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Author: William Breon Henry

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Hosted by William Breon Henry, founder of Be Better World, this podcast is focused on encouragement, empowerment and celebrating those qualities in every day individuals. Join us for a powerful few minutes to jump start your week!
31 Episodes
In this episode, William sits down with long time friend Kyle Palmer. Going way back, Kyle and William discuss their first business venture and where they are now as well as how they're moving forward. Exciting news and profound take aways in this episode! 
In this episode of the Be Better Chop Shop Podcast, William sits down with a group of women who shattered the glass ceiling. From all walks of life, hear their powerful stories on being women in business in Montana and their own experiences and thoughts about diversity and inclusion. The guests are:Yolawnda HenryJulie SeedhouseSuzie EadesRian Denaya andKelli Maxwell
Episode 12 - Jeff Boyd

Episode 12 - Jeff Boyd


Jeff Boyd has owned a State Farm agency for decades.  An experienced business man, Jeff is passionate about coaching in the community and the difference it makes, drawing from his own experience. William and Jeff have an important conversation about diversity in their community. Standards are standards in this REAL episode. 
Husband and Wife team Jaysun & Mistie Mims join William in the studio! They coach, train and offer fitness programs to their clients either in person, at home or online! Jaysun and Mistie talk about their partnership in work and at home and their blended family. Don't miss William sharing how their daughter changed his life. 
This was not planned, but it worked out perfectly. In the studio this week is Harvey Singh, CEO of Singh Contracting, John Brewer, CEO & President of the Billings Chamber of Commerce and Josiah MoHugs, Community Prevention Coordinator of the Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center. Powerful conversations are happening. It's time to get uncomfortable and contribute to real change, right here in our community.  Listen to this episode with some of Billings best leaders and forces of change for diversity and inclusion. 
Community advocate and entrepreneur Leif Welhaven joins William in the studio!   Leif recently took the leap to start his own marketing and motivational agency. He was a fantastic employee and uses his experience to grow his company.   Leif is part of the Exchange Club and sits on the national board and shares about a local grassroots group he helped start!
Shane Fitcher is a former MMA fighter turned entrepreneur. Shane views his drug addiction as a tool that prepared him to be a fighter and a business owner. Scrappy and creative, he uses his past experience to encourage others and create a space for those who are recovering at his Kava bar. Kava is a plant from the Pacific Islands and is traditionally drank by the natives. Hear William share his experience trying Kava for the first time! Learn more about Kava and Shane's story in this episode. 
Sara Beth Wald is a blogger and content creator with an incredible story. She started writing for a local newspaper and her authenticity and vulnerability were a hit! Redefining Love is her journey of creating boundaries, accountability, and grace.Ending with some amazing advice, don't miss this episode! 
DeDe puts people into the biggest debt of their lives! She is a mortgage lender and she helps people achieve the ultimate American Dream... owning their own property!2020 has been a wild year in the world of mortgage lending, interest rates are at the lowest they've ever been. Hear from the expert to understand what you can do to get into a home or purchase a bigger home.We're releasing the fear of buying a home in this episode and DeDe ends with some real inspiration!
Trigger Warning... This episode is about human trafficking. Billings City Council Woman Penny Ronning is working hard to fight sex trafficking in our city.  Human trafficking is happening right here, right under our noses.  Penny has trained with the FBI, works with CASA to advocate for children in our foster care system and works with the Billings Police Department to help improve communication between government and the public. Listen to this episode and learn how you can get involved and what you can do to change our city. 
Shannon Blake and his crew are joining us on this week's episode! William is de-bunking myths and talking about how we can better collaborate with other sports coaches and teams.Shannon has built a program coaching basketball, pushing the envelope and getting kids into practice at a younger age and keeping up with programs across the nation.Shannon is also an advocate for foster care. The father of eight himself, Shannon discusses raising minorities here in Montana and how we can work together to improve our community. Everyone wins in this episode!
The Palmer Family is joining William in the studio for this episode! Ken and Amber discuss living in Montana and what they're doing to bring diversity and change to their city. They organized a peaceful protest, working with local city officials and pastors to keep everyone safe. They started the BIPOC Lives Matter community page and are very involved in the community, changing the culture and conversation right here in Billings. 
Mike Nelson, CEO of the world famous Northern Hotel here in Billings, Montana joins William in this episode! Mike is a Billings native, but has an interesting background working on the Strip in Las Vegas and he's bringing his experience to the heart of Billings as an advocate for diversity in our city. Mike also leaves some sound advice at the end of this episode, don't miss it!
"Don't talk about someone, talk with someone" in this Season Two opener with Jeff Johnson! Jeff is the CEO of True North Strategic Consultants, where he helps individuals and corporations communicate better and develop their teams. He has a background in training and deploying executive protection teams in high risk hostage negotiations outside of the United States. Having hard conversations is Jeff's specialty, that's why he stepped in and started them with city officials this summer. Jeff held a series of "Walk With Me" Roundtable Discussions on Racial Injustice, Bias, and Prejudice.Start your Monday morning with this powerful episode on inclusion, understanding and building relationships with ALL community members. 
D'Vaughn is the licensee for TEDxBillings. Did you know William is a TEDx Speaker?!Learn more about this event, how it came to Billings and how you can get involved! William and D'Vaughn also discuss their experiences in the community, educating others and fighting for justice for all. Do the next right thing and listen to this episode! 
Kyle and Kelli, podcasters at Campfire Hour and producers of the Be Better Podcast join William to talk about how real the struggle actually is. Launching a product and starting a new business is not for the faint of heart and they share their very REAL struggles as a start up coffee company and what they do to overcome the discouragement. A great episode for any discouraged entrepreneur, empower yourself so you can empower others! 
Bryan joins William in this episode to talk about all things credit, personal banking and planning for the future. Whether you're rebuilding your credit or are debt free, this is an inspiring episode about financial health and empowerment! 
President Elect of the Junior League of Billings joins William in this episode. This incredible group of women exemplifies giving and serving in their communities.  William and Jennifer talk about the purpose of the organization and what we can do to get involved, empower ourselves and empower others! 
Professional Indoor Football Quarterback, Chris Dixon, joins William this week in the Be Better Chop Shop. Chris shares great coaching advice, life advice, why he believes in starting athletes inside the football arena and some great father and coaching tips. Get inspired by this professional athlete so you can empower yourself and empower others! 
Dave, President of Alternatives, Inc. joins William this week. Alternatives Inc. is a pre-release center that offers programs for all their residents to get jobs, treatment and help support their families. Industry experience brings success in this episode! 
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