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The ASA Podcast is the program for automotive professionals that keeps you ahead of What’s Now, What’s New and What’s Next in the business of automotive service and collision repair. By sharing information, insight and inspiration it will not just help you make a living, it will help you make a difference!
78 Episodes
Episode 78: Is Virtual Training Here to Stay?Ryan Kooiman, Director of Training for Standard Motor Products, delivers a lot of technical training to the aftermarket. In this episode, Ryan talks about how COVID has changed where and how that training will be delivered as we emerge from the pandemic. Hear all about how Ryan got into training and how Standard Motor Products supports the independent repair community pre-COVID with over 2500 live training events per year, and is continuing that training support with virtual events reaching more than 20,000 technicians as we work through the impact of the pandemic. Listen in as Ryan discusses a wide range of topics, including:·         How live technical training gave way to a new wave of virtual learning in 2020.·         Why the SMP transition to virtual learning was smooth and effective.·         What SMP has learned from the virtual training experience to better connect with their audience.·         How we can do a better job of delivering training and engaging technicians.·         Why virtual training is here to stay and will be part of the live training process going forward.·         What we’ve learned from the COVID virtual training experience.·         The growing appreciation of the value of distance learning.·         The importance of getting back to live training events as quickly as possible.
Episode 77: Mike Anderson talks about the 2021 Collision Repair Market and how the pandemic is giving collision repair shops a glimpse into the future.Mike Anderson is the President and Founder of Collision Advice. Mike’s experience as a former shop owner, mentor, coach, consultant and one of the most popular trainers in the collision repair industry gives him a unique perspective on where the collision industry is and where it’s going. Listen in as Mike shares his outlook for 2021 as the collision industry continues to recover and position itself for life after COVID. Hear all about it as Mike covers such topics as:·         How he got started in the collision industry and built a successful business with WagonWerx in Virginia.·         How the shops in his network are weathering the pandemic and what works best to help the most successful through it.·         What major issues and influences in 2020 will impact the collision industry going into 2021.·         How automotive technology is impacting claims and why the COVID crisis offers a glimpse into the future of repair volumes.·         What Mike’s Who Pays for What survey has done to advance the collision industry and what he’s learned over the past five years.·         What the biggest challenges will be as we enter 2021, and what the collision industry needs to do to meet them.·         Mike’s advice on how every shop can improve their operations by doing this one thing.
Episode 76 - Fighting for Independent Repair Shops in Washington, D.C.Bob Redding, ASA Washington Representative, is fighting for the independent service industry. In this podcast, Bob wraps up the year and talks about the important issues and legislation that will impact everyone working in automotive service and collision repair shops across the nation. Hear all about it as he discusses the current COVID relief package and how ASA members are engaging their legislators in unprecedented numbers to get the help we need to weather the pandemic. Hear all about how ASA has your back and fights for the independent repair community in many ways, including :·         How ASA is fighting for additional COVID-19 relief as members continue to cope with the business impact from the pandemic.·         ASA’s opposition to another Cash for Clunkers program that negatively impacted independent repair shops the last time it was tried.·         Focusing ASA resources on where they will do the most good for our members and the industry at large.·         What the new round of Paycheck Protection Program funding contains for independent repair shops.·         What the Right to Repair initiative in Massachusetts is now law and what it means for the independent repair industry.·         The importance of data access to independent repair shops.·         What we can expect to see on the data access front in 2021.·         The continuing attacks on periodic motor vehicle inspection programs at the state level and their growing importance as we move toward ride sharing and autonomous vehicles.·         Why ASA is advocating for codifying the use of OE repair procedures for the collision industry.·         ASA’s new Emissions Tracker and the growth of electrification by vehicle manufacturers, as an anticipated push for air quality grows with the new administration in Washington.
