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Author: Brittny King

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When Brittny asked those in her life what her superpower was, they ALL said “positivity.” It’s true; even during the dark periods of her life, Brittny has maintained a true positive attitude . It’s been so transformational to her life that she has created a business outof it, and every episode of this podcast is going to explore a different element to achieving happiness, giving you tangible steps by reaching conclusions with experts. Happiness and positivity are simple, but not always easy. Brittny is here to keep it positively real with you.
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It's Brittny's 33rd birthday and she's sharing a few of the most transformation lessons she learned over the past 12 months. From trusting the Universe and timing of her wants and desires to taking complete responsibility for her emotions, 32 was extremely transformative in her life, business, and everything that falls between. Brittny shares these reflections because she knows the value in looking back to create a better future and wants you to recognize your transformations as well! For more tips, inspiration, and motivation in creating a positively real life, text +1 480-462-6781Connect with Brittny:www.brittnyking.com
After attending the 2021 Powerhouse Women Event, Brittny recaps her takeaways and why this particular event was so valuable (and why you should be attending events like these if you’re in the entrepreneurial space)! She touches on topics such as why you have to ask empowering questions in order to receive empowering answers, how to receive knowledge and turn it into wisdom, the importance of understanding your values and having fun in your business, protecting the vessel that holds the vision - why nothing else matters if you’re not taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional vessel, and so much more!Connect with Brittny:Join the Mindset Mastery for High-Achieving Women Facebook Mentioned:
This week Brittny goes in depth on problem solving. So often we dwell on what we consider problems and don't solve them because we give power to someone else to solve said problems when in reality, the answers are within ourselves. It ultimately comes down to shifting our thoughts around our problems in order to solve them. In the episode, Brittny gives a 6-step breakdown on how to solve any problem you may be facing now or in the future and change your reality for the better! Connect with
Brittny shares the first step in the process of managing negative thoughts, as you can only manage thoughts that you're aware of by discussing thought management. She dives into what it looks like to manage your thoughts in a healthy, productive way that nourishes and supports our goals in life, what unhealthy thought management looks like, how to get our brain to work for us instead of against us, what thought management requires, ways to direct your mind that allows it to shift into a positive direction, how to provoke your brain into thinking positive thoughts and result in achieving goals, and so much more!Connect with
In this episode Brittny dives into emotional maturity and how to manage and develop emotions as an adult. She discusses emotional childhood versus emotional adulthood, how to be in charge of your emotions and why it's necessary to have emotionally mature relationships, and other traits that come from emotional maturity.  Text Brittny at +1 480-462-6781 for wellness tips, motivation, and inspiration!
This week Brittny is sharing all things self-doubt and how to shift those feelings in order to step into confidence. Self-doubt is the mental habit of questioning your own judgment or worth. We’ve all been there. It can become ingrained in us but the good news is that we don’t have to stay there. We have choices every day that allow us to grow and evolve out of self doubt. Brittny discusses where self doubt comes from and common causes, why self doubt is actually a choice, the necessity of repetition when it comes to changing our habits and ridding ourselves of self-doubt, reaction versus response, and so much more! 
This week Brittny shares the importance of expressing vulnerability and other emotions when it comes to victim mentality. Emotions are our biggest asset and drive our actions which in return create our results however, we have to be able to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and analyze them. By taking responsibility for our behavior and emotions we are able to become aware of where victim mentality may be playing a roll and ultimately break free of it!
This week Brittny is diving into victim mentality and how to break the cycle of it. She shares what victim mentality is and why we slip into it (and why some may slip into it more often than others), the number one way victim mentality shows up, how to recognize indicators, and lastly, how to flip the switch and step out of victim mentality! Connect with a discovery call with Brittny
Brittny explores the feelings of fear, dread, and uneasiness that are brought on by anxiety and shares how to calm and quiet the common feeling many of us have. She deep dives the power of the power of our language and reframing it, what to do when you experience anxiety, why avoidance is one of the most popular ways to deal with anxiety, techniques to overcome anxiety (and other emotions), and so much more! If you’ve experienced an uptick in anxiety over the last year, this episode is for you. Connect with
This week Brittny is joined by exercise rehab specialist turned intuitive health and sales mentor Olesya Oligradska. As Olesya progressed through her career, she  found herself burning out every 6 months and her passion for health and wellness quickly faded. She entertained the idea of returning to school to pursue a new career path however, she realized that this was just a distraction from the real problem – she was working hard but not smart. After learning how to shift her mindset using real and practical tactics, exploring areas of her life that were uncomfortable, and listening and trusting herself, she discovered her passion for business and mindset mentorship. Brittny and Olesya discuss: - Lack versus abundant mindset- Ways to shift your mindset around money- Understanding your money story (why you save, spend, etc.)- Reprogramming old beliefs through shadow work- Calling in abundance and the importance of defining abundance to you- The best advice she’s ever received- And so much more!Oleysa wants others to know that they too can be healed. Her purpose is to help others rewrite their beliefs and reclaim their worth so they can grow businesses and strengthen relationships that they once never thought possible.Connect with Oleysa: Resources Mentioned:
Brittny starts where she left off in last weeks episode to discuss fear and ways in which we hold ourselves back because of it. She shares on the psychology of fear, why we should be normalizing fear, reasons why we create our own fear and how to step out of fear! 
What Holds Us Back

