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From his first drink, Eric drank like it was a marathon, always going overboard and beyond everyone else. It was in a moment of honesty with his father that his journey to sobriety began—that was 21 years ago. Quotes“I never had a normal relationship with alcohol, it was always drink as much as possible, as fast as possible.”“If you think you have a problem with drinking, you probably do; and if you have a problem with drinking, you’re in the right place.”
Approaching her 20th anniversary of sobriety, Jan gets real as she walks us through her journey to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous—where she is happy, joyous and free.Quotes“The only place I was finding recovery was in the rooms of AA.”“I have reached a level of contentment I never thought was possible.”
26 yrs. old, gay, homeless and new to sobriety, during the AIDS epidemic, Paul found his way into Alcoholics Anonymous and a life of sobriety and joy.Quotes“I was struck sober, I didn’t want to get sober, I didn’t plan to get sober . . . I didn’t believe I belonged here . . . the message of Alcoholics Anonymous hit me and it stuck.”“I got a life that was so much better than I could have envisioned; I did not know people could live the way I live today, which is - I’m comfortable in my own skin.”
The progression of her disease went from food to cutting to alcohol to drugs to really serious drugs. Not everyone will relate to Sarah’s past, but absolutely every person in recovery needs the wisdom and insight she beautifully presents.Quotes “My thoughts no longer dictate my actions, my actions in fact, dictate my thoughts.”“I had the incentive to do the things I didn’t want to do because I knew relief was guaranteed and that’s still the principle I live on today in recovery.” “I have no desire to drink and use today, and that’s the side effect of my program today, and it’s glorious.” 
The program of Alcoholics Anonymous brought out the genuine Adrienne; when you listen to her whole story, you get to hear Adrienne transform into a beautiful butterfly of sobriety and motherhood.Quotes“It’s a we program, not anI program, you’re gonna need that extra person to give you a boost.”“I just kept coming back regardless; I didn’t have a drink no matter what, because it wasn’t worth it.”
Bipolar, depression and alcoholism, Stephan shares his honest story from pain and a 6 yrs. relapse with 4 brain surgeries—to a life of joy, love and a growing family. Quotes“I have had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps in AA, and I am no longer the person that I was before.” “This is a very experiential program . . . once you experience something, you have Sober Reference.” 
Henry shares a calm and gentle story of recovery. A medical doctor with 3 years of sobriety, he’s not completely ready to forgive or love himself, but the Principles and the people of this Program are showing Henry the way there.Quotes“I have a certain kind of peace, a certain kind of acceptance, a certain kind of serenity.” “I know that I want to believe . . . and I want to live my life in a way that acknowledges that there’s a power greater than myself.”
At only 21 yrs. of age, Jamie was arrested for murder; that was 20 yrs. ago, and she has been sober since. Despite alcoholism, addiction and a painful past, Jamie embraced the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and completely turned her life around. Quotes“I got on my knees one night . . . God, I can’t stop, help me want to stop, please help me want to stop drinking, because I don’t want to stop, but I can’t keep living like this.” “There is this thing in Alcoholics Anonymous that’s evidently working regularly, and I started to see the miracles happening all around me, so I decided to keep going.”
Eddie has spent most of his life sober, though he drifted from the rooms more than once, about 20 yrs ago he found his way back and has since gotten into the middle of the fellowship. The joy Eddie has today is palpable—for this old timer, the promises have and continue, to come true.Quotes“Life is really, really good for me . . . things are good, and they’re only good because those kids back in 1983 would not let me skip out on this gift, they dragged me into those meetings and I’m forever grateful to them.”  “Happiness is a temporary state of mind . . . joy is what I aspire to, and it’s what I find when I work with others and do the kind of things that take me out of self.”
W.B. takes a look at her life from growing up feeling alone, through to today, having just celebrated 18 yrs. of sobriety, surrounded by love and fellowship. W.B. is a life-long learner that brings a sense of calm with her wisdom. Quotes“Everything good in my life comes from my being in this program; my ability to keep good things in my life comes from my being in this program.”“The gifts I’ve gotten in this program are things I didn’t even know I wanted that make my life really incredible.” 
Unemployed and unemployable, with felony charges hanging over Brian’s head, he dove into the program—and from his first day in jail through to today, Brian has accepted help, developed a life of recovery and has found happy, joyous and free in sobriety. Quotes“A brand-new way of life was opened up for me, where I didn’t have to do it on my own, where I didn’t have to be all by myself.”“The further I got into the steps, the easier it got for me handle everyday life.”
Lilly just celebrated 3 years of sobriety, at only 26 years old she has her entire sober life in front of her with all the miracles this program has to offer. No longer afraid, nor seeking a fake happiness, Lilly is comfortable and happy in her own skin and has true serenity, peace and joy.Quotes“Don’t let the life AA gave you take away your AA life.”“I love myself today, and that’s the biggest blessing.”
Seth shares his relentless pursuit to fit in and connect with others as he walks us through a beautiful journey from lonely brokenness to a life of healing, love and joy. Quotes “The person who makes a decision to take the first drink doesn’t exist once I take that first drink.”  "Meetings saved my life, but they didn't transform me . . . the steps break the spell of my own mind."
