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Being a woman on the go can be overwhelming at times. Balancing both your family, career, and to-do list can leave you with little time to connect and stay in the loop with local events. Join us for MomsDish MN – a podcast from two Minnesota moms, Hannah and Nicole, who have a passion for making our communities feel connected, lifting up other women, and highlighting the amazing individuals around us.We hope to bring some positivity, information, and hopefully a little humor to your day. We will be sharing local stories, events and travel, entrepreneurs, and more. Each episode will also feature a song from MN musicians. All you need to know for women on the go! Visit our website Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmn
39 Episodes
In episode 39 we learned all about how to feel beautiful and confident in what you wear from your clothes to your makeup and accessories. Marissa Ray is a color specialist with House of Colour. She shares the unique process of using science to finding the right colors that compliment your skin undertones, and how it has transformed her life personally and professionally. Marissa also provides info on her styling services, how her appointments are different than anything you’ve used before, and tips for reimagining your closet! Learn more about Marissa and her services on Instagram or on her Website Marissa is a Minnesota girl at heart with a brief stint in Madison where she met her husband. Three girls, two dogs and one complete house remodel later, they are settled in St. Louis Park. Marissa manages a dental office by day but her real passion is being a confidence curator. She is a personal image consultant using style and color to help all people feel confident exactly the way God designed them to be. Marissa's favorite color is purple, she recently took up tap dancing and will choose the mountains over the beach any day.Support MomsDishMN and give 30% back to the community via our website at www.momsdishmn.comInstagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Jacqui Rae! She talks to us all about personal development and her new personal development experience, Bloom. Bloom was born out of a difficult postpartum experience and a desire to serve women, and to help them rediscover who they are. Personal development helped Jacqui on her own journey to find out who she was again in her new life. She shares with us what personal development is and how you can get started on your own personal development routine even if you don’t have a lot of time! Instagram: @msjacquirae , Email: jacqui@msjacquirae.comVisit our website www.momsdishmn.comInstagram and Facebook @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In episode 37 we speak with Paulette Bonneur about how she had a baby, launched a business, and co-wrote a book with her 4 year old daughter all in the past year. She shares why the topic of her book is so important, how it brought her closer together with her daughter, and how she has dealt with her own body image struggles over the years. Paulette is a force to be reckoned with, and her story will encourage you to keep fighting for your dreams, no matter what life throws at you!  Featuring the song "Hold Me In" by local musician High on Stress. Instagram Facebook TwitterEmailMother of two, wife, four-time cornea transplant recipient and a woman who is unapologetic about going after her dreams, Paulette Bonneur is epitome of resilience strength and grace. As co-author of "Everybody Love Your Body" a body-positive children's book, owner of Harper and Hunter LLC and Interim Director by day Paulette is on a mission to show other moms and women in general that you don't have to have it all together, to have it all.Support MomsDishMN and give 30% back to the community via our website at www.momsdishmn.comInstagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In this episode, we speak with Lucina Kayee and hear the incredible birth story of My Generation. Lucina is the Co-Founder & Community Engagement Coordinator for My Generation. This is a MUST listen episode as she shares so much insider information about the foster care system as she, and other youth, have experienced first hand. This organization helps foster care youth take care of other youth. My Generation also has an exciting new program that will be launching soon.  