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Author: Reverend Jim

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A psychotic odyssey into a plunderphonic rabble.
125 Episodes
Songs to celebrate Independence Day to.
This is an up and coming rapper. Gave me 4 minutes in the studio.
That Time or This Time

That Time or This Time


Please. Only listen to this if you care about {insert what your care about here}.
This is one of my favorites. Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy with some Goddamn Built To Spill. Please check out their new album. Built to Spill plays the songs of Daniel Johnston. Which, I played on here, but in reverse.
This is hard to listen to. But easy if you are on an upper.
National Sewing Machine Day!
Showcase of songs that I was introduced to by an ex. Happy leave the office early day!
This episode is great when Karens give you shit.
The last episode.
A journey to an office in a volcano.
Happy hug a new person day, here is a collection of songs from Bob Mould.
World Turtle Day!!!
Punk rock songs that were sent cryptically to us and may have resulted in something traumatic.
Songs for dancing to.
We created an AI program called Turtlebot to play tunes. Here is what it did. Happy national chocolate covered raisins day.
We bring songs to you that mention fences.
Cinco De Mayo Songs from Megan's Mixtape. She's a native Scot.
Hair metal bands, covering, hair metal bands.
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