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Sounds of Barcelona. This is a personal blog. I'll be recording sounds of my life in the Catalan capital and share some thoughts.

I am a Senior Front-end Software Engineer from Barcelona, a Haidong Gumdo Instructor (korean martial art of the sword), a street photographer, a travel lover, a TV addict, a Boston Red Sox fan, and a privacy advocate.
12 Episodes
Joining a band. 3 trips cancelled. New apartment is happening. Picks of the week: The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. Comments:
Contract has been signed. Time to celebrate. Final boss is still pending IKEA and augmented reality. Picks of the week: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi and Jojo Rabbit. Comments:
Our apartment search might be over? Fingers crossed. Pick of the week: Haikyū!! Season 4 Comments:
Static rain sounds South Korea, again. Priorities and expensive wine. Pick of the week: Parasite (my spoiler free review here) Comments:
Christmas markets and hot wine Catalan traditions about poop Google Nest Mini, free of charge. Comments:
Episode 7: Overkill

Episode 7: Overkill


Expensive meetings to Frankfurt and NYC. Pick of the week: The Irishman Comments:
Episode 6: Night train

Episode 6: Night train


A helicopter or a suitcase? Trains at night. Night trains. Pick of the week: Google Tasks Comments:
Episode 5: Vitamin D

Episode 5: Vitamin D


I’m either a ghost or Count Dracula. Dog balls. Meta commentary, improving the sound. Picks of the week: Silicon Valley, Rick and Morty and The Mandalorian. Comments:
Episode 4: Unplugging

Episode 4: Unplugging


Train trip to the beach. Unplugging from the city. Trains in Japan and South Korea. Pic of the day: The Umbrella Academy. Comments:
Rainy days are the best Korean, Russian or Italian. I’m confused. Pic of the day: Old Man’s War (read my review) Comments:
Episode 2: Aliens

Episode 2: Aliens


Kids playground Scary out of this world thoughts Pic of the day: "We are Legion, We are Bob" by Dennis E. Taylor Comments:
Hello world! Introductions first. The first episode of my podcast: The meaning of “hello world” What is this podcast? What does a Front-end Software Engineer do? Shout-outs Picks: My Hero Academia I hope you stick around! Comments:
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