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Author: Mike Henry Sr.

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A show for marketplace Christians to energize and encourage you to live out your faith every day, right where you are. Begin your day with Christ-centered ideas to share your joy with those around you. Add in weekly interviews with other like-minded Christians so you can share in their joy and learn how they make Jesus visible in their workplace every day.”
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Serving our Bosses - Do you check your attitude toward your boss? Or if you're a business owner or a sales person, how about your attitude toward your customers? It can be tempting to develop a negative attitude toward those in authority over us. In one way it's easy to be negative toward others, especially those who force us to conform to something like work goals or objectives. And our negativity becomes a problem. It affects our witness. When we can honor and respect those in authority over us, we glorify Jesus. Whenever our behavior is outside what others might normally do, simply because we believe in Jesus, we make Jesus visible.   In verse 2, he goes on to talk about those who have Christians for bosses. We don't need to take them for granted, either. We still need to show them respect and honor, too. It matters how we act. We're reminded that giving respect is a choice. As Jesus followers, when we give respect, to believers or non-believers in authority over us, our actions become a tool Jesus can use in the lives of others.   Is your life filled with joy? Jesus promises joy to us. We simply need to follow and trust him. How are you doing in that regard? If you'd like to join a community of believers who follow Jesus and help one another, check out the online community for Follower of One. Go to to find out more and join up. You will get the opportunity to meet with other marketplace Christ-followers and we're all working to experience the joy of being a full-time minister in our current line of work
In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike talks with Bob Willbanks. Bob is the President of Ambassadors for Business, which helps Christians in business connect their faith values and their work. "AFB" has the goal of Creating the largest Christian business network on Earth, enabling commerce with Christian principles and connectivity with Christian values. Please give Bob a warm welcome!   Episode Breakdown   1:05 - Meet Bob Willbanks and his Story with Christ 9:00 - Bob's New Life in Jesus 10:45 - The Change Jesus can Make When He is First 11:15 - Ambassadors for Business Story 18:25 - How to Connect to Ambassadors for Business 25:35 - Bob's thoughts on Follower of One 27:40 - Bob's Yolk Story 32:25 - How to Set an Example for the World Through Crisis 34:40 - Bob's Tips to Integrate Faith at Work 37:20 - Take Action     What Can Change with Jesus at the Helm    If you have already listened to this interview, then you know just how much Jesus can change someone's life. If you are reading this and have not yet listened to Bob's story, go do so now! As Mike talks to Bob, the most prevalent theme is Change through Jesus. What does it mean to let "Jesus take the wheel"? I think it is very different for everyone. How much are you giving up? How much is Jesus taking care of the unknown? It is all and only part, it is a sum and a whole. When Jesus is at the Helm, anything and everything can happen for you and others. Do you have any stories of when you finally let Jesus be in charge? Comment below and tag us in your stories on social media! We want to know and share those with the world. These stories are important, and it all leads to understanding.     Understanding One Another   Empathy. Probably one of the hardest human traits, unless you are gifted by God with this talent! Coming to understand one another is essential to a combined successful human existence. Why is understanding so hard? It is hard because we typically don't listen. If we listen, we don't listen long enough. Bob talks about how to start acting during a world that is in crisis, and the first step is trying to understand the people around you. When was the last time you digested a person's story so well, you were able to regurgitate their story and they agreed with what you said back to them? You might find this as one of the hardest things to do when you try! I personally have found this to be very useful in past years and more importantly in recent months. Can you restate someone's point of view in your own words and have them agree? Let us know how this experience benefits you in the comments!   Interview Quote: "You've got a really solid curriculum to bring people through this process of living out their faith almost painlessly" - Bob Willbanks   Connect with Bob   Bob's LinkedIn Ambassadors for Business Auxanein Bob's Twitter   Connect With Follower Of One   Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip 
