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I started the Driven Young Podcast as a way to help educate and inspire the younger generation. There are plenty of amazing podcasts out there but I find very few tailors their content to those in high-school and uni. Even the ones that claim they do seem to go off track and fail to keep their message clear and simple for the younger generation to understand.I believe our world is changing so fast, the current education system can’t keep up and is left teaching us old and outdated skills no longer relevant in the workplace.This podcasts explores what I believe should have been taught in school and aims to help people realise the world is different from when their parents grew up and we must make relevant decisions based on the world we live in currently not the world people used to live in.
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Today I am joined by an amazing woman, Dee Zibara. Dee and I met through the same organisation called Empower U a personal development company for teenagers, which is run by Brent Williams who was on episode 32 of this podcast. One of my all times favourite episodes.We instantly hit it off and have been in contact since. Dee is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer who uses food and movement to propel people towards their greatest desires by first meeting their needs and giving them better working bodies that can do more for them.She is also a speaker for Empower U and a proud mother. In this episode Dee and I discuss why we think the schooling system is failing us, we get into her story about randomly become Miss Australia and travelling to Bali with other models, we get into body image and how social media is affecting the way we view ourselves and each other and so much more.As per usual feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, I have really upped the Driven young podcast Instagram account as well so make sure you follow along there and feel free to message not just me but also Dee if you have any questions at all.Reach out to Dee!Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUP
Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast!Before we get into this episode I wanted to give a shoutout to all of the new listeners! The show has been growing heaps lately and it is actually number one in the business and the education category in Australia, which is beyond crazy.So if you are new here welcome, and if you are a regular listener welcome back!Today I am joined by Bella Liu:8+ years working in digital marketing, social strategy and mainstream media5+ years of overseas work, study and volunteering in Belgium, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand & CanadaCompleted 3 degrees in 4 years, working 5-7 jobs at a time consistently from 2012-2020As per usual if you enjoy this episode or enjoy the show feel free to reach out and DM me on Instagram, I love having chats with you guys and if you are interested, I have setup a Facebook group for people to connect, I am planning to use that as a place to talk to you guys so I can figure out what topics you want me to cover on future episodes. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPFind Bella:Linkedin: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUP
Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast.Today is another episode all-around mental health for young people, how it is so prominent today and how we can deal with it.I am joined by Andrew Woodhead, a product manager currently working at batyr, a for-purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people for young people. He is also the author of the beautifully illustrated short story book called LIGHT. The book explains how depression can take hold, what it feels like and presents proven strategies that anyone can try, learn and practice to improve their mental health.Woody and I have a great conversation all along this theme and dive deep into some stories I have heard about kids in school, how I think mental health has become way to normalized with young people to the point it can be detrimental and Woody shares his experiences and practical tips we can use to try help those around us.This is a super important topic, mental health is at an all-time high for our generation and it is crazy the stories I am hearing from boys and girls in high-school.As per usual, if you get any value from this episode or from the show please consider leaving a review it only takes you 2 minutes and really helps the show reach more people, let me know what you think of this episode and don’t hesitate to reach out to me on or Woody on Instagram.Follow Woody:Linkedin: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUP
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast…Today’s episode I have a seriously amazing guy on. He is a Travel vlogger with over 500,000 followers online and one of the most down to earth people I have met.Luke Damant reached out to me a while back as a listener of the show just to let me know he really enjoyed it, we chatted a bit and I invited him out to lunch.Since then he has come along to some meetups I’ve been too, he has joined the 5:30 am club and started his own club where he lives.As I mentioned Luke is a 20-year-old dude who basically travels around making videos and getting paid to do so. Well this was before COVID, but now he has started a digital marketing agency to help others grow their brand the way he has grown his.In this conversation, we get into his story and we start off with a Bang. A literally bang as Luke goes into detail about a horrific accident he had in India which left him nearly without a hand, and how that experience affected him. We get into how to grow a following like he has, how he was able to travel for free leveraging social media, we talk about Tik Tok culture, Youtube, being grateful, how to stop caring what others think and so much more.Please note Lukes attitude throughout this episode. As we are discussing his near-death experience, he is laughing and having a good time talking about, he is almost grateful I would say. He talks about how by setting no expectations you can’t be disappointed and as a result, you will always be grateful for what you have, and you can really hear him living this when he retells his stories.As per usual, if you get any value from this episode or from the show please consider leaving a review, let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to reach out to me on or Luke Instagram, Luke reached out to me and now he’s here on the show!Find Luke:YoutubeInstagramTik TokCheck out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUP
