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Author: Viacheslav Kovalevskyi, Zain Rizvi, and Sandeep Krishnamurthy

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Two and a half engineers, three different viewpoints. At the intersection of technology, business, and psychology, get a second opinion about the issues of the day in the tech industry. Each opinion is held only the host sharing it (and not by our employers). *Warning:* The host may no longer hold that opinion by the end of the episode.
41 Episodes
Why education is so Antifragile?How to make it Antifragile?Kovalevskyi Academy as a solutionLambda SchoolHome office setup that we haveParler is no longer with us
Slava got a new Mac Mini with M1GeekBench 5 shows that the new MB Air with M1 faster than almost any Intel-based models (comparable with iMac / Mac Pros)Slava's personal results also show the same speedIntel has a HUGE problem with 10nmDocker on M1 does not work, yetHomeBrew also not yetTensorFlow for M1 already here!Slava's list of top apps for the MacarqLittle SnitchiStat menuBartenderAlfredHazel (I forgot to tell about it, but it is on the list :) )
How to make better group decisions? How do you understand what your management chain actually values? And how can you better retain what you learn?References:Get into the leader's head by Alex DancoStart with Principles technique by Shreyas DoshiIncorporate Space Repetition and Reflection by Zain Rizvi
Our main topics of the show:request to remove (from github) the SDK that allows users to download videos from the YouTubeCruise One is coming to SFOGoogle Duplex been updatedHummer is backDidi's IPO in HongKongNews source: TL;DR bot
We ask "when is establishing psychological safety more important than holding people to standards?", discover some time  zone madness, and hear the principles Jeff Bezos relied on when deciding Amazon's business model.References:Falsehoods programmers believe about timezonesNailing the things that never change
Our main topics tonight:Wikipedia did itAmazon allows you to pay with your handOpenAI and Azure are now best friendsNo new gasoline cars in CA after 2035Amazon now has a game subscription serviceWindows XP source code has been leaked
iOS 14 is hereApple vs EpicGamesRus: a new git 101 course from SlavaBest meeting hardware in the worldNikola track never workedWeChat and TikTok might be banned
Zain's newsletterBook: "thinking fast and slow"Course: "learning how to learn""How to fix Intel"Massive Data Breach Exposes Intel’s Intellectual Property for Its Flagship CPUs and SpaceX Sensors
We discuss the psychology behind gamification, how to be a senior and staff engineer, and how to have great ideasWith returning guest host Yun LuShow links:Zain Rizvi's newsletterGetting in the Room where it HappensThe Psychology of GamificationThe ultimate guild to becoming and idea machineWhat it's like as a senior engineer
Twitter claims 'social engineering attack' led to crypto scam tweetsHacker ransoms 23k MongoDB databases and threatens to contact GDPR authoritiesWindows DNS Server RCE Vulnerability (CVE-2020-1350)Building a second brain
Are smart phones becoming less addicting? Can a plugin weaken the hooks social media sites embeds into it's viewers?Show links:
WWDC - Episode 26

WWDC - Episode 26


TL;DR bot got a huge update (with the site: views on WWDC 2020Apple SiliconeWindows also have tried and still tryingIntel have tried also with ARM (Atom) and own 64bit (Itanium)Amazon have acquired Zoox
How we hate/love asanaTL;DR news telegram channel (and an article with an architecture)To Stadia or not to StadiaNeural network based Pac-Man
In this episode, we do a dive deep into #nvidia #ampere #A100 architecture announcement by #NVIDIA. The A100 GPU enables building elastic, versatile, and high throughput data centers. A100 is powered with 54 billion transistors.#InformationFasting - Zain also talks about his week where he is not consuming any information from the internet. Challenges to achieving it, positive impact, and more.References
We discuss:- How long should you stick with a project?- How did Gumroad's CEO handle Gumroad teethering on the brink of collapse?- Why didn't Gumroad get taken over by a large enterprise?- Creating feedback loops to be a better engineering leaderLinks:
#SquadGoals - Episode 21

#SquadGoals - Episode 21


In this episode we have discussed:Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoalsThe Decline of Usabilitygit-bug
In this episode, we cover 3 major announcements in the world of open-source:1. Github makes it all free and lives to its mission - "Every developer on Earth should have access to Github. Price shouldn't be a barrier". 2. Exciting PyTorch 1.5 release including PyTorch Serve, PyTorch Elastic, Full parity C++ APIs and more. A treat for all deep learning users.3. Confluent, a company founded by Apache Kafka developers, raises 250$ MM funding and kicks of project Metamorphosis to take the streaming platform to the next level.References:
Main topics:new iPad ProThe Configuration Complexity ClockThe Apache® Software Foundation Celebrates 21 Years of Open Source Leadership
Facial recognition technology has enabled solving many critical problems of our society - solving child trafficking to security cameras securing our house. However, due to the lack of complete understanding of the technology and lack of governing laws controlling the usage has made facial recognition technology one of the most contested and controversial topics.In this episode, we talk about Microsoft deciding not to invest in any 3rd party facial recognition based startups to our views on facial recognition technology. Finally, we end the episode with a fun but interesting rapid-fire round of 10 ideas we think facial recognition-based technology should solve.References:1. 7.
In this episode we talk about:Amazon's automatic checkout system being offered to stores and their User Oriented Development Practice3D Printing in the Coronavirus EraHow to Survive Working From HomeLinks and References: (Book) The Incerto Series by Nasim Taleb
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