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Your community is expanding, and maybe, so is your team.  How do you handle people internally coming into managing your community?
Show Notes: Getting Back to Work?  Messaging & Communication are KeyChanges day to day - be consistentEven if the daily message is "same as yesterday" it helps the audience know you updated recentlyIf you're doing something different from the norm - make SURE people know thatBe easy to get ahold of - post your phone & email & livechat or a formBe Flexible - if a customer shows up w/o a required mask - have one available for them to use (sterile - disposable) etc.SHOW you're proactiveClean between customersHave to sign a ticket? Is the PEN clean? Can you skip the signature?Have to go into someone's home? Send them an email BEFORE you go that sets the expectation.  Will the tech wear PPE? Should you (customer) wear a mask? Etc.
Great ideas for pivoting when you cant "operate as usual"
Erin & Carrie explore the concept of working on your business versus in your business.  Are you making your brand stronger during down time? 
We're Being forced to think outside the box.  Are you going back inside the box when this is over?
Erin & Carrie discuss dealing with your community from a distance.
Talking about you, who you are, and why you do what you do is important if you want customers to PICK you - if they don't know you, why would they choose you?
Nobody likes operating in crisis mode - but sometimes its inevitable.  How can you help your community without giving the impression you're "cashing in"?  Carrie & Erin give you some helpful advice!
Carrie and Erin discuss tactics, tips, and pitfalls to expanding your business when maybe its better to shrink your "pond."  They also discuss the recent shutdown of Brandless (have you listened to Episode 17 yet?)
How can businesses partner to "get the word out" and share the cost of promotion? 
Erin Jones & Carrie Hill take a look at Brandless and their recent product line/pricing change and their mistakes that led to a very disgruntled client base.
Carrie and Erin welcome friend & special guest Jennifer Cario to talk about her exciting foray away from marketing and into being a restauranteur! 
Is engaging an influencer to promote your brand worth it? It might be - but being prepared & choosing the right kind of influencer, at the right pricepoint - could make all the difference. 
If you want people to like your stuff & support you, make sure you're returning the favor.
Using information and content from your local community can create a big opportunity for content that benefits your brand and shows you as a member of your "neighborhood."  Highlighting the history, community events, members, etc can make a difference.
Carrie & Erin give tips on using events to reach out to your local or virtual community!
Carrie & Erin walk you through determining who your brand's true competitors are - and what to do about it!
Creating company policies for how your brand is represented in public can save a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. Erin & Carrie give tips on creating a policy for YOUR business.
The brand promise is a value or experience a company's customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company. 
YOU know what you intended to sayTHEY know what you intended to sayYou both don't take it the same way.
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