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Author: Kim Marshall

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This podcast series from the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), which is the foremost gathering of international leaders in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy, features in-depth and provocative interviews with wellness luminaries from around the globe, giving insight into the rapidly growing wellness industry. The thought-provoking podcasts feature a range of wellness leaders, from physicians, researchers and scientists, to fitness and fashion icons, to wellness tourism experts—even theologians and historians. The podcasts cover an array of topics, including new global wellness trends, mental wellness, the gut biome, and much more. Episodes are captured live at various GWS events, including the annual Summit and the Global Wellness Trends media event.

The GWS Podcast Series is produced by the Global Wellness Summit, in association with S’Well Public Relations and Crate Media. The series is hosted by wellness communications expert Kim Marshall.
27 Episodes
It’s official — wellness isn’t a fad anymore! Consumers today are looking for a holistic approach to wellness that also considers their emotional well-being, the role of technology in their lives, how they travel, and everything in between. But the explosive growth of today’s wellness industry has also resulted in extra scrutiny for pseudoscientific claims, often with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the medicine shows peddling miracle elixirs in the 19th century, and media watch dogs have begun keeping a keen eye out for wellness charletons.  Like any truth, though, real wellness can stand up to the scrutiny. But let’s face it — the first layer of spreading a product’s message is typically through PR and communications experts. So, in this episode, we talk to Tom Jones, a senior partner of health and wellness at Finn Partners, a globally integrated marketing agency with 18 offices around the world. Finn is also the sponsor of the Global Wellness Summit’s “The Future of Wellness 2020” trends report that we talked about in episode 23 — and that we’re going to talk more about today! The trend that really stands out to Tom is mental wellness and technology, and our honest discussion about mental health is especially prescient during the worldwide COVID-19 shutdown. Never has it been more clear that mental health is just as important as physical health, and never have mindfulness apps and online talk therapy been more crucial. With brands thinking today about surviving the new normal and with wellness becoming even more precious, join us as we discuss how to find the soul behind your brand and what an intergenerational approach to wellness might look like going forward. To learn more, visit Finn Partners at ( Resources: ( LinkedIn: ( Global Wellness Summit 2020 ( GWI's 2020 Research In Progress ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Amir Alroy is a wellness expert who leverages years of business and technology experience to invest in and accelerate wellness start-ups in Israel through Welltech1, as well as the founder and CEO of Cloud 9 Wellness Clubs, exclusive professional personal training clubs in Israel.  Not only that, the Global Wellness Summit recently announced that Amir will be one of the co-chairs for its 14th-annual conference being held in Tel Aviv, Israel. He will be instrumental in creating the agenda for the annual conference, a conference that he says will focus even more on wellness innovation across all industry sectors than any previous conference.  In this episode, Amir shares why Israel became such a hot bed for innovation and what wellness innovations we can expect from Israel in the near future. To learn more, visit Welltech1's site at ( . Resources: Welltech1 ( MakeSense Digital Health ( Global Wellness Summit 2020 ( GWI's 2020 Research In Progress ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Bhupendra Kumar Modi — AKA Dr. M — is a global thought leader, a social entrepreneur, and the key architect of the Smart Group, a diversified business conglomerate trying to improve the worlds of mobility, finance, healthcare, entertainment, energy, and technology. Dr. M is a true global citizen with an eye towards the future, emblematic of the ways conscious capitalism can improve not only individual lives but the world as a whole. And Dr. M has big plans for not just his future but your future and your children’s future and your children’s children’s future, too: creating a world where everyone can live a happy and healthy life beyond 100 years old. In this conversation, Dr. Modi shares more about how he started his journey as a social entrepreneur, what life Beyond 100 might look like, and how his work relates to GWS's ten wellness trends for 2020. To learn more, visit Smart Group's site at ( Resources: ( 2020 Global Wellness Trends ( Watch: “Buddha” ( Global Citizen Forum: ( Global Wellness Summit 2020 ( GWS's 2020 Research In Progress ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Today’s guest is the Global Wellness Institute's resident research wonk, Beth McGroarty, who has led strategic communications and media relations for the GWS or the last five years. Beth spearheads a number of Summit research projects -- including (  -- and she’s instrumental in creating GWS's annual Global Wellness Trends report. Listen to see how prescient some of the Trends sound for 2020 – trends like Wellness Sabbatical; the Fertility Boom, Circadian Health … Wellness Music -- which are based on findings and feedback from economists, academics, futurists & business leaders. Let's also think about how these trends may inform a world who is learning each day how precious our collective wellness really is. To learn more about 2020’s Global Wellness Trends, visit ( . Resources: ( Read: “Focus Shifts from Sleep to True Circadian Health” ( Read: “J-Wellness” ( Timeshifter app ( Global Wellness Summit 2020 ( GWS's 2020 Research In Progress ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Victor Koo is the co-founder of Tianren Culture, a next-generation social platform that focuses on supporting social enterprises, impact investing, and giving with the mission to foster positive global values. One of Tianren Culture’s core values is “One Health, One Wellness,” and this is a message that really hits home in the current global climate, as people all around the world are forced to reckon with the intimate interconnection of our globalized world and, at the same time, learn how to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. What do our lifestyles have to do with Corvid-19, outside of basic hygiene?  