Episode 75 - Clark Plucinski on his work with the Collision Repair Education Foundation.Clark Plucinski has been a well-known name in the collision repair industry for over 45 years. He's been a multi-shop owner, served on the I-CAR Board and spent the last four years as the Executive Director of the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF). Clark recently announced his retirement, and shares his thoughts on his work with CREF supporting the education of the next-generation of collision technicians and what we need to do to continue developing new talent in the age of COVID. Hear all about it as Clark discusses:·         His retirement plans and the birth of his first grandchild.·         Clark’s career and how he built True2Form, one of the first large collision MSO’s.·         How his industry involvement contributed significantly to his success.·         What the Collision Repair Education Foundation does to help collision training programs nationwide.·         How CREF is working to attract and train tomorrow’s collision technicians and build a bridge to employment.·         What a collision business needs to foster and grow their entry level technicians.·         The devastating impact the pandemic has had on CREF.·         How CREF has succeeded in attracting talent for the collision industry.·         What CREF will need to succeed going forward.·         For more information visit 
Episode 74 – Bobby Bassett on Retirement and his Training Career Bobby Bassett is a name many technicians and shop owners will recognize. He’s been one of the most well-known trainers in the industry during his time as National Training Manager for North America for Gates, and was most recently honored with the AWDA Excellence in Education Award. He’s also recently retired, so we thought it would be a good time to catch up with Bobby to share his wisdom and commitment to a lifetime of service to the automotive service industry. Listen in as Bobby discusses:·         Gratitude for the recognition he’s received throughout the years.·         His recent retirement from Gates.·         His role as Chairman of the Board of ASE.·         The Gates Tools for Schools Program he managed.·         How he got into training at Gates and grew the program globally.·         His support for training through the ASE Education Foundation·         The growing importance of training to keep up with vehicle technology.·         How working together with instructors can help secure our future.·         How Gates Global training helps identify common problems·         His advice on how you can get involved and pay it forward.
Episode 73 – New PAVE Event Spotlights Virtual Training and Industry CooperationThe inability to offer live training events during the pandemic has impacted every sector of the automotive service and repair industry. But, as with challenges past, the resilience of the aftermarket has shown itself once again with the debut of the PAVE Virtual Training. Scheduled for January 8-10, 2021, the Professional Automotive Virtual Education (PAVE) event is the result of the cooperation between 14 leading automotive industry organizations from across the U.S. In this special panel interview, we’ll talk with Jeff Lovell, Executive Director of ASA Northwest, G. Truglia from Technical Service Training (TST) and Mark Warren from WorldPac about how they are going about forming a new training community for today and tomorrow. Hear all about it as we discuss:·         How PAVE was created and who was involved.·         The cooperation between a diverse group of aftermarket organizations in founding PAVE.·         The growth in popularity of virtual training during the pandemic.·         The value and benefits of virtual learning events.·         How the group mustered the best training providers in the industry for a national virtual event with the potential for a global reach.·         The training available at PAVE.·         How they incorporated virtual networking into PAVE·         Why attending PAVE may be the best training experience of 2021!·         For more information, click HERE.
Episode 72 – Scott Brown Talks About Diagnostic Network and What’s NextIf you don’t recognize the name Scott Brown, you’ll probably recognize some of his work over the years. Together with Brent Black, Scott founded the International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN).  Along with his wife, Cindy, Scott is the co-owner of Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center in Claremont, California. His most recent achievement was launching Diagnostic Network, an information resource for technicians worldwide. Hear all about it as Scott talks about how he got started as a technician and his career to date. It’s a fascinating story from someone who has made a difference! Listen in as Scott covers such topics as:·         How a chance meeting led to the creation of iATN with Brent Black·         His fascination with computers that led him to become a diagnostic technician.·         How sharing information with other technicians grew into one of the most recognized technician websites in the automotive industry.·         His commitment to training and how he’s working to keep others up to speed on the latest technology.·         How Diagnostic Net was created and its mission to bring and share information.·         Scott’s thoughts on how technicians are needed more than ever before to service the highly complex vehicles of today.·         For more information on Diagnostic Network, visit their website at
Episode 71 – Planning for Accidents and Return to WorkNo matter how well we train or plan, accidents will occasionally happen. Brian Risen is President of AmeriTrust CONNECT, an ASA Sponsored Benefit Provider. Their specialty is Workman’s Compensation Insurance, and in this episode, Brian offers tips and advice on how best to plan for an accident and get employees back on their feet should the worst happen. Listen in as Brian outlines the benefits of a Return To Work Program and how the data shows that getting back to work as quickly as possible can actually improve an employee’s recovers. In this podcast, Brian covers such topics as:·         How a Return To Work Program can help a small business owner reduce the cost of their Workman’s Compensation while increasing the health and happiness of their employees.·         The benefits to an injured employee of getting back to work as quickly as possible. What the statistics show.·         How to get an injured employee the care they need.·         Is contracting COVID-19 a reason for a compensation claim?·         When should you file a workman’s compensation claim?·         Where shop owners can find the workman’s compensation regulations in their state.·         What you should be thinking about and planning before an accident happens.·         Talking to a doctor about bringing an injured employee back to work.·         Identifying light work duties as part of your plan.·         How AmeriTrust CONNECT continues to support their clients through the pandemic.
