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Myriad Genetics brings you a casual, yet educational podcast about modern topics in Urology. Because every man with prostate cancer deserves a better answer. 

46 Episodes
In this episode, Dr. Todd Cohen sits down with cancer survivor John Earp to talk about his journey from diagnosis to treatment and life beyond. John was diagnosed with cancer at age 46 also shares his extensive cancer history and how he eventually learned that his prostate cancer was caused by a hereditary mutation known as CHEK-2.
In this episode, we continue our conversation with Dr. Samuel Peretsman onclinical utilization and potential benefits of using HIFU and other focal therapies in the treatment of prostate cancer.
In the first episode of a two-part series on focal therapies, Dr. Samuel Peretsman from Urology Specialists North Carolina joins Dr. Todd Cohen to talk about his early involvement using High intensity focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Dr. Peretsman discusses in-detail the unique path he took to became an expert with this technology and how he uses it in the treatment of prostate cancer.
In this episode, Pathologist, Dr. Adam Cole and Urologist Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas join The Modern Urologist to discuss how improved collaboration and communication between the two specialty groups has lead to better patient risk stratification and treatment plans. Multiple patient case reviews are discussed in-detail and the use of personalized markers at the time of diagnosis are also explored.
In this episode, Dr. Todd Cohen kicks off prostate cancer awareness month by interviewing prostate cancer survivor - Byron Sparkman. Byron shares his personal cancer journey starting at the time he learned of his elevated PSA, to getting a biopsy, and the additional steps he took to feel comfortable making a treatment decision. Byron also shares his advice for men and families that are currently going through similar experiences and how they to can make more informed healthcare decisions...
Dr. Paul Sieber continues his conversation with Dr. Todd Cohen around managing the advanced prostate cancer patient. The use of somatic and germline testing to support decision making within the treatment algorithm are discussed. Medical management changes of positive mutation carriers and the commercial use of PARP inhibitors are also explored.
In this episode, Dr. Paul Sieber from Lancaster Urology sits down to talk about how his practice is managing advanced prostate cancer. The rise in the number of M0 prostate cancer patients and how advanced treatment protocols are being used to provide better care are discussed at length.
Dr. Walter Rayford joins Dr. Todd Cohen to talk about the racial disparities among African American men and prostate cancer. Dr. Rayford has been extensively involved in researching discrepancies in prostate cancer disease outcomes and shares his experiences and recommendations for better educating and treating the African American patient. Dr. Rayford also talks about his work with advocacy groups and what these groups are doing to better educate and support men with prostate cancer. &n...
Dr. Cohen and Dr. Neal Shore continue their conversation about prioritizing patient care using personalized testing to better risk stratify and create customized treatment plans.
In this episode, Dr. Neal Shore, with Atlantic Urology Clinics in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Medical Director at Carolina Urologic Research Center discusses how his practice continues to adapt to the current COVID-19 pandemic, specifically around the importance of patient prioritization during their recovery phase. Strategies to better decide which patients should be biopsied right away and how to prioritize treatment is discussed in detail. Dr. Shore and Dr. Todd Cohen will talk about...
Dr. Cohen continues his conversation with Urologists and CEOs Dr. Ed Cohen and Dr. David Ellis on how their respective practices continue to adapt to the current crisis. The topics of federal loan programs, personal protective equipment (PPE) and the processes behind successfully executing tele-health are discussed.
In this episode of the COVID-19 series, Dr. David Ellis and Dr. Ed Cohen continue to share how they have further adapted their individual operations and practices to deal with the current pandemic. Both CEOs share at-length their short and long-term concerns and how they plan to manage patients once social distancing guidelines are rescinded.
In this episode, Dr. Todd Cohen follows up on his previous conversation with Dr. David Ellis, and Dr. Ed Cohen on how these providers and their practices continue to adapt and evolve patient care amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges associated with implementing tele-health workflows to maintain existing patient volume is discussed at length. The future role of tele-health and what that means for Urologists going forward is also explored.
Wayne Sotile, PhD, founder of the Sotile Center for Resilience and the Center for Physician Resilience shares some powerful ideas on how physicians and other healthcare providers can manage individual burnout. Drawing on this extensive experience, Dr. Sotile shares how physicians can become more resilient, even thrive in times of increased stress.
Dr. Cohen sits down with Dr. David Ellis from MidLantic Urology and Dr. Edward Cohen, from Genesis Healthcare to talk about the challenges of managing their day-to-day operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of digital technology, like tele-medicine is being implemented to ensure that routine urological care continues while keeping patients safe through social distancing.
In this episode, Dr. Matthew Cooperberg, Urologist and Professor of Urology; Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF talks about the parallels between breast and prostate cancer and how precision medicine in Urology is continuously evolving. The role of family history, mutation status, and the impact it is having on current and future prostate cancer treatment is explored.
Men Get Cancer Too

Men Get Cancer Too


Dr. Brian Richardson, Urologist and men's health activist talks about his experience dealing with prostate cancer in his own family and how it influenced him to pursue a career in Urology. Dr. Richardson also shares his passion for men's health advocacy and how it led him to create the first fun run in Montgomery, Alabama geared towards education and awareness around men's health.
Dr. Aaron Berger and Nurse Navigator, Kristyn Minetti join the show to discuss their experience building out and growing an advanced prostate cancer clinic. Genetic testing to personalize prostate cancer treatment, the challenges associated with family history and implications of genetic test results are discussed at length.
In this episode, The Modern Urologist sits down with Dr. Angelo Baccala, Division Chief of Urology at Lehigh Valley Hospital Network to talk about his motivation for pursuing an MBA and the benefits it provides. The idea of protocols and pathways are discussed as a means to combat variation in patient care, while improving upon workflow efficiency. Dr. Baccala discusses his thoughts on the future of value-based care vs fee for service reimbursement models.
Dr. Mike Gambla from Central Ohio Urology Group joins The Modern Urologist to talk about his experience with private equity acquisitions (PE) in the Urology space. The idea of potential culture disruptions and other pros and cons of PE acquisitions are discussed at length. Dr. Gambla offers his own insights to any independent practice considering an acquisition. The conversation changes to the role nurse navigators play in getting patients with advanced disease states better care through seco...
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