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Author: Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN interviews leaders in the senior care industry. Her guests share their wisdom, advice, and experience with listeners. Professionals and consumers listen to the podcast version and also watch the interviews on YT, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Facebook, Linkedin, and more. Visit for all of the listening/watching options.
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Reverse VanBooven RN BSN:This is Valerie VanBooven with the Senior Care Industry Net Cast, where leaders with three or more years of experience in the senior care industry share their advice. So let’s get to it, and in a few sentences, tell us who you are and what you do.Christina Kantzavelos: https://www.beginwithintoday.comMy name is Christina Kantzavelos. I’m a licensed psychotherapist, as well as a case manager. I work with those with disabilities, including age-related chronic illness and developmental disabilities, and I’ve been doing that for gosh, a while now. Nearly, nearly a decade, I would say.Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:Awesome. Yeah, case management is a tough thing and you are the Jack of all trades and you know all the resources I’m sure, right? Linda Murray:, thank you Valerie first of all for having me. I’m Linda Murray, from Houston, Texas. I have over 30 years of healthcare experience, some of that time period was in long-term care. I’m currently working in health IT right now as a program lead for a software implementation. I have a doctorate in health administration where I defended my dissertation in 2014. And my research study, which brings me in the arena of health care of long-term care was the qualitative phenomenological study of the deficit reduction act of 2005 and the impact on long-term care. So basically it just focused on that eligibility requirements and the look back period for that eligibility. I’m an author of two books and currently working on my third book. I’m also a notary of the state of Texas.
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EP 82: Senior Care Industry Netcast with Suzannah Hart- Insight Dementia Solutions am Suzannah Hart ( and existentially, I’m a student of life, I’m seeking to partner with others who have a commitment to healing and empowering themselves on their journey. What does that mean professionally? I’m a licensed clinical social worker and I have a practice called Insight Dementia Solutions. So I work with older adults, caregivers, a subspecialty in dementia, and I do traditional psychotherapy, talk therapy assessments in a nutshell.
EP 81 Senior Care Industry Netcast with Aparna Pujar of Zemplee (AI Platform for Senior Safety), everyone. I am excited to be on this show here. My name is Aparna Pujar and I am the founder and CEO of Zemplee ( Zemplee is an AI platform. It’s a technology platform for aging in place. It uses IoT sensor and artificial intelligence technology to enable self-managing elderly to live in their own homes for as long as they want, or as long as they can. We are a Silicon Valley based startup, based here in San Jose, California. name is Brad Ortmeier and I am owner of CBS staffing (, and we’re located in Des Moines, Iowa. We provide contract temporary and permanent placement of healthcare providers throughout the state of Iowa, and also in several other States throughout the United States. Our staff predominantly work in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, any type of facility that is really looking for a healthcare provider, we will help them find a good match for them. I’ve owned CBS for the past 13 and a half years, and lucky me, lucky year 13 in 2020. But even though it has been a challenging year, I really have been rewarded in the type of staff we have out here and they’ve really stepped up [inaudible 00:01:18], especially during the difficult times they’ve had., good morning. My name is Rosemarie Tamunday-Casanova, ( and I am a registered nurse, and I am an owner and administrator of RIGHT ACCORD Private Duty Home Health Care. We are a local home care agency located in Sarasota, Florida, and we have been operating for the last 13 years in this community. VanBooven RN BSN:This is Valerie VanBooven with the senior care industry Netcast, where leaders with three or more years in the senior care industry share their advice. So let’s get to it. In a few sentences, tell us who you are and what you do.Karl Sauereisen:Yes. Hi Valerie. I’m Karl Sauereisen (, and generally I’m an executive entrepreneur and consultant. But one of my roles is to serve as president of HOPE Extended Care Services. HOPE is a team of healthcare providers that provides care on a daily basis for patients of skilled nursing facilities. We primarily employ nurse practitioners to manage the chronic health conditions of nursing home residents, and our geographic niche covers Western Pennsylvania, mainly in rural areas where there isn’t as much of a physician presence and the senior population is somewhat underserved.Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:That is really neat. Tell me a little bit more, so the nurse practitioners go out to these rural areas or to any nursing home in Western Pennsylvania that they’re contracted with, and instead of relying on just a physician to make those rounds and nurse practitioners there to oversee some of that in collaboration with the physician that they may talk to at any point if they need to right?
EP 77 Senior Care Industry Netcast with Jessica AckermanValerie VanBooven RN BSN:This is Valerie VanBooven with the Senior Care Industry NetCast, where leaders with three or more years of experience share their advice. Let’s get to it. In a few sentences, tell us who you are and what you do.Jessica Ackerman:Hi, Valerie. My name is Jessica Ackerman ( and I am a speech language pathologist. I am also a yoga and meditation teacher. I have 20 years of experience working with the older population, providing more than just speech, language, voice, and swallowing but also giving therapy to focus on the whole person. In the context of a full life, how to optimize quality of life. I’ve worked with individuals with severe strokes, brain injury, cancer, people with Parkinson’s, dementia, ALS. I have been a patient advocate and counseled families on managing transitions through stages of levels of care. And right now, I offer individual communication, swallowing, speech and voice therapy sessions. I also run a movement-based communication group called Speak Steady, and that’s the concept of matching modified yoga poses with speech and breath to maximize function. The results have been astounding for stroke, Parkinson’s patients.
