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Author: Mike Henry Sr.

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A show for marketplace Christians to energize and encourage you to live out your faith every day, right where you are. Begin your day with Christ-centered ideas to share your joy with those around you. Add in weekly interviews with other like-minded Christians so you can share in their joy and learn how they make Jesus visible in their workplace every day.”
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Your Faith Journey with Ranette Holmseth, #44   In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Ranette Holmseth. Ranette is the President of Your Faith Journey where she helps connect women to a community of kingdom women leaders that provide resources for them to grow in their faith to live in freedom from what is holding them back to live fully. Please welcome Ranette to the Follower of One community!   Episode Breakdown   1:00 - Meet Ranette Holmseth 1:20 - Your Faith Journey 2:20 - Ranette's Life-Changing Story 6:20 - Faith University 7:45 - Ranette's Faith Story 10:10 - Stories in the Faith Journey with Ranette 13:25 - Vision for Your Faith Journey 14:25 - Ranette's Experience with Faith at Work 18:10 - Connect with Ranette     What is Stopping You?   One of the most difficult challenges we face as Christians is being able to explain, with effective words, our faith story, and why it is important. The reason this seems to be a big obstacle is that sometimes, we are not sure what is stopping us from sharing our story in the first place. So we want to ask you, What is stopping you? Ranette shares some experiences she has from her work with Your Faith Journey and some common themes are clear. Is it knowing the Bible verses? Knowing the teachings within the Bible? Do you know what it means for others when you tell your story? The most important thing to focus on is understanding what it means for YOU first. You are the expert of your own life and no-one can tell you differently. Tell us your thoughts in the comments! What are some things holding you back at the moment?     Small Steps   We have covered action items for faith at work in our interviews and more importantly, an in-depth version in our Marketplace Mission Trip. But how do we start the process? What if what I want to do is too big to take on? It all starts with small steps. You can't solve all the problems in your world but you can make a difference. You can pray, live your faith daily, express intent, and make an impact but first, you have to understand your goal and circumstances. Mike speaks on this with Ranette and it is important to note this: If you focus on the things you can't do, you become paralyzed. Focus on the things you can do, and one hundred percent of that time, they all start with small steps. It is just like building a business or a network of contacts, take it one step at a time!   Connect with Ranette Ranette's Linkedin Your Faith Journey   Connect With Follower Of One   Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip
Do you ever catch yourself worrying or anxious? Our body can operate on auto-pilot. It often does. We breathe and our hearts beat without any conscious thought on our part. Sometimes we can get anxious or frustrated or even angry without knowing what's going on.   But once we follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us and he gives us a split second. He makes us aware of the thought an instant before we act on it. And we can choose not to act. We instruct our mind.   When we take every thought captive, we grab those thoughts and compare them to what we know about God. We don't have to chase our wild ideas. We can defeat anxiety. We can give every thought to God and ask him to show us which ones are good, and from him. He will also show us which thoughts are not from him.   Today at work, don't take everything your mind says at face value. Give your thoughts to God. Ask him to direct your mind. You will destroy some speculations and you will catch yourself acting differently. Trust God with every thought and watch what he does!   Thank you for being a marketplace missionary. Please share this podcast with others. Let's step into the role of minister, serving our coworkers, customers, vendors, friends and family so that Jesus becomes visible. Our actions can help everyone we meet move one notch closer to Jesus.
What does it mean to "war according to the flesh" or the world? When we war according to the world we operate by the world's rules, we play according to the worlds standards and methods. Do you work according to the world or according to the mind of God? What does that look like?   Well the world tells us to "grab all you can," "you deserve it all," and "go for the gusto." That life is what warring according to the world looks like. We defend ourselves and we climb to the top. We work to get "ahead." We live for the weekend. We set our own standards and operate by our own rules. Left to ourselves, we're the world.   Jesus set a different standard. He said that he came to serve and to give (Mark 10:45). He didn't travel very far from home, had no 401k and no retirement. He died broke before he was 35.   How can we let Jesus' life influence ours? What can we give away to our coworkers and our customers today?   Finally, this podcast is listener supported. Would you consider making a regular monthly donation to help us expand this ministry and mobilize more of our fellow Christ-followers. We help marketplace Christians integrate faith and work to increase our sense of purpose and make an eternal difference. Thank you for being a marketplace minister.
