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Journal Heartbreak | The Love Story Behind
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Journal Heartbreak | The Love Story Behind

Author: The Love Story Media, Inc.

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Journal your life tragedy into The Love Story through the mystery of love revealing in 1 Corinthians 13:12. Each episode explores one artist' pain to passion journey from heartbreak to creative expression. Your task, as a journal-artist, is to pause, play, and pull quote from the artist interview and journal 15-60 minutes from that space. At the second half of this show, you will listen to other journal-artists who have journaled from this exact interview. To explore Artist-Inspired Journaling and to submit your own journal entry, go to
2 Episodes
Dan Vega is a singer and songwriter based in Sedona, Arizona. His muse inspired him to wear his heart on his sleeves through the song, "Sweet Love," based on a twin flame spiritual alignment under the full moon when they first connected. He shares his insight on how to hold space, the power of withholding sexual energy, and setting intention by channeling higher energies to denser spirits through music. Your Role as a Journal-Artist:Pause and Play. Listen for what you resonate with. Pull quote from what Dan shares into your journal entry and journal 15 minutes or more from that space, distraction-free. More about Dan Vega:www.DanVegaMusic.comYour Journal-Artists:Mingjie Zhai, Founding Producerwww.thelovestory.orgJin, “My Love”Fiction. Based on a True Loss and Renewal. Franke, "Affection”Fiction. Based on a True Affection.
Moby shares about the process of grief through music therapy. Pause & Play, Pull quote from Moby's interview, and journal 15-60 minutes from his share. There are two journal entry excerpts inspired by this very interview read by our very own journal-artists, Ruby and Amy. All journal entries read are fiction, based on a true story. "Homeward Angel" by MobyJournal-Artists: Ruby and Amy Journal Entries: "Window Payne" by Ruby and "Forever Endeavor" by Amy
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