In this week's episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike talks with Steve Metzgar. Steve is the Manager of Process and Master Data Governance at Sanofi where they are currently working on COVID vaccines for all of us! Steve is also a former boycott and Scout Master. Please welcome him to the community!    Episode Breakdown   00:50 - Meet Steve Metzgar 2:05 - Steve's Story Christ 11:00 - Prayer Group at Work 17:35 - Steve's Mission Trip Experience  19:55 - NEW! - Mission Trip In A Box Tool 22:25 - What's Next 26:40 - Get Outside of Your Job Description  28:35 - Get in Touch with Steve   Moving Down Christ's Road   God has a plan for you. If you are a Christian, you have probably been told this at some point in your life and it's true! God has a plan for everyone but sometimes that plan takes you down roads that you never thought were possible. During Steve and Mike's conversation, Steve talks about his road to Christ. Steve's road, along with everyone else, is not a straight and narrow path. God might push us to do something we don't enjoy. It could be because we are afraid of change, or afraid of the consequences of listening to him but trusting in Christ is the epitome of our faith! Don't battle Chris in his plan for you. Take time to listen and adjust because you never know what could come of it!      Plant the Seeds of God   One of the biggest aspects of the Marketplace Mission Trip that Follower of One uses is the seeds of God. We want to give you practical wisdom in living your faith in the workplace, but we also want to help plant the seeds of our faith in others on a day-to-day basis. Steve talks about how a simple conversation can sprout great beginnings. This could be a small group at work, a lunch meeting with an old friend, or even just a can of soda on a desk. What do all of these things have in common? A starting point. A place to plant the seed of our faith. Check out our steps to do that here.       Connect with Steve Email LinkedIn     Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip!
What makes you stop and notice God? For me it is creation. When I see the moon at night, or the stars, or when I see great scenery, I praise God. He's made such a cool world.    Do you see God in nature? What things about nature make you think of how great he is? How about the variety of trees. It's spring as we record this, and things are blooming. The whole world wants to get out and stop reacting to COVID-19. Traffic in increasing. Everyone wants to get out, be out in the world.    Can you let the beauty of nature motivate you to listen to Jesus today? He has a job for you. He created you for a good work (Ephesians 2:10) and that job may be today. Look for ways that your life can help someone else move one notch closer to Jesus today. And enjoy God's creation. The more we enjoy him and celebrate him, the more likely we'll see him working in the lives of the people around us. Let's train our brains to watch for God in nature and in everything that happens. Then we can join him in his good work!
Mike's been thinking about God and his power and goodness lately. It's a response to a lot of self-help he hears in our faith these days. Sometimes it seems to him like we think God's job is to make us happy.    David is very happy in this Psalm. These 2 verses are a small example of the things God does. David celebrates God quite a bit in this Psalm for sure. Do you celebrate God? Can you use this Psalm or these verses or others to remind yourself how good God is? And then can you let that goodness put you to work? In your workplace today, if you overflow with joy and love for God, you will be his workmanship in the lives of others. You can't help it.    Think about God, but ask God to help you take action with your thoughts. God's work in our life causes action. He gives us strength and energy and excitement so we will act. If you can't do anything else, you can pray. And if you can do something else, then by all means, make it happen. Our actions matter. God created you to be part of his answer in this world. Celebrate him and his power and watch him put you to work.
Do you catch yourself thanking God for all the good things that happen? Today, Mike focuses on Psalm 18:1-3. This is a Psalm that David wrote when he was delivered from the hands of his enemies and where David discusses what he went through. We learn that David loved the Lord and had a heart committed to God. Also, we discover in this Psalm that David’s rock was the Lord, and He was David’s fortress. You may be in a dark place today. Be encouraged to read Psalm 18 and find comfort in David’s encounter with the Lord as he was delivered. David made mistakes, just like all of us, and yet He was commended because of His heart toward God. Mike states that he wants to learn to depend on, follow and chase after God to the exclusion of everything else. Having a heart that is after God is a heart that seeks to put God first. As we go to work today, are we able to put God first in everything we do? Is God first in the way our attitude reacts towards situations that take place in the workplace? Is He first when customers get upset or when we drop the ball? Do we turn inward when things don’t go well and beat ourselves up or do we turn to God first in that moment? Today, let’s make an attempt to turn to God first with everything going on. Let us focus on putting God first no matter what is taking place at work. As we put Him first, He becomes our rock and our shield. Everything that happens at work, good or bad, are opportunities to share the joy and love we have for God with others. God is almighty, He is in charge and He is working His plan. There is always something good to thank God for. If you find yourself in a dark place, we would love to pray for you. Please go to and then to the Contact Us page or email Mike directly at to share your prayer needs. Also, share with others about Follower Of One and our social media pages.