Have you heard that "Fear not," or "Do not be afraid," are the most common commands in scripture? I have and I count over 90 times in the New Testamanet when the two Greek words translated "do not be afraid," in this passage are used. Often we're told not to be afraid because we see God at work. He is awesome. He is almighty. If we saw him for who he is, we won't have a choice. We would be afraid. Other times, we see God in scary circumstances. We're told not to fear because of who God is. And Jesus is telling the disciples (and us) that right here. Because of who Jesus is, we don't need to fear. We can relax.   Really Jesus? Can we? There's the Coronavirus and the economy is tanking. You may be listening to this podcast unable to pay one or more of your bills. You may have sick family members and they're living isolated from everyone else. We can all face uncertainty and experience fear. But we can also focus on Jesus, too. Jesus tells us to choose something more important than fear. He says, "It is I." We can focus on Jesus to deny our fear.   Focus on Jesus today. Try to make what you know and trust about Jesus the central point of your thoughts and actions. Trust God with your circumstances, too. Our anxiety and our fear can't hold a candle to him.   Finally, please check out our online community. We are building a community where Christians can connect by occupation or by industry to encourage and mobilize one another as difference makers at work. Check out  to learn more and join us.
Where do we sell Jesus short? Where do we doubt? Did you ever notice when Jesus feeds the 5000, that every account tells us the number of baskets that were left over? This event is recorded in all 4 gospels. God wants us to think about this. We often focus on what we have. But when we have Jesus, we have everything we need. Jesus calls us to give and to serve. He baits the disciples with a question or a challenge to feed this many people and then he takes the 5 loaves and 2 fish and feeds 5000 people. We talked about this back in Episode 95, too.    Where do we need to trust Jesus? And what do we need to give him that we're holding on to? Listen for Jesus to ask you to let go of something so he can use it. Take the action. Let go of your 5 loaves and 2 fish and watch what Jesus does with it.
Put in More Luke 21:3

Put in More Luke 21:3


On our most recent mission trip, we added a section to each days reading about going deeper. This widow put in all she had to live on. Let that sink in. Do you ever get where you totally trust God? Do you ever "put in all?" I don't.   Today, I want to put in all. Lord, please help me give more and go farther in my trust of you than I ever have before. We all only trust God to a point. All of us fall short. I hope today we go farther than we have gone before trusting God. We will know him better and experience more joy and significance if we bank more of our life and our resources totally on him.   What can you do today to trust Jesus more than you ever have before? Whatever comes to mind, please do it. Let's go wherever Jesus calls us and do whatever he asks us to do.   Link to Episode 142
We're in a besieged world. We all battle Coronavirus. We all battle fear and the limitations of our society today. Do we believe God will show us mercy and lovingkindness? David went through many years of isolation and running from a king who was trying to kill him. Yet he can say here that God has wondrously shown his steadfast love even in the besieged city.   Today, I hope you look forward to how we will look back on this time. Will we spend the entire time whining about our circumstances and complaining about our governmental officials? Or will we look back on some months of slowing down, looking for God, and finding ways to serve others?   We just wrapped up a Marketplace Mission Trip today. Would you take some time today and give God thanks? He will wonderfully show us his steadfast love. He picked our time and place. He is in charge. Take some time today to give him thanks and thank someone else who comes to mind. Ask God and he will give you a name.   Thank you for being a Marketplace Minister. Sign up for our next mission trip at Jesus will put you to work in his kingdom, at your desk or workplace. Try it out and see for yourself.
