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The Rock/God Podcast, presented by, is the only show that talks to rock and heavy metal musicians and artists about their beliefs or opinions about God.
22 Episodes
We talk with Kirk Windstein about Crowbar's new album, "Zero and Below", struggling with vices on the road and maintaining his faith through his life.
We talk with EHG Bassist Gary Mader about the band name, and having to quarantine in the middle of a major tour when members of the band contracted COVID. Songs played on this episode:"Robutussin and Rejection""New Orleans is the New Vietnam"
We talk with Wyatt about Steel Bearing Hand's new record, Slay in Hell, joining Lucifer's army and how the band is on indefinite hiatus.
We talk to Atomic Bitchwax drummer, Bob Pantella, about their new album "Scorpio", how their messages are pretty straightforward and how one of their albums was (surprise!) the result of getting really, really high togther.
We talk with singer/songwriter/artist, Robert O Leaver AKA Birdthrower, about crawling on his hands and knees across Manhattan, how he was signed to Ben Harper's new record label and the spiritual kinship he feels between nature and God.
In this episode, we talk with Ole Sveen of Mantric about their long career, the subtlety of their faith and how sometimes album covers aren't as deep as they may seem.
We talk to ACxDC vocalist, Sergio Amalfitano, about their new album, Satan is King, and being a vegan anarchist.
We talk to Chris about Covid-19, Asshole celebrity social meida, His industrial burn accident and his degree in biblical studies.
We talk to Impending Doom bassist, David Sittig, about keeping the faith in a largely secular environment and delivering a guitar to an unusual fan.
Trigger Warning! There will be no talk of Coronavirus. This podcast will remain true to our topic. We talk to Dan Blomquist of Conclave and Benthic Realm about the New England Doom scene, snow and being a busy ass adult.
We had a chance to talk to musician Matt Smith about his new project, The Cowboy Spankers; the concept of different types of religous beliefs; technical difficulties when a chin hit the End Call button and their upcoming show at the Ramkat in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC on March 12.
In this episode, we talk to All Hail The Yeti vocalist, Connor Garrity, about the upcoming Beast Coast tour, bullying and suicide, horror movie Session 9, and the witch they sing about who burns Christians.
On this episode, we talk to ex-Morbid Angel and current Terrorizer drummer, Pete Sandoval, about Mozart's influence on his playing and a lot about his conversion to Christianity in 2012 after a battle with recovering from his back surgery.
We talk to Random Hero vocalist, Aaron Watkins, about the band's song, "Tension", reaching #1 on the Christian Rock Charts, suffering from a crippling bout of anxiety, family alcoholism and letting go of your kids.
We talk to Eye of Nix vocalist, Joy Von Spain, about taking lyrical inspiration from the poems of Anne Boleyn and cartel videos, as well as the disconnect between the teachings of Christ and the actions of many believers.
On this episode, we managed to intereview a god. The one and only Blothar the Bezerker of GWAR talks to us about how lonely it is being a god and his fellow Scumdog bandmate, Balsac Jaws O' Death's on/off affair with Caitlyn Jenner.
In this episode, we interview prolific musician, Joseph Arthur. I was unable to do the proper prepwork for this interview and it shows when I ask him some really dumb questions.
Newsboys co-founder, George Perdikis, talks to Rock/God about starting the popular Christian rock/pop band, Newsboys, his spiritual journey from Christian to atheist, and his love of space documentaries.
We talk to Daniel S. from Asheville black metal unite, Black Mountain Hunger, about the band's genesis, sound, and what it's like to open for Norwegian black metal legends, 1349.
We talk to Lucifer band members, Johanna Sadonis and Nicke Andersson about the origin of the band name, growing up in a liberal Christian family and teaching Sunday School.