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Created by the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), this podcast features thought-provoking conversations with leading voices in the $4.4 trillion global business of wellness who inspire listeners with deep industry insights, rich personal stories and valuable business learnings. Leveraging the vast network of luminaries from GWS, the lively and down-to-earth conversations with host and wellness sector expert Kim Marshall give listeners a unique opportunity to get to know industry icons while learning about the latest evidence-based wellness practices. This podcast is produced by GWS in asso​ciation with S’Well The Agency.
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Join us for an “on the road” episode as we celebrate Global Wellness Day’s 2024 theme of "Nature" in two stunning locales in Portugal. We are oceanfront in Cascais and later surrounded by the climate change fighting, biodiversity hotspots that are the cork forests of Portugal. We speak to some of the country’s leading voices in wellness who exemplify the presence of a global community linked by their passion for inspiring others to embrace wellbeing practices in their everyday life. Find out why Global Wellness Day’s motto is “One Day Can Change Your Life.” To learn more, visit Global Wellness Day’s site at Wellness Day: globalwellnessday.orgCorc Yoga: corcyoga.comFarol Design Hotel in Cascais: faroldesignhotel.comABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality: Main Home - ABC HospitalitySound Wellness Initiative Members - Global Wellness InstituteHerdade da Barrosinha Hotel in Alentejo – Herdade da BarrosinhaHear Adília Ferreira’s music at by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Dive into the intersection of ancient spirituality and cutting-edge technology with Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of the Chopra Foundation. Discover how immersive meditation spaces, artificial intelligence, and pioneering mental health initiatives are revolutionizing our approach to wellness. Join us as Poonacha shares his transformative journey from corporate tech to spiritual innovation, and learn how technology is being harnessed to foster global well-being and personal transformation.To learn more, visit The Chopra Foundation’s site at ChopraFoundation.orgResources:Connect with Poonacha on LinkedInFollow Poonacha on Instagram: @poonachaNever Alone Initiative for Mental HealthInsight Timer AppOprah & Chopra 21-Day Meditation ExperienceHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
In this transformative episode of Global Wellness Conversations, we dive deep into a company spearheading innovation and new business models in the booming longevity market, talking to Bill Kapp, MD, CEO of Fountain Life. Started by Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis, MD, Fountain Life’s pioneering clinical model—blending concierge medicine with precision diagnostics—is leveraging cutting-edge technology and data to shift healthcare from reactive to proactive, ensuring you can live your best life, longer.  We’re also joined by this week’s co-host, journalist and Well+Good Co-Founder Alexia Brue, as we explore the science behind early disease detection, the power of AI in personal health, and how Fountain Life is one example of the interconnected longevity “economy” pegged to be worth $610 billion by 2025—a trend featured in Global Wellness Summit’s The Future of Wellness 2024 global trends report. Don't miss this insightful conversation that unpacks the business of wellness, illuminating how medicine and wellness intersect in the rapidly growing longevity market.To learn more, visit Fountain Life’s site at with Bill Kapp on LinkedIn"Life Force" by Tony RobbinsWell+Good: wellandgood.comHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
In this special episode of Global Wellness Conversations, we’ll share groundbreaking insights from the Global Wellness Summit's annual Wellness Trend Reveal media event, focusing on the ten trends identified for 2024. We’ll find out why for the past two decades this annual GWS Trend Reveal has become such a prescient industry phenomenon, impacting the conversation about all facets of wellness.  You’ll be hearing from a range of voices – from the founder of GWS and Global Wellness Institute, Susie Ellis, and their trend research guru, Beth McGroarty.  We’ll also hear firsthand from the trendsetters, researchers, and media voices at the forefront of this evolution, offering their unique perspectives and insights on how news and expansion of these trends will ripple out into the marketplace. From climate-adaptive wellness strategies to a wellness check on weight loss drugs,  join us as we explore how "hardcare" and "softcare" are coming together to forge a more inclusive, dynamic future for wellness. Whether you're a wellness aficionado or a professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, this episode is your guide to the latest innovations and ideas shaping our well-being in 2024 and beyond. To learn more, visit Global Wellness Summit’s site at Global Wellness Trends Report: The Future of WellnessListen to All Too WellListen to STARRCASTHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
