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Author: Leonardo De Chirico, Reid Karr, Clay Kannard

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The Reformanda Initiative Podcast. Listen as we analyze and discuss Roman Catholic theology and practice from an Evangelical perspective. | Twitter: @ReformandaRome | Facebook: @ReformandaInitiative | Online: |
40 Episodes
Listen as we  kick off season 3 of the RI Podcast by discussing Leonardo De Chirico's upcoming book, Same Words, Different Worlds. Do Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Believe the Same Gospel? (IVP Apollos, 2021). Do Evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics share a common orthodoxy, as promoted by initiatives such as Evangelicals and Catholics Together?  Or do the profound differences between Evangelical and Catholic theology and how they view the doctrines of Christ, the Church and salvation mean they actually hold to very different gospels?Same Words, Different Worlds explores whether Evangelicals and Catholics have the same gospel if they have core commitments that contradict. It lays out how the words used to understand the gospel are the same but differ drastically in their underlying theology.With keen insight, Leonardo de Chirico looks at various aspects of Roman Catholic theology – including Mary, the intercession of the saints, purgatory and papal infallibility – from an Evangelical perspective to argue that theological framework of Roman Catholicism is not faithful to the biblical gospel. Only by understanding the real differences can genuine dialogue flourish.Same Words, Different Worlds will deepen your understanding of the differences between Evangelical and Catholic theology, and how the Reformation is not over in the church today.
Listen as we talk with RSLN faculty member, Rachel Ciano, about the significance and importance of Augustine of Hippo. Why should evangelicals know and study the works of Augustine, and how should they approach the man who is claimed by both Roman Catholics and Protestants?About Rachel Ciano:Rachel moved to England in 2005, where she and her husband ministered at an evangelical anglican church in Hove, East Sussex. They returned to Sydney in 2009, where they began a church plant in Marrickville. Rachel completed her studies at SMBC in 2010, specialising in the English Reformation, particularly Thomas Cranmer and the interaction between two key points of his theology: his Erastianism and his Eucharistic position.Journal Articles and Book Chapters by Rachel Ciano:Maddock, Ian J., Stuart Coulton and Rachel Ciano. 10 Dead Guys You Should Know, (Fearn, Christian Focus, 2021).Ciano, Rachel. "Lament Psalms in the Church: A History of Recent Neglect.” Pages 9-23 in Finding Lost Words: The Church’s Right to Lament. Edited by K. M. Barker and G. G. Harper. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2017. (Available for purchase from the SMBC online store)Ciano, Rachel. “Cranmer’s Doctrine of the Monarchy & Eucharist: An Examination of their Interaction.” Lucas: An Evangelical History Review 2:3 (2011): 19–43.Allison, Gregg and Rachel Ciano. “Roman Catholic Theology and Practice of the Priesthood Contrasted with Protestant Theology and Practice of the Priesthood.” Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 23/1 (2019): 137-55.
In this episode ex-Catholic Mark Gilbert shares his personal testimony, and also about how is personal experience has taught him to effectively share the gospel with his Roman Catholic friends and family members.Mark Gilbert works for Certainty4Eternity, an organisation established to help churches share the gospel with people from a Roman Catholic background. Mark grew up as a committed Roman Catholic, but despite this did not hear the gospel until he started university. He trained as a doctor before retraining as a minister, and has served in Anglican churches in Sydney since 2000. He currently works as a chaplain on the Northern Beaches. Mark has published a number of resources with Matthias Media to help people share the good news about Jesus with people from a Roman Catholic background including The God Who Saves, The Road Once Travelled and Stepping Out in Faith.Episode Resources:Books by Mark Gilbert:The God Who Saves. Very Popular 5 Week Bible Study on Grace, Faith, Sin, the Cross and Good Works in a Christian’s lifeThe Road Once Travelled. Great book to give to Catholics who might be giving up on CatholicismStepping out in Faith. 11 Stories of Catholics who heard the Gospel and it changed their lives … also great to give to interested CatholicsArticles by Mark articles
In this episode Lauren Moore joins us to discuss Marian apparitions, what they are, why they are important, how they impact Roman Catholicism, and how they should be viewed and understood from an Evangelical perspective.Lauren Moore has been serving with Pioneers in southwest France for almost 12 years.  During that time she has been involved in four different church plants, each in a different stage:  the Basque Coast Baptist Church (now an established church with a pastor), the Surf Church Hossegor (a small but growing church that started in 2009), and a house church in Bidache (started in 2019).  In 2015 she helped plant Les Cairns, the first evangelical church in Lourdes, a Catholic pilgrimage city, in over 40 years.  Her experience in Catholicism allows her to train other missionaries in understanding Roman Catholicism to reach Europe.  She is also currently completing her doctoral thesis with VU Amsterdam and Union School of Theology (Wales), focusing on the impact and influence of apparitions of Mary. 
Listen to a conversation with Pastor Mickey Aquilino (Parkside Church - Alistair Begg). Mickey grew up Roman Catholic but didn't know Christ. After coming to faith through a renewal movement and reading God's Word, Mickey eventually left the Catholic church. He was led by God to Parkside Church where for 25 years he has helped teach the Bible and disciple others who come from a Roman Catholic background (like Amanda Scopilliti from season 2 episode 12).
In this episode we discuss the alarming theological implications of Pope Francis's recent trip to Iraq, where he pleaded for peace and fraternity, grounding his appeal in our common heritage found in Abraham. Episode Resource:
In this episode we talk with Amanda Scopilliti, a former nun who began her journey with the Dominican Order, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Listen to Amanda share about her journey from seeking Christ in the Roman Catholic Church, to ending up in hopeless bondage of religious function, to the day when God opened her eyes to the sufficiency of Christ and the biblical Gospel of grace.*This episode was recorded through Zoom.