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Today I have another awesome episode for you, with another amazing young guest. I have loved bringing on younger people lately and this episode is a great example of why.Today I am joined by a good friend, Sachin. Sachin is one half of the “Sachin and Adam show” podcast which is a podcast that explores the lives of two university students curious about learning from interesting people. Adam Miller and Sachin Shah have conversations with a diverse range of guests including entrepreneurs, philosophers, activists and fitness icons to name a few.Sachin is a Sydney uni student who is passionate about social justice and closing the gap of inequality and today we chat about his life, how growing up with a brother with cerebral palsy inspired him to do more, how he travelled around the world after school with his best mate, starting his podcast, how he has built hundreds of amazing connections using a simple coffees strategy, we, later on, get into economics and break down a communist society and a capitalistic society and so much more.So you are in for an awesome episode.JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP: Sachin:Insta: podcast: out Byron on social media:Driven Young Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast I believe there are 3 essential things we should be learning in school that every single student will use in their life.Financial management and how to manage money Understanding how to manage relationships Nutrition and what we should be putting in our bodiesToday’s episode we are diving deep into number three. I have brought on an incredible nutritionist to discuss health, food and overall nutrition for young people like yourself.Alice Bleathman is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist.Bloated belly? Stressed and confused about what to eat? Alice has been there. Having been personally diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Alice knows the struggles of people face first hand, which is why she is so passionate about helping people on their own health journey. Her approach is supportive, comprehensive and inclusive. The perfect mix of sugar and spice. And in this episode, we are discussing all things health and nutrition. Specifically for gen z.We get into why health is so important, the benefits of a good diet (aside from just looking good), we talk about veganism, the goods and the bad, how 83% of people are dying from preventable causes, why we are so addicted to sugar, we give some practical tips so you can improve your health now and so much more.As per usual, if you want to find out more about Alice, her links are in the bio, don’t forget to reach out to me on Instagram with any questions and if you get any value out of the show please consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.Find Alice:Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)BONUS Episode In celebration for one year of podcasting, I put together a mashup from my earlier guests all answering the one question.What advice would you give to the younger generation?Check out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast.Today is an interesting conversation with a very interesting man. I have really loved getting younger people on the show lately, even though they lack the experience of some of my older guests I feel like they bring much more relatability for you and me.If you are a regular listener you may have heard me briefly speak about a project involving a retreat and a book I am working on. Recently I was introduced to a guy who was running a retreat with 9 other people. The goal of the retreat is to go away and together we are writing a book for advice we would give our 18-year-old selves. Which is essentially what this podcast is all about, the advice I would give to my younger self.Today’s guest is the guy who ran the retreat, Joe Wehbe. Joe is a psychology student turned non-for-profit worker, turned real estate agent, turned to business owner and connectorHe is a close friend of mine and in today's chat I would say there are two parts to this episodePart one, we spend time discussing what to do after school, Joe shares his experience with university and we get into why we think society is pushing us into careers we don’t enjoy. We talk about Joe got a high ATAR and felt like his identity was wrapped up in his marks, causing him to give up his dream of film making. Part two we dive into some amazing and simple concepts that will literally change your life. I don’t say this lightly, but I have used these concepts in my life and has definitely changed my life. We discuss the 1000 doors concept, why you need to focus on an audience of none as well as many others.If you enjoy this episode or the show please consider leaving a review, I don’t make any money off this show and I work on it full time and leaving a review really helps me out. Also, feel free to DM on Instagram, I’m super responsive there and love to chat with you all.Check out Joe:Webiste/blog: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast…Today’s episode we are switching it up. No more business or personal development, this episode is all about