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In this episode, I share 5 reasons starting over should be a regular practice, not a last resort & 6 questions you can ask yourself to think fresh. Get the takeaways from this episode by texting REAL to 66866 if you’re in the U.S. or by going to if you’re outside the US. Click here to save a spot at my next ZOOM Room Mingle:  Host:  |  | |  | | |
It’s frustrating to live with something as adult you were supposed to outgrow. Most adults are misdiagnosed with depression & anxiety when ADHD is the cause. Dr. Barbara Cohen, psychotherapist for over 30 years, certified ADHD Coach, international ADHD researcher, and fellow ADDer, offers insight & answers to adults who have brains that work differently.Click here to save your spot at the next ZOOM Room Mingle:  Guest: | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Iran hasn’t always been a conflict zone. 1970s Iran resembled most Western countries. But in 1979, the government changed from a monarchy to a theocracy, causing the mostly secular public to be ruled by radical Muslims. Now the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has sparked country-wide protests, with Gen Z at the forefront. In this episode, Iranian American Shadi (last name left out for safety) explains in plain language why Americans (& everyone else) should care about the Iranian protests. #womenlifefreedomIf you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 48: FORCED MARRIAGE IN AMERICA?Guest: | Contact United Nations &  demand action 1-800-367-5437 | Contact UNICEF | Contact your representatives  Host:  |  | |  | |
Dr. Duana Welch is called Dear Abbey on Science. She’s the author of the book, Love Factually, a data-driven, how-to romance book for people looking for lifelong love. In this episode, she uses science to explain the friend zone, how to get out of it & why men propose with a ring, not a potato.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 68: CROSS-CULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS? LESSONS OF LOVE FROM YOUTUBE CREATOR DATING BEYOND BORDERSGuest: | | Host:  |  | |  | |
Dr. Loretta Breuning was unconvinced by prevailing theories on human motivation & after researching the animal origins of our brain chemicals, wrote the book Habits of a Happy Brain. Here she shares why we find ourselves saying, “I shouldn’t be so unhappy! I have everything I need” or doing late-night shopping at the expense of your savings account, drinking more than we said we would, or going back into that bad relationship. She breaks down each brain chemical in plain language,  philosophical vs physical happiness, & why our expectation of constant happiness can be a source of chronic distress.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 63: NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH HACKS BY MEREDITHGuest: | | |  |  | |  | |
Dr. Joe Watkins has been studying archeology for over 50 years. He’s a Senior Consultant at Archaeological and Cultural Education Consultants, in Tucson, Arizona & visiting Professor at the Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education at Hokkaido University in Japan. He is also a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. He was the 2nd native person to be president of the society for American archaeology & serves as a mediator between anthropological disciplines and Indigenous groups. In this episode, he discusses why Native Americans & Archaeologists butt heads, what drew him to archaeology despite social pressure to avoid it & his take on why Native history isn’t taught in high schools.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 114: HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M INDIGENOUS? MAN DISCOVERS HE’S NATIVE ROYALTYGuest:  |  | |  | |
Psilocybin was approved for research of therapeutic potential in 2021 & Dr. Peter Hendricks is a part of that research. He’s a clinical psychologist and professor in the department of health behaviors at the University of AL Birmingham. Here he shares why psilocybin has historically been taboo, the therapeutic potential, the efficacy of drug prohibition & the CIA’s role in making magic mushrooms mainstream in Western culture.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 101: PSYCHEDELIC LAWYER?Guest has no social media presence, but would like to bring attention to:  |  | |  | |
Lopaka Kapanui is a native Hawaiian who was adopted by a non-Hawaiian family & raised Catholic. When he was 7, he died during a medical procedure & his near-death experience left him with some unusual gifts & an open door to connecting back to his culture. He now celebrates over 25 years of owning & operating Hawaii’s only locally-owned ghost tour company, Mysteries of Hawaii. In this episode, he shares the tie between mediumship & Hawaiian culture, his personal journey back to his roots & some ghost stories he’s personally experienced.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 51: HAUNTED HOMETOWN?Guest: |  | |  |  | |  | |
Trish St John is the founder of Sensual Solutions in Vancouver, Canada, an intimate care service for adults with disabilities. With everyone trying to be more sex-positive, we ask the question, why then is it so uncomfortable to think about someone with a spinal cord injury having sex? In this episode, she shares how she went from HR executive to sex surrogacy agency owner, why we prefer people with disabilities to be asexual, how her service works & how it’s legal.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 123: HOW ARE SEX SCENES NOT (KINDA) REAL? PILATES BALLS, YOGA MATS & TRAFFIC LIGHTSGuest: | |  |  | |  | |
Jeff Adorador spent his 20s as an outdoor nomad, spending most of his time in nature & able to fit all of his possessions in the back of a truck. In his 30’s he got his Master's Degree in Counseling & in 2004 he combined his passions by founding Earthwalker, a service providing wilderness survival instruction, walk-and-talk outdoor counseling, and wilderness therapy adventures. In this episode we talk about finding your gifts late in life, what it was like going from sleeping under the stars to the fluorescent lighting of a hospital graveyard shift & why getting outside is more than just a good idea.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 130: BAREFOOT IN CANADA: REWILDING, BRAIN FOG & STARBUCKSGuest: | |  |  | |  | |