Featuring the song "Alone" by local musician Mrs. Pinky and The Great Fox. Place to donate to mentioned in the episode: Village ArmsFollow My Generation on Facebook and InstagramLucina Kayee is a Queer, Black Muslim abolitionist, an advocate for foster youth, and the Co-founder of MY Generation. This youth-run organization provides Black, Indigenous, and young people of color (BIPOC) in and from the foster care system opportunities to be motivated, educated, and connected. Lucina is an active team member on the Every Child Deserves a Family Act Campaign, an AmeriCorps Public Ally, and a Campus Ambassador for the Robert F. Kennedy Young Leaders program. She loves reading, hiking, and binge-watching Survivor in her spare time. Support MomsDishMN and give 30% back to the community via our website at www.momsdishmn.comInstagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In episode 35 we speak with Megan Mork, the owner of Eco-Resale. She shares her journey of creating a virtual second-hand shop, and her passion for providing eco friendly options for others. She shares tips on the best local thrift stores to shop at and how to know if you’ve found a good quality used item. Megan will provide you with the information on why sustainable fashion is so important and how to easily have a cute and eco-friendly second-hand wardrobe. Follow Eco-Resale on Instagram @eco.resale or on her website. Featuring the song "Justice" by local musician Mayda. Megan has been buying, styling, and selling clothing since 2009. She was the co-owner of two birds, which sold and styled vintage clothing. They curated a monthly pop-up shop and hosted a daily fashion blog. She was a style contributor at Goodwill, a style presenter for Second Debut, a fashion blogger for Southdale Mall, and a Styling Supervisor at Stitch Fix where she styled Clients every day. She opened eco resale in 2018 where she sells pre-loved clothing and offer a wide range of styling services, including personal shopping, closet clean outs, subscription boxes, and virtual body shape guides.Her passion for creating a safer planet for our children blended with her expertise in styling different body shapes and personalities is what makes her so passionate about eco resale. She wants to make her clients feel confident while saving the earth one piece of clothing at a time.____________________________________________________________________________________________________Support MomsDishMN and give 30% back to the community via our website at www.momsdishmn.comInstagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In this episode, we speak with Audra Robinson, the creator and founder of Rocky Robinson. Rocky Robinson aims to be a brand that is relevant and specifically made for Black girls, to teach them to love themselves from the inside out. Audra shares with us all about how Rocky was born, how she was able to get this company off the group, and that representation matters! Audra Robinson, founder of Rocky Robinson, was born a dreamer. It was her imagination, creativity and vision that brought Rocky to life. After over 15 years of working in the retail marketing industry, often being “the only” in the room, she noticed that something was missing, a brand that was relevant and specifically made for Black girls. Launched March 2020, Rocky Robinson, a self-care brand for girls, was created to teach Black girls to love themselves from the inside out with personal care products including shower gel, lotion and lip balm- and we have hand sanitizer too! Rocky was created because representation matters!   The heart and mission of Rocky is to show  girls their limitless possibilities and celebrate their brilliance, beauty and magic with social and digital content. Our heart and mission is to align with organizations that are dedicated to providing better outcomes for Black girls, and we will use portions of the proceeds to help girls pursue their greatest vision for their lives, including helping put girls through college.  To learn more, shop or donate purchased products visit, and on Instagram @youresocuterocky._____________________________________________________________________________________________Visit on Facebook and Instagram Support the show (
In episode 33 we talk with fellow book enthusiast and entrepreneur Renee Powers about The Feminist Book Club. Renee shares the story of how she accidently stumbled into entrepreneurship and has grown her business over the past few years between her podcast and book club. Renee shares valuable insight on what it means to be a true feminist and how her platform is unique in many ways, including a give back initiative. Renee shares behind the scenes info such as  her favorite interviews with authors and what she envisions for the future of Feminist Book Club. Follow Feminist Book Club @feministbookclubbox or learn more via their website. Bio: Renee Powers founded Feminist Book Club in 2018 to provide a space for intersectional feminists to learn, grow, and connect. When not reading or running the biz, you can find her drinking coffee and trying unsuccessfully to teach her retired racing greyhound how to fetch. Favorite genres: memoir, contemporary literary fiction, short stories.Support MomsDishMN and give 30% back to the community via our website at www.momsdishmn.comInstagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