Do you deal with discouragement? Mike does. Anyone who tries to accomplish things will have to deal with some failure, some discouragement. How do you handle it?   God reminds us in Psalm 3 that he's in charge. Using the words of the Psalmist, we're reminded that God's in charge. What he says, goes. And he sets things right. He lifts our head. We hang our heads when we're discouraged. God encourages. He puts courage in.    Do you put courage into others? When we focus on God and trust him, we get extra courage. Let's tell our problems about God. Let's live relaxed, trusting him. Our rest and our peace testify to what we believe. And when we are given his peace, and courage we can give it to others.    Who's head can you lift today? Who do you know that might be discouraged? Read this whole Psalm, maybe even memorize it and then give away the excess courage God gives you. Your coworkers need your courage and your confidence, not as a prod, but as someone willing to share and serve. Bring your courage and use it to serve others today.
Would you say your work brings out the best in you? Do the people you interact with on a daily basis pull you toward God or away? Do you even notice what you talk about with other Christ-followers?    Our passage today is a call to challenge our environment. The people we hang around with have an impact on us. We're not immune from the thoughts we allow to penetrate our brains. The Psalmist is challenging us to program our brains. If we can saturate our minds with scripture, we might think that would make us boring. But this passage tells us the more we spend meditating on God's word, the more likely we are to be firm in our convictions. Everything about us gains more staying power. The idea of being a tree firmly planted by water means that we have everything we need.   The wicked are more blown around. Even the devil doesn't create. He simply destroys.    You can be this tree in your workplace, but it is by focusing on God's word. He will make us difference makers in our own environment. If you're in a bad situation, make a point to mediate on scripture. It will help you be rooted and grounded in your faith so you can serve others on behalf of Jesus every day.
Everyday with God, David Barnes #81   In this week's episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with David Barnes. David is the Facilities Manager for Frisco Bible Church. David has over 24 years of experience working in church organizations from IT to Facility Management. Please welcome him to the community!      Episode Breakdown   00:50 - Meet David Barnes 2:05 - David's Story to Christ 7:00 - Marketplace Mission Trip Experience  9:30 - Takeaway from the Mission Trip 10:40 - Run Your Mission Trip 12:00 - Tip on Living Your Faith in the Workplace     Every day is a Mission   David works at a church in Frisco. He lives his faith every day by serving one of the most important places in our faith. Follower of One's marketplace mission trip was still able to build a better environment for David. How is this possible? Well, in the discussion, David talks about how he meets with several people who don't believe. Whether it was construction workers, or people showing up to the church that are still not believers. This gave David the ability to spread the word every day by focusing on what is most important, our God. Every day is a mission and we need to be cognizant of that fact! Opportunity lies just beyond misconception. Take time to read some of the opportunities around you, even if it doesn't seem bountiful.    Slow Down   We all have lives going in separate directions. Not one single person has the same path of life that you do and that is a strength we have! David talks about how the Marketplace Mission Trip allowed him to slow down and think about how he plans to spread the gospel each day. This is not an easy task, we know! Each day we probably wake up to distraction or passion. Take time to slow down in the morning and get your mind right for the day. It will help!  Interview Quote   "Follower of One told me that we don't have to go anywhere. There are enough people here that need to hear the Gospel!"     Connect with David   David's LinkedIn Frisco Bible Church     Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip!
Jesus calls out Simon here. He uses Peter's old name and he repeats it twice. I believe a great calling requires great preparation. We have an enemy. If we want to be close to Jesus, we will join him in his suffering.    Do you have the courage to want to be close to Jesus? When we obey him, we experience difficulty. Notice Satan is directly involved. Jesus prayed for Simon, and the result doesn't seem to have been in doubt either.    Jesus is doing his thing. We simply want to join him. Thank you for helping us. This is our 400th episode. Your contributions and prayers and your ministry to your coworkers, customers and vendors made this possible. Please continue to pray for us. Tell others about this podcast, and head over to and make a donation. We hope to help everyday workplace Christ-followers help others move one notch closer to Jesus every day. Let us know how we can help you, too.