One Health, One Wellness is a call for global unity, a call for cultivating healthy and sustainable lifestyles that improve not only the physical and mental health of human beings but also the health of the global environment and ecosystem — and environmentally sustainable lifestyles will be critical in preventing or minimizing the spread of diseases in the future. Resources: : It’s time to focus on health and wellness ( Global Wellness Summit 2020 ( GWI's 2020 Research In Progress ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Some have called the 21st century “The Asian Century” — but why? Yoriko Soma, a Japanese spa consultant, and Cathy Chon, an American expat marketing expert who’s spent the last 20 years in Hong Kong, help us answer that question in today’s episode. And along the way, we’ll find out how and why they put together such an eclectic and powerful range of speakers for this year’s Summit. They’ll even share tips for affordable and fabulous hot spring spas in Japan and amazing street food in Singapore! You can register for Global Wellness Summit 2020 today at ( . Resources: Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
What role does beauty play in your sense of emotional well-being? How can the wellness industry help more people, inside and out, by nurturing inclusion? And what initiatives are being spearheaded by the Global Wellness Institute? To learn the answers to these questions, we sit down with Michael Bruggeman, a wellness industry expert who acts as CEO for Organic Male OM4 and CEO & Chief Formulation Officer for haia (HAPPY AS I AM). On top of all that, Michael supports the Global Wellness Institute by operating as Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative. To learn more about the Global Wellness Institute’s ongoing initiatives, visit the GWI site at ( . Resources: OM 4 Men: ( haia wellness: ( LinkedIn: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
How can Romance of the Three Kingdoms influence leadership? What is like working with the Royal Family? We’ll answer these and more with professor Martin Palmer, who literally brought the audience to tears during his keynote at the Summit. Martin is Secretary-General of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), a secular non-governmental organization he founded with His Royal Highness Prince Philip in 1995 to help faiths to develop environmental and conservation projects based on their own beliefs and practices. It’s an incredible organization solving a global problem with unique solutions, and we’re so happy to be able to share this conversation with all of you. To learn more, visit ARC’s site at ( Resources: ( Read Martin’s books: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
What were spas getting right 20 to 30 years ago that data is only validating now? How do you get the head of a publicly-traded company to listen to you when you’re brand new in your role? How does the art of the PIVOT help in a time of natural disasters and political upheaval? How do you ensure that a brand can actually live up to their wellness hype? Learn all that and more when we talk to Mia Kyricos, Global Head of Wellbeing at Hyatt Hotels and winner of the GWS 2019 Woman in Wellness award. To learn more about wellbeing at Hyatt Hotels, visit ( Resources: Learn more about Wellbeing at Hyatt Hotels ( Twitter: ( LinkedIn: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Research is a cornerstone of the Summit. The trends that are spotted each year go on to be major trends in the wellness industry worldwide, and the research done each year by the Global Wellness Institute is vital to our entire industry.  So we were lucky to sit down with Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston, two of the amazing women behind this powerful research and senior research fellows with the Global Wellness Institute Ophelia. To learn more, visit GWI at ( Resources: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Some people choose to view technology with a negative connotation, but for futurist and martial arts aficionado Liza Lichtinger, technology is a powerful aid that can help us live better lives with better purpose and with wellness at the center.  Today, she’s going to share her take on our new hybrid human reality — how technology has redesigned you, and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It may sound a little sci-fi, but the future is closer than you might think. Liza Lichtinger is CEO at Future Design Station, a human-machine interaction company, and founder of MindfulExistenC, a psychology development organization. At AI Foundation, Liza leads as director of research. To learn more, visit Future Design Station at ( Resources: ( Connect with Liza: LinkedIn ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Technogym is the world’s largest fitness equipment company, and this is an organization that takes wellness seriously. So seriously, in fact, that their headquarters in Cesena, Italy, is an entire wellness village. Technogym’s founder Nerio Alessandri is also credited with first using the term “wellness” — so, thanks for that, too! And when Nerio and his daughter, Erica Alessandri, took the stage at last year’s Global Wellness Summit, they stole the audience’s hearts. We were lucky enough to sit down with Erica for the show this year, who has some great stories about how her father’s passion for the wellness biz sometimes created hilarious