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Author: James Guttman

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James Guttman, the dad behind "Hi Blog! I'm Dad", on raising a non-verbal child with Autism and a non-stop verbal child without Autism. A positive look at parenting and life aiming to normalize how people see families that include children with special needs.
102 Episodes
James Guttman has just put up his tree and, in his first post-divorce Christmas, is learning about the holiday spirit. James talks frankly about being bipolar, triggers, signs when he was younger, and more. Plus, giving his non-verbal son with autism a chance to just be a kid, decorating for the holidays, and 143 (aw).
James Guttman talks about his blog post, "The Year Santa Gave Me Coal For Christmas", and why he felt it was time to speak out, how there are stories far worse than that from his childhood, and the realization he had to come to in order to not repeat the cycle of abuse with his own children. Also, watered-down orange juice for his non-verbal son, dated Mr. Belvedere references, and the time James helped a parrot save the day.
Happy Noveaster! James Guttman explains the annual tradition in his home for those who aren't familiar, what gross food they ate this year, how it started, and why he offered to call it off in 2021. Plus, dealing with an autism diagnosis, the Autism Speaks walk that changed everything for James's family, the mega kid, an impromptu Pete Davidson impression, old Big Brother contestants, and more.
James Guttman looks at the checklists special needs parents need to fill out, trusting teachers to have the best interests of his non-verbal child with autism, when his defensive mode softened, what makes him feel old, and more.
It might not be Halloween, but James Guttman's son, Lucas, is all dressed up in his Raffi costume. James discusses the love his non-verbal son has for Raffi's music, the concert they attended, James's word-for-word memorization of Raffi's 1984 concert in Canada, and more. Plus, misconceptions about special needs families, helping his son learn new things, the wonderful person his daughter recently compared him to (in a terrible way), and much more. Remember, you can now listen to this podcast everywhere including directly on Facebook at -
James Guttman looks at the post about his son's special education that Facebook said was "too political" to boost, how we are stopping ourselves from being able to discuss important issues with each other, healing broken hearts, a near fight with a college football team, the times he thought he would die, appreciating the sky, taking his non-verbal son on car rides, and more. Plus, a brand new grumpy old segment. 
Now We're Here

Now We're Here


James Guttman returns with stories of his 2021 rebuilding after a divorce, overcoming hard times, his non-verbal son's autism diagnosis, heart surgery, parents helping kids in art contests, and where the family Elf on a Shelf came from. ( Post:  "The Boy In My Son's Window")
James Guttman looks at his non-verbal son's journey into middle school next year, his daughter's concerns about it, and why it doesn't cause him as much anxiety as it probably should. Plus, a great parenting moment, times he assumed his kids were being bad when they weren't (and vice versa), and more.
James Guttman takes you to back to school night and how his first time attending his daughter's middle school tour brought with it epiphanies about education, adulthood, and the inspiration those seven minute speedy introductions brought. Plus, celebrating his new achievements, raising a great special needs sibling, and an unforgettable moment from his childhood...that James wasn't even a part of.
Little Versions Of Us

Little Versions Of Us


James Guttman looks at the weird things our kids do, including similarities to us that we love to see and the similarities we hate to see. Plus, how some are hard-wired into our DNA, insane bedtime stories, and an important lesson about Halloween decorations. 
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Those who attempt to poison and destroy my children will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee. Then, James Guttman will get free prison pudding. Plus, autism parenting phrases to know, how to feel old instantly, and a back to school jolt of electricty.
James Guttman repeats weird things in his head and sometimes out loud. You do too. James looks at how similar that is to the way his non-verbal son might call out based on impulse, tantrums, chores, and a Moment of Sanity that happened today.
On this week's show, James Guttman looks at the virtue of patience, starting his life over in 2021, other kids in his son's special needs class, Diff'rent Strokes (seriously), and a new feature's musical intro that hopefully everyone doesn't hate - but no promises.
This week, James Guttman talks about his son's meltdown at the pool and kind words from a stranger, his daughter's strange thoughts about s'mores and how he can relate, plus "IEP", Archie Bunker, and not making excuses. 
With his son, Lucas, by his side, James Guttman looks at how his kids keep him going, stimming, the freedom of being hated, and what he tells his daughter is the secret to knowing you're good at something.
James Guttman returns with a look at annoying his children, his non-verbal son's evolving social skills, people who let their kids be weird, adults who expect you to correct behavior that you shouldn't correct, and why horror movies don't let 40 year old men play the hero. Momet of Sanity, Word & Phrases, and More - Tell James your thoughts at: Posts:  THE CLEVER WAYS I ANNOY MY CHILDREN, EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FUN, THE WAYS MY KID MESSES WITH ME
James Guttman is evolving Hi Pod! with a brand new segment, the return of a favorite, and a ton of topics including his place in Autism Acceptance for others, not being so ready to be offended, those who are, rude comments from people, genuine misunderstanding from others, and the day he decided to just "let them look."  Tell James your thoughts at: Posts: Let Them Look, Handling People Who Know Nothing About Autism, The Boy In My Son's Window
This is the podcast that is decades in the making. James Guttman takes you behind the basement door as he looks at the state of his life, friends who have gone, friends he sent away, multiple families lost, and how the most important person never left.
James Guttman is back in full form with a look at awkward moments we all share, how alternate timelines of existence have diminished his trepidation around people, his daughter's first "Moment of Awkward", and more. Plus, a look at the term "special needs" and why he sometimes uses it instead of "autism" for his child,  plus how extra time with his non-verbal son today can make a world of difference years from now.
James Guttman spent the morning at the emergency walk-in center with stories of insanity. social media aggravation, and more. Plus, talk of this week's blogs about autism, school, and Chromebooks at
Comments (3)

James Guttman

Thanks. Melanie! The audio levels have been something I have been trying to work on. It’s something I hadn’t thought about initially. Hopefully it is getting better. If you have any suggestions for that, please just let me know. It’s all still very much a work in progress.

Nov 16th

Melanie Parker

the recording is very quiet in places and loud in others so difficult to listen to- hopefully just a teething problem, content is really insightful and I'm still looking forward to the next installment.

Oct 27th

Melanie Parker

So glad to find this on Castbox. really excited for the first episode- anyone not sure check out "Hi Blog, I'm Dad" James is funny and insightful and I live reading about Lucas' and Olivia's antics through his eyes!

Oct 21st
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