chandler, about Gravity Falls.
The boys are back in town! Another movie review episode comin' at ya. Brandon and Dennis review the 2009 movie, Moon. It's two Sam Rockwells for the price of one! Check it out!
Kris Prince returns, to rehash the previous few episodes of the podcast. It's like a clip show, without the clips.
S02E07: WW84 Review

S02E07: WW84 Review


Hey, we're back again. Two weeks in a row. We're reviewing the most anticipated sequel to the Wonder Woman movie, WW84. What Would 84... Do? Find out this week on Extreme Close Up!
We're back again after a long break, to talk about mostly Christmas stuff, but also the usual subjects. Also, HBO apparently has all the movies... which FX led us to believe they did. We talk about it. Get into it. Happy Holidays.
Brandon and Dennis are joined by mild acquaintance Kris Prince to discuss the new live action movie Mulan!
The theaters are opening back up... maybe. Disney is dropping 4K for its live action back catalog... maybe. ONE thing is for sure in this life, The Waltons kinda rules.
Brandon, Landon, and Dennis talk about the 2020 movie Enter The Fat Dragon, starring Donnie Yen.
Brandon and Dennis finally get around to reviewing one of the better movies of 2019, The Peanut Butter Falcon.
S02E01: The Return

S02E01: The Return


The boys are back for season two. Also Dennis gets a little cocky and gives the release date of this episode, which obviously didn't happen, so that's on him. Enjoy everything else though.
Now my friends... The end is near... and so I face... the final curtain... blah blah blahThe end of season one of the podcast is nigh... well here actually. This is the end of an era. We will be back soon, but for one final bunker extravaganza, we have Jeffrey and Landon with Brandon and Dennis to have a no holds barred episode... a lot of which is about steak doneness and Coke vs Pepsi.Come reminisce with us.
S01E22: Back in the Bunker

S01E22: Back in the Bunker


Brandon and Dennis are still in the bunker, hanging out, eating some freeze-dried food that Jim Bakker gave us. Kenneth Copeland has stopped by to blow the virus away, and we discuss movies and stuff. We're about to wrap up season one, so we just want to thank everyone for listening to ECU. We are working hard to improve the podcast, to make it entertaining for you, so thanks for sticking with us!
The story furthers deeper, as Brandon and Dennis continue quarantine life in the bunker from the movie Blast From The Past. Living among them are Alex Jones, Jim Bakker, and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and George Noory.It's a simple life, but they push on. It's been 2 years since our heroes have seen daylight, and the Coke Zero, Ramen, Charmin, and Twinkies are running low. What will happen when these essentials run dry... UTTER CHAOS!Enjoy the episode.
S01E20: Quarantine Edition

S01E20: Quarantine Edition


Brandon and Dennis are back and in self imposed quarantine. They talk about how the film industry is being affected, and what they've been up to while social distancing.Seriously though, stay safe. Wash your hands, and try not to go out if you don't have to. We love ya'll, and value your safety. We can flatten the curve, if we all work together... separately.
Dennis and special guest, Michael Hernandez, spent four hours recording their feelings about Star Wars, and this is part two of two parts. Get into it!
Dennis and special guest, Michael Hernandez, spent four hours recording their feelings about Star Wars, and this is part one of two parts. Get into it!
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