Do we want Jesus to tell us "Well Done?" What are your thoughts about your "job" here on earth? As Christ-followers we know we were created on purpose for a purpose. The goal of our life was created for us before we were born. We discover it. Can you imagine eternity at all? Can you imagine it knowing that you did everything Jesus intended for you to do?    I wonder sometimes about how much time I waste thinking about things that won't last long beyond my own life on this planet. When I became a Christian, my first thought was that I needed to go into full-time ministry. Like Peter, who wanted Jesus to wash his hands and his head (John 13:9), I wanted as much of Jesus as I could get.    I wish the rest of my story followed that path, but it didn't. I struggle as I'm sure you do, too. Back in the real world, is there more of Jesus for all of us? Yes. Is there something limiting us in our walk with Jesus? Yes, ourselves. Jesus gives us all of him we can stand. If you want more of Jesus, more joy, more excitement, more purpose, more of an eternal perspective, you can have it. Jesus isn't holding anything back.    So what do you let separate you from God? Can you focus on Jesus more and whatever that is, less? Today, I want to focus on listening to and doing whatever Jesus has for me. I want to invest more of the resources I've been given to hear Jesus say, "Well done,"? Can you bend your life more toward Jesus? Let's ask Jesus to enable us to draw near to him today.    That's why we created Follower of One. We want to help you focus on eternal objectives in your everyday life. Why not let us know how we can help you focus more of your life on Jesus?
Who is greater? That's what these guys had been discussing. They were striving to be successful in Jesus' new kingdom. Yesterday we talked about the get-into-heaven-free card. I think of that as being the other end of the spectrum. On one end, we don't want to do anything more than we have to. That was my original strategy. But when I became a Christ-follower, then I wanted to lay up treasure in heaven. I started wondering what heaven would be like and what would I do. And I think the disciples were doing a similar thing. They had a different point of reference.    What do you expect to be doing in Heaven? Do you expect to be served? Do you think you're just going to hang out in Heaven watching TV?    Have you ever worked on a project or built something, or been part of something with a team of people who were your best friends? How did you feel? Could you not wait to get back to the project?    I've had some great work situations, where a team of friends pulled of something difficult. It was tiring, exhausting and worth it. Jesus is giving the disciples a great truth here. When we serve, we are blessed. Service to others is the best work of life as the Jaycee Creed states.    So do you have any spiritual ambition? Do you wonder what it will take to earn the rewards Jesus talks about in scripture? And do your spiritual goals make a difference in your life? Do your spiritual goals affect what you watch on TV or what you eat, or who you hang out with? How much of your daily energy would you say you spend laying up treasure in heaven?
What is your goal? Is there a goal for your Christian walk? Notice how the disciples argued about who would be first in the kingdom. Do you ever think about where you'll be in Heaven? Do you ever wonder what it means to be great in eternity?    Back when I first became a Christ-follower, I think many of us had a goal to avoid hell. We didn't even expect there to be much more on this side of eternity. Belief in Jesus got us a "get-into-heaven-free" card. We carried that card and did our best not to lose it. But it stayed in our wallet or back pocket. We only took it out when we needed it.   But my desire was different. I disliked my job and how I spent my time. My hope was that my life would matter for something. And when that something became eternal, I was hooked. I started trying to figure out how to experience the joy of my salvation all the time. But my job and my commitments were an obstacle, or so I thought.   How much of your waking energy every day moves you toward the goal of your relationship with Jesus. That's what I think the disciples are doing here. They really want to be as close as possible to Jesus, experiencing his friendship, love, peace and joy. But its not position, or where we sit. 
