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Dan, Mike, and Jesse, along with a panel of special guests, discuss everything from the Kennedy Assassination to Cryptozoology on this NSFW comedy podcast.
64 Episodes
On this very special live episode, Dan regales the story of Zak Bagans' haunted acoustic guitar to Jesse, Dylan, Homestyle Mike, and guest Micheal Whelan. They touch on wrestlers, the Star Wars prequels, and more.
Special Guest Star: John Leguizamo. In memory of Donald John Trump, Sr.
The 1289 crew is back after a long COVID hiatus to discuss the inspiration for William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel, "The Exorcist" - the 1949 exorcism of Roland Doe!
The gang is back from hiatus to bring you a tale of violent paranormal activity inside a Pennsylvania home haunted by the evil spirit of a father who murdered his child in cold blood. ...There's also some dick jokes in there, so don't get too spooked by the description, y'all.
Straight from the 1289 vaults comes a "lost episode" recorded in 2018 but forgotten about until now! Join us as we discuss one of the most bizarre cases we've ever encountered - the tale of Elmer McCurdy who died an Old West gunslinger and was reincarnated as an Egyptian mummy!
Eatin' baby meat (gurl), the death of Gross Malone, smoking MGMT, and the guys discuss the most infamous haunted house in the world - 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, NY!
It's that time of year again! Join us for our 4th annual holiday special! Huge thanks to Micheal from UNRESOLVED, Esther from ONCE UPON A CRIME, Nicki from STRICTLY HOMICIDE, Morf from CRIMINOLOGY, Brigid from CHTHONIA, and Toby from SECRET TRANSMISSION!
Join us as we roast Zak Bagans (and Jordan Peterson) in discussing one of the most startling cases of paranormal activity in recent memory - the Indiana Demon House case! Happy Halloween, y'all!
Two ex-cops are convinced forty drowning-related deaths are actually the work of one deranged serial killer. Or a gang of serial killers. Or not. We're not really sure.
On November 22, 1987, a man wearing a rubber Max Headroom mask hijacked two Chicago TV stations, and one of pop culture's most enduring unsolved mysteries was born. Music by Kevin MacLeod.
Epstein's dead. Jon Island. Poopbutts.
Tonight on PODCAST 1289, the gang sits down to discuss another supernatural terror from the foothills of Appalachia - the Flatwoods Monster case!
This is something new we're trying where we upload extra episodes of us just talking shit on whatever comes into our heads. Fans of the 1289 cold opens will love it. Or they won't. We don't know. Don't mail us parcel bombs over it, though.
This one is so fucking stupid it barely kept our attention: A bunch of dumbasses on the internet think Elvis is still alive and that it was actually his twin brother - who died a stillborn in 1935 - who went to that great peanut butter & banana sandwich shop in the sky after giving up on the ghost on the Graceland shitter in 1977.
Dan had to go to brunch at the white people convention, so he left Jon, Rob, Bagels, and Jesse to fend for themselves in the intergalactic wilderness that is Alien Abduction Insurance.And yes - this shit happened in Florida.
Bill O'Reilly's dad can't poop right, Trump's Fox News stroke, another shitty Dan tattoo, and the gang sits down to discuss the new Netflix Ted Bundy movie, along with the stories of several people who claim to have seen the notorious serial killer's ghost!This episode is dedicated to the memory of X. Ray Burns. RIP
Jesse was a JFK Assassination documentary bootlegger as a child, Dan was a huge Nicolas Cage fan as an 11-year-old, kids trading Queen CDs for weed, and the gang discusses one of the most disturbing and hilarious pieces of found footage ever discovered - Grave Robbing For Morons!
This was gonna be a Patreon-only bonus episode, but we felt it was too good not to share with everyone. The dude from Cannibal Corpse burned down someone's house because of angels. And aliens. Also he had like 80 guns and a bunch of human skulls. And yes, this was in Florida.
On April 5, 1994, Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain. Since then, a few brave conspiracy theorists have emerged since to ask the daring question: Could he have actually committed suicide?Tonight on Podcast 1289, we take a deep dive to uncover WHO KILLED KURT COBAIN.Joining us on this very special episode are Zach from the Are You Morbid? Heavy Metal Podcast and Greg from the This Was Rad podcast!
This episode is about...fuckin' trees.
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