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True Crimecast is a podcast that adds a unique perspective to the true crime genre. John and Jamie dig into new cases and revisit old ones to try to get to the truth. Each episode takes on a different case and the hosts share both details and theories about what really happened.
250 Episodes
Comedians Tess Barker and Babs Gray, who you might know from Lady to Lady or thenow legendary Britney’s Gram podcast, are here to bring you a brand new investigativeseries about Britney Spears' conservatorship and the court system that's allowed it topersist.You can binge all 10 episodes of Toxic: The Britney Spears Story RIGHT NOW onStitcher, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, or wherever you find your podcasts.
When Marlene Warren heard a knock on her door, she never expected to see a clown. She certainly didn’t expect that same clown to shoot and kill her. Nearly 30 years went by before any movement in her case. Can justice be served for Marlene? This is True Crimecast.
Everyone loves a good heist story, especially for a heist that is well orchestrated. But is the true genius in stealing the goods, or in making sure they are still there when you get out of prison?
We all want to see justice when someone is victimized. A man known by “Killer Petey” took matters into his own hands and killed at least 70 for revenge. What led this man to kill so many people? This is True Crimecast.For True Crimecast merchandise, visit our store here:
When an officer calls in for backup, it is all hands on deck. But what happens when the backup shows up and things are not as they seem?
Empress Elisabeth of Austria enjoyed an informal life until she was thrust into royalty by marrying an emperor at age 16. Elisabeth would often struggle with the pressures of the crown, and it even led to her assignation. What led to her death? Find out now on True Crimecast.
The world of sports is unfortunately full of unethical, illegal behavior. But a recent attempt to avoid a scandal at the University of Louisville landed multiple coaches in hot water.Full transcript and audio of the recorded conversation:
When 3 people go missing from the same town in just a matter of weeks, you can suspect they are all connected. In Bakersfield, CA, Micah Holsonbake, Baylee Despot, and James Kulstad all went missing in 2018, and the case remains unsolved to this day. How are they connected? Can this case be solved? This is True Crimecast.Anyone with information on the Bakersfield 3, including Baylee’s whereabouts, can contact the Secret Witness Line at 661-322-4040.
When Karen Wilson went missing in the Spring of 1985, nobody thought we would still be searching for answers nearly 40 years later. But it seems that the truth may be right around the corner.
In 2013, Nikko Jenkins had been released from a 10 year prison sentence. Sadly, it only took a month before he would go on one of the worst killing spree’s in Nebraska. How did Nikko become so evil? Find out now on True Crimecast.
Are people really still robbing banks in the 2020's? Some guy has been doing it the old fashioned way for over a decade, and nobody has any idea of who he is.
Neighbors. You either love them or hate them. No matter how high they let their grass grow, murder is typically off the table. However, in 1988, George Trepal thought he could poison his neighbor and create a little piece of paradise. Did he get away with murder? Find out now on True Crimecast.
Stalking is no laughing matter. That is especially true when it leads to changing the trajectory of a family forever.
The Hippocratic Oath is a promise by physicians to do no harm. While practicing neurosurgery, Michael Swango did not uphold this oath. He could be responsible for nearly 60 deaths of patients under his care. Could this be true? Find out now on True Crimecast.
Sometimes you can ignore your problems, other times you have to face them head on. That is, of course, if you aren't lucky enough to completely forget about them.
Kyle Fleischmann was enjoying a night on the town in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2007. After seeing a standup routine, a group of friends visited a local bar. Kyle would walk out of the bar and would never be seen again. Some speculate he wanted to disappear, while others say something tragic took place that night. Will we ever know the truth? Find out now on True Crimecast.
There are cold cases, and then there are cold cases in cold places. How could a double murder at a busy ski resort go unsolved?
Slumber parties were every young girls dream in the 90’s, but on October 1st, 1993, Polly Klass’ sleepover became a nightmare. Instead staying up all night talking about boys, Polly’s night would tragically end in her murder. What monster could be responsible for such a violent crime against a sweet young child? Find out now on True Crimecast.
It's always the boyfriend, or the husband, or the secret lover...right? That always seems to be the case...until it isn't.
Normally, women are the primary victims in serial killings, but the murders along I-70 in in the 1980’s were anything but normal. A serial killer targeting male sex workers left a wake of death and chaos along his path, and his identity remains a mystery. Will we ever know who was responsible for the deaths of so many? Can justice ever be served? This is True Crimecast.
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funny, you two sound awful white to me lol. Obviously not defending Jill but what's the alternative when you feel wronged? shoot up the school? don't try to sound woke, it's embarrassing.

Feb 11th


I like this podcast. clear and to the point. no fluff.

Oct 25th

Megan Langreck

When this case was solved, or perhaps "solved", I was so relieved and grateful. I remember this case from when it happened and had basically been terrified by it, for kids everywhere who basically aren't safe in their own neighborhoods. I was so relieved that I never gave a thought to all the possible incompetence or weirdness. I have since discovered that there is yet more weirdness to this crime and it it unsettling. And I agree wholeheartedly that justice has not been met. In fact, some charges were dropped or at least left unprosecuted. That infuriated me but I accepted that the parents agreed to it.

May 4th


You guys cover horrific true crime stories and are still against the death penalty? How the fuck is that even possible? This passive christian excuse has got to stop. Jesus followed the OT and he fullfilled it. He would not wastes his time with the evil men you guys speak of because he would know what is in there heart. Unsubscribed.

Jun 17th
Reply (2)

Paula Cameron

Just listened to this ep and wanted to say I love you guys but I want to know what you think about my theory. The paramedics were still working on Joan so, they'd still be asking her questions and then you have the police asking questions at the same time. Could she have been answering the medics and not the cops?

Apr 4th


He would like to have? I'm sure the family would like to have their loved one back. No sympathy here at all.

Mar 3rd

Kerri Whelan

I absolutely love this podcast. downloaded episodes ages ago on spotify but only started listening last week. I've binged up to episode dr death and can't wait to keep listening.

Dec 19th
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