EP 76 Senior Care Industry Netcast: Kelly Rogers- Gerontologist / Financial Resources Expert RogersNational Sales Coach & Certified GerontologistNMLS ID: 1065452AAG | American Advisors GroupPhone:  916.204.4463Email: Address:  1255 Treat Blvd. Suite 300. Office 343. Walnut Creek, California 94597Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:This is Valerie VanBooven with the Senior Care Industry Netcast, where leaders with three or more years of experience in the senior care market share their advice. So with that, let’s get to it. In a few sentences, tell us who you are and what you do.Kelly Rogers:Excellent. Hi, everyone. My name is Kelly Rogers. ( now I currently work for a company you might’ve heard of, American Advisors Group, known as AAG. You’ve probably seen those Tom Selleck commercials on TV. We specialize in being the nation’s leader for home equity solutions for seniors, but we also work with VAs.It doesn’t matter your age. A lot of people think it’s just reverse, but it’s not. We want to make sure that we’re looking at all home equity options for everybody. We just happen to specialize in doing it with seniors.
EP 75 Senior Care Industry Netcast with DeAnne Clune with Seniors Better TogetherHi, Valerie. My name is DeAnne Clune, and I'm a senior living marketer. I've been in the business for 21 years now, and got my start at Leisure Care. And I've always worked in a multi-site capacity for companies like Leisure Care Merrill Gardens Transforming Age. And then most recently I've been a consultant in the industry, and now have the dual role of being Managing Director of Seniors Better Together, which is a newly formed marketing co-op of unaffiliated communities.
EP 74 Senior Care Industry Netcast with Melanie Stover and Cheryl Peltekis of (SUPERSTAR ALERT!)Hi. my name is Melanie Stover. And this is …Cheryl Peltekis.And together we own Home Care Sales. We create blueprints for home care owners and marketers so that they can ask for and get high-value clients. Cheryl and I are the only clinician turn sales pros in this industry, and that gives us a unique ability to reach into your agency and pull out the best pieces to use as differentiators in your highly competitive markets. We know what your referral sources want, and we can position your agency as the agency of choice.
EP 73 Senior Care Industry Netcast with Rick Graffagna of Senior SolutionsSo my name is Rick Graffagna, and my company is Senior Solutions and we are a senior housing and in-home care finding service. In essence, we’re kind of like matchmakers. We try to learn and find out as much as we can about what the situation is with the family and understanding what’s important to them, what levels of care they’re looking for, what types of housing, what’s their geographical preferences, what’s the budget kind of look like. And then we become matchmakers, literally we’re trying to connect them with the situations and the options that make the most sense based off of what their circumstances are.
EP 72 Senior Care Industry Netcast with Janis Adams, Care Assist ServicesHi, my name’s Janice Adams and I founded and manage a company called Care Assist Services. We’re a non-medical home care company located in Orange County, California, serving the greater Orange County area. We provide personal care services, errand, companion services, bathing, dressing, grooming. We also provide medication reminders and respite care for family caregivers who desperately need a break. That’s pretty much it.
EP 71 The Senior Care Industry Netcast with Cheryl McClure, CEO of You’re First Care.Well, my name is Cheryl McClure, and I’m the CEO of You’re First Care. Our agency focuses on minimizing risks, providing quality care for quality of life of individuals with physical and cognitive challenges. We do not like to say illnesses, or anything else. We like challenges. One of our main focuses is, we really try to educate. We want to educate not just our clients and their families, but also our staff, because we do feel education is so important.
EP 70 The Senior Care Industry Netcast with Rosalind Jones, Jacksonville’s Best CaregiversHi, I am Rosalind Jones, I’m the CEO and owner of Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers. We’re located in the sunshine state of Jacksonville, Florida. And we provide four levels of specialized care to your loved one; sitter, homemaker and companion, home health aide, and certified nursing assistant. When you can’t do it all, you give us a call.
EP 69 Senior Care Industry Netcast with Michael Connolly, Connolly Care Home HealthMichael Connolly: Connolly Care Home Health www.connollycare.comHey, good morning, Valerie. First, thanks for having me on the show. This is actually my first podcast or YouTube video, so very exciting. And to tell you who I am, basically, I’m the son of a Registered Nurse who’s also my Director of Nurses now, as well as a salesman. So I went to college to be a physician, and I think I enjoyed the campus a little bit more than most. And so then I decided to, I hung that up and went into medical sales. And I describe myself, I love to sell, so I went into sales, mostly as an account executive in the senior industry. I got trained by the best I would say, and then became time, I needed to do it on my own and see if I could. And so about three years ago, I went off on my own created Connolly Care and here I am today. And we’re doing very well. I’m very proud of the team. So that’s who I am.
EP 68 The Senior Care Industry Netcast with Pat Van Galen, Active & AgilePat VanGalen: https://www.activeandagile.comI’m Pat VanGalen. I’ve been in the movement profession, oh my gosh, as a trainer teacher, coach, since I graduated from college in 1976. So been at it for a long time. The full pre-K all the way to frail. Everything to do with movement, health, promotion, health awareness, all that kind of stuff. So yeah, long time, full-spectrum, and still very passionate about it and not slowing down.
EP 67 The Senior Care Industry Netcat: Sonja Gunter, RN, Executive Director, Heritage of MariettaI’m Sonja Gunter. I’m the executive director at an assisted living here in the great state of Georgia, city of Marietta.Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:Awesome. And tell us the name of your assisted living facility.Sonja Gunter:It is the Heritage of Marietta, and I want to add, I’m also a nurse for 17 years. So, I’m a nurse and an executive director. Yes.
EP 66 The Senior Care Industry Netcast with Ted Gottlieb, CSA, REALTOR, Senior Learning InstituteTed Gottlieb: www.seniorlearninginstitute.comWell, thank you, Valerie. I’m this unique hybrid. I’m the only full-time real estate broker, Certified Senior Advisors, Certified Senior Housing Professionals, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Aging in Place Specialist in the state of Missouri. So I’ve got more initials after my name than I have in my name. I’m also a speaker and educator, a podcaster and Founder of the Senior Learning Institute.
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