In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Mark Tedford. Mark is the Owner and CEO of Tedford Insurance out of Jenks, OK. He has a unique background and thought process behind integrating faith at work. Please give a warm welcome to a "local" follower of Christ!   Episode Breakdown   1:00 - Meet Mark Tedford 3:05 - Mark's Story and Faith at Work 7:35 - Apologetics Passion  13:00 - Being Reasoned and Understanding  16:05 - Mark's Thoughts on the Marketplace Mission Trip 20:00 - Learning about other Experiences is Important  23:30 - Encouragement from Mark about our Faith 26:15 - Connect with Mark   Apologetics    As Christians, our faith leads us to certain understandings that non-believers don't have. The main understanding is that what we believe is true. Apologetics stems from this oversight. At its core, apologetics is being reasoned and understanding or arguments against your belief. With Christianity, it is particularly important in the times we live. Mark discusses the need behind apologetics in his interview with Mike. How deep do you know your faith? Apologetics is not just about believing in something but knowing "why" you believe in what you believe. This is an important step in talking through your faith because it prepares you for arguments and probing questions about your belief system. Do you know why you believe in God? Do you know why its true God is in the world? We encourage you to take an assessment or learn more about lessons that can give you insight into this. It will help with integrating faith at work as well. Let us know in the comments!      Crisis Happens on Any Day   The world is different than it was 8 months ago. It is always changing but not at this rapid a pace. One of the important things that Mark talks about is the fact that Crisis happens on any day at any time. How are you prepared for a crisis? Know that the answers don't always come on Sundays. Just like our lessons, we learn from the Marketplace Mission Trip, our beliefs don't start and end on Sundays. So, what type of obstacles are keeping you from being prepared? If something happens, where do you turn? All answers are a gift from God.    Connect with Mark Tedford Mark's LInkedIn Tedford Insurance Website Tedford Insurance Facebook Tedford Insurance Twitter     Connect With Follower Of One   Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip
Our world is broken. Sometimes we have to keep asking. Notice the first story in this chapter is about a woman who won't stop asking, and the last story in this chapter is about a blind man who also wouldn't stop asking.   But our world is broken. If you ask God to use you in the lives of other people, if you ask God to give you the ability to lay up treasure in heaven, he will answer. 1 John 5:14 says if we ask according to his will, he hears us. I'm not so sure about asking him for money or wealth or even healing by themselves. But I do know Jesus also promised us in Luke 11:9, "ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you." And each of those words is the equivalent of "ask and keep asking," "seek and keep seeking," and "knock and keep knocking."   Jesus is in the business of making himself known. He was approaching Jericho on his way to the cross. But because this person kept asking, Jesus asked him what he wanted and then he healed the man. I wonder how many other blind people in Jericho didn't speak up. I wonder how many didn't act like they had nothing to lose.   The Follower of One Podcast is listener-supported. Would you consider making a regular contribution to our ministry to enable us to mobilize more marketplace missionaries? Check out our website at Follower of One and click on the Donate button at the top of the page. Thank you for your mission and your generosity as we help others experience the joy of making disciples and following Jesus at work.
We think if we just had more money, we would be happy. Can't money purchase the things we really want? Why was this rich ruler sad? The passage says he was sad because he "was extremely rich."   Answer honestly. Do you fear being so very rich and very sad? This man was extremely rich. We talked about humility yesterday. God makes the most important things cost something more than money. Often the joy of following Jesus is only found when we give our resources away. If God has given us much, we're in a position to give more and experience his joy. But instead, we hang on to the things he gives us and we become sad.   What is God challenging you to give away today? Can you trust him enough to freely give? Remember, Jesus' call to us sounds silly in worldly terms. But when we trust him and do what he says, we experience his rewards, and he promises those rewards for eternity, too.
I'm not qualified to talk about humility. As the person in the center of my world, humility frustrates me. The Bible gives me plenty of warnings about being the center of my own universe, and this passage is key.   My only view of God is Jesus. This passage is a challenge. Jesus creates this parable to make a point. If we lift ourselves up, we'll be brought down. But if we can keep ourselves secondary to others, serving others, behind others, we will eventually be lifted up. I look forward to a day when Jesus says "well done," or "good job!" I hope for that day. But based on this story, it won't happen because I'm critical of others. It won't happen if I obey the rules? It only happens when I consider others more important than myself.   This "sinner" had a more accurate understanding of his position than the Pharisee. Salvation doesn't have anything to do with us. It has everything to do with Jesus. At the end of the day, there are only two places in God's kingdom and out. We all start on the outside and there but for God, is where we would stay.   Follower of One, the podcast, the community, and the marketplace mission trips are paid for by contributions by people who want to help others move one notch closer to Jesus. A regular weekly or monthly contribution helps us expand the ministry and reach others. Please make a regular contribution to help us equip and mobilize more Christ-followers.
What is life? And how can we keep it or preserve it? Jesus sneaks a quick comment into this discussion about his return, but this comment tells us much about life. "He who seeks to keep his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it." (Luke 17:33 NASB). He says this in another setting in John 12:25.   If we try to hang on to our own selfish ways of living and doing things, we lose. If we give it away, and he says "hate", if we hate our life, we preserve or keep it. I think of this similar to the living sacrifice in Romans 12:1. If we try to hang on to our life and maintain control of our life, we lose it. We lose the opportunities God gives us to lay up treasure in heaven. We lose the chances we get to follow Jesus. We lose the chances to trust him, make him visible and we lose the opportunities to experience his joy.   Do you live with overflowing Joy? I think if we did, more people would ask. So if your coworkers, customers, and friends aren't asking you about the radical things you do in service to others, maybe you're fooling yourself. Let's ask God to show us how to lose our life and our control of our own life so that we might keep it.   Want to pray about this with some like-minded friends? Check out the Faith at Work Prayer Network on Facebook or LinkedIn. Our next monthly prayer call is in a week, every 2nd Wednesday. You can register for that call right here.
