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In this episode, I share 5 reasons starting over should be a regular practice, not a last resort & 6 questions you can ask yourself to think fresh. Get the takeaways from this episode by texting REAL to 66866 if you’re in the U.S. or by going to if you’re outside the US. Click here to save a spot at my next ZOOM Room Mingle:  Host:  |  | |  | | |
It’s frustrating to live with something as adult you were supposed to outgrow. Most adults are misdiagnosed with depression & anxiety when ADHD is the cause. Dr. Barbara Cohen, psychotherapist for over 30 years, certified ADHD Coach, international ADHD researcher, and fellow ADDer, offers insight & answers to adults who have brains that work differently.Click here to save your spot at the next ZOOM Room Mingle:  Guest: | | | | | | | | | | | | |
The Ysleta community of El Paso sits near the Mexico border & is known for its paranormal activity. Leon Baker was a border patrol agent for 23 years where he experienced paranormal activity like ghosts, shadow people & unexplainable thermal readings. In this episode, he shares his ghost stories as well as a few surprising immigration stories.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 93: ARE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES SCIENCE?Guest: | |  |  | |  | |
You’ve heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when it comes to your Vagus nerve, it’s everybody’s business! Dr. Jamie Tyler is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham & the Co-Founder of IST, a neurotech company that develops noninvasive human performance enhancement technology. He has developed biohacking earbuds as a solution for stress & possibly Crohn’s, chronic headaches, depression, Parkinson’s, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, ADHD & even staying calm at the dentist. Here he explains the Vagus nerve, the new technology & how we can chill out even without the help of tech.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 61: REDUCING STRESS THROUGH BREATHING: HACKS FOR THE NON-HIPPYGuest: | |  |  | |  | |
Gill Tietz is a former pharmaceutical biochemist who uses science to approach the subject of sobriety in her podcast, Sober Powered. In this episode, she explains the difference between a pastime & a problem, why WHY we drink matters & if it’s possible to be a heavy drinker, but not be an alcoholic. So whether you are wanting to better understand your newly sober friends, are sober curious yourself or approaching your own rock bottom, this episode is shame-free zone & the meaningful entertainment you’ve come to expect.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 46: METH, GAY PORN, REHAB & CELEB PHOTOGRAPHY PART 1Guest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Jose Herrera had Marine squad leader training that included learning about & using a “sixth sense.” In this episode, he shares his journey to developing pre-cognitive abilities & how he used them in his 3 combat tours in Iraq & Afghanistan. He also shares a bit of military history around this topic & how we might all be able to upgrade our senses.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 93: ARE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES SCIENCE? Guest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Vicki Robin is considered the mother of the FIRE movement & has appeared on hundreds of shows, including Oprah & Good Morning America. She’s the co-author of the international best-seller, Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence. Here we explore the heart-side of the balance sheet with concepts like money is life energy, the fulfillment curve & the real hourly wage.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 88: NO SPEND YEAR? UNCONVENTIONAL MONEY HACKS TO RETIRE EARLY Guest: | | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Christophe Zajac-Denek  is a surfer, actor, journalist, drummer & stunt man. He is also a Little Person. He was born with Cartilage-hair hypoplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. In this episode, we talk about the mechanics of surfing with a spinal fusion & shorter limbs, and his journey of going from not wanting to be associated with other Little People to becoming an advocate. He also shares his experience & observations as an actor & stunt man.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 145: BLIND ROCK CLIMBER? ADVENTURE ADVOCACY & INNOVATIONGuest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Dr. Benjamin Bergen is a Cognitive Science professor at the University of California San Diego, the author of the book, What the F, and was featured on the Netflix series “The History of Swear Words.” Here he shares what makes a word bad, discusses the future of cussing, the efficacy of word prohibition & the cultural influence of cursing etymology around the world.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 68: CROSS-CULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS? LESSONS OF LOVE FROM YOUTUBE CREATOR DATING BEYOND BORDERSGuest:  |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka is a Professor of religious history at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her research focuses on religion and technology, but it was her research about purgatory specifically that lead her to UFO culture, a journey she documents in her book, American Cosmic. Here she helps us understand the connection between tech, religion & aliens, explains why you might think about something & then see it show up in your life & why some Christians get offended at the idea of interplanetary life.