Jeanna shares her story of recovery; from drugs, alcohol, bulimia and drama, to a beautiful life of peace, serenity, and a son in sobriety. Quotes“I felt like a lost soul.”“I was always trying to get away with something.”“The life I have today is unbelievable, I feel blessed and lucky and normal.”
Ahmad shares the crazy times he enjoyed drinking through to the day he planned his death and said goodbye to his son.  Being a dry drunk is both dangerous and lonely. Being a part of Alcoholics Anonymous is both a right and a privilege—to anyone that wants to quit drinking.  Ahmad’s Experience, Strength and Hope will touch the newcomer and the old-timer with just the same amounts of wisdom.Quotes“I never had a problem with alcohol until I tried to stop . . . I could stop, but I couldn’t stay stopped.” “I remember praying to a god that I didn’t believe in.”
Judy shares her Experience, Strength and Hope on her 32nd sobriety birthday. Sober at 43 yrs. old, Judy shares what it was like adulting while using and drinking and then she walks us through adulting while sober in Alcoholics Anonymous. Judy accidently found her way into the rooms and surprised herself when she raised her hand to introduced herself as an alcoholic. Today, Judy is an active member of the program, is available to and active in her children’s lives, and is of service to women and the community. Quotes“On the 30th day I identified as an alcoholic, and it surprised me just as much as everyone else.”“I learned how to raise my kids through Alcoholics Anonymous . . . I was taught how to be a good mom.”“I woke up one day and realized I’m not worried about what anybody thinks about me anymore.”
Anna shares her Experience, Strength and Hope from a strong place in her program. Anna is a great storyteller with lots of cringeworthy moments that describe the craziness of addiction and alcoholism—and the beauty of recovery and sobriety.Anna was born in the Philippines and moved to San Fran in the late 80’s. She grew up with a chaotic childhood, which included rage, alcohol and inconsistency. As a young teen Anna found alcohol and it was game-on for her and her alter-egos. 3 weeks after a suicide attempt and 2 weeks after an abortion, Anna arrived to a Tinder date with 6 pack and met her first sober person ever, and went to her first ever meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. She has been here since. Quotes“I couldn’t wait to get high, I couldn’t wait to get drunk, I couldn’t wait to just lose fuckin’ control, because in every other area of my life I had zero.”“I learned how to be human.” "Hard core evidence . . . wow there really is a God in my life.”
Ben shares his Experience, Strength and Hope with humility, more than 3 decades into sobriety. Ben has lived an exciting life which included top secret Navy clearance, gambling addiction, spy ships, black-market smuggling, Hollywood, drugs and alcoholism—not in that order.At the height of his career success, Ben was in the top 1% of his field working at Universal Studios . . . and two years later he was separated from his wife, living in a car, arrested 5x in 9 days, and going absolutely insane. This is when a friend of the program 12-stepped Ben directly from the book; and though he thought Alcoholics Anonymous was a cult, he tried it anyway. Ben hasn’t had a drink since. Ben is still an active member, passing on the principles of these steps and these ways of living life sober.Quotes“I thought that alcohol did for everybody what it does for me.”“Once I put alcohol in my body, I have no idea when I’m gonna stop.”“It’s the thinking, that’s my insanity, to think this time I can control and enjoy my drinking.”“I heard it so many times, I didn’t have to take a drink again if I didn’t want to, and my obsession was lifted.”
Titus shares his Experience, Strength and Hope as a young member of AA; before he could legally drink, he found sobriety. Now with 26 years, he shares the truth of being sober in and out of the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.Titus describes himself as extremely sensitive to life, feeling emotions more intensely than most. So, when he lost his mother at 16 yrs. old, escape was almost necessary. Like many alcoholics, Titus always felt different than his peers; he never felt like he fit in, which made the discovery of alcohol dangerously comforting. After a Drug Diversion Program, Live-in Treatment and Detox Center, Titus found himself sober. Titus details the pain of being sober away from the program: “I was stone cold sober, but dying of alcoholism, 8 yrs. into sobriety.” . . . but today Titus is active in AA, and comfortable in his own skin, in life and in the rooms.Quotes"I know what happens to me when I drink, I live literally like an animal." “I was shot-out over alcohol, a beverage, something you can get legally.”“It’s here for the taking if it’s what you want.”
Mike shares his Experience, Strength and Hope, bravely setting aside his speech impediment in order to share with the newcomer what a decade in sobriety looks like. Born and raised in Boston, in a family of 10 children, Mike had a lot of freedom to roam and party. At 18 he joined the military where he really learned about life, hard work and having a good time. Fast forward and you'll see Mike with a good job, home, wife, and children, but find him unbelievably angry and depressed.  On one particularly miserable weekend, Mike was desperate enough to finally ask for help; he picked up the phone, said he was ready, and attended his first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. By following his sponsor's suggestions and working the steps, Mike's obsession to drink was removed, along with all the sadness. Today Mike is a happy, joyous and free man, husband, father and active member of AA. Quotes“Everything they recommended, that’s exactly what I did; I dove into it. Because when I was drinking, I was trapped, and I had to get out of the trap, and the only way I knew how was to dive into this thing which they called recovery.”“There’s nothing that I’m going to hear that’s gonna make me consider taking a drink.”“There is hope and there is help, and there is healing, I know that now.” 
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