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Two and a half engineers, three different viewpoints. At the intersection of technology, business, gaming and psychology, get a second opinion about the issues of the day in the tech industry. Each opinion is held only the host sharing it (and not by our employers). *Warning:* The host may no longer hold that opinion by the end of the episode.

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Today we are going to cover:20k!VPN between Home and GCPPiHoleWhat is MLOps and how is it related to DevOpsMS Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X
1. Explored the advanced features of chat GPT and its interaction with data indexing software like Glean.2. Highlighted privacy of the models like LLAMA, a necessity for companies needing stringent data protection.3. Discussed updates on BART, emphasizing the new extensions that mimic chat GPT plugins and enable third-party service integration.4. Comprehensive review of the DALLE-3 model from OpenAI, and its interaction with ChatGPT, especially with the view to enhance ChatGPT image prompts.5. Questioned OpenAI's business ethics, particularly regarding paying for products that lack transparency.6. Discussed Apple's AI initiatives, including integrating AI into devices and potential improvements to Siri's new version.7. Discussed societal representations in TV, using 'The Morning Show’s' third season as a reference point.8. Shared insights on Netflix's 'One Piece' adaptation, with a focus on the effectiveness of anime-to-live-action transitions.9. Reviewed the third season of 'Slow Horses.'10. Expressed mixed views on the first two, and appreciation for the third season of 'Ted Lasso.'11. Analyzed inconsistencies in television series in terms of direction and casting.12. Offered a detailed critique of 'The Boys,' focusing on its unique depiction of superheroes.13. Shared personal experiences of enhancing viewing experience with home projectors and soundbars.14. Encouraged listeners to join the [Discord]( channel for further discussions.Highlighted Books/TV Shows/Software/Hardware:- 'The Morning Show' - Season 3- 'One Piece' - Netflix Adaptation- 'Slow Horses' - Season 3- 'Ted Lasso' - Seasons 1, 2, 3- 'The Boys'- 'Barbie'- GPT-4- BART- Glean- DALLE-3- Home Projector- Soundbar
- The episode debuts by addressing the diminishing excitement towards Apple's events, in contrast to the positive response towards their decision of moving to USB-C.- A humorous interlude details out the host's experience of juggling professional commitments with a leg injury.- Introducing a MacOS application, DrawThings. The applications' ability to generate high-quality content using pre-trained models like stable diffusion is emphasized.- Analysis of the US auto industry's strike is discussed, involving behemoths like Ford, GM and Stellantis and the impact it's made.- Literary review of "S." by J.J Abrams and Doug Dorst, highlighting its compelling sideline stories, secret messages and interactive puzzles.- Moving towards the gaming section, exploration of the Xbox Series S's upcoming features, and the anticipation for cross-progression in Baldur's Gate.- Discussion on the unavailability of control adaptations for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox.- Showcasing the collector's edition of Starfield - Starfield Constellation Edition, that also doubles as a smartwatch. An examination of the user experience and disappointment over the physical system.- Comparison with Fallout, highlighting Starfield's flexible cosmic narratives.- Undergoing Resident Evil 4's remake and its availability on multiple platforms including iPhone and Oculus.- Providing personal insights into the Tesla roof installation process and their customer service experience.- The final segment includes a look into the potential future of Apple products, discussing potential changes in devices such as foldability, form factors and more.- Inviting listeners for in-depth gaming sessions with games; Lies of P and Baldur's Gate, in the following podcast.- To engage with the podcast community, listeners are encouraged to join the official Discord channel here: a detailed look at the discussed topics, join us next week for an exciting follow-up episode.
In today's episode powered by the Leaders Club, join hosts Dmitry, Nishant and Slava , as we traverse fascinating landscapes of AI, work cultures, gaming and much more.Explore the intricacies of AI with gripping discussions on Python and Go languages in AI; weighing Go over Python, owing to project constraints. Delve into the mammoth function of AI in network security, shedding light on its potential misuse in orchestrating personalised attacks and innovative keyword caller identity validation as a precautionary measure.Join us as we navigate the exciting world of global work cultures. From the European experiment with a four-day work week to the stringent Chinese '9 and 6' work protocol, calling for a 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. commitment six days a week - uncover the diverse range of work ethics practised worldwide. Don't miss the intriguing anecdotes from 'Black Saturday' in Soviet Union post World War II and array of unique workplace practices found across the globe.In our leisure segment, we dive into the world of gaming with Fort Solis's timed demo, the exclusive Starfield and the unusual case of Rockstar Games betting on 'pirated' versions. Then, we end with an enticing detour into the film world with critical reviews of the 'One Piece' series on Netflix and an immersive account of the film 'Oppenheimer' in 70mm at IMAX.Closing the discussion, we examine the efficacy of podcast summary technologies such as Buzzsprout’s co-host feature, Fathom and a custom script. For our listeners keen on keeping the conversations going, we warmly extend an invitation to join our [discord channel discussions]('t miss this insightful deep-dive into the realms of AI, work cultures and entertainment, revealing splendid intersections of technology, work ethics and recreation.artwork generated by:
In this impactful episode of the Non-Intuitive Bits podcast, hosts Slava and Nishant Sharma dive into various discussions. The conversation starts off with them sharing their struggles with transitioning to Linux from MacOS tool, mentioning tools like Mission Control and Troipoid.They also discuss Fathom, an AI-driven management tool known for features like talk-time tracking and meeting summaries. The hosts contemplate on the future roles of AI, such as managing vacation requests and a futuristic concept of a "manager as a service".Gaming fans would love the deep dive into games like Armored Core 6, Elden Ring, Souls, and Counter-Strike GO. They express their excitement for the upcoming CS2 on Valve's Source 2 engine and the upcoming Starfield's 'constellation edition' by Bethesda. The discussion continues with features on Poly Bridge 1 & 3, Euro Truck Simulator, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.The podcast ends with a thoughtful discussion on the complications of manual VPN connections and the potential for automation solutions, including intriguing prospects of location-based automation in VPN.Throughout the episode, the hosts also delve into operational specifics including the use of GPT tools like Jess and Jess P, innovations in AI technology like AutoMod, and the cost-efficiency exploration of using OpenAI API.To top it all, Slava and Nishant recount their ongoing two-year long travel journey starting in March, exploring various national parks and cities with Airbnb stays across the States. They recount memories from cities like Chicago, Boston, Montana, etc.Looking for a co-host, the hosts promise more enlightening discussions in future episodes, making this podcast a must-listen for tech and travel enthusiasts!
Trump vs Vivek. Episode 59

Trump vs Vivek. Episode 59


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We discuss patterns for hacking prototypes together fast (and when it’s safe to do so), using Perl at work,  and new features in python 3.10.Resources:New python 3.10 features: patterns for hacking together prototypes: python library:
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How to be more assertive, and dealing with teammates who might be a bit too assertive.
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