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The Rock/God Podcast, presented by, is the only show that talks to rock and heavy metal musicians and artists about their beliefs or opinions about God.
We talk to Daniel S. from Asheville black metal unite, Black Mountain Hunger, about the band's genesis, sound, and what it's like to open for Norwegian black metal legends, 1349.
We talk to Lucifer band members, Johanna Sadonis and Nicke Andersson about the origin of the band name, growing up in a liberal Christian family and teaching Sunday School.
In this episode, we talk to Steve Tucker, Vocalist and Bassist for the legendary band, Morbid Angel, about his thoughts on God and the afterlife as well as their upcoming USA Sickness tour with Watain and Incantation.
We talk to Zao guitarist, Scott Mellinger, about Zao's Christian history, atheism, and recording new Zao tunes.
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