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Cruises can be fantastic family vacations but there are definitely a few general things to know before you book your cruise vacation. In this episode I share my top tips for making share your family cruise vacation is the best vacation ever!
Visiting Walt Disney Work for the first time can be very overwhelming so I'm giving you 10 things I think you should know before your first Disney vacation to help make sure you have the best time possible!
In this episode I discuss the differences, benefits and draw backs of booking your vacation direct with the company, through a third party website or with a travel agent.  It's important to understand the difference and to not be afraid to try different methods of booking depending on the type of vacation you are taking!
The Disney Skyliner is a great way to get around Disney World and knowing what to expect before you ride will make all of the difference in ensuring you have a pleasant trip.  In this episode I get in depth about what the Skyliner is like and how to make sure you get the best possible experience on your flight.
Part of traveling and having fun with kids is keeping them entertained on the journey so I am adding a sub-heading to the Family Fun Show called, Imagination Factory!Each of these episodes will be a different family friendly story straight from my son's imagination.  We hope you and your kids enjoy listening to them while you are out on your family adventures!
The Canadian Transportation Agency has just released the new Airline Passenger Protection Regulations and they will make a difference in how you deal with airline related concerns. In this episode I talk about the different areas the new regulations cover and what you should know to make sure you're protected.
Water Park Hotels are super popular but they aren't all created equal! In this episode I talk about the things to look for when choosing a water park hotel and how to pick the right one for your family.
Giving the gift of an experience or vacation is one of the best things you can give a child but sometimes not getting a physical gift can lead to disappointment. Here are my suggestions for gifting an experience in a way that helps kids understand what they are getting and still gives them something tangible to open.
Does it seem like everyone is always doing fun things with their kids and you are always finding out too late?  In this episode I give some easy to implement tips to help keep you on top of the family friendly activities in your area!
Staying at a Disney Resort is more expensive but it certainly does come with its list of perks.  In this episode I outline the pros and cons to staying at a Walt Disney Resort Hotel   including some lesser known benefits.  I also discuss the difference between the resort levels to make it easier to understand the large price differences.
The Dr. Seuss Experience is a new, interactive experience that is currently in Toronto and will be traveling around starting next year.  We went to check it out on opening day to really get an idea of what it's like during regular operating times.  Have a listen for my full review and to find out whether we thought it was worth the hefty price tag!
Are you thinking about taking your family to an All Inclusive Resort?  Not every resort is created equal and some resorts are more suited to bringing children than others. In this episode I share my tips for visiting an All Inclusive Resort with your kids and a few things you need to consider before booking your family vacation
This is the number one question I get asked! Short answer, there is no wrong age but I'm going to give you details and expectations for bringing your kids at a variety of different ages to help you make an informed decision. The episode is broken into the following age groups.-Babies-18 months to 3 years-3 years to 5 years-5 years to 7 years-7 to 10 years
For many families flying with kids is the most stressful part of the vacation. In this episode I share my tips for taking the stress out of flying with suggestions of what to do before, during and after your flight to make it as smooth as possible! I also talk about a few of my must haves while on the flight to keep your kids happy (and contained!)
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