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Roll for Persuasion - Conversations With Creators

Roll for Persuasion - Conversations With Creators

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Roll for Persuasion is a casual, discussion-based show where host Andrew Strother interviews creatives in the Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop gaming communities about how their love of gaming has influenced/impacted/inspired their creative pursuits.
66 Episodes
Vampire the Masquerade Storyteller Ellie Collins joins the show to discuss the World of Darkness and how it can be harnessed to tell stories that shine.
Game designer and DM's Guild Brand Manager Lysa Penrose joins the show to talk about developing new games and building community.
Jessica and Emily of 20 Sided Stories join me to chat about improv, storytelling, and the power of friendship.
James Introcaso is back to talk about the release of his new book "My Dad's Monster Manual" and talk about the development of his TTRPG "Burn Bryte"!
Cleveland Browns fullback Johnny Stanton hangs out and chats football, nerd-stuff, and refuses to tell me who plays in the secret Browns D&D game!
Emily Jacobson is the Social Media Manager for Hero Forge, improv practitioner, TTRPG DM/player/producer, and all-around fantastic person.
What HASN'T Freddie Wong done? I'm honestly not sure, but what I do know is that this conversation was an absolute delight as I spend time chatting with the co-creator of Dungeons and Daddies
Joel Arnold has been telling stories all his life before helping create and produce the hit podcast DnDnD. We talk about creativity and the power of stories in this week's episode.
I am joined by KP, a photographer, Twitch streamer, cosplayer, and more!
Krystina is an actress, personality, and player on some fabulous actual-play TTRPG games, and truly a joy to speak with. Enjoy!
The original creator of The Forgotten Realms himself joins the show! Ed Greenwood and I talk about world building, the advent of D&D, and where he sees the game going from here.
Kevin Parr is one of the creators of Dicecream Sandwich; a D&D streaming and content creation group. We chat about their journey, D&D Tik-Tok, movies, and more!
Nate Taylor is the Chief Creative Officer at Dwarven Forge and a HUGE part of what makes their beautiful hand-sculpted gaming terrain a reality! We chat about their ongoing WILDLANDS Kickstarter in this awesome episode.
Kyle Newman is the creator and co-author of "Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History", and the upcoming "Heroes' Feast: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook". He is also the director of the movie "Fanboys", a film that is very near and dear to my heart!
Todd Kenreck is Creative Manager and Dungeon Master extraordinaire at D&D Beyond. We chat about creativity and creating the job you want to have in D&D.
Travis Frederick is a former 5-time Pro Bowl center for the Dallas Cowboys AND a huge tabletop gaming nerd who just launched his new gaming service Demiplane! We talk football and dice in this week's episode.
Scott Wampler and Eric Vespe host The Kingcast show all about one of MY favorite nerd-loves; the work of Stephen King.
This week I am joined by my partner in life and at the table, Desirée Strother! Des and I chat about her approach to creating characters and the importance of fitting your class to your PC instead of making your PC fit your class.
Mark is the Dungeon Master for the immensely popular High Rollers D&D streams out of the UK. He has been a guest on Critical Role and now he is a guest on my show!
Kurt Crenwelge is the host of Sidekicks & Side Quests; a podcast focused bringing life back to NPCs! Kurt and I chat about how he uses his show to help guests who have never played D&D before create fun and interesting characters to use in your own game.
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