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CJS Announcements Archive

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Recorded and archived morning announcements from a French-immersion high school in the Canadian prairies. As with all French-immersion schools, none of the students ever actually speak French.

Plus, news about typical high school stuff like clubs, sports, special events, supernatural occurrences, cults, musicals, the Council of the Sun Temple, did I mention supernatural occurrences, and complaints about pre-cal class.

Updates bi-weekly, since I really am a Grade 12 student and therefore am busy with life.

CJS is a real school and the names in this podcast belong to real people. Everything else is completely fictional. They would never trust me to do the morning announcements.



Music: Bilen Mengesha

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3 Episodes
Ep. 3: Pistachios

Ep. 3: Pistachios


For centuries, it has been believed that once you touch the pistachios, you never return. RIP M. Albrecht.Plus, new cafeteria staff, the first hockey practice, a car in the wrong parking spot, time loop drills, and a message from the UNESCO Club. Music by Bilen MengeshaBilen's Soundcloud
Ep. 2: Moat

Ep. 2: Moat


New developments with the moat out in the back field. You don't think we have a moat? That's what administration wants you to think.Plus, an update on Room 108, news from the curling team's latest practice, stifling oppressive heat, a nonexistent car and the sentient locker 134Music by Bilen MengeshaBilen's Soundcloud
Ep. 1: First Day of School

Ep. 1: First Day of School


It's the first day of school! A warm welcome to all new and returning students. Let's makes this year the best one yet! (Not making this year the best one yet is punishable by an excess of wheelbarrows.)Plus, a new cafeteria, glowing eyes in the vents, wormholes, Grade 9s, announcements from clubs, and predictions for this year's sports teams.
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Hoes are, in fact, mad. Join my religion, Casism, today.

Nov 6th
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