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My Friend Podcast with Paige Elkington with Ruby Caster
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My Friend Podcast with Paige Elkington with Ruby Caster

Author: Paige Elkington, Ruby Caster

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Paige Elkington and co-host Ruby Caster explore topics close to their heart with various guests.
18 Episodes
In this episode of My Friend Pod, Paige and Ruby sit down with brilliant biochemist and genetic designer, Dr. Jo Zayner to talk about being the first jellyfish human hybrid, talking shit about traditional science culture, our right to modify our bodies, being trans, challenging stigma, and ethics around CRISPR.Support the show
In this episode, Ruby and Paige speak with Brendan Chamberlain-Simon, a robotics technologist at NASA’s JPL and the literal dude driving the MARS Rover. We discuss his mysterious job, unexpected depression after reaching his ultimate goal, his musical project PROUD FATHER, life philosophies, and more.  Support the show
In this episode, Paige discusses for the first time her Jeff Goldblum photo turned meme saga and sets the story straight. She and Ruby dive into how lies spread faster on social media than the truth and how their children will likely be made of plastic.Support the show
IT’S HERE! My Friend Podcast's first guest and visual episode (find us on YouTube)  with Benny Blanco, one of contemporary music's most successful producers and songwriters. Tune in and watch Paige and Ruby get their pants nearly charmed off by the brilliant, talented and hilarious Benny as they discuss living every day with gratitude at the forefront, surrounding themselves with day ones/real ones, overcoming anxiety, loyalty in partnerships, Ruby’s weird ass socks…pretty much everything except music.  AND be sure to catch Benny on Season 3 of Dave on Hulu!Support the show
Microdosing self-help

Microdosing self-help


In this episode, Ruby and Paige discuss the power of December resolutions, rejection therapy, and their recent google searches.Support the show
Episode 2: BE FAKE

Episode 2: BE FAKE


In this episode, Paige and Ruby discuss how mega-fame is a curse, trying to be hot online is a losing game, and becoming Swifties in their 30s. They also touch on how outdated fertility statistics are,  the importance of exploring relationship compatibility,  the dystopia of  BeReal,  and how a strong community is the key to life. Support the show
Welcome back to Season 2 Episode 1 of My Friend Podcast. In this episode, Paige and the podcast's new co-host Ruby Caster discuss dating apps, how Ruby got banned from Hinge, what they look for in a partner, moving from the city to the country, the possibility of becoming parents, and how you have to work on yourself to attract what you want. Support the show
In this episode of My Friend Podcast, Paige talks to Jesse Gould, founder of Heroic Hearts Project, about how Ayahuascha is transforming the lives of veterans with PTSD and why it is important to overcome the stigma around psychedelics. Please note: This episode is on Youtube and the audio has been extracted from that interview. Support the show
In this episode Paige talks with Harley Streten, better known as Flume, about the truth behind their Burning Man scandal, why he came close to quitting music, struggles with anxiety and prioritizing mental heath, and making a new album.Support the show
In this episode, Paige talks with artist Ariana Papademetropoulos about being a professional fairy, how she cultivated her career, the rise of pickle ball, our feelings towards the art world, and much  more. Support the show
In this episode Paige speaks with Maebe A. Girl, the first drag queen running for congress! We talk about why she chose to run for office in drag, how she got involved with politics, her opponent Adam Schiff, what it's like to run for a congress, and her progressive platform.Support the show
In this episode of My Friend Podcast, Paige talks to Riley about her porn beginnings, how it's affected her personal life, death threats, starting (or not starting) a family, Burning Man and more.Support the show
In this episode of My Friend Podcast, Paige talks to her friend Justin Pines about his skiing injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down and he how he was able to expand his world again. Support the show
In this Episode of My Friend Podcast, Paige talks to adult performer and podcaster Ivy Lebelle about why and how she went from doing makeup to doing porn, living a double life, faking orgasms, what really happens on porn sets, and how instagram is ruining our ability to fall in love.Support the show
In this episode of My Friend Podcast, Paige talks to Brooke, aka @everydayexpert on Instagram, about how she eradicated her Lyme disease after being on her death bed, the exciting possibilities of bee venom therapy, hacking your fertility, and the the benefits of forest bathing. Support the show
In Episode 3, Paige talks to musician Ryan Ross about his Panic! at the Disco days, his music hiatus, sobriety, and their mutual love for LA's Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Support the show
On Episode Two, Paige talks to YouTuber and ASMR queen Julia, better known as @ItsBlitzzz, about traveling solo, marriage, ASMR, cancel culture, and the power of list making.Support the show
On the first episode of “My Friend Podcast” Paige talks to Ed Droste from the band Grizzly Bear about going back to school to become a therapist, sexual attractions to politicians, Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine, social media detoxing, and how tinnitus pretty much ruined Ed's life for a while.Support the show
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