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Author: Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan

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Join Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan each week as they cover the latest in Magic news and events. Prepare yourself for hot takes, Mashi's attempt at clever jokes, and a deep dive into Magic, gaming, and more!
70 Episodes
Gaby and Mashi take a look at the mechanics of Innistrad, as well as what's coming next year to the world of Magic.Timestamps12:19 - Innistrad Midnight Hunt Mechanics 25:40 - Store Championship 34:28 - 2022 Standard Releases50:25 - Ancillary Products and Universes BeyondSocial MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksMagic Showcase Announcements
With digital mechanics and spoiler seasons coming from all sides, Gaby and Mashi discuss if it's getting to be too overwhelming to follow.TimestampsJumpstart and Digital only mechanics - 15:00Are there too many spoilers? - 41:38 Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksJumpstart Historic Horizons details 
Gaby and Mashi jump right into Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, with takes on the mechanics, flavor, and more!TimestampsAFR Dungeons - 13:25Flavor text in mechanics - 26:24Flavor of the set and expectations born from D&D lore - 38:00Final thoughts on AFR - 56:00Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlan
The winds of change are coming - Gaby and Mashi weigh in on Modern Horizons 2, the future of Pro Magic, and more.TimestampsThe death of the MPL - 12:45 Modern Horizons 2 Dive - 28:14Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksMPL cancellation announcement
Gaby and Mashi weigh in on the massive announcement drop this week, covering topics from the D&D crossover set to Modern Horizons 2 (and more)!TimestampsModern Horizons 2 News - 10:39Adventures in the Forgotten Realms News - 31:27WPN Play and Arena Announcements - 43:43Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksSummer of Legend Article
Gaby and Mashi take a look at the latest Strixhaven reveals, while also tackling artistic plagiarism and Arena on Mobile!TimestampsAll about Strixhaven - 07:18Crux of Fate plagiarism - 37:07 MTG Arena on Mobile - 50:40Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksJason Felix's tweetCrux of Fate side by side comparison
Gaby and Mashi unveil MagicFM's first preview cards, and they are about what you'd expect (let's just say that lands are NOT safe). They also discuss Universe's Beyond, as Magic is opening its doors to tons of new IPs.TimestampsTime Spiral Remastered previews! - 13:00Universe's Beyond announcement - 24:09Hasbro reorg announcement - 39:20Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksMagic's Voyages to Universe's BeyondHasbro Reorganization 
Gaby and Mashi make a tier list...of the positives and negatives of tier lists. They also check in on Kaldheim and Arena Mobile in an action-packed episode of MagicFM.TimestampsIs ranking players bad? - 08:00Checking in on Kaldheim - 38:21Checking in on Arena Mobile -  45:01WotC developer roadmap - 53:40Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksMTG Arena State of the GameMTG Arena Mobile FAQ
In a special episode of MagicFM, Gaby and Mashi announce a new schedule, and take a look at Kaldheim spoilers and MTGO news alongside it.Timestamps08:26 - MagicFM moving to monthly announcement12:00 - More Kaldheim Previews! 51:56 - Mythic Tokens and MTGO Subscription Model?Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksCFB Box BreaksScryfall PreviewsMythic Tokens
There have been a ton of Kaldheim previews this week, so Gaby and Mashi dive in, covering the new cards, mechanics, and more (as well as a check-in on MTGA Mobile).Timestamps10:00 - New Kaldheim planeswalkers25 :00 - Discussing the Kaldheim new and returning mechanics 47:19 - MTGA for mobile early access53:12 - Cassette tape mystery in influencer's crates Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksNiko Aris storyTyvar Kell storyMobile announcementKaldheim Mechanics
Gaby and Mashi close out 2020 strong, reviewing this wild year and seeing how many of their wishlist items came true (plus making a new wishlist for next year).Timestamps10:00 - Year in review43:10 - Checks and bricks47:46 - Wishlist for 2021Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlan
Everyone loves preview cards, but should Wizards be paying the creators for previewing them? Gaby and Mashi share their thoughts, and explore the consequences of such a change.Timestamps10:54 - Should Wizards pay creators for previews?Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksSpice8Rack's twitter threadCube April's tweet
In a special episode, Gaby and Mashi interview first-time Pro Tour competitor Carolyn Kavanagh on her experiences qualifying for and competing in the Zendikar Rising Championship.Social MediaCarolyn - @MightyLinguineMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksCarolyn's TwitchSupreme Verdict VideocastFAM: Friends and Magic
This week, Gaby and Mashi tackle the Reserved List in depth, and it may surprise you where they land on it (unless you think they hate it, in which case you're right).Timestamps17:30 - All about the Reserve ListSocial MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksReserve List
 This week, Gaby and Mashi cover the unique situation that two MOCS competitors found themselves in last week, while also examining just how expensive Arena has gotten. Timestamps12:32 - Reversal of match outcome at the MOCS42:00 - Rising cost of Arena, especially HistoricSocial MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksMJ's statementOliver's tweetSaffron Olive's tweet 1Saffron Olive's tweet 2
Gaby and Mashi go to the mailbag this week, answering questions that range from what their unluckiest break was to their favorite Magic art, and much more.Timestamps12:00 - Questions start Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksSlow Cooker Zuppa Toscana
Gaby and Mashi discuss the changes they like about MPL/Rivals league play, while expressing their displeasure about supreme draft and alternate art in the Vintage Cube.Timestamps19:00 - MPL Weekly vs. Weekly League Play 41:00 - Vintage Cube Art and Supreme DraftsSocial MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksCube Alternate Art MTGO Supreme Draft Schedule
Jeweled Lotus blew up the internet yesterday - Gaby and Mashi cover all things Lotus, as well as Arena's mobile delay and Hasbro's earnings call.Timestamps15:00 - Jeweled Lotus48:10 - Hasbro earnings report interesting tidbits + mobile delayedSocial MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksCube April's TweetPatrick Chapin's TweetEarning's Report
Gaby and Mashi celebrate their 52nd episode by doing a giveaway, talking about when we might return to paper Magic, and discussing the WotC rules that led to a high-profile retirement this week.Timestamps02:00 - 52nd Episode Celebration Plans and Giveaway16:00 - WotC Suspends In-Store Play Until January34:54 - WotC employee / spouse co-habitation rules  Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksVirtual GP Twitter ThreadWotC Suspends In-Store Play Until JanuaryAustin Invited to Rivals
Did enough cards get banned to make Standard awesome? Gaby and Mashi investigate, while also attempting to decipher the latest MPL announcement.Timestamps13:51 - Deciphering the Magic Pro League season announcement32:00 - Standard bans and a new metagame Social MediaMagicFM - @MagicFMPodcastGaby Spartz - @GabySpartzMashi Scanlan - @MashiScanlanLinksBanned and Restricted announcementMagic Pro League announcement
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Jake Bloyer

what was up with this episode? they just talked about food. if I want to listen about food I would go to Martha Stewart or something. This happen again I'm done listening to this and I'll listen to mtg goldfish

Sep 7th
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