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Libsyn has partnered with AdvertiseCast to launch Libsyn Auto Ads, allowing any Libsyn-hosted podcast to monetize with programmatic ads in your podcast!
Zencastr makes it easy to get high-quality, multi-ender audio and video podcast recordings with your guests and cohosts. Now, they've added multiple features to help you edit and monetize your podcast!
With experience in professional film and TV writing, Podcast Studio Pro has been built specifically for the planning and organization needs of podcasters.
I think Buzzsprout is the easiest-to-use podcast-hosting provider, and now they've made monetizing easy, too! Plus, you can use this to grow your own podcast!
One of the best ways to grow your business is to be a guest on the right podcasts. Interview Connections works with business owners and entrepreneurs (with or without their own podcasts) to get booked on other shows to get visibility in front of their target audiences. Interview Connections is ideal for you if you...
I've recommended Focusrite's audio interfaces for years, but they always required a little hacking to make them work for podcasting. But the new Vocaster One and Vocaster Two offer the same quality but in a new product designed for podcasters! Vocaster automatically sets your gain (with up to 70 dB of clean gain!) for each...
Ecamm Live is easy software for live-streaming from your Mac. And it's now even better! You can now stream to multiple destinations simultaneously (like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, custom RTMP, and more) and even bring those separate comments onto the screen so your entire audience can see them. For more advance productions, Ecamm Live now...
Blubrry is my top podcast-hosting provider for seamless integration with WordPress. This year, they released four great new features to help you podcast better! Automatic media kits Using the audience survey data you can collect through your Blubrry account, Blubrry now automatically populates a media kit for your podcast. It updates every 24 hours with...
Podcasting guesting is powerful for podcasters and guests! Interview Valet helps both! Interview Valet is a podcast-interview marketing service, helping thought-leaders build their brand and business on targeted podcast interviews. They focus on helping you get results! They primarily serve podcasts in the following three categories: business, faith & spirituality, and health & wellness. For...
The most impressive thing I saw at Podcast Movement 2022 was Nomono's Sound Capsule. This replaces multiple pieces of audio equipment and processing software to capture high-quality audio with great simplicity. The Sound Capsule comes with four wireless microphones, which record into separate tracks. The smart hardware and software processing reduces the crossover audio between...
Descript made editing podcast audio as easy as editing a document. Now, they've made editing video just as easy! The feature is called “Storyboard.” It lets you edit your videos with the same familiar tools as you get with editing text: like select, cut, copy, and paste. Descript also includes features to improve the audio...
I've become a fan of how artificial intelligence (AI) can help you podcast better. While I highly recommend Jasper for AI-assisted writing, Jasper isn't designed to serve the unique needs of podcasters. That's where Capsho comes in! Capsho is an “AI-powered podcast copywriter.” You start by uploading your podcast audio file. Capsho automatically generates a...
SquadCast's version 2 brings new support for more browsers and even mobile devices! Plus, more accessible pricing.
Audiograms help you promote your podcast and engage your audience. Headliner's new feature automates this for you!
Cloud Microphones makes the best in-line mic preamp boosters, and now they have a new podcast to geek out over microphones and audio!
Focusrite makes my favorite USB audio interfaces. The new 3rd-generation Scarlett models bring improved audio quality with new preamps and more gain, audio enhancement, USB loopback, USB-C connectivity, and more! Thanks to John DiNicola for joining me in this video! Watch all my video interviews from Podcast Movement 2019, and click here to see the...
Libsyn is the #1 commercial podcast hosting provider and is bringing new updates!
Do you have a great idea for a podcast but need help to get it going and promoted?
It takes a lot of guts—audacity!—to podcast. But sometimes, we get and get so focused on the process without ever actually podcasting.
Carrying podcasting gear is rough on the equipment and everything has the potential add weight and bulk.
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