In this captivating episode of Global Wellness Conversations, we find out why a legendary, multi-platinum and Grammy-winning music producer – known as the “Emperor of Sound” who blurred the line between hip hop and R&B – is now getting into wellness music. Timbaland, a.k.a. Tim Mosley, shares the story of his transformative journey from a street-smart DJ to the heights of the music world through health challenges, addiction, and a profound awakening to wellness and music's healing power. Join us as we explore how Timbaland is partnering with  Myndstream, a science-backed wellness music company, to bring a new infusion of sound to the spa world and beyond, and in so doing, embodying two Wellness Music Trends first identified by the Global Wellness Summit in 2020 and 2021.To learn more, visit Timbaland’s site at Goes From the Club to the Spa with New Wellness Music CategoryLearn more about Myndstream: myndstream.comHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Imagine a fitness experience that transcends the ordinary, where every movement is a step towards spiritual, emotional, and physical synchronicity. Welcome to the world of Sanctum, where the realms of movement, music, and meditation unite to redefine wellness. In this captivating episode of Global Wellness Conversations, we're joined by the innovative minds behind this revolutionary concept, Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski. The co-founders of Sanctum share their extraordinary journeys from the realms of dance & fitness and corporate marketing to the forefront of a global wellness movement. Sanctum stands out not just as a fitness regimen but as a holistic approach to well-being, set in spiritually significant locations like churches, offering a deeply sacred and immersive experience. The classes, intricately structured in nine chapters, are crafted to create a seamless connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of the individual. This episode delves into Sanctum's philosophy of inclusivity, its diverse community, and the pivotal role of Sanctum guides who encourage personal expression and self-discovery. We also explore Sanctum's unique nomadic model, featuring collaborations with luxury hotels for retreats and events worldwide. Luuk and Gabriel discuss their business philosophy, their vision for the future, including the Sanctum Frequency Festival, aiming to cultivate a global wellness community. Tune in to discover how Sanctum is reshaping the landscape of fitness and wellness, offering a path to holistic health and communal harmony.To learn more, visit Sanctum’s site at with Luuk on LinkedInConnect with Gabriel on LinkedInFollow Sanctum on Instagram: @wearesanctumHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
We’re going to dive deep into the mysteries of consciousness with Dr. Tony Nader, a renowned neuroscientist and the leader of the Transcendental Meditation Organization worldwide. Dr. Nader, with his rich background in medicine and neuroscience from Harvard and MIT, sheds light on how Transcendental Meditation transcends traditional mindfulness practices and taps into the very essence of our being. Join us as we explore the fundamental nature of consciousness, its implications for our daily lives, and the potential it holds for global peace and well-being.To learn more, visit Dr. Nader’s site at One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness by Dr Tony NaderListen: Consciousness Is All There IsFollow Dr. Nader on Instagram: @drtonynaderHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Did you know that 175 million people travel for junior & collegiate & recreational sports? Or that the overall travel segment called sports tourism is valued at $800 billion globally? Today’s episode sheds light on the opportunity just waiting to be filled – having the over $650 billion wellness tourism market help serve the recovery, conditioning, and mental wellness needs of the sports world. In keeping with the 2023 trend of “Wellness + Sports: New Business Models for Hospitality” first identified by the Global Wellness Summit, we’re speaking today to Patricia Ladis, a former dancer and licensed physical therapist who has used wellness techniques on tennis pros from Wimbledon to the Olympics and on dancers from Broadway to the American Ballet Theater. She also shares insights from her work with Junior and Collegiate players and their individual and family recovery needs on the road. We’ll even have a cameo appearance by the mother of a soccer player from a Junior League