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Author: Andres

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Just speaking my mind on different topics. (Women, men, mma, boxing etc)
64 Episodes
UFC266 Review #64

UFC266 Review #64


The advantage women have in terms of making money in comparison to men.I get into mma. (Nick Diaz return vs Robbie Lawler & Leon Edwards turning down Jorge Masvidal fight.)
Men need to dress better.Boxing match between vitor befort & holyfield.How long should you wait for sex?
In this one I talk about traditional women & the mindset most men have in life.
Who's the best fighter in mixed martial arts? That's the real question.
Just listen to the episode.
All about women #57

All about women #57


All about women in this episode.
Covid & MMA #56

Covid & MMA #56


Talk a little bit about covid, then I moved over to mma.
I get into video games & I also talk about the hoyt birge case where a drug dealer ends up killing another drug dealer, cause he decided to rob him before he gets robbed. If that makes any sense.
I talk about three things in this one, you should listen. aha
A little update on me & people you should be avoiding in life.
MMA fights & Whether you want kids or not.
Dangers of trying to be an alpha in the streets, the music you listen is not what you think, and does watching gay porn mean you're gay?
I decided to go random on this one, so what's said, is said.
MMA & The wall being a real thing for men?
Mixed Martial Arts, what annoys me about positivity accounts on twitter, and why you should appreciate life!
Women/ Social Media/ Life path
Currently not employed. In other words, I'm jobless. hahaFeeling good about myself when watching prison documentaries. ahaAnd getting a new pc, where I can start playing some dope ass games.
What's the Bs #45

What's the Bs #45


What's the bull*hit?
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