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True crime stories from death row inmates that have been executed and the gruesome tales that led to their convictions. #RideTheLightning
32 Episodes
The vile murder of Chester Poage in Spearfish, South Dakota 2000.Support the show (
The savage murder spree that spanned Virginia and Pennsylvania in 2006.Support the show (
The 6 day Christmas crime spree that gripped America in 1987!Support the show (
The thriller homicide that left a one light town with an infamy it never wanted.Support the show (
How a cold case and one that was solved in a matter of weeks became forever joined.Support the show (
The evil crimes that rocked northern Oklahoma in 1999 and the best conclusion that anyone could ask for.Support the show (
Was the wrong man executed for these horrific murders?Support the show (
The 6 month crime spree that left 2 women dead and 2 more women close to it.Support the show (
The killer who's trail went from Texas to Montana to Florida and hit at least 16 states along the way through 20 years of chaos.Support the show (
The brutal kidnapping rape and murder that lead to questioning PTSD as the cause for homicide.Support the show (
The story of paranoid drug dealers who try to eliminate all doubt.Support the show (
The story of three friends who go on a drug fueled trip that ends in murder.Support the show (
The life and brutal crimes of Bonzai Bob. Support the show (
The viscous Bennett murders that used everything but the kitchen sink. Support the show (
Special delivery murders that terrorized Georgia, Alabama and Florida in 1989.Support the show (
The events of a 4 day crime spree between rival gangs that ends with the murder of a grandmother and her grand daughter.Support the show (
The story of the senseless elderly murders of Maggie Harding, Jettie Lucas, Dorothy Booth that led to the execution of Kimberly McCarthySupport the show (
The gruesome story of the senseless multiple murders that led to the Execution of Carey Dean Moore.Support the show (
This tragic story calls out one of the glaring issues with how restraining orders are handled and how far people will go to try to hurt someone for hurting them. Support the show (
Sometimes it takes days to cleanup a murder. Sometimes it takes remodeling a home. But sometimes it is as simple as keeping your story straight. That did not happen here. Support the show (
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