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Demand Thinking

Author: Ryan Singer and Chris Spiek

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New perspectives from the bleeding edge of product management with Ryan Singer and Chris Spiek.
4 Episodes
Metrics aren't projects

Metrics aren't projects


What's the relationship between shaping projects and targeting specific metrics for the business? Chris offers a way of thinking of metric goals (like number of signups or usage of a particular feature) as a filter for potential bets. This leads to a discussion about the betting table, who makes the trade-offs about what to do next, and how research into the demand side plays into the shaping and betting process.
The slapdash meeting

The slapdash meeting


You've probably been in a "slapdash" planning meeting — too many people, shallow preparation, not enough time, with too many unanswered questions spiraling out. You have to make a decision but nobody feels good about it. We contrast that with having separate shaping, de-risking, and betting meetings. Shaping sessions are small, private, and intensely collaborative. In the de-risking rooms, technical people give input to the concept so you have better answers to the hard questions later. Chris tells before/after stories that show how different it is to bet on a project after doing the right kind of pre-work.
See the YouTube version with live sketching here:
YouTube version with live sketching here:
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