In this episode we discuss Dr. De Chirico's next Vatican File, #185, which will provide an evangelical analysis of the late Pope John Paul II's important encyclical letter, Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) and help evangelicals better understand how to think through the relationship between faith and reason.Episode ResourcesPapale Encyclical Fides et RatioReasons for Faith: Philosophy in the Service of Theology, Dr. Scott Oliphint
In this episode we provide a brief overview of the papacy from an evangelical perspective. Episode notes:Book/Kindle/Audible: A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Papacy: Its origin and role in the 21st century (Pocket Guides) by Leonardo Dechirico
In this episode we respond to our listener's questions, which concern the RCC's relationship to Latin language, both today and in the past. We also briefly discuss Epiphany, and respond to a listener's comments on Mary and Marian typology. We also respond to several questions about indulgences: What is the difference between indulgences and penance? What exactly is the purpose of indulgences? What biblical defense does the RCC give to support indulgences? Lastly, we respond to a listener's question about how to bring these topics and others up with family and friends who are Catholic.Episode Resources:Stepping Out In Faith, Mark GilbertArticle: "Biblical Evidence for Indulgences" by Dave Armstrong
In this episode we discuss the year of St. Joseph, recently declared by Pope Francis in his letter Patris Corde. The Pope's declaration comes on the 150th anniversary of Pope Pius IX's declaration of Joseph as a Patron Saint of the Church (December 8th, 1870). We also discuss the special plenary indulgences decreed by the Catholic Church during this year of St. Jospeh and remind our listeners of what an indulgence is and how they are obtained.Episode Resources:
In this episode we examine the major theological pitfalls of Mariology in the Roman Catholic Church.Note: Please excuse the recording irregularities, we were in separate locations and had to record the episode on Zoom. Episode Resources:"Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary", Pope Francis, ANGELUSMary in Early Christian Faith and Devotion, Stephen J. ShoemakerA Christian's Pocket Guide to Mary,  Leonardo De ChiricoA Christian's Pocket Guide to the Papacy: Its origin and role in the 21st century, Leonardo De ChiricoVatican File 182. The Dogma of the Bodily Assumption of Mary, 70 Years After, Leondardo De Chirico
In part two we discuss how the Roman Catholic Church arrived at a fully developed Mariology from the Mary presented in the Bible. We also discuss how typology has been influential in the RCC's understanding of Mary, especially with teachings such as the Immaculate Conception, the Bodily Assumption of Mary, Mary as Mediatrix, etc.
In this episode we lay the groundwork for our discussion on Mary by underscoring the fact that Mariology and Marian devotion are intrinsic to Roman Catholic theology and practice. In other words Mariology is a core issue, not a peripheral issue that can be set aside and ignored. The intrinsic nature of Mariology is expressed in daily prayers to her, in shrines and churches dedicated to her, and pilgrimages to visit places of Marian apparitions that attract millions of Catholic faithful. We also briefly respond to the question, "Who is the Mary of the Bible?" and "How should evangelicals present Mary?"Episode Resource:A Christian's Pocket Guide to Mary: Mother of God? , on
How would you answer the following question: "How do you define Roman Catholicism?" It's an interesting and intriguing question that is difficult to answer. In this episode we discuss a definition crafted by the Reformanda Initiative that we hope provides good food for thought and encourages our listeners and evangelicals to do the same. The definition also gets to the heart of the theology of Roman Catholicism and sheds light on issues that are of great concern to evangelicals.Roman Catholicism is:A deviation from Biblical Christianitythat has consolidated over the centuriesby clustering around an imperial (Roman) institution,centering on its sacramental system,grounding itself on its synergistic theology and abnormal ecclesiology,and being fueled by its universal (catholic) project of embracing the whole world.
In this episode we discuss the latest papal encyclical by Pope Francis, "Fratelli Tutti", (All brothers). What is a papal encyclical? Why should evangelicals care about the latest encyclical? Why do we find it scandalous? Listen to find out.Episode Resource:ENCYCLICAL LETTER, "FRATELLI TUTTI", OF THE HOLY FATHERFRANCIS, ON FRATERNITY AND SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP
What is the Gospel according Bishop Barron and Vatican II Theology? Listen as Reid Karr analyzes an interview that took place between celebrity political commentator, Ben Shapiro and celebrity Roman Catholic Bishop, Robert Barron. 
Karol Wojtyła (1920-2005), since1978 better known as Pope John Paul II, has been one of the most influential men of the 20th century. The centenary of his birth is a useful opportunity to reflect on his legacy. Many Evangelicals have very positive things to say about him. Are their positive evaluations fair or are they lacking? Listen as we answer the question, "How do we assess John Paul II’s legacy?" Because of the stature of the man, the question is overwhelming in every respect, but one that must be answered.Episode Resources:Vatican File 176. “Totus tuus” (to Mary). The Unsettled Legacy of John Paul II One Hundred Years since His Birth ( De Chirico's book, A Christian's Pocket Guide to Mary: Mother of God? 
In this episode we discuss the Roman Catholic Church's latest response to addressing the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic. The RCC's response demonstrates the dangers of Vatican II theology when put into practice, and highlights its ever growing ecumenical agenda to achieve unity at the expense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Episode resources:Covid-19: Faithful respond to Pope's invitation to pray on 14 May
In this episode we examine the Roman Catholic teaching on the Sacrament of Penance (also known by many other names) from an evangelical perspective. We underscore what is at stake with this doctrine theologically and concerning the gospel, and highlight how it fits into the larger framework of the Roman Catholic system.Episode Resources: Luther's 95 Thesis:
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