in Spain as she shares the realities of life on the road for young athletes. Join us as we shed light on this previously overlooked opportunity. Find out the many ways sports needs wellness and wellness needs sports. To learn more, visit Patricia’s site at out to Patricia: info@wisebodypt.comFollow Patricia on Instagram: @patricialadisHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Join us for a reveal of the latest numbers from the Global Wellness Economy as research fellows from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reveal the latest research quantifying the global wellness economy from the just-released 2023 Global Wellness Economy Monitor. GWI research fellows pioneered this field of research a decade ago, being the first to use the term and define the global wellness economy. Discover the first post-pandemic recovery data gathered from 218 countries and what’s in store for the eleven sectors of the wellness economy, incorporating “industries that enable consumers to incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily lives.” GWI’s Senior Research Fellows, Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston share surprising insights highlighting which sectors – from Wellness Tourism to Wellness Real Estate from Mental Wellness to Beauty & Personal Care – fared the best, which are still recovering as well as their research backed predictions for the future. Learn why Fortune 500 companies have come to depend on this research and how investors, developers and wellness business owners can benefit from numbers with this level of research, detail, rigor and definition behind them.To learn more, visit the Global Wellness Institute’s site at the GWI Wellness ReportsConnect with Katherine on LinkedInConnect with Ophelia on LinkedInHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Join us on a journey to the next generation with Sophie Howe, who served as the world's first Future Generations Commissioner in the country of Wales from 2016 to 2023. Dive into a conversation that addresses the issues of critical importance to global youth, including the shift to a planet-conscious economy, the profound implications of car-centric infrastructures, and the proactive measures required to address societal issues from domestic abuse to education reform. Sophie, recognized among the UK's top 100 change-makers and a keynote speaker at the 2023 Global Wellness Summit, offers insights that challenge and inspire.To learn more, visit Sophie’s site at Resources:Sophie Howe on the United NationsConnect with Sophie on LinkedInSophie Howe as Keynote Speaker at the 2023 Global Wellness Summit Hosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Our guest today, Dr. Deborah Birx, catapulted to the forefront of the US national dialogue at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic at a White House press conference that became a top news story around the world. Dr. Birx sheds light on the truth behind the headlines. She’ll share insights from her four decades in public health, from the National Institutes of Health to the Centers for Disease Control to leading the charge against pandemics from AIDS to Ebola on the African continent, and how her insights can empower our individual health decisions. Learn about her current role in advancing indoor air quality, hear highlights from her eye-opening book about her time in the Trump Administration, "Silent Invasion," and understand why she believes in the crucial importance of truthful, clear communication in public health. Dive deep into the layers of protection against COVID, the critical role of women in the professional world, and the need to honor and respect our elders.To learn more, visit ActivePure Technology’s site at with Dr. Deborah Birx on LinkedInRead: Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, Covid-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It's Too LateWashington Post Article: Deborah Birx’s unseen fight to stop Trump’s covid falsehoodsHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
While Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are very common references in today’s Western wellness world, today we are discussing another vibrant and expansive system of healing traditions, Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Did you know that the 1,000-year-old TAIM tradition was first brought to Europe in the 12th century? At that time, European scholars studied Arab works and translated them into Latin—and they became the predominant principles taught in European medical schools until the Renaissance.Today, we’re speaking to one of the foremost experts on the topic, Oxford University Professor Gerry Bodeker, the author of ten books including “Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World.” Most people don’t associate Africa and the Middle East with wellness, even though advanced food-as-medicine, anti-aging