Diane and Kindra tell us all about this AMAZING program, how it got started, and why this type of care is SO important for Black women. “D.I.V.A. Moms is an African-American led program designed especially for pregnant and postpartum U.S. born African American moms.” This program offers unique support that women are not getting in the typical healthcare setting. Diva Moms teaches women how to advocate for themselves and builds trust with women to make sure we have healthy babies and healthy moms. Find DIVA Moms on Facebook.Support MomsDishMN and give 30% back to the community via our website at www.momsdishmn.comInstagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In episode 31 we talk with Kara Schmitz from The Pink Social. She shares her story of why she created the fundraiser in honor of her Mom and how it has grown over the years. She provides information about self exams and what to look for. Kara also talks about current efforts against cancer and where funding is still short. Kara's story is inspiring and proof that one person can make a huge impact on the lives of others just by turning an idea into action. Featuring the song "I Fall" by local musician Cassondra Lea.Learn more about The Pink Social at: TicketsBio: As a wife, mama of 2, Content Consultant, and the founder of The Pink Social, Kara is busy in the best way! That includes being on top of sharing what's new & happening in the Lake Minnetonka community via her blog,, where she keeps her posts short & sweet for her fellow busy readers. She shares local stories to empower you to make the best choices for your family, your budget and your me-time.Find more podcast episodes at www.momsdishmn.comFacebookInstagramSHOP our new store at the show ( the show (
Coimatan is easily connecting small businesses with the Minnesotan community. Started by Vasiliki, a local small business aficionado, the platform aims to be a simple place to support local, to share small business owner stories, and to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping for small businesses. Use the website as a directory or purchase gift cards and limited edition product directly at you own a small business in the Twin Cities, or you are looking for ways to support local, than you will love this episode and the new platform Coimatan! In this episode we talk with Vasiliki, and her intern Shira, all about Coimatan, formerly Minnesotans Unite. Vasiliki and Shira share the birth story of  Coimatan and how the quarantine period of the pandemic sparked an idea in her.  She discusses the work Coimatan has been doing, the future of this amazing platform, and what you can do to help.  Coimatan is wonderful resource for anyone in the state looking for local places to EAT and SHOP!_________________________________________________________________________________Visit our website at www.momsdishmn.comFacebook and Instagram @momsdishmnSupport the show (
 In episode 29 we speak with Lisa Harris, the founder and CEO of Fashion Meets Poetry. Lisa shares how it all started with a nudge from a friend to publish her book to openly sharing her story in a public platform. Lisa hopes to empower other women from all backgrounds of life to write and share their own story with others, providing a type of therapy unlike any other. Lisa's passion for uplifting women will leave you ready to grab your own pen and paper and start writing. Take a listen to hear more about Lisa's story and the services she provides! Featuring the song "Devil's Playground" by local musician Cassieopia.Learn more about Fashion Meets Poetry: www.fashionmeetspoetry.comLinkedIn FacebookInstagram Lisa Harris is an author, storyteller, poet, narrative coach and the CEO/Founder of Fashion Meets Poetry, a personal development company that connects, guides and transforms women's lives through the power of storytelling. It is Lisa's passion and purpose to help women unveil their stories and reclaim their personal power by shifting their narratives, giving voices to their stories, and building meaningful connections with others. Find more podcast episodes at www.momsdishmn.comFacebookInstagramSHOP our new store at the show (
In this episode, we speak with the 2 founders of Shout Out Loud MN, Lisa and Laura. Shout Out Loud MN is an organization that aims to normalize suicide prevention and end the stigma surrounding mental health. They want kids to grow up knowing it's normal to talk about mental health and coping skills. Lisa and Laura discuss so many good pieces of information such as how to talk to people in your life that may be struggling with mental health issues, warning signs, coping skills, and talking with kids. This episode will encourage you and help you remember you are not alone. We all struggle with mental health, especially right now during this very unique and challenging time. Find out more information at www.shoutoutloudmn.com_________________________________________________________________________________Find more podcast episodes at www.momsdishmn.comFacebookInstagramSupport the show (