Are you in a job you don't like? How can we exhibit Christlikeness when we work in a difficult, miserable or hostile work environment? Notice this verse in Romans. Jesus came, lived on earth and died for us and he also intercedes for us. He said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." How can we live that kind of attitude and life in our present work situation?   I recently read My Utmost on this verse when I realized that God gives us some great tools to live as someone who wants to help our friends find Jesus, and at the same time, we might suffer in our situation. So much is written today about how successful we will be if we follow Jesus - a common error in our study of scripture. Jesus is ultimately successful, and his life might be a good model for how to run a business. But he primarily modeled how we lay down our life for others. What are we called to do? Intercede for others.    In that My Utmost Chambers reminded us that it is through worship and fellowship with God that we gain the ability to intercede. The strength and the ability to empathize for our fellow man, especially when their actions cause us grief, comes from God. It is supernatural. We can only get it through worship - focused concentration on God and his goodness.    Today, please take some time and thank God for what he has done. Enjoy his blessings. Sure, there are difficult things going on in your life. But focus on God's grace and his provision for you. Focus on the good of who he is and then ask him to use that joy to make you an intercessor. You can be someone who blesses others in any circumstance. Try it out today and see what I mean.   Finally, do you have another Christian friend who would like to experience the joy of walking with Jesus daily? Mention this podcast to them. 
Unconditional Trust with John Ramstead, # 80   In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks again with John Ramstead. John is the CEO of Beyond Influence, host of Eternal Leadership podcast, and author of his new book: On Purpose, With Purpose. Please welcome him back to the community!    Episode Breakdown   1:05 - Discovering Your Purpose with John 5:45 - Trust in God 11:40 - Being a Steward of God's Story in You 15:00 - John's New Book: On Purpose, With Purpose 18:10 - Find Your True North 24:15 - See God in Any Future 30:05 - Mission Field at Home       Trust Regardless of External Circumstances   Through the power of John's stories, we learn that Trust is one of the most important aspects of our faith in God. We as Christians must learn to lean on our faith in the face of uncertainty. The next obstacle you face could be at your job, at your home, or even at your grocery store but know that there is not a single external circumstance that can distance you from God. Only you can distance yourself from him. Have you experienced a time where you distanced yourself from God due to the world around you? The end goal is to make every action represent our belief that God has our best interest in mind. He does! Trust me.        Focus on the Present    It is important to partner with God in the moment and the present. God can direct us to everything we need through his plan. This is a huge struggle for me and maybe some of you reading this post. We, as humans, love to plan for the future. It means safety and even peace of mind. These things are important but what are the safety, peace of mind, and freedom worth if we don't do it for Jesus? You probably have many opportunities each day to build upon your faith but sometimes they are hard to find. Each interaction can be bountiful!  Connect with John   John's LinkedIn On Purpose, With Purpose - New Book! Beyond Influence Website Eternal Leadership Podcast   Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip!  
Remember Your Why - Our actions are most natural and pure when they come from who we are and not from something we "ought to" or "should" do. Our "why" is the reason we follow Jesus. It's the reason we Go, make time, listen, and deliver excellence. Remember when someone asks, we want to be able to say honestly and authentically, "I'm doing this because I follow Jesus." Ask God to give you integrity in this area. Integrity simply means being pure. We've been reading this story all week. On the Marketplace Mission Trip, we want to be people who genuinely serve others because we follow Jesus. There is no room for manipulation or spin. Either we are serving Jesus or we're not. Our Why is our motive. If our heart is in the right place, we will get chances to join Jesus. And our actions will flow from who we are. In Luke 10:35, it says this man gave 2 day's pay to the innkeeper. We work about 200 days a year. So he took 1 percent of his annual income. Would your "Why" motivate you to do to that length for someone you don't even know or will never see again?   Today, I hope we remember our why. Everything we have has been given to us. If we try to hang on to it, we lose it. But if we give it away so that others find Jesus, we send it on ahead. Ask God how he wants you to line your life up with the idea that all we have comes from him. Jesus asks "Which of the 3 proved to be the neighbor?" Will we be the neighbors? Will we be involved with the people at work enough for them to see us as neighbors, or will we run back to our church and suburb every chance we get. Consider the people you see every day and ask God how he would have you live? If he wants you to change, do it. Trust him and watch him work. And then, one day, someone will ask, "Why would you do something like this for me?" Then you'll get to give that answer you practiced. Then you'll sense the joy we get from God when we walk with him. Then we will experience this unified, integrated life and faith. This is great joy and a wonderful opportunity. 