masculine and feminine energies, relationships between men and women and understanding that we are different and need to approach each other differently.After having some videos blow up on Tik Tok about masculinity, showing emotions, I received hundreds of comments about how grateful people where that someone was talking about this.So I decided to dedicate an entire episode to this topic. In this episode, I bring on Tylah Jane who is a midwife delivering babies full time. I met her at a retreat and we got into a deep discussion about masculine and feminine energies and I thought this would be a great conversation for you guys to hear.This ended up being an awesome conversation that is really important for young people to be aware of.For some reason, school doesn’t teach us anything about relationships and how to handle them, yet everyone who graduates school will need to have those skills for life.So that is what this episode is all about!As per usual, please consider leaving a rating or review on the show if you are enjoying it or get any value of it, and feel free to reach out to me on Instagram to let me know what you thought of this episode.  Check out Tylah:Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast and I am just going to say off the bat this is probably my favourite episode I have done so far.It is definitely top 3 but it aligns to heavily with what this show is all about I am so excited about what you are about to listen too.If you listened to the last episode I did with Dale, you will know he mentioned starting a personal development company for teenagers with his friend back in 2001. Well, this is his friend Brent Williams.And 20 years later that company is going strong. As Co-Founder and Head Presenter of Empower U, Brent has been busy helping young people go through the life-changing seminar across Australia and around the world. At 19, he co-wrote the best selling book, The World At Your Feet, with Dale BeaumontBrent is also a highly sought after keynote speaker for both the corporate and school environments, teaching the simple yet powerful success principles he teaches at Empower U. Brent has been nominated twice for the Young Australian of the Year, and has won the Generation Y Young Leaders Award with Dale for their work with Empower U.Empower you is all about teaching young people practical life skills, and I am in love with what Brent is doing. In this episode we get into his story and why he started the company.He teaches us the 6 pillars of success every young person should know, we talk about mental health and why so many people are suffering from it, Brent shares with us a social media experiment he did to help remove our addition to phones, we get into why school is failing us and what we should be learning… and that is just scratching the surface….This is the longest episode I have ever done because we just couldn’t stop talking, we spoke for another hour off camera and he invited me to attend his upcoming events and see how he runs things.So if you are new here you have chosen an epic episode to start on, and if you are a regular listener I know you are going to love this. If you can, try to give the entire episode a listen, we cover some important stuff at the end.Check out Brent!Go to one of Brents events: personal website: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast!Today we are talking business and entrepreneurship. More specifically how to start a business and learn about business from Australias number 1 business coach.Dale Beaumont is best known as an Award-Winning Technology Entrepreneur, International Speaker and the Author of 19 Best-Selling Books.Having started his first business at the age of 19, Dale went onto build three different million dollar companies before the age of thirty. He now runs  Business Blueprint, an education company designed to help fellow entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.As a result of Dale’s success, he has been interviewed on Today Show, Mornings, Sky News Business, ABC Radio as well as being featured in over 100 newspapers and magazines, including Forbes, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Gizmodo, Men’s Health and 2007 Dale became a father and decided to start travelling with his young family. Following the formula, two months work one month adventure, Dale with his wife Katherine and two boys have now travelled to over 85 countries. This includes stepping foot on all seven continents (yes even Antarctica), visiting all five Disneyland parks and volunteering in several orphanages.So you can see why I am excited to have Dale on the show. He is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to small business. And in this episode, we hear his story then dive headfirst into exactly how to start a business. We talk about all the steps involved and break it down for you so you can follow it like a recipe.More importantly, we discuss how to actually learn about business. I am heavily against business degrees at uni and whenever I talk about how useless and outdated they are people ask me “how do we learn about business then”. In this episode, we will show you howFind Dale: out Byron on social media:Driven Young Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast, and MAN this is a good episode.If you are in Highschool considering going to uni or if you are currently studying at university, this is a MUSt listen to so as it could literally change your life or your experience at university.Today I am joined by James Walker, a mate from Highschool who is one of the hardest and highest performing people I know. He has a Black Belt in karate and in 2019 was ranked 6th in the world, scored a 99.5 ATAR in high school, has been the recipient of multiple prestigious scholarships, he has landed over 4 internships, one of them with the United States Senate, been involved in countless leadership activities, is the founder of the company Ambition