and healing systems have been refined across these regions for over a millennium.The second half of this special episode is an interview with Dr. Bibi Lockhat. Holding a dual degree in Complementary Health Science and Medicine, she is the TAIM specialist at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva Som. She is also an expert in hands-on healing, such as Hijama, massage, acupressure, and aromatherapy, and often draws on herbal remedies to improve overall health. She’ll provide an audio tour of the one-of-a-kind wellness destination that is Zulal, including describing its far-reaching sustainability programs that even impact the property’s biodiversity—from mangroves to mammals. The episode comes full circle because not only did Professor Bodeker consult on the wellness programs at Zulal, but the resort is also the location of the pre- and post-trips organized exclusively for delegates attending the 2023 Global Wellness Summit in Qatar in November.To learn more, visit Zulal Wellness Resort’s site at Resources:Connect with Prof. Gerry Bodeker on LinkedInFollow Prof. Gerry Bodeker on Instagram: @gerrybodekerFollow Dr. Bibi Lockhat on Instagram: @bibilockhatRead: Wellness Traditions from the Islamic WorldExplore the 2023 Global Wellness SummitExplore pre- and post-trips for Summit delegates to ZulalHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by NOVA Media
Join us on this episode of Global Wellness Conversations as we speak with Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati about her remarkable journey from Hollywood to the Himalayas. Exploring the crucial role of spirituality in wellness, Sadhvi shares her transformational experiences in India, her profound spiritual awakening, and her dedication to a life of divine service, from her global work on sustainable development to her role on the United Nations Advisory Council on Religion. Discover the powerful impact spirituality can have on personal and societal wellbeing with us.To learn more, visit Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati’s site at with Sadhvi on FacebookWatch Sadhvi’s YouTube ChannelFollow Sadhvi on Instagram: @sadhvijiHosted by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova MediaSponsored by Magleby Development‘s Velvaere Park City.
A thriving example of the Global Wellness Summit’s 2023 “Wellness + Gathering” trend, THE WELL is a new kind of wellness hub the founders call one-stop-shopping for their members' wellness needs, with five businesses under one roof. Join us as two of the business’ three co-founders, Rebecca Parekh and Kane Sarhan, reveal how their innovative business model—that brings together best-in-class spa services, a medical office, movement & meditation studios, an organic café and retail & social spaces—was created and keeps evolving. Find out why their key differentiators include: blending ancient healing methods with modern medicine, creating innovative technology to track health journeys and breaking the mold in how they select, train and value their team. Learn why their paradigm-shifting platform is now attracting hoteliers and multi-use properties, and how their mantra of making wellness a daily lifestyle is changing what’s possible in a healthy business.To learn more, visit THE WELL’s site at with Kane on LinkedInConnect with Rebecca on LinkedInHosted by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova MediaSponsored by Magleby Development‘s Velvaere Park City.
Sponsored by Magleby Development's Velvaere Park City.Join us as we explore the incredible journey  of entrepreneur, environmental activist and long-distance swimmer, Oded Rahav, who organized the first ever swim across the world’s saltiest body of water to raise awareness for a famous shrinking sea in the Middle East.  You’ll also hear why this son of Holocaust survivors swam for sharks in South Africa and across the US Mexico border to a group of waiting children. Find out why businesses should take heed to Oded’s driving philosophy of Tikkun Olam in this time of ominous climate change and how everyone can make a difference for our planet.To learn more, visit Oded Rahav’s site at with Odev Rahav on LinkedInFollow Oded Rahav on Instagram: @oded.rahavHosted by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova Media
Can bodegas and mini-marts be a force for good? In today's episode, we dive into the world of eco-conscious retail with Rachel Krupa, the innovative founder of The Goods Mart. Rachel is redefining the traditional convenience store experience by offering healthier, sustainable alternatives and championing emerging, diverse brands. We'll talk about her journey, the challenges she's faced, the communities she’s helped build, and how she's breaking barriers in an industry often overlooked when it comes to sustainable and health-forward business practices. Join us as we explore the intersection of convenience and conscious consumerism, and learn how The Goods Mart is on a mission to change the way we think about shopping for good. Rachel was a keynote speaker at the Global Wellness Summit's 2023 Wellness Real Estate and Communities Symposium held at JPMorgan Chase headquarters in NYC.To learn more, visit The Goods Mart’s site at Raphael's book, "The Gospel of Wellness"Follow Rachel on Instagram: @rachkrupaHosted by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova Media