Deliver Excellence - We're talking about the story of the Good Samaritan in the context of our Marketplace Mission Trip. The mission trip is going on right now as this airs. The Good Samaritan story doesn't line up point-for-point with our mission trip, but there are 5 things we do on the 2nd week of the mission trip and they line up a bit with this story, so today, let's focus on Luke 10:34 and 35.    The Samaritan bandaged him, nursed him to health, gave him a ride on his animal, and took him to an inn. Then he gave his own money to make sure the man was cared for, and he made good on any costs associated. This person went above and beyond the call.   Our idea today at work is to make sure we deliver excellence in everything we do. People see our faith and our Savior when we do what he says. And they don't understand our faith at all when we don't. When we deliver excellent work, we tell the world that we trust God. We do good because he tells us to. We represent him in our world. When we go above and beyond we are doing what Jesus told us to do in Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7. Excellent work tells our coworkers, customers and vendors they're important.    So when you do anything for a coworker today, make sure the time comes out of your personal schedule. If you buy something, use your money, not your employer's. This is your ministry. Make sure no one else needs to make a sacrifice because you follow Jesus. This is between you and him. He will reward you. Try it out and see what I mean.
Listen - Yesterday we talked about how we make time so we can be interrupted. Today, I want to reflect on this passage again today because we live in a different environment. We're talking about Luke 10:30-37 and the Action Week of the Marketplace Mission Trip.    Everyone who needs our help isn't lying on the side of the road bleeding. We live in a culture where even people who are in financial difficulty can hide it. Listening to others shows appreciation which is our 2nd Daily Activity. But it also is a way we can hear God when he prompts us. Ask great questions today. Ask people to tell you more. Ask them to explain what they say. You may find opportunities to bless others simply because you made time in your schedule and you then took the time to ask. And if you don't talk to anyone today, you can still practice how you will respond when someone asks you why you follow Jesus. The more you listen, and the more questions you can ask, the greater the likelihood that Jesus will give you a job today. And when he does, step into the role. Do what the Samaritan did. Trust God and take the time.   Don't forget our 5 daily activities, Pray, Appreciate others, Know what you believe, Serve others and Speak for yourself. God will use you in the lives of others when you punch in with him every morning and then do what he says! 
Make Time - We're still talking about the story of the Good Samaritan. Notice today appreciation in action. This Samaritan made time for the man he found on the road. He considered the interruption as being something from God. He took responsibility for his environment.   Part of being a Follower of One is owning your responsibility. God selected the people you interact with every day. There are no accidents. God provided you for people along the road of your day. Years ago there was a study done where seminary students were told they had to get across campus to give a talk in the Good Samaritan. Along the way, there was a person who lay injured and in need of help. The key factor in whether or not those students stopped to help was how much time they thought they had.    We need to build time into our lives if we want to experience the call of Jesus. We let our tasks and our circumstances drown out the opportunities he provides. Everyone you meet today is an opportunity to appreciate someone and listen to Jesus. What will you do?   Thanks for taking part in the Marketplace Mission Trip. If you're no on this trip, what's stopping you. Go sign up for the next one at It will change the way you integrate your faith and work.
Go - Today, wherever we are, we represent Jesus. This week, I hope to make all of my illustrations for these next 5 podcasts from the story of the Good Samaritan. This is found in Luke 10:30-37.    Today on the Marketplace Mission Trip, our message is to "Go." Everywhere we go, we have an opportunity to join Jesus. He's working all the time in the life of everyone we meet. Four men were going down to Jericho from Jerusalem. Jesus tells us the first one was beaten and robbed. Three others followed. The first 2 were too busy or had some other reason not to help.    Notice the first two were church leaders. They passed the man who had been robbed without doing anything. Do you see the people you work with? I mean really see them? Do you have any idea what's going on in their family, or in their career? In the Great Commission, we're told to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). The word translated "go" could also be translated "as you go" or "having gone." As we go today, or wherever we are, we make disciples. Our 5 daily activities are designed to help us keep our faith present every day.   Today, as you go, will you look around? Will you pay attention? Will you see God in your interruptions or will you see obstacles?    And maybe you're not on our Marketplace Mission Trip. If you follow Jesus, this is a great exercise we take periodically to help us get on mission with Jesus. We so easily get swept up on our own agendas. This is a 2-week exercise to remind us to see things from Jesus' perspective. Learn more and sign up for the next trip at You can even get some training and assistance so you can lead this mission trip exercise for a group of your friends. Check it out at
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