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Hi there! I am Taylor and I am a lifestyle and weight management coach for women, fitness competitor, wife and mother.In this podcast we are going over a variety of topics to help you pursue your potential in every area of your life.Join me in solo episodes and with special guests to learn actionable advice, hear inspirational stories and be supported in your goals!
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In this episode, Taylor dives into what it is like to work with her inside of Taylored for You Coaching, her fitness and nutrition company.Interested in working together? Fill out THIS APPLICATIONConnect on Instagram @taylorlakin_ @tayloredforyoucoachingPosts mentioned
In today's episode, Taylor is joined by special guest Marc Atiyeh.Marc Atiyeh is the founder and CEO of Pawp, the first ever digital health pet clinic that provides unlimited access to licensed vets 24/7 as well as a $3,000/year pet emergency fund. Pawp was inspired by Marc’s two dogs, Chelsea and Fluf.Pawp’s ultimate goal is to help pet parents become more educated, equipped, and financially empowered to take the best possible care of their dogs and cats.Unlike traditional pet insurance, Pawp offers one $19/monthly membership fee for full access to their digital clinic and emergency funds regardless of a pet’s age, breed, location or preexisting conditions. One Pawp plan protects up to six pets in a household at no additional cost. For more information visit: www.pawp.Prior to starting Pawp, Marc served as Chief Strategy Officer at Clarity Money (acquired by Goldman Sachs) where he focused on growth efforts including: user acquisition, operations, partnerships, and marketing. Before joining Clarity Money, Marc served as Head of Growth at Paribus where he oversaw the growth of the company from 10,000 users to almost 1,000,000 in just 12 months, until Paribus was acquired by Capital One. Marc has also been involved in other industries including both ad-tech and venture capital. He’s currently an advisor for Nuvocargo and A graduate from Harvard College, Marc earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He graduated High School from College Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Beirut, Lebanon where he received the French Baccalaureate with highest honors. Marc is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, while having conversational skills in Spanish and Italian. Marc enjoys squash, tennis and basketball. Moreover, he is an avid fan of Chelsea F.C. and a poker amateur.Connect on Instagram @pawpShare with your friends and make sure to tag us so we can thank you! @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcastIf you like this episode, please leave a 5-star rating and a written review. Let us know your thoughts!Interested in online fitness and nutrition coaching? APPLY HERE
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In this episode, Taylor is joined by Jeff Byers, the co-founder, and CEO of Momentous, formerly known as Amp Human.Prior to starting Amp Human, Jeff was an early member of a biotech company for 3 years, which inspired him to build Amp Human. At the biotech, he and his co-founder saw an opportunity within the biotech to leverage its technology outside of medicine and in the human performance space and establish themselves at the forefront of human performance.Before his business career, Jeff attended the University of Southern California, where he was a 2-time captain and a multiple-year starter for their championship football team. While playing he graduated with his undergraduate degree in 3 years and proceeded to earn his masters in business administration before entering the NFL. He had a 4-year career in the NFL, mostly for the Carolina Panthers, serving as a backup but also starting a handful of games.Visit amphuman.comConnect on Linkedin Jeff ByersIf you like this episode, please leave a 5-star rating and a written review. Make sure to share with your friends!
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Interested in online fitness and nutrition coaching? APPLY HEREConnect on Instagram @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcastPlease leave a 5-star rating and a written reviewShare with your friends!
In this episode, Taylor is joined by Scarlett Leung, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Sugarbreak.Scarlett tapped her belief in Herbal Medicine to lead the way when formulating Sugarbreak's product line. Having witnessed a close friend struggling with Type 1 diabetes, she was motivated to join forces with Sugarbreak's co-founders to create a contemporary, end-to-end solution for blood sugar management. Scarlett is emphatically driven by the human experience, having led successful businesses across fashion, grocery, and fertility with the common ground of consumer-oriented strategy.Sugarbreak is the first-ever, all-natural, complete solution for the reduction of sugar consumption and healthy blood sugar management. Sugarbreak's three introductory products, Resist, Stabilize, and Reduce, were created by harnessing the power of plants and nature, with no known side effects based on usage to date.Connect with Scarlett @scarlett_leungCheck out Sugarbreak @takeasugarbreakWebsite www.sugarbreak.comShare with your friends on social media and make sure to tag us! @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcast @takeasugarbreak @scarlett_leungIf you like this episode and podcast, then please leave a 5-star rating and a written review to let us know your thoughts!Interested in online coaching? APPLY HERE
In today's episode, Taylor had the pleasure of speaking with Kelsey Ramsden, the CEO of MINDCURE. Psychedelics can heal a world in pain and MINDCURE is leading the way.Kelsey is a wife, mother, cancer survivor, and lifelong entrepreneur starting in the construction and real estate industries. Here you will learn about her personal story and how it led to her journey in the world of psychedelics for mental health, what MINDCURE is, and the products they offer. You'll also learn a bit about "psychedelics 101" and the different "levels" of each.Connect with Kelsey here @kelseyramsdenCheck out @mindcurehealthVisit www.mindcure.comLike this episode and podcast? Please leave a 5-star rating and a written review, share with your friends and make sure to tag us! @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcast @mindcurehealth @kelseyramsdenDisclaimer: This podcast is not medical advice and is for educational and entertainment purposes only.