Are the buildings we live and work in supporting our wellness – or are they making us sick? Listen in as we pull back the curtain on 'sick buildings' and the adverse health impacts of traditional building design. Our expert panel features Professor Joseph G. Allen, the mind behind Harvard's Healthy Buildings Program, who enlightens us about the nine pillars of a healthy building and why they are critical to our well-being. We're also joined by Jim Dobbie and Debra Wyatte from Zeal for Living, who are revolutionizing the rental market by prioritizing health-focused living spaces. This episode uncovers the urgency of transforming our built environment and how this ground-breaking movement is setting a new standard for the future of living spaces.To learn more, visit Joseph G. Allen’s site at and Zeal for Living at Healthy Buildings, How Indoor Spaces Can Make You Sick or Keep You Well by Joseph G. AllenHarvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthHealthy Buildings Program at Harvardzealforliving.comJoseph G. Allen on TwitterJim Dobbie on LinkedInDebra Wyatte on LinkedInHosted by Kim MarshallProduced by Nova Media
Dive into an inspiring conversation with two wellness industry icons: 101-year-old Deborah Szekley, known as the godmother of the modern-day mind/body/fitness movement and her protégé, Susie Ellis, known as the godmother of the global wellness economy. They discuss the evolution of the wellness industry, their personal journeys and connection, and the importance of mentorship, collaboration, science backed findings and global citizenship. Join us as we celebrate Deborah's recent birthday and reflect on the experiences over the decades of these two wellness pioneers who gave birth to a global movement. To learn more, visit Deborah’s site at Godmother of the Wellness Economy – Living History of a Global Movement with Susie EllisDeborah Szekely: 100 Years Young - Global Wellness InstituteHosted by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova Media
The antidote to the loneliness epidemic is a new trend identified by Global Wellness Summit (GWS) researchers called Wellness + Gathering. The pandemic was a breaking point where people sought a change from the lonely journeys of self-care, craving connection. Today we speak to a pioneer in this space, Dr. Jonathan Leary, founder of the world’s first social wellness clubs called “Remedy Place.”  Discover how urban clubs are the springboard for creatively bringing people together with intention, illuminating the benefits of infrared saunas, ice baths, lymphatic massage, acupuncture and even chiropractic, while underscoring the increased effectiveness when done in a supportive, social setting. This episode will explain how the post-pandemic wellness industry is moving from “lonely to social self-care, from buying to belonging, from URL to IRL, from ego to empathy, from Goop to group,” as stated in GWS’s “The Future of Wellness 2023” global trends report.To learn more:Visit Dr. Jonathan Leary’s site at Get the 2023 Global Wellness Trends Report: The Future of WellnessResources:Learn more at drjonathanleary.comConnect with Dr. Jonathan Leary on LinkedIn: by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova Media
Music is not only an integral part of being human, but research shows that music can have a powerful effect on mood, emotion, energy, and even mental health. Our guest today, Freddie Moross, CEO of Myndstream — a wellness music company with a roster of award-winning composers — explains that when music is purposely created to be at the intersection of art, science, and culture, amazing things can happen. Winner of the Global Wellness Summit 2023 Debora Simon Award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness, Moross talks about his work with neurodiverse communities, helping children with Autism and seniors with Alzheimer's. We’ll hear about Myndstream’s science-backed music designed for the spa world.  You’ll find out who in the Myndstream family is the number one sleep artist in the world and we’ll even meet the duo behind Palm Reading, artists who compose music by becoming accompanists to the energy they pick up from plants around the world in a process called biosonification. Talk about music that is truly “of a place!”To learn more, visit Myndstream’s site at with Freddie Moross on LinkedIn: more about Palm Reading: OR Myndstream on Instagram: @myndstreamHosted by Kim Marshall.Produced by Nova Media