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Mini nuclear reactors. Farm-fresh 'local' cauliflower. Solar lasers. Energy in Conversation is a plain-speaking, thought-provoking look into our energy future, through the eyes of the people leading the way. Join the Energy Institute's Deane Somerville to hear about tough challenges and big ideas on our journey to a low carbon world.
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Those with the least income are spending the most on energy, and will be the worst affected by climate change. In the final episode of its first season, Energy in Conversation is taking on two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which are inextricably linked: SDG 7, affordable and clean energy, and SDG 13, climate action. Our guests, Malcolm Brinded and Anshul Patel, discuss how to help those 840 million people with no electricity and 3 billion cooking with dirty inefficient fuels, without driving up climate warming emissions.
In a world banishing greenhouse gas emissions, all parts of the global economy will have to adapt. This episode asks an existential question for the energy sector: what will today’s oil and gas companies look like in the net zero world of 2050? EI Chief Executive Louise Kingham hosts a conversation between Maarten Wetselaar and Bob Ward. They may not agree on everything, but one thing is for certain: to succeed in the future, companies must show leadership now.
You may think low carbon power generation is a recent innovation. On this episode, we consider a source of electricity which has been providing zero-carbon power for decades – nuclear power. Our first guest, Kirsty Gogan considers how nuclear stacks up in today’s electricity mix when it comes to reliability, public opinion, and cost. Then, Paul Stein tells us how that could all change with an innovative new way of building nuclear power stations – small modular reactors. This is not your grandfather’s technology – but can SMRs compete with the falling price of and rising popularity of renewables?
The heat equation

The heat equation


Our latest episode explores the routes to decarbonising domestic heat. Hear from expert guests, Dr Tim Rotheray and Adam Madgett, about the need to balance both sides of the heating equation - energy efficiency and clean heating sources. We focus on the options for keeping warm without harming the planet, from electricity to heat networks to green gasses. 83% of UK homes have gas-fired boilers today, but what will the future of heating look like?
This week we focus on the UK's digital energy switchover - like TV and banking, retail energy is getting a 21st-century upgrade. But 1 in 10 UK adults are not internet users, and the same proportion are in fuel poverty. Can a digital energy future close this gap, rather than widen it? From smart kettles to vehicle-to-grid charging, and everything in between, our guests paint their vision for the future and consider how to take everyone along, including and especially vulnerable consumers.
Food waste? Not cool

Food waste? Not cool


Our first episode takes place at the intersection of food and energy - two systems which are central to human wellbeing and climate change. Getting food from farm to table is taking a toll on the environment, and 1/3 of all food produced never gets eaten. While the story differs between emerging and advanced economies, energy is at the heart of the challenge wherever we are in the world. Our guests walk us through food's journey, from how it's kept cold to how it's sold, and ask us to rethink society's biggest questions: how can we feed the world without destroying the planet?



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