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Just Breathe

Just Breathe


Right now, the world is not breathing so well. There is so much suffering from people struggling to breathe, literally and figuratively. This simple act that we sometimes take for granted is now front and center on many minds, and it’s begging us to pay attention.How we are breathing in any given moment says a lot about our emotional and spiritual health, which can potentially affect our physical health as well.In this episode, I talk about the need to breathe deeply so that we might live deeply.______________________Spilled Coffee on Ancient Scrolls is a podcast about finding ways to "live as humans fully alive," as St. Irenaeus encouraged us to do. It's hosted by Kelly Pigott, an obscure author, church history professor, contemplative, and outdoor enthusiast. Drawing upon wisdom from many sources, most of them quite old, this brief, weekly series seeks to provide a witty and thoughtful moment in your day.To read the original post of this podcast, visit
The Cracks in My Face

The Cracks in My Face


The young look at the lines in their palms to try to see their future. The old look at the wrinkles in their face to see their past. In this episode, I gaze at the cracks in my face and see something good.
In this episode I sit in a Starbucks, sipping a latte, pondering the image of God as seen in a sticky handprint left by a toddler on the window. It's a unique thing of beauty.  There’s not another handprint in the world exactly like it.  The image represents so much potential.  It displays innocence, a strong will, creativity, intelligence, in short, the image of God--and yet it was produced by a human, and therefore very fragile, for it will soon disappear with a spray and a wipe. 
I grew up in a tradition that placed a lot of emphasis on making sure that when one died one went to heaven. And yet, all these decades later, as I read the Bible, I’m amazed at how little it actually talks about this, and how much it talks about living a full life here and now.In this podcast I talk about how we have been created to live as humans fully alive.
In nature, such connections can be found in what the Celts called “thin places.” George MacLeod describes these locations as “the eternal seeping through the physical.” And as a veil dividing heaven and earth as “thin as a gossamer” (The Book of Creation by J. Philip Newell, p. 24). In other words, it's what we all experience at moments when we gasp at the fingerprints of God found in the splendor of nature.In this episode, I talk about how I found God in these thin places of Ireland.
Our lives are directed by to-do lists and calendars and productivity apps. I don’t wake with the sun but with a clock. And the things invented in this world to serve me have become my masters.Sometimes, I fear that I have mistaken crossing something off my list for life. In this episode, I talk about the value of a wasted day.
Fear mongering has become a multi-billion dollar industry in our world. In the episode, I talk about how simple things, like cookies and kindness, can put us on a path away from fear. If you are a fan of the movie Stranger than Fiction, you are in for a treat.
Titmice seem overexcited about simply being alive. I know it sounds a bit odd, but perhaps there are a few things they can teach about living. In this episode, I explore a few lessons, including how I've never seen a sad titmouse.
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans," sang John Lennon. In this episode, I talk about how to understand the surprises that life throws at us.
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