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What’s Going on with Kanye West and this Cancelled Culture by Billy Carson on the 4biddenknowledge podcast.  Listen to this 4BIDDEN RANT about the latest news on Kanye West and the current state of society.  3-Day Free Trial of 4biddenknowledge Tv --- Support this podcast:
TIX for the 4BIDDEN Disclosure Conference:  4biddenknowledge Podcast S4 E3. For more info visit  4biddenknowledge TV Rolls Royce Ghost Giveaway by Billy Carson. Proceeds go to help underprivileged children Woke Doesn't Mean Broke by Billy Carson. Buy The Book Available Workshops on Eventbrite organised by Billy Carson: 4biddenknowledge on Facebook: --- Support this podcast:
Billy Carson and media mogul Dame Dash expand on Billy Carson's 2nd best selling book "Woke Doesn't Mean Broke". Dame Dash gives us his hard core perspectives on how we manifest abundance or lack of.  Enter the Rolls Royce Giveaway Buy The Book --- Support this podcast:
20th Anniversary of the Historic Disclosure Project National Press Club Event. Webinar with Dr. Greer and others with astounding new evidence and its implications. April 25, 2021 – 1pm – 6 pm pacific time Click HERE to find out more and sign up! Support our new documentary: The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose Please support its production and once out we will be asking everyone to post it in its entirety open source. For more information about this important project please go to Sign up Link for Event: --- Support this podcast:
Billy Carson interviews Dr. Tara Swart. She is a Neuroscientist, former psychiatrist, executive coach, faculty at MIT, and author of best seller ‘The Source - the secrets of the universe, the science of the brain.’  Topics discussed: COVID19, Laws of Attraction, Action boards and Brain agility.  Available on Amazon: --- Support this podcast:
New episode day and we’re diving into Antarctica! So, cough into elbows, Antarctica is the only continent without any cases of COVID-19... This week we interview Billy Carson of 4biddenknowledge. LEARN MORE --- Support this podcast:
Billy Carson - Conscious Light Waves & Our Link to the Field. Interview by Alexis Brooks at Higher Journeys - My book is a best seller on Amazon --- Support this podcast:
TV stars featuring Billy Carson and experts from ‘Ancient Aliens’, ‘America Unearthed’, and Ancient Civilization researchers team up to share and discuss their astounding discoveries. They all agree that History, as we have been taught, is wrong! --- Support this podcast:
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR MY GAIASPHERE LECTURE The Chronicles of the Anunnaki tells of a time in deep antiquity, some 450,000 years ago, when advanced beings came to our solar system to strip-mine its planets and moons for resources. During their mission they labored, they loved, they fought, and they created a slave race. They were a war like race and our solar system became their new battleground. Join like minded members and human origin seekers as Billy Carson, best selling author of "The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets" and a show guest and expert talent, presents The Chronicles of the Anunnaki. Billy will dive deep into the Annunaki bloodline and civilization structure to help us understand how it relates to our modern day experience. Billy Carson will take you all the way back to the Creation of the Milky Way Galaxy and the formation of our solar system. Then Billy Carson will take a deep dive into the Pleiadian galactic war that occurred millions of years ago. A galactic space war in the Pleadian star cluster. Refugees were sent fleeing to other star systems to look for a new home. The fleeing refugees find new planets in inhabit in the Orion and Sirius star systems. A Small remnant crash land on a planet that orbits a brown dwarf star. Learn about the galactic refugees and discover what star systems they inhabited. Billy Carson will teach you the lineage of the Anunnaki bloodlines and the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries that are your birth right. GAIASPHERE LINK IN BIO --- Support this podcast:
Organic haircare and skincare products are much needed to today's society. Visit --- Support this podcast:
Learn more in my Amazon best seller - Great interview with Billy Carson and Tom Schaefer from --- Support this podcast:
My book is a Best Seller Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets See an additional exclusive interviews by Sarah Westall on Patreon. You can join and see more exclusive interviews, free eBooks, research, notifications, and much more! Join now @ --- Support this podcast:
My book is a Best Seller on Amazon: ee an additional exclusive interviews by Sarah Westall on Patreon. You can join and see more exclusive interviews, free eBooks, research, notifications, and much more! Join now @ --- Support this podcast:
Best Selling Author Billy Carson and ABC News Anchor Samantha Bryant are educating the public on how to supplement their income by trading Futures Options. Learn more about Talkin Options here: --- Support this podcast:
LEARN MORE IN MY BOOK --- Support this podcast:
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, often referred to by the initials JFK and Jack, was an American politician who served as the 35th president of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. --- Support this podcast:
So many mysteries still surround the ancient civilizations of the past and the gods of history. How did these cultures build so many incredible structures around the world and what secrets did they leave behind? I’m joined by Matt Lacroix , Dollie and Thomas from Anunnaki History where we discuss the forbidden secrets of antiquity, ancient structures, reincarnation, and the nature of reality. -Author website: Amazon Best Seller: -Facebook Page: - Matt Lacroix website: --- Support this podcast:
Did you know that genetic mutations from eating GMO food can be passed down to future generations? Epigenetic memories can stay in a bloodline for up to 20 generations. Register For my Mystery School and other lectures on - My book is a Amazon Best Seller! Please order Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets by Billy Carson - --- Support this podcast:
Learn more about Multidimensional beings in my book Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets --- Support this podcast:
Vibration is music. Donny Arcade is one of those artists who thinks that there is something beautiful in all music, and there is music in all sound, therefore vibration is the most important thing in the universe.  At an Arcade show, when the most slapping beats and conscious-futuristic verses start to permeate the crowd, you better have your hands up and mind in full focus. Donny Arcade rapper/filmmaker and producer from Cleveland OHIO joins the new wave of bubbling talent with a versatile delivery and unmistakable creativity. Born to a family of musical talent, Arcade grew up to the sounds of rap, classical, funk, soul, pop, rock and reggae due to a diverse upbringing of musical taste. He began to break-dance at the age of five as part of a hip-hop crew with his older brother and uncle, by the age of seven he was performing rap songs in school talent shows & then shows throughout the city of Cleveland. Visit --- Support this podcast:
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Ethan King

Wow, incredible! Billy Carson this should be a regular show on the streaming platform.

Jun 4th


i googled, i didn't see anything like what you say about dead people. not that I'm dying to see this, but it just isn't there, by the photos, got a link??

Dec 15th


no offense, but being a millionaire, you can do way better than this type of audio, excellent portable recording devices are very inexpensive!

Sep 14th

Javontez Robinson

Billy we need you more than ever now to spread your knowledge thank you for your walk

May 13th
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