tutoring and so much more... all at the age of 21.In this episode we dial in and laser focus on this conversation on university and how to crush uni so you are set up for life. We dive deep into how to choose the right degree, extra curriculum activities, joining societies, how to make friends at uni, how to take advantage of your tutors, how to land internships, how to build up your experience and create an impressive resume while studying, we go deep into scholarships and how you actually have a massive chance of getting on using this simple strategy. I could keep going on but we cover all this and so much more.In terms of practically this episode provides so much take away value for younger people and I really encourage you to listen to the whole episode. Please share this episode with anyone you know thinking about going to university or anyone you know currently at university.And feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, I had about 10 people reach out last week which was awesome, I’d love to have a conversation with you!Find James: Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast.Today Duncan Young joins me on the show. Duncan has been working with organisations for the past 17 years as an organisational development consultant, facilitator and executive coach. He has implemented training programs throughout Asia Pacific and Europe across a broad range of industries and clients from both the private and public sector.  Starting out studying arts, then acting, going through corporate and now running his own business I really want you to pay attention to all the different pathways Duncan tried before getting to where he is now.As you will see, it is totally okay to switch careers or degrees, its human natureIn this episode we discuss leadership for young people, we discuss how a degree doesn’t equal a job and how to improve your chances of landing a  job, understanding different personality types, extroverts and introverts and much much more…If you get some value out of this episode, It would mean the world to me if you left a review on whatever platform you’re listening, and my favourites parts of this interview will be up on Youtube, Tik Tok and insta so keep an eye out there.Find Duncan: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast, today I have another awesome episode for you.In this episode, I sit down with Young Entrepreneur of the year Carlos Ferri an entrepreneur who in the space of just over a decade has built an empire of successful high-growth companies with services in transport, logistics, warehousing, HR and labour-hire.All under the banner of Zapala Corp, Ferri's enterprises have a global presence, meet untapped needs, are scalable and lift the efficiency of the industries they're in.Ten years ago he made the decision to come to Australia from Brazil and decided to learn English. He realised about 12 months in, his English was getting better and he made a decision to start up Zapala, 10 years later the has more than 100 employees in Australia, Singapore and Brazil.My chat with Carlos today is fantastic, I am not even sure what to say because we cover so many topics. We start off with his story and how he started from nothing when he moved to Australia, how he got to where he is, understanding how business works and the mindset we need to have and so much more.Carlos is actually the second Brazillian I have had on the show, Gabriella from episode 18 was also from Brazil and man the two of the work hard. As someone who grew up in New Zealand and Australia, I think I often forget how lucky we have it and how much opportunity there is for us. Because when far less fortunate people are able to move here the opportunity is so clear to them and they don’t stop until they get to where they want to be.Anyways, I hope you enjoy this episode, please shoot me a message on Insta if you would like and leave a review if you are enjoying the show, that would mean a lot to me.Find Carlos: Linkedin: out Driven young on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok:
Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast, if you are new here welcome, great to have youToday’s episode is a relaxed and easy to listen to conversation about why Gen z’s and Millenials suffer from high levels of mental health problems.A recent study shows 70% of senior high school students report the need to see a mental health professional and I am sure you can see this with the people you hang out with.So why is this? What is different about our generation? Did other generations suffer from this? Are we just weak or is there more at play here?I discuss this and more with today’s guest Clint Adams a former police officer and counsellor who helps teams and individuals with resilience and mental healthHe is also the author of “igniting the blue flame” a book exploring teen suicide going into the mind of someone suffers from mental health problems.I hope you enjoy this episode and make sure to leave a review if you got some value out of it.Follow Clint: Linkedin: Book: out Driven young on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: Round Table Sessions Aimed at lost and confused HSC students this is a virtual event linking you to uni students
