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Anna brings Surge on the great American 90's childhood literary journey that he missed out on. Right now we're going through RL Stine's Fear Street series in chronological order. It's evolved from having general discussions about the books to creating our own fan theory about the world of Fear Street.

We also start each episode with a review of other books we've read recently. We occasionally interview authors.
48 Episodes
Fear Street review starts at 8:36.Serge and Anna finally make it out of 99 Fear Street and the House of Evil trilogy unscathed. We can't say the same for all the characters in the book.Anna reviews C Pam Zhang's "How Much of These Hills is Gold" at the start of the cast.
Anna and Surge make their way back to 99 Fear Street, this time with the McCloy family. Except this time, instead of a haunted house, we have to sit through Brandt's dating simulation. Oh joy!Surge reviews NK Jemisin's "The City We Became" at the start of the cast.
Surge and Anna embark on a new Fear Street trilogy, a reader's equivalent of an open house as we tour 99 Fear Street. We noped out as quickly as we could, but the Frasier family wasn't as lucky. Join us as we recount the Frasier Family folly from their time in the House of Evil.Anna reviews the latest book in the Pendergast series, Crooked River, before our Fear Street discussion.
To no one's surprise, especially not Surge and Anna, the Evil that has haunted Corky Corcoran for an entire trilogy is back. Join us as we discuss this complete non-surprise.Anna reviews the first book in Maggie Stiefvater's new Dreamers trilogy, "Call Down The Hawk" and the start of the episode.Fear Street discussion starts at 8:48.
Serge and Anna are starting the New Year off right with their long awaited discussion of Fear Street Super Chiller: The Dead Lifeguard. Things aren't what they seem! Or are they?Anna starts the episode off by reviewing Leigh Bardugo's adult novel debut, Ninth House.
Surge and Anna are back and this time, they're discussing Fear Street: The Mind Reader. Despite what the title says, there's surprisingly little mind reading actually happening in the book.Before the Fear Street discussion which starts at 10:19, Anna reviews the book "Red, White, & Royal Blue" by Casey McQuiston.
We're back with another Fear Street discussion! This time we're discussing Fear Street: One Evil Summer and boy oh boy do we get into the mythos here. Is Chrissy really the bad guy or is RL Stine doing some next level supernatural stuff?Before our Fear Street discussion:Surge reviews book 12 in the October Daye series - "Night and Silence" by Seanan McGuireAnna reviews Blake Crouch's newest book "Recursion".
It happened, it finally happened. Thanks to BookExpo America, we, your humble hosts of RetRead Podcast, met the one and only - R.L. Stine. Hear us talk about meeting the great R.L. Stine as well as our in-depth coverage of some panels we went to at BookExpo 2019.
Surge and Anna return to review and discuss Fear Street: The Thrill Club. If you're part of a group that tells scary stories, maybe don't use the name of your friends?Before our Fear Street discussion, Anna rants about the latest book in The Field Party series, Losing the Field.
Hello? Anyone there? Anna and Surge are back and we're here reviewing sleazy Bobby Newkirk's antics from Fear Street: Double Date.Before that, Surge reviews N.K. Jemisin's award-winning Broken Earth trilogy.
We hope we won't give anyone nightmares in our discussion of Fear Street: Bad Dreams. This book threw us into a loop of Fear Street mythos and nitpicks that we're not sure we're out of.Anna reviews Cameron Chaney's book "There Are Monsters Here" at the top of the cast.
We're finally back to the main Fear Street series with The Dare and we couldn't be happier. R.L. Stine starts us off with the topic he's best at, wealth discrepancy and entitlement. There's a lot to parse in this book and we get right into it.Anna reviews My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite at the top of the cast.
Anna and Surge FINALLY finish up the Fear Street Saga trilogy with their discussion of The Burning. It took awhile but they finally get to the conclusion of the "epic" feud between the Fear (Fier) and Goode families.Before their Fear Street discussion: Surge reviews Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero, and Anna reviews The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee.
We interview NYT best selling author of Meddling Kids, Edgar Cantero. As always, we delve into the nitty gritty of his writing process followed by a conversation about his books: including his first English novel Supernatural Enhancements, and his latest novel This Body's Not Big Enough For Both of Us. Thanks Edgar for joining us at the Brooklyn Public Library recording studio for the interview.
Anna and Surge finally get to the second book of the Fear Street Saga trilogy. Yes it took forever, but it took awhile for the rage to simmer down. The middle book of trilogies tend to be a letdown, but this was really something special.Before they get to Fear Street Saga: The Secret, Surge reviews Edgar Cantero's This Body's Not Big Enough For Both of Us and Anna reviews Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman.Fear Street Saga: The Secret reviews starts at 18:57.
In a special interview episode, Anna and Surge interview author Bryce Gibson. His YA Southern Gothic Horror is a fresh take on the 90's teen horror genre.
Surge has come back from his Asia worktrip and we FINALLY have our post BookExpo wrap up! This isn't like a normal episode. We talk about a lot of what's going on in the publishing industry, diversity, and some politics (and it's effects on the book world). It's really long, it's more nuanced than either one of us can manage, but we really tried our best.
Surge and Anna finally made it to the highly anticipated Fear Street Saga series. Finally learning about the history of the Fear or Fier family and the start of the blood feud between them and the Goode family. Before that, Surge reviews Myth and Madness by Daniel Hryhorczuk and Anna reviews The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan.
Reva Dalby is back for another holiday season of snide remarks and attempted murder. All is never calm when Reva's around.Before the discussion of Silent Night 2, we review two other books. Surge kicks us off with his review of "Evolutions - Fifteen Myths that Explain Our World" by Oren Harman. Anna reviews the final book in the Themis Files Trilogy, "Only Human" by Sylvain Neuvel.
A Valentine's Day surprise that no one really wants in the latest book of the Fear Street Super Chiller series. Anna and Surge also go full bore in developing their Fear Street mythos.Before the Fear Street deep dive, Anna and Surge review the first book in VE Schwab's Shades of Magic trilogy. The trilogy has a surprising link to the Fear Street mythos. Take a listen.
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