What Holds Us Back


In this episode, Brittny is sharing what holds us back and breaks down common obstacles as well as how to overcome them. She dives into fear and failure, why success is actually acquired by failure, some better names for failure, and why we should be asking ourselves questions in order to understand ourselves (and inevitably, find our stride of success). Connect with Brittny:www.brittnyking.com
2021 Halfway Check-In

2021 Halfway Check-In


As we approach the halfway mark of 2021, Brittny shares some best practices for reflecting how far we've come in reaching goals we set and evaluate where we are going. She takes us through the importance of understanding the process, validating what's working and what might not be (and what to do if it's not), how to measure results, and ultimately, continue our processes of growth! Sign up for the TOGETHER with P&B retreat!Connect with Brittny:www.brittnyking.com
Brittny sits down with DeQuan Lewis to discuss pride month, his experiences of growing up as a gay black man, authenticity, and so much more. They share meaningful conversation around understanding gender expression, self-expression, unconscious bias and conditioning, and how to be an advocate for LGBTQUIA+ community. Connect with DeQuan:
In this episode, Brittany shares her action steps on what to do when life doesn’t go as planned. Brittny is a big advocate for giving yourself permission to feel your feelings when things don’t go the way you plan them whether it be anger, guilt, shock, or other. She also discusses the difference between feeling emotions versus identifying with them, why every challenge we face is an opportunity to learn about ourselves, allowing our lives to unfold they way they are meant to, and some journal prompts for understanding our own emotions surround unplanned events and circumstances. Resources Mentioned:Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life by Christine HasslerConnect with Brittny:www.brittnyking.com
How to Stop Worrying

How to Stop Worrying


When we worry, we allow thoughts, images, emotions, and actions of a negative nature to uncontrollably repeat we are automatically living outside of our present selves. Worry in and of itself is neither bad nor good - I mean after all, if our cave dwelling ancestors didn't worry about predators, we likely wouldn't be here today. The problem with worrying comes when we deeply dwell on thoughts and emotions outside of our control. So how do we put the kibosh on worry? In this episode Brittny shares how we can minimize our daily fears and anxiety with simple mindful practices and eliminate the extreme and unnecessary worry from our lives. Resources Mentioned:The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn AchorBetterHelp Talk TherapyTalkspace Online CounselingConnect with Brittny:
Brittny shares the who, what, where, when, and why when it comes to setting boundaries. In this solo episode she dives into where and why you should be creating boundaries, setting consequences for boundaries for your own mental well-being, some signs that you may not be ready for setting a boundary, questions to ask yourself before deleting someone out of your life, and other tips when it comes to setting and sticking to your boundaries!Text Brittny for motivation, tips, and life-hacks at Connect with Brittny:
Mental Health Habits

Mental Health Habits


Brittany rounds out Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing her favorite habits that help with maintaining you mental health. She dives into:Ways we can prevent mental spiralingHabits that improve mental health (being proactive)Living in mindfulness (and starting small)Baking time in your day to have fun and allowing endorphins to flowReplacing the less beneficial habits (like social media, drinking, etc) with more beneficial onesAnd much more!Connect with Brittny:www.brittnyking.com
Brittny is joined by Licensed Associate Counselor, Racheal Turner. Racheal has her own practice where she supports people (children, adolescents, adults and couples) who want to find more wholeness, acceptance and aliveness in all of who they are. She works with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, doubt, shame, self-criticism, sadness, overwhelm, or fear, as well as people who are navigating what it means to honor themselves fully by providing therapy. Brittny and Racheal discuss:Internal family systemsWorking through shameWhy there’s still a stigma around therapyThe importance of providing validation and empathy as a therapistBoundaries and people pleasingHow Racheal helps her clients navigate through their feelingsListening to our bodiesRacheal considers it a privilege to hold space for meaningful change and healing with her clients and invites others to show up just as they are. Her goal is to create a comfortable, safe and accepting space for you to just be present with all parts of you.Connect with Racheal: +1 (480) 462-6781 for daily action steps, inspiration, and motivation straight from Brittny!  
Brittny is joined by former client, Madeline Stone, to discuss destigmatizing mental health. Madeline a.k.a. Mads shares her story with mental health, depression, and thoughts of suicide as well as how she began to heal her life and ways we can begin to destimatize these topics. Mads started her blog, Mad Resilience, to share her stories and thoughts on mental health and let others know they are not alone in their journeys.Connect with Mads: Kind to Your Mind Challenge +1 (480) 462-6781 
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