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 95: THE PENTAGON SAID UFOS ARE REAL?! SPAGHETTI & COSTCOGuest: |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli is a  zero waste consultant and executive director of Common Ground Compost, a New York organization dedicated to waste reduction through zero waste program design, staff training, education, advocacy, collection & compost. Here she explains how trash & recycling really work, the socioeconomic dynamics in environmental causes & how we can be less trashy.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 118: GMO MOSQUITOES?! ETHICS, DISEASE BURDEN & THE FUTUREGuest: | | | | Host:  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Matt Shifrin is a rock climber, podcaster, TedTalk speaker, musical composer & inventor. He’s also blind. He shares how he invented Lego instructions for the blind & how legos helped him rock climb. He also shares how his experience of the world differs from a sighted person in situations like getting a Lyft & crossing the street & how he’s using technology to “see” facial expressions.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 41: TWO-TIME QUADRIPLEGIC? FOOTBALL PLAYER TO COMMUNITY CHANGE MAKER
Introverts are notorious for having a few close friends. Extraverts are known for having many friends, but none very close. Adam Smiley Poswolsky gives tips for both as we discuss the friendship gap, a term to describe being “connected” in a digital age, while experiencing heightened loneliness. He’s a speaker & author of Friendship in the Age of Loneliness. He answers the question, What IS friendship?, Can I have opposite sex friends? & gives practical strategies to deepen relationships you already have.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 121: PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER? HUGGING, HORMONES & BODY AUTONOMYGuest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Is the “ick” factor of cannibalism nature or nurture? Bill Schutt, a PhD zoologist & author of, answers this question by sharing the history of human cannibalism. He’s also the author of Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History. We discuss why accounts of historic cannibalism may have been exaggerated, cannibalism in Europe, eating placenta & taking holy communion.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 114: HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M INDIGENOUS? MAN DISCOVERS HE’S NATIVE ROYALTYGuest:  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
When the Redditor known as Incrediblyshinyshart lost part of his leg in a motorcycle accident & had to have it amputated, he made an unusual choice – to eat it. He shares his thoughts on mourning, cannibalism & why eating part of his own body was life-changing.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 117: CHIN TATTOOS: HEALING & SOVEREIGNTY IN ALASKAGuest:  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Rob Baedeker is the co-author of What to Talk About: On a Plane, at a Cocktail Party, in a Tiny Elevator with Your Boss's Boss. In this episode, he shares how to break free of the sleep-inducing conversation templates we've all had on repeat, deal with awkward political discussions & keep the conversational spark alive with our friends & family by converting small talk into real talk.If you liked this episode, you'll also like episode 127: THE OUTGOING INTROVERT PARADOX: INSIGHTS & TIPSGuest: | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
The thought of collecting hair is reserved in our minds for the worst episodes of Hoarders, but Lisa Gautier of Matter of Trust is using discarded hair to clean up the ocean. In this episode, she explains how her organization discovered mats & booms made of human & animal hair were super oil absorbers, who is using them, how they are disposed of  & how they’re using a politically agnostic social media platform for data collection.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 12: CURING FEAR WITH SHARKS: A LIFE UNCAGEDGuest: | | | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Rob Kenney is the “Dad of the Internet.” The accidental YouTube star shares the importance of mentorship, his reluctance to be in the spotlight & his journey of forgiveness towards his Dad who abandoned him & his 7 siblings when he was just 14 years old.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 94: IRISH CATHOLIC TO ORTHODOX JEW: CONVERSION, ACCEPTANCE & COMMUNITY Guest: | | | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Paul Vautrinot shares his story of living in the Las Vegas tunnels, or as he states it, beneath the neon. He shares what life in the Vegas underground city was like with the tunnel people, how he left, got sober & became a co-founder of Shine a Light Foundation. He shares the organization’s unique approach to ending homelessness & how they are by-passing wait lists.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 46: METH, GAY PORN, REHAB & CELEB PHOTOGRAPHY PART 1Guest:  | | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
Rob Annis is a freelance outdoor travel adventure writer & national park enthusiast who idolized the president who put the park system in place, Theodore Roosevelt. When learning the truth about the history of the National Parks, his favorite president & his father overlapped, and he had the difficult task of recognizing the darker aspects of the past. He shares what he uncovered in his research about Yellowstone, Yosemite & Mt Rushmore, how he feels about the parks now & what the future may look like as more Native Americans take leadership roles in the National Park system.If you liked this episode, you’ll also like episode 114: WHITE INDIAN CHIEF? SOUTHERN MAN DISCOVERS HE’S INDIGENOUS ROYALTYGuest: | | | | |  |  | |  | Watch me on TV | |
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