In this episode, Taylor dives into the difference between a coach, cheerleader, and a player as it relates to health and fitness coaching.Interested in coaching?APPLY HERE
In this episode, Taylor dives into the concept of "who else wins when you win?" and how important it is that you look at your health and fitness goals as a lifestyle and not just something you're doing until an "end date". This is a recording from a TFY Group Call.Interested in online fitness and nutrition coaching?Let Taylored for You Coaching help you Pursue Your PotentialAPPLY HERE!Join my FREE Facebook community HEREIf you like this podcast, please leave a 5-star rating and a written review! Share with your friends and tag us on social media. @thepursueyourpotentialpodcast @taylorlakin_
In this episode, Taylor is joined by Matthew Paetz, "the Coaches Coach". Matthew supports coaches as they scale emotionally & learn how to use their stories to create purpose. We dive into his journey and how he got to where he is today.Connect with Matthew on Instagram @matthewpaetzIf you like this podcast, please leave a 5-star rating and a written review, share with your friends and tag us on social media! @thepursueyourpotentialpodcast @taylorlakin_
This episode is a recording of a live training done in the Taylored for You Coaching Community Zoom call.You will hear a discussion and tips on how to use creative ideas to help you find your motivation.Interested in joining the TFY Community?Click Here to Join the FB GroupInterested in online coaching?Apply Here
In this episode, Taylor dives into how important it is to apply the information that you are learning. If you are learning for entertainment, that is one thing. If you are learning to grow, improve, reach a goal, then it's important that you consistently apply what you learn, and not let it be stored information in your head or forgotten.Interested in online fitness and nutrition coaching?APPLY HERE
In this episode, Taylor dives into the topic of whether or not you should stick to your plan when you go out of town, whether it's for business or pleasure. She also provides some actionable advice to help with the decision to stick to it or not.1ST PHORM SUPPLEMENT GIVEAWAY!!1 lucky winner will win Opti-Greens 50 & Micro Factor ($120 value)To enter:Leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.Send a screenshot of your review to @taylorlakin_ on Instagram.The winner will be announced 6/14!Good luck!Interested in coaching?  >>>   FILL OUT THIS APPLICATIONCONNECT ON INSTAGRAM: @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcastCONTACT:
In today's episode, Taylor is joined by Laura Weston to discuss how being financially savvy is an important factor in pursuing your potential.Laura is a wife, mother, financial coach, the CEO of Savvy Peacocks, and the podcast host of Money Savvy Parents.Money Savvy Parents podcast has been designed to give you some ideas about how to become more financially savvy in order to display great money habits to your future generations. As I know how busy parenting can be this will be delivered in short weekly shows.Connect with her on Instagram @savvy_peacocksListen to her podcast here Money Savvy ParentsConnect here @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcastEmail:
In this episode, Taylor goes over the pros and cons of working out from home and working out at the gym.Click HERE for Free Workouts!Application for ONLINE COACHINGConnect on Instagram:@taylorlakin_@tayloredforyoucoaching@thepursueyourpotentialpodcastEmail for business inquiries: info@taylorlakin.comGet your 1st Phorm Supplements HERE!
In this episode, Taylor interviews Kayla Diamond who is the owner of Evolve Health & Performance.Kayla Diamond started out as an Athletic Trainer, then went the Strength & Conditioning route to help bridge the gap between sports medicine and high performance. From there, she moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue her strength sports career and began training collegiate and professional athletes, young kids, and the general population to increase body composition, strength, and longevity. She's the owner of Evolve Health & Performance with a staff of 8 team members. She specifically specializes in coaching former and current athletes, strength sports athletes, and those who want to become healthy and fit for life. Kayla has competed in powerlifting, strongman, and figure.  She also is a fitness business coach for the Next Level Coaching Academy.Connect with her on Instagram @_kayladiamond @evolve_hp  Facebook Group >>> Try out her FREE PROGRESSIVE TRAINING PLAN for 1 week <<<Share with your friends and make sure to tag us! @taylorlakin_ @thepursueyourpotentialpodcastIf you like this podcast please leave a 5-star rating and review!
In this episode, Taylor discusses the importance of taking messy action and not waiting "to be ready" or "to be perfect". She also highlights some of the not-so-great parts about learning as you go, but that the process of learning is part of the journey.Connect on Instagram @taylorlakin_     @thepursueyourpotentialpodcastApply for 1:1 or group coaching!APPLICATION FOR ONLINE COACHINGCheck out the sponsor of this podcast and their amazing products !1st Phorm 
In this episode, Taylor goes over her experience with the Corona.
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