Joshua Harris is the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a best-selling book in the late ’90s touting courtship as the superior way to find God’s perfect match for you & avoid the perils of sexual sin. It was a required read for many in the evangelical Christian community. In this episode, Josh shares how he changed his mind about the ideas in the book, how our sex lives & careers are connected, and the pros & cons of old-fashioned dating & sexism in the church.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 90: PURITY CULTURE IN A CULT: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE JESUS JERKGuest: | |  |  | |  | |
The Ysleta community of El Paso sits near the Mexico border & is known for its paranormal activity. Leon Baker was a border patrol agent for 23 years where he experienced paranormal activity like ghosts, shadow people & unexplainable thermal readings. In this episode, he shares his ghost stories as well as a few surprising immigration stories.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 93: ARE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES SCIENCE?Guest: | |  |  | |  | |
You’ve heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when it comes to your Vagus nerve, it’s everybody’s business! Dr. Jamie Tyler is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham & the Co-Founder of IST, a neurotech company that develops noninvasive human performance enhancement technology. He has developed biohacking earbuds as a solution for stress & possibly Crohn’s, chronic headaches, depression, Parkinson’s, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, ADHD & even staying calm at the dentist. Here he explains the Vagus nerve, the new technology & how we can chill out even without the help of tech.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 61: REDUCING STRESS THROUGH BREATHING: HACKS FOR THE NON-HIPPYGuest: | |  |  | |  | |
Gill Tietz is a former pharmaceutical biochemist who uses science to approach the subject of sobriety in her podcast, Sober Powered. In this episode, she explains the difference between a pastime & a problem, why WHY we drink matters & if it’s possible to be a heavy drinker, but not be an alcoholic. So whether you are wanting to better understand your newly sober friends, are sober curious yourself or approaching your own rock bottom, this episode is shame-free zone & the meaningful entertainment you’ve come to expect.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 46: METH, GAY PORN, REHAB & CELEB PHOTOGRAPHY PART 1Guest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Jose Herrera had Marine squad leader training that included learning about & using a “sixth sense.” In this episode, he shares his journey to developing pre-cognitive abilities & how he used them in his 3 combat tours in Iraq & Afghanistan. He also shares a bit of military history around this topic & how we might all be able to upgrade our senses.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 93: ARE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES SCIENCE? Guest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Vicki Robin is considered the mother of the FIRE movement & has appeared on hundreds of shows, including Oprah & Good Morning America. She’s the co-author of the international best-seller, Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence. Here we explore the heart-side of the balance sheet with concepts like money is life energy, the fulfillment curve & the real hourly wage.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 88: NO SPEND YEAR? UNCONVENTIONAL MONEY HACKS TO RETIRE EARLY Guest: | | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Christophe Zajac-Denek  is a surfer, actor, journalist, drummer & stunt man. He is also a Little Person. He was born with Cartilage-hair hypoplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. In this episode, we talk about the mechanics of surfing with a spinal fusion & shorter limbs, and his journey of going from not wanting to be associated with other Little People to becoming an advocate. He also shares his experience & observations as an actor & stunt man.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 145: BLIND ROCK CLIMBER? ADVENTURE ADVOCACY & INNOVATIONGuest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Dr. Benjamin Bergen is a Cognitive Science professor at the University of California San Diego, the author of the book, What the F, and was featured on the Netflix series “The History of Swear Words.” Here he shares what makes a word bad, discusses the future of cussing, the efficacy of word prohibition & the cultural influence of cursing etymology around the world.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 68: CROSS-CULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS? LESSONS OF LOVE FROM YOUTUBE CREATOR DATING BEYOND BORDERSGuest:  |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka is a Professor of religious history at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her research focuses on religion and technology, but it was her research about purgatory specifically that lead her to UFO culture, a journey she documents in her book, American Cosmic. Here she helps us understand the connection between tech, religion & aliens, explains why you might think about something & then see it show up in your life & why some Christians get offended at the idea of interplanetary life.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 95: THE PENTAGON SAID UFOS ARE REAL?! SPAGHETTI & COSTCOGuest: |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli is a  zero waste consultant and executive director of Common Ground Compost, a New York organization dedicated to waste reduction through zero waste program design, staff training, education, advocacy, collection & compost. Here she explains how trash & recycling really work, the socioeconomic dynamics in environmental causes & how we can be less trashy.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 118: GMO MOSQUITOES?! ETHICS, DISEASE BURDEN & THE FUTUREGuest: | | | | Host:  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
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