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Waiting To Download: Race & Gender in Tech
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Waiting To Download: Race & Gender in Tech

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Our podcast tackles issues of race & gender in Tech. We are Christian women of color who want to share our stories, and equip and empower other women of color whose stories often go untold, unshared or are outright disregarded. Though Tech careers are plentiful and rewarding, there are often barriers and hurdles for women of color. Join us as we dig into issues of inequities, biases and injustices that we've been Waiting to Download.
5 Episodes
In this episode, Geri & Jess, together with their special guest Alice, share about their traumatic work experiences - what happened and their healing journey thus far. Don't miss part one of this two-part series.
In this episode, Geri & Jess have a special guest, Geri's husband, Winston, who's also in tech. They talk about what it's like to be the only person of color in the room, share their different experiences, and how they deal with this reality as people of faith.
In this episode, Geri & Jess have an open and honest conversation about the elephant in the room - gender AND race. They talk about the Google Manifesto, looks, and what it's like showing up in the workplace as women of color.
Learn about why this podcast was created, and who it’s for. Also get a preview of topics we’ll cover in season 1.
In our inaugural episode, we introduce who we are, focusing on Geri’s early experiences in Corporate America and tech. From the initial awe of actually getting there to a sense of disillusionment, we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Susan Pryor

Awesome topic. I can definitely relate. Looking forward to the next one.

Oct 22nd
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