Hollywood-worthy results. Erica offers an interesting perspective on both the past, present, and future of this iconic brand, and it’s safe to say that the company is in good hands. To learn more, visit Technogym at ( Resources: ( Watch: “GWS 2018: Generational Collaboration: Successfully Mixing Business and Family | Alessandri Family” ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Rupert Schmid and Pierre-Louis Delapalme are the two co-chairman of Biologique Recherche, an alluring cosmetic brand with an exclusive spot in many high-end spas — but what is the magic that makes their products so in demand? It’s a combination of personalization and clinical knowledge, understanding that not only is each person unique but their skin needs will change and evolve over time. Founded over 40 years ago, Biologique Recherche was truly a pioneer in the health and wellness space, choosing to focus on the individual years before it was in vogue. And now that the rest of the health and wellness industry is catching up, their clinical approach to beauty care is still second to none. To learn more, visit Biologique Recherche at ( Resources: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
“Healer heal thyself” is a common trope in the healthcare industry. But what if today’s leaders had a way to tune up their bodies and minds in a life-changing location and reboot for the year ahead?  Listen as OXFORD grads and former VC pros — John Stanton and Robin Connelley — share why they created Chōsen, bespoke retreats and experiences to help people challenge themselves, embrace growth, and optimize their lives. To learn more about Chōsen, visit Chōsen’s site at ( Resources: Learn more at ( Instagram: ( Facebook: ( LinkedIn: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Jessica Jesse, Founder/CEO and Creative Director of BuDhaGirl, is a model of what we’re trying to nurture here at the Global Wellness Summit — industry thought leaders and company founders truly committed to holistic wellness, inside and out. Because Jessica and BuDhaGirl are redefining the path to wellbeing by combining contemplative practice, science, and fashion. It’s a unique combination, for now at least, but Jessica believes that fashion is a powerful driver of behavior and she wants to teach others about the importance of internal motivation using fashion as a conduit. And it makes a lot of sense! We should be including fashion in conversations about health and wellness because pretty much every corner of this industry is trying to help people change their habits and behaviors. To learn more, visit BuDhaGirl at ( Resources: ( Instagram: ( Facebook: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Irene Forte is the wellness director for Rocco Forte Hotels, creator of the Irene Forte Skincare, and a total rockstar. Irene took the stage at Global Wellness Summit 2016 and she made it very clear that those who did not pay attention to the millennial market in the travel and hospitality industry were doing so at their peril. So we sat up and paid attention, and we realized that we needed that kind of voice on the Global Wellness Summit’s advisory board. She has been a wonderful addition to the board and her perspective has been invaluable. In this episode, Irene shares her thoughts on the power of the millennial market, what millennials are looking for from a company or brand, and how Irene is incorporating wellness in both Rocco Forte hotels and her skincare line. To learn more, visit Irene Forte Skincare’s site at ( . Resources: ( ( Instagram: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Inspired by passion and created with insightful vision, the Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa & Health Resort is an expression of two people’s life experiences and their desire to serve and inspire others. The story of Kamalaya began in 1982, in the far jungles of the Himalayas, when Kamalaya founders John and Karina Stewart first met. And as you’ll hear in this episode, over 30 years later, John is just as devoted to a life of service and sharing the diverse Eastern healing and spiritual traditions that the rest of the world could benefit so much from understanding. To learn more, visit Kamalaya Koh Samui’s site at ( Resources: Learn more at ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
What does it mean to put purpose at the heart of business? It’s a core topic of this year’s Summit, and none of our guests embody this spirit more than the irresistible Patricia Dwyer, Founder and Director of The Purpose Business.  It turns out, purpose tends to be good for the bottom line. After listening to this episode, we dare you not to think beyond your company’s Mission and Vision statements find your WHY! To learn more, visit The Purpose Business at ( Resources: Learn more at ( Facebook: ( Twitter: ( LinkedIn: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
AGEIST is a digital magazine brand that is redefining what it means to be over 50. Join us as award-winning photographer and Ageist founder David Harry Stewart shares stories that prove that the days of typical AARP messaging are behind us. Today, 50 is the starting line to Life 2.0. And get ready for other surprises — like the fact that 50% of AGEIST’s readers are under 50. Who knew? To learn more, read AGEIST at ( Resources: ( Instagram: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
Stephen Letourneau is Head of Ideation at Cannuka, a pioneering CBD beauty and skincare brand out of Ohio that’s pushing to grow the Cannabis category in the Luxury Wellness Space. Cannuka is the unique combination of cannabis + Manuka honey. It is a natural skincare solution, first and foremost, designed to calm, moisturize, and nourish. But it goes well beyond this, also giving your skin a glowing, rejuvenated, and hydrated appearance. You don’t eat it and you don’t get high — it’s just a new, natural alternative for your skin. To learn more, visit Cannuka at ( . Resources: ( Global Wellness Summit ( GWI's 2019 Research & Trends ( Hosted by ( Produced by (
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