Some verses come in compact, yet explosive packages. This 3-word verse may be a good one for us to memorize. When I look at the church the way the world sees it, we seem to tolerate quite a bit of love of the world. We want our freedoms. We want our guns and we want our privacy. We have so much we want from our wealth and our resources and our government. We want our retirement and our health insurance. The list goes on and on.   Jesus adds these 3 words in a monologue about when he will return. His return will be sudden. It will come out of nowhere (Luke 17:20) when no one expects (vs. 26-29). Lot's wife looked back toward Sodom. She really wanted to stay in the city when God was destroying it. As a result, she became a salt statue. In the middle of this story, he reminds us that if we look back or if we long for the stuff we have instead of longing for his return, and his kingdom, we may just get what we want. In everything, the kingdom of heaven is hidden. We must want it without clearly seeing it or understanding it. If we all saw it for what it was, we would have no choice. Faith is acting with incomplete facts and trusting God. Is God challenging you to let go of something so you can experience more of him? If so, remember Lot's wife. One of the choices we have to follow Jesus will be our final opportunity.   Does this podcast help you? Would it help you to be connected with other believers who share the same desire to live their faith full-time? If so, please consider a donation to Follower of One to help us take this ministry to believers all over the globe. A regular monthly contribution of $20 will help us promote this community so we can find and engage more Christians as everyday disciple-makers.
Truth produces strength. When you think about it, you know that trust provides some strength. When we do the right thing, we gain a confidence knowing we can trust God. I can endure more hardship knowing that it came through truth than through deception.   That's true for life, too. When we know we did the best we could, or when we know we did the right thing, the consequences are easier to endure. There is value in a clear conscience - not one that is based on ignorance, but one that is based on truth. Peter challenges us to keep a clear conscience, doing what we know to be right.   And he goes one step further, too. Our conscience gives us peace. We trust God to use our actions to convict those who slander us. Deep down inside, when we are slandered, the rightness of our actions and motives will serve to make a difference in those who slander us. This doesn't seem too true today. It seems so much of what we read everyone has evil motives and evil actions. But let's be a people who listen to God, do what he says and then trust God for the outcome.   Please share these podcasts with your friends. And please let us know what issues you have at work. Help us help you. Thank you for being a marketplace minister.
In this week's episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with Steven Crawford. Steven has over 31 years of senior sales experience, the current President and CEO of Crawford & Grey and the current Director of Sales for McGhee Productivity Solutions. McGhee Productivity Solutions (MPS) is a performance consulting firm based in Denver, CO specializing in change management and productivity effectiveness. MPS empowers individuals, teams and organizations to increase performance and work-life synergy by creating sustainable cultures of alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability.   Episode Breakdown: 0:55 - Meet Steve Crawford 2:10 - Steve's Story 5:50 - Giving you life to Jesus 6:50 - McGhee Productivity Solutions 10:55 - How Steve's Faith is Integrated at Work 16:20 - Steve's Thoughts on Faith Mattering at Work 18:15 - Bringing in the Light 21:50 - Pressure in the Business Environment   Vulnerability    There are several reasons we justify to not take action. Vulnerability is among the top reasons and ironically it is one of the most important reasons to take action with your faith. Steven and Mike discuss how when we are vulnerable and use that vulnerability to open honest communication between God and our Coworkers, life becomes better. You have to be vulnerable to let God into your life. Have you chosen to leave everything up to God? There are only so many things we can control, but exponentially more things we can't control. Being vulnerable is not a weakness but a strength with God. Use this strength to change the lives around you for the better!   Bringing in the Light   During the conversation with Mike, Steven shows one of the key things that McGhee Productivity Solutions uses to start off meetings of any kind. It is called "Bringing in the Light". They use this term as a metaphor for using your energy and thoughts to build a better reception of information, ideas and collaboration just before a meeting. Steven talks about how this is different for every person. If you are a Christ-Follower, bringing in the light might be praying before a meeting or maybe it is just a quick meditation to get your mind ready for collaboration. Whatever the strategy is, what works best for you is the goal. How do you bring in the light before a meeting? How do you prepare yourself to build a better collaboration between your coworkers or employees? Take this time to think and build upon this!   Connect with Steven Steven's LinkedIn Steven's Youtube Channel Steven's Twitter McGhee Productivity Solutions Website   Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip
