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Cedric Dumont is a skydiver, base jumper, wing suit pilot, surfer, and high performance psychologist and author. We talk in depth about how extreme sports have influenced ways of working in other jobs, and how periods of recovery will aid productivity. On top of that Cedric talks about the ways that we can all process our emotions in order to get anything we want to achieve in life.Learn more about Cedric's book we discussed a lot in our conversation: Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @cedricdumontGet in touch with us:
Today’s episode is with the World Series’ youngest Cliff Diver, Maria Paula Quintero. She’s also the first ever teenager to finish in the top three in a high diving competition! We talk about how she handles the pressure of being such a young athlete, and the role models she has that have helped her to get to where she is. Plus, she has some amazing and wise advice for getting the things you want in life! Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @mariapqtGet in touch with us:
It’s an honor to talk to one of my sporting heroes on today’s episode. Greg Louganis is a World Champion and four-time Olympic Champion diver, and is now the Sports Director of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. We talk frankly about mental health, particularly after great success in sport, and how Greg changed his mindset to overcome his ‘Post Olympic Blues’. We also reminisce over Greg’s highest ever dive - a synchro dive we did together in Japan! Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @greglouganisGet in touch with us:
I catch up with Constantin Popovici, who is not only a Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series athlete, but is also an Olympic Diver, too. We talk about moving between the different disciplines of diving and being adaptable, and how the training for each can complement one another. We also discuss Constantin’s perfect dive - something that’s only happened twice! Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @constantin.popoviciGet in touch with us:
Olivier Morneau-Ricard is the youngest judge of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. We talk about his transition into judging in his twenties, the huge effort that goes into making the judging process fair while often hanging from a cliff, and how Olivier separates being a judge for work, and not a judge anywhere else in his life! Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @olimorneauGet in touch with us:
On today’s episode, I talk to Angi Passenbruner who is the physiotherapist for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series athletes. We talk about how it’s not just physio that Angi often offers, sometimes the divers need a bit of a mental reassurance and why that is SO important for performance and results. And Angi also gives us an insight to what the team gets up to in order to relax away from the cliffs….!Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @aaaaaangi_aaaaaangiGet in touch with us: more about Angi's work:
This week, I catch up with one of my friends from the beginning of my career, Hassan Mouti. Hassan is now the Competition Director for Red Bull Cliff Diving, and we talk about Hassan’s transition from his job as a Marketing Director to Cliff Diver to Competition Director, about how the team find the best spots for the competition, and about how mental resilience - especially with injury - is so important! Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @verticallimiteventGet in touch with us:
I had the pleasure of talking to the fabulous World Cup Champion, World Champion and Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Champion Rhiannan Iffland. We caught up in early 2020 in Salzburg and talked about how Cliff Diving has changed Rhiannan as a person, about the important people in her career, and why achieving equality in the sport has been so fundamental. Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdiving @rhiannan_ifflandGet in touch with us:
I retired from professional cliff diving in 2019 after an incredible 20-year career, but I continue to be involved with the sport, its evolution and the next generation of athletes. In this episode, you hear about my journey into diving and then into cliff diving, to making history by winning the first medal at the FINA World Championships for Colombia. Find out more: @orlandoduque @redbullcliffdivingGet in touch with us:
Welcome to Orlando’s World of Diving! Following my 20 years as a professional cliff diver, I want to share the skills and life lessons I’ve taken from an extreme sports career into my day-to-day life. In each episode I am joined by influential people from my career in and outside the sport. From the divers I began my journey with, to the judges, coaches and physios on the team of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. As well as other extreme sports athletes and high performers in various fields at the very top of their game. I promise you incredible stories that will leave you feeling inspired, so make sure you subscribe or follow to get new episodes.
In podcast #3 Orlando Duque sits down with the most decorated female cliff diver the sport has ever seen. Rhiannan Iffland. The Australian clean swept the 2019 season winning all 7 stops of the World Series and the FINA high diving world championships. As gender equality will become reality in the upcoming season, the 4-time champ talks about female empowerment in extreme sports and how she plans to stay ahead of the pack.
As the very first guest in his podcast, Orlando chose someone who fully understands the life and career of a high diver; there’s no better fit than High Diving World Champion and 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Champion Gary Hunt from Great Britain.. They talk about last season, the battle between the brilliant Brit and rising star Constantin Popovici, the ever-growing athleticism in the sport and who will be the ones to watch out for in the upcoming year.
Orlando's Story

Orlando's Story


After Orlando called time on his competitive high diving career, he isn't afraid to try something new and starts a career as a podcaster. In the very first episode of Orlando's World of Diving the 45-year-old Colombian will take you on a journey from his first steps in diving to the very last dive of his career in Bilbao, Spain. He speaks about his childhood in Colombia, the early beginnings of his high diving career, his time in Austria, the highs and the lows of a long sporting career, his projects for the future and he shares personal stories he's never told before.
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