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Recorded and archived morning announcements from a French-immersion high school in the Canadian prairies. As with all French-immersion schools, none of the students ever actually speak French.

Plus, news about typical high school stuff like clubs, sports, special events, supernatural occurrences, cults, musicals, the Council of the Sun Temple, did I mention supernatural occurrences, and complaints about pre-cal class.

Updates weekly.

CJS is a real school and the names in this podcast belong to real people. Everything else is completely fictional. They would never trust me to do the morning announcements.



Music: Bilen Mengesha

Bilen's soundcloud

14 Episodes
Graduation Special

Graduation Special


In the chaos of the Apocalypse of 2020, CJS has ceased to exist. However, administration has been kind enough to allow the Class of 2020 to graduate anyways! Plus, the end of the construction, birds, a spine-covered goat, the ever-growing dread of the future, and many guests.Warning: this episode makes many obvious allusions to the current coronavirus pandemic. It is intended as satire, but may still be uncomfortable or disturbing for listeners.Yes I am aware it is July and that graduation happened literally a month ago. I don't particularly care. Time is fake.Ft. Cameron Posthumus, Mylea Hildebrand, and Faith AdeotiMusic by Bilen Mengasha
The school is surrounded by strange, multidimensional beings. We don't know who they are or what they want. We can only pray that they come in peace. Plus, an update on the newspaper club, slight possession, cake, a solution to the vaping problem, and information on the musical.
The second semester has begun! The students and teachers decide to bring those they had lost during the first semester with a resurrection ceremony. Plus, the soap club, the UNESCO club, tips for Valentine's Day, staring at the moon, and the soul-selling industry. Music by Bilen Mengesha
Ep 11: Envirothon

Ep 11: Envirothon


The long awaited Envirothon is here! Plus, the glowing eyes in the vents, statistics, study tips, the Sun Temple, and undead turtles. Music by Bilen Mengesha
Winter Break has ended, and the dreaded exams have begun... Plus, some vigilant students, the newspaper club, the truth behind the strange purple liquid, and exam wellness. Music by Bilen Mengesha
3 days until winter break!!! Everyone is excited. Plus, a look inside Mme Bray's classroom, an automatic snacks machine, dodgeball, Spirit Week, and a message from the Ecoympiens. Ft. Reed Cohen Music by Bilen Mengesha
There's a Thing in Salle 205. It's totally definitely not Cthulu. Why would you even consider that? That's craaaaaazy...Plus, the Good Riddance Ceremony, corrections, ingredients you can pronounce, and the stock market.Ft. Cameron PosthumusMusic by Bilen Mengesha
Ep 7: Illegal Cults Club

Ep 7: Illegal Cults Club


A visitor comes by the studio.Plus, janitorial noises, Jeff, the results of RALA, and some talk about truth.Ft. Mylea HildebrandMusic by Bilen Mengesha Bilen's Soundcloud
Ep. 6: Interviews

Ep. 6: Interviews


A talk with a couple of interesting people.Plus, an announcement from the soap club, the Career Symposium, RALA, paperwork, and an update on the glowing eyes in the vents.Ft. Faith Adeoti and Cameron PosthumusMusic: Bilen MengeshaBilen's soundcloud
Ep 5: Rest Week

Ep 5: Rest Week


It's a calm week at CJS. The perfect time for everyone to recover from Thanksgiving and prepare for... Halloween.Plus, the schedule for Spirit Week, Halloween plans, crossbows, a discussion about life, and Taco Bell.Ft.Cameron PosthumusMusic: Bilen MengeshaBilen's Soundcloud
Ep. 4: Snow

Ep. 4: Snow


It's snowing and nobody is happy about it.Plus, indoor soccer, a power outage, an announcement from the Illegal Cults Club, more mysterious beings, and the cluelessness of Grade 9s.Ft. Faith AdeotiMusic by Bilen MengeshaBilen's Soundcloud
Ep. 3: Pistachios

Ep. 3: Pistachios


For centuries, it has been believed that once you touch the pistachios, you never return. RIP M. Albrecht.Plus, new cafeteria staff, the first hockey practice, a car in the wrong parking spot, time loop drills, and a message from the UNESCO Club. Music by Bilen MengeshaBilen's Soundcloud
Ep. 2: Moat

Ep. 2: Moat


New developments with the moat out in the back field. You don't think we have a moat? That's what administration wants you to think.Plus, an update on Room 108, news from the curling team's latest practice, stifling oppressive heat, a nonexistent car and the sentient locker 134Music by Bilen MengeshaBilen's Soundcloud
It's the first day of school! A warm welcome to all new and returning students. Let's makes this year the best one yet! (Not making this year the best one yet is punishable by an excess of wheelbarrows.)Plus, a new cafeteria, glowing eyes in the vents, wormholes, Grade 9s, announcements from clubs, and predictions for this year's sports teams.
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