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Today we are switching it up a bit and going deep into a topic I have wanted to cover for a long timeDating and relationships for Gen Z.Because it is so different and we are experiencing so many different things previous generations never had to deal with.Things likeGhosting, is it okayHow hyper-focused on sex we areAre we in a competition of who can care less?Why are we so strategic about our responses?We are overloaded with options This and many more topics are what I cover in today’s episode with Natasha LarcosGrowing up in Europe, Natasha is a gen z just like you and I and has dated in many different places from around the world giving her a unique perspective on Australia’s toxic dating world.She is also the co-host of the “Officially Unofficial” podcast, a podcast all about dating and exploring relationships.This episode is something I have wanted to cover for a while now, but I really wanted to bring in someone young who understands what gen z are going through. Because things like Tinder and other apps are so new, previous cultures are unaware of the struggles gen z face when it comes to dating, sex and relationships.So it today’s conversation we discuss all of this in detail, from the perspective of a gen z male and female.And for any young listeners, this is a mature conversation… there is now crude language or explicit detail and I really think this conversation will be very valuable to you so please don’t click away!Follow Nat!Insta: podcast: out Driven young and Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: Round Table Sessions Aimed at lost and confused HSC students this is a virtual event linking you to uni students
Today I am joined by the CEO of JA Australia.  Junior Achievement's Purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.The envisioned future - what we aspire to become. Junior Achievement maintains an active vision, front and center, on how we can have a positive impact on the lives of more students.So you can see why I decided to invite Aaron on the show, I love what the company is doing and think The Driven Young Podcast and Brand heavily align with what theta are about.Aaron is the CEO of JA Australia and a mentor for many young people, focusing on the areas of:- Leadership Communication Skills- Presentation and Stage Presence Skills- Teamwork and Team Management Skills- Professional Identity and Student Professional Awareness and Development- Entrepreneurship methodology and financial literacy for young peopleIn today’s episode we cover all these topics and get deep into COVID 19, is there opportunity amongst the crisis? We talk about the different types of learning, what Aaron learnt from his time in the air force and so much more.HSC Round Table Sessions Aimed at lost and confused HSC students this is a virtual event linking you to uni students
Todays episode is why I started this podcast. I went in to talk about a certain topic with this guest and we ended up going off track and had some amazing conversations around young people and how you can improve your life.Over the last 8 years, Michael has become the #1 Authority on referral marketing training for service providers around the globe.   Michael has a passion for teaching and loves working with people to help them build referral teams, use their networks more effectively and get partners to fill their sales funnels for them.   In this episode, we talk about the biggest mistakes 99% of young people make, simple and easy tricks to improve your relationships with people leveraging the three main chemicals that fire in your brain, what is success and how to make sure you are on purpose and much much more.This is a must listen to for young people and please share it around if you got value from this episode.Also if you enjoy the show, weathers it’s on the podcast, youtube or Tik Tok… Please consider leaving a review and rating, it will really help the show to grow and reach more young people like yourself.Find Michael Online:Website: Driven Young and Byron online:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: Round Table Sessions Aimed at lost and confused HSC students this is a virtual event linking you to uni students
Welcome back to the Driven Young PodcastI came across today’s guest online when I saw what she was doing with her new company. I really loved what I saw so I invited her on the show.Jen McCrea is committed to building a community that empowers others to step into their power; providing ways to learn and connect with like-minded people and mentors.Jen is a Speaker, Author, Coach & Champion of Change dedicated to helping clients gain the confidence, clarity & capabilities to live a more fulfilled life. You could say, she is a Happiness Facilitator and Life Enthusiast!Jen has worked heavily in the university space and was a career advisor to young students who sought guidance on what to do after school.Today we get into mindset, how to change your mindset so you are focused on the positive rather than the negative, we talk about how a degree doesn’t equal a job and what other options you can take get your foot in the door and much more.Check out Driven young or Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: Jen! Round Table Sessions Aimed at lost and confused HSC students this is a virtual event linking you to uni students
Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast…Today I am joined by Demi Kotsoris, who specialises in the “Millenial Crisis”. She explores open conversations on Millennial topics and educating Millennials on different ways the modern world allows them to do things - aiming to empower them to take action.I understand businesses can not keep up with the ever-changing digital world and believe that communication and transparency are shared as workplace values but are not showcased in workplace actions.My research on Millennials in the workplace shows how important community, being valued, flexibility and open communication are important for not only the mental health and wellbeing of employees but for all-round business success.Today we discuss the difference between millennials and Gen Z, we get into her story, why she does what she does, how she is able to run her business from her bedroom, the millennial crisis, what is it? Internships, travel and much more.As per usual the full video will be up on Youtube and across all my social media platforms so feel free to check it out there or reach out to me.Check out Driven young and Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: DemiLinkedin: Podcasts: 
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