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Why, hello there and welcome to The Legional Podcast! Hosted by Millie, a 20-year-old UK fitness and motivational content creator. Focusing mainly on motivation, The Legional Podcast is here to help you SMASH your goals!

New episodes every 2 weeks! :)
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This week's 'The Legional Podcast' is all about dealing with setbacks and how to stay motivated when facing barriers! I am lucky to have an AMAZING friend with me, Charlotte from Take a Paws, for this episode. We give you 3 tips for how to deal with any type of setback and then 3 tips to help get/keep you motivated! The Legional Podcast is a podcast concentrating on motivation and SMASHING your goals! A new epsiode comes out every 2 weeks, on a Sunday morning. Episodes can be listened to on Castbox but episodes will now also be recorded and uploaded on my YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe! ★ CHECK OUT CHARLOTTE ★ YouTube Channel (You HAVE to go see how cute Clover is!): www.takeapawsblog.comTwitter: Clover's Instagram: Pinterest: COME WATCH MY STREAMS! -★ My Links ★ Blog: Twitter: Instagram: Listen to the podcast on Castbox: Email: Track: The Dream — Next Route [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: Free Download / Stream: ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Are you ever on a long run, working or revising and find yourself getting distracted and have thoughts of giving up? Well, this is the podcast episode for you! I share my favourite strategies to use when you need to keep on going, including the one I used to get me through the Great North Run 2020!Social Media:Twitter:@MSBLife_Instagram: @MSB.Life (not currently using)Twitch Stream: on 4th August 2020
THE GYMS HAVE REOPENED!I spent time researching how I can give myself a motivational BOOST to prepare myself to return back to the gym. I found 3 studies that helped influence these science-backed tips to help you get, and stay, motivated to SMASH going back to the gym!Read the blog post: Media:Twitter:@MSBLife_Instagram: @MSB.LifeTwitch Stream: Impact of Social Media and Social Media Influencers on Millenials Motivation Towards Gym Usage. By Rachael Mooney, 2018If It’s Hard to Read, It’s Hard to Do: Processing Fluency Affects Effort Prediction and Motivation. By Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwaz, 2008Motivating Goal-Directed Behaviour through Introspecrtive Self-Talk: The Role of the Interrogative Form of Simple Future Tense. By Ibrahim Senay, Dolores Albarracin and Kenji Noguchi, 2010Recorded on 22nd July 2020
Welcome to The Legional Podcast! This is a quick introductory episode to introduce myself (hello, I'm Millie!) and to let you all know what to expect from The Legional Podcast!If you have any questions or suggestions for episodes then please message me on Twitter (@msblife_) or Instagram (
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