Episode 70 – MSO Symposium Goes VirtualAs with every other live event scheduled for 2020, the 9th ASA MSO Symposium will be presented in a virtual format due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Scheduled for November 9-13th, the MSO Symposium will be presented in 90-minute segments each day, providing insight and guidance on the most important issues facing the collision repair industry today and tomorrow. Best of all, this year the MSO Symposium is free to attend! Hear all about it as we announce such important information as:·       Speakers such as Vince Romans from the Romans Group, Susanna Gotsch from CCC Information Services and Rex Green from Jefferies LLC will offer a high-level outlook on where the industry is headed.·       Panel discussions featuring OEM and Insurance company representatives, along with participants from multi-shop organizations both large and small from across North America.·       How to access your complimentary registratiion to attend at no charge this year!·       An interview with Jim Keller and Larry French from the 2019 MSO Symposium talking about the value of the information you’ll hear and why you need to be there!·       To register for the 2020 Virtual MSO Symposium, just click here 
Episode 69 – Collision Industry OutlookJohn Yoswick is Editor and Publisher of CRASH Network, a collision industry newsletter that takes a deep dive into the numbers so subscribers can measure themselves against their peers. In this episode, John offers his industry observer’s perspective on how collision shops are weathering the pandemic and what he sees from the many CRASH surveys he does. His 31 years of experience as a collision industry veteran journalist provides an insider’s view of where we are and where we’re going, including: ·         How the CRASH Network Newsletter covers the collision repair industry.·         A snapshot on what other collision shops are doing in terms of revenues during the pandemic.·         How the collision industry is recovering from the COVID pandemic.·         Why location matters when it comes to the recovery.·         How employment numbers are being impacted.·         The Who Pays for What survey with Mike Anderson.·         How collision shops can participate in the surveys.·         The Insurer Report Card and how it benefits shops and consumers.·         The optimistic outlook for 2021.·         For more information on CRASH Network visit the CRASH website at
Episode 68 – Thinking Differently to Grow Your Business Bob Greenwood, AMAM, is president and CEO of Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd. (AAEC). With over 40 years of Business Management experience within the Independent sector of the automotive aftermarket in North America, Bob is widely recognized as one of the best business development coaches in the industry. The changes we’re facing due to the pandemic require that we think differently. Bob’s new Level 1 Business Development class presented by ASA offers you that new way of thinking about your business. It’s something everyone can do that doesn’t require anything but an open mind to succeed! Hear all about it as Bob discusses:·       How the independent repair shop community is evolving from a trade into a profession.·       Where net profit is being missed out of your current business coming through the door.·       An in-depth look at Bob’s new Level 1 Business Development course and how it can help analyze your business to see precisely where net profit is being missed.·       How thinking differently can boost your business and develop your employees into a high-performance team.·       The process for developing a professional business that will have great value when the time comes to sell.·       How the eight, engaging, one-hour sessions provide a classroom feeling with interaction available during the class and beyond with a personal touch.·       Why the Level 1 training is a prerequisite for the Level 2 classes scheduled for January, 2021.·       For more information on the final Level 1 class, simply visit the ASA website at, or click here to register.