What does salt have to do with being a disciple? And how does this line up with this, our last day on the Marketplace Mission Trip? Salt changes the things it comes into contact with. It adds flavor and preserves. Jesus just made some bold statements about being a disciple. Many pastors interpret the passage before this as a command that we must quit our jobs and sell our possessions and go "into ministry." But I believe Jesus is simply making a point. If we love our stuff, we won't flavor and preserve those around us.    On this last day, let's remember why we follow Jesus. I hope you have experienced the joy of working alongside him this week. That joy is our motivation. In the next chapter, in Luke 15, Jesus tells stories of how people give up everything they have for things they value, a sheep, a coin. In this passage, he's reminding us that what we have following Jesus is more valuable than anything else. As we reflect on all Jesus has done for us, we will speak for ourselves selves and we will be his disciples. We will remain salty, making a difference in our workplaces.   Remember what Jesus has done for you. Love the future with him more than our past and our sin and we will remain salty. He will sprinkle us on our workplaces and our families and our lives will matter. And we can continue to speak for ourselves, explaining to others why we're different, and leaving them to make their own choices.   Finally, please, right now, ask God who you should invite on the next Marketplace Mission Trip. Then, both of you can go to and sign up. Thank you for making an eternal difference and being a missionary in your world, too.
When we deliver excellent work, we show others we trust Jesus. When we cut corners or act out of selfishness, we show how little we trust.   Daniel and his 3 Jewish friends were shown favor by God and before the king because they trusted God and stood up for what they believed. They each worked in the service of a pagan king. God opened doors for them, and also let them go through some famous trials because they served the kings well. Remember Israel was in captivity. God didn't tell his people to resist the king, but rather these men delivered excellent work and it became part of the biblical story.   Let's serve others today by delivering quality work. We show respect for our peers and our bosses, and we also reflect well on our faith. As a follower of Jesus, we can trust him and serve others with excellence because that's exactly what Jesus did.
Jesus became one of us. He laid aside his position as God, and put aside all of the power of being God and came to live and die as one of us.   Every day, we serve in a workplace with others. Some are Christ-followers and others are not. When we listen to them, we make the first move to being "with" them. Our appreciation of them, helps us build trust, respect. As we appreciate others, especially those who are not like us, we build bridges, unity. We deliver peace.   Remember to listen to others as an act of appreciation. Let's not be so quick to speak as James 1:19 says. Rather when we are quick to listen, we become more like Jesus. We lay aside our pride and join the people we're with today. Jesus knows where we are. When it's time for us to be around other Christians all the time, Jesus will make that happen. But who we're with today, let's be with them in so that we might help them see Jesus. One way we can do that is to listen to appreciate and understand.   Check out Episode 112 from back in April on this same passage to think more about how this passage calls us to live differently.
A priest works for God. Peter tells us that we were not a nation, but now we're God's nation - God's priests. Even the passage this relates to in Isaiah 61 mentions that we're priests and ministers. We serve others on behalf of God. We do it so he becomes visible. Today, remember your forever job is a priest. Work for God today while you work for your boss or your customers.   Make time for people. Come in a little early or stay a bit late. If you're working from home, don't blow your commute time on Facebook. Show up a bit early and do some extra work to bless a coworker. Don't wire your day so tight that no one can interrupt you. You're a priest. Do your most important job and let God do his part. You are called by God to do what you do today, so that others may move one notch closer to him.
The first 80 years of Moses' life is encapsulated in 1 chapter. Uniquely qualified to lead Israel, he has been in exile for 40 years, in the middle of nowhere, tending sheep. But one day, God shows up and it turns out Moses was right where he needed to be.    Jesus says, "As you go" in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Wherever we are, God is there (see Psalm 139). He's working his plan and arranging things so that all of us can have a closer relationship with him. Wherever we are can be holy ground. God put us where we are today. Do you often try to get out of your circumstances? Today, as you go, look for the ways God may use you in your circumstances. Moses said, "Here I am." Well, here you are. Will you be God's person today?   Please also remember to tell someone else about this podcast today. Please pray that God will mobilize you and the other Christ-followers where you work. Please also join us as we pray for marketplace Christians all over the world through the Faith at Work Prayer Network on Facebook or LinkedIn.
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