In Episode 27 we spoke with Jill Pavlak and Deb Loch, life partners and co-founders of the first women owned brewery in MN. They shared their 6+ year long journey of how they overcame hurdles to open the brewery, including discrimination from banks due to being women. We discussed how their brewery is unique in the ways they focus on marketing to women and provide a space welcome to all.  We also chatted all about BEER of course, from the recipes to the assembly line, their favorite drinks and how they even include beer in their delicious brownies. This episode will leave you feeling inspired and thirsty at the same time, go take a listen! Featuring the song "Never Looking back" by local musician Alex Maiers.Visit our website at www.momsdishmn.comFind us on Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In this episode we speak with Princess Haley from Appetite for Change. We talk all about the foodscape in North Minneapolis, how Appetite for Change is part of the food movement in the community, and all the amazing programs they have been able to start with input from residents of North Minneapolis. Appetite for Change currently has 2 restaurants that you can support as well, Breaking Bread Cafe and Station 81. Take a listen and learn more about what this wonderful organization is doing to provide fresh, local food to people in Minnesota. Featuring the song “Baseball on TV” by Trash Catties_______________________________________________________________________________________Visit our website at www.momsdishmn.comFind us on Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmnSupport the show (
In episode 25 we talked with Tri Vo from Green Card Voices. Tri shares all the different ways that Green Card Voices has expanded their platform throughout the years including videos, speaking engagements, a game, books and now a Podcast. Tri provides a very straightforward and honest review of life as an immigrant in the U.S. how we can improve our dialogue and what he hopes to see in the future for Green Card Voices in regards to the BLM movement. Featuring the song "Sun Baby" by local musician Kashimana.Visit our website at www.momsdishmn.comFollow us on Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmn Join us as we raise $10,000 for Minnesota organizations and business that support BIPOC. Donate via Venmo: Momsdishmn (more information available on our social media accounts)Support the show ( the show (
During Episode 24 we talk with Sarah Breiner, The Legal Mama, who is here to help individuals and families discuss and plan for something we all need to think about-our legacy. She talks about everything that should be included in your estate plan, what you can start thinking about and doing now, and why this type of planning is so important. Everyone who listens will take something away, but if you have minor children this is especially timely. Featuring music from Ghost Wagon. Check them out! Visit our website at www.momsdishmn.comFollow us on Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmn Join us as we raise $10,000 for Minnesota organizations and business that support BIPOC. Donate via Venmo: Momsdishmn (more information available on our social media accounts)Support the show (
In Episode 23 we talk all things gardening with Extension Horticulture Educator, Julie Weisenhorn. Julie is a wealth of information! She teaches us about lawn maintenance, gardening for beginners, herb gardens and more. If you already have a green thumb or just want to know how to mow your lawn only a few times a year, this is an episode you don't want to miss! Featuring the song "Ever Lovin Shame" by The Abiders.Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmnVisit our website to learn more, www.momsdishmn.comSupport the show ( the show (
During episode 22 we talk with Kelley Larson and Rachel Kurtz. They are Minnesota musicians who also started the postpartum care business After the Baby Bump. Kelly and Rachel share how and why they started their businesses and tell us all about the dreamy care their new parents receive.  We also discuss tips for supporting families after baby is born, asking for help, why it can be so hard, and the support system After the Baby Bump leaves you with. Rachel and Kelley talk about being musicians during Covid-19 and how we can support local musicians during this time as well. We are so lucky to feature both artist's songs on this episode.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @momsdishmnVisit our website to learn more, www.momsdishmn.comSupport the show (
During episode 21 we speak with Monica Jones, self care advocate and host of the She is You podcast. With very timely advice, she shares realistic ways we can all fit self care into our schedules and how important it is to fill up our own cups when they are running low. If you feel like you have been putting yourself last and struggle with discussing your needs with your partner and children, this will be a valuable resource for you. Featuring the song “Special Delivery” by local musician Steve BC.Find us on Instagram and Facebook @MomsDishMNwww.momsdishmn.comSupport the show (
In episode 20 we speak with Michael Mader from the Minnesota company Hippy Feet. We discuss why homeless youth have such a hard time finding employment, ways Hippy Feet is helping break the cycle of homelessness in Minnesota and the company’s goals for the future. Michael also shares with us the reasons behind starting Hippy Feet and how the company has grown and changed over time. Featuring the song “New York” by Bluehound.Follow us Instagram and FACEBOOK @momsdishmn www.momsdishmn.comSupport the show (
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