Episode 67 - ASA Podcast Celebrates Its First Year!Who knew that last October would be so different from this one. In fact, the first year of the ASA Podcast has seen changes and events no one could have foreseen. Join us as we review our first year and look back on the information, insight and inspiration we shared as our world literally changed overnight. Hear all about it as we mark a few milestones, including:·         Thoughts from the first ASA Podcast with Frank Leutz and Jeff Buckley.·         Insight from the next generation of automotive professionals.·         How the next generation is learning in ways both new and exciting.·         The technical and diagnostic tips from industry trainers.·         How COVID-19 continues to change our world and the ways we are meeting the challenge.·         The Good News about the resilience and adaptability of our industry.·         Changing and adapting to our new reality. 
Episode 66 – CIECA – Integrating Technology and Collision Repair Standards are important. That is no more true than in the area of data, and these days data drives business. Join us for an interview with Paul Barry, Executive Director of the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA). Paul discusses his new role with CIECA, how CIECA has helped the collision industry over the years, and the latest CIECA initiatives to help collision repairers and other industry stakeholders share data more efficiently and securely. From the beginning, CIECA has made a difference and this podcast lets you in on where they’ve been, what they’ve done and what's next for the organization. Hear all about it as Paul talks about: ·       What CIECA is and how it helps the collision industry.·       CIECA’s mission.·       His background in technology and with CIECA.·       How CIECA is governed and what stakeholders are represented on the board.·       What CIECA is working on currently and specific issues being addressed.·       CIECA's greatest accomplishments/contributions to the collision industry over the years.·       What issues are on the horizon for CIECA.·       For more information, visit
Episode 65 – Talking to the FutureOne of the greatest challenges facing the automotive service and collision repair industries is finding the qualified, motivated technical and business talent we need for the future. But that talent is all around us and we only need to recognize it to ensure our future. In this episode, you’ll meet Service Consultant Anna Thomas and Technicians Cash Firm and Winston Warlow—three twentysomethings that represent both the hope and realization of that future. Hear all about it as we discuss: ·       What being born to the business means for our next generation.·       How different paths converged into an aspiring team.·       A different approach to learning and training.·       Why the love for our industry is still alive and well.·       That thinking differently will shape the future.·       The confidence and professionalism in young voices.
Episode 64 – Taking the Hill UpdateIn this episode, Bob Redding, ASA Washington representative reports on the latest legislative developments in Washington, D.C. Listen in as Bob describes what our lawmakers are currently working on that could impact ASA members and addresses some of the most important issues affecting the entire industry, including:  ·       The 2021 Fiscal Appropriations Legislation.·       The Fifth Economic Stimulus Package.·       What ASA members should be looking for in the House and Senate stimulus proposals.·       Kudos to Senators Rubio and Collins for their support of PPP for small businesses.·       A potential Paycheck Protection Program extension.·       ASA member impact on stopping another Cash For Clunkers program.·       Why the Senate races are potentially more important for ASA members.·       How the next election can impact our industry.
Episode 63 – ASA Mechanical Operations Committee UpdateIn this episode, Tom Piippo, ASA Mechanical Division Director reports on the latest topics and projects on the agenda of the Mechanical Operations Committee (MOC). Listen in as Tom describes how the MOC is working to support ASA mechanical shop members and address some of the current important issues affecting the entire industry, including: ·         The latest on how mechanical shops are coping with the COVID crisis.·         The need to redouble our efforts to keep our customers safe as school opens up.·         How the MOC worked with ASA staff to help update the new website and advice on where to go for help if you need it.·         Information on the free ASA webinars and how ASA corporate partners have been providing content for our members.·         How shop owners are taking advantage of the webinar training available.·         How the option of attending meetings and training virtually is growing in appeal.·         Knowledge resources available, including the ASA webinar library.·         Plans for the first virtual ASA Annual Meeting.·         The important work being done by the MOC volunteers in representing ASA members and listening to their needs.
Episode 62 – ASA Collision Operations Committee Update In this episode, Mike Levasseur, ASA Collision Division Director reports on the latest topics and projects on the agenda of the Collision Operations Committee (COC). Listen in as Mike describes how the COC is working to support ASA collision members and address some of the current important issues affecting the entire collision industry, including:  ·         The latest on how collision shops are coping with the COVID crisis.·         The latest update on the Understanding Scanning project.·         Exploring time considerations for pulling diagnostic codes.·         Why virtually every vehicle needs to be scanned today.·         Data privacy: who owns the data and who has access to it.·         What information is being harvested.·         The amazing ability of the collision industry to cope with adversity.
Episode 61 – Meet Chuck Searles, AMi PresidentThe Automotive Management Institute Board of Trustees recently selected Chuck Searles as the new President of AMi. Chuck succeeds Jeff Peevey, who recently returned to I-CAR. In this episode, we’ll talk with Chuck and Ray Fisher, ASA President, to welcome him to the ASA family and explore the considerable capabilities he brings to AMi. Hear all about it as Ray talks about being on the search committee that interviewed a number of qualified candidates, what they were looking for and how Chuck rose to become the top choice. We explore this and other topics, including: What the Automotive Management Institute does and how it was founded.The Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) and Master Accredited Automotive Manager (MAAM) credentials offered by AMi.How Chuck’s background and experience in the industry uniquely qualify him for the AMi President Position.Getting settled and focusing on onboarding at AMi with the AMi team.Short-term goals and objectives for Chuck and his team.Recent OEM programs point to some new directions for AMi to deliver both mechanical and collision training to ASA members and the independent repair community.
Episode 60 – Talking With A Tire EngineerHeather Mosier is Director, Technology Development at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.  She has been with Cooper for nearly 25 years and has successfully overseen and executed the development of several award-winning tires, including those that have been selected as original equipment on Mercedes- Benz SUVs.  In this podcast, Heather, who holds degrees in chemical engineering and manufacturing management, talks about key components of tires and why they are (or should be) important to your customers. She also talks about the technical trade-offs tire developers make when designing tires for specific vehicles and driving conditions. Heather also addresses upcoming trends in tire design driven by consumer needs and the latest automotive technologies, along with such topics as:  What sparked her interest in chemical engineering and manufacturing management.  The key components of a tire and which ones customers need to know about when they are looking to replace their tires.Some of the trends today in tire design and how tire design has been impacted by things like electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles.How we can help our customers better understand tires when making a purchase decision.The upcoming webinar on October 7th. Link with more information:
Episode 59 – Training the Next Generation: CTE Programs in the Age of COVID – Part TwoRobert Lyle is the Automotive Instructor at Westbury High School in Houston, Texas. In the second of a two-part Podcast Series, we’ll talk with an instructor a high school Career and Technology Education (CTE) program who is working to train the next generation of automotive repair technicians. It’s a challenging task made even harder by the current pandemic. More than ever before, both secondary and post-secondary CTE programs need the help of ASA members and the entire industry in preparing the technical talent we so sorely need to create and grow successful businesses and attract more fresh talent to replace an aging workforce as they retire. Hear all about it as Robert shares his perspective on such topics as:.·         How the Houston Independent School District is planning on starting fall classes by using technology and Microsoft Teams.·         The challenges of internet access for students in the inner city and what some large cellular providers are doing to open up their hotspots to help.·         The personal challenges some students face as they try to learn while helping their families cope with the CORONA crisis.·         How instructors and students will go face-to-face for hands-on instruction and a few creative ideas for using a hybrid video strategy to meet the need.·         How Robert used the vehicles in his driveway as lesson aids for video training, including an old-school classic ’63 NOVA up to the latest vehicle technology.·         Roberts personal journey from student to instructor at Westbury High.·         Westbury’s Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) accreditation through the ASE Education Foundation and how they are expanding into diagnostics and more.·         The internship programs Robert has arranged through local dealerships and independent shops, and why they are critical to a student’s success.·         How ASA members and other repair shops can tap into the CTE program in their area to find the technical talent they need.·         The biggest challenges facing high school CTE programs and what you can do to help.
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