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Unlock the game-changing power of clear agreements with this applicable minisode. Whether in your personal life or professional endeavors, learn how to define roles, responsibilities, deadlines, and accountability to foster high-integrity relationships. Caneel shares the common pitfalls of vague agreements and offers practical strategies to break through resistance and establish crystal-clear agreements. These transformative insights pave the way for drama-free interactions, successful project execution, and personal growth. Apply these principles across various facets of your life, from work to personal goals. Listen and master the art of crafting unambiguous agreements.Highlights00:00:45 Why do we break agreements? What is integrity? 00:01:14 What is a clear agreement? 00:02:23 Define the who. Who is accountable for the outcome?00:03:39 Define the what00:04:21 A new way of looking at deadlines00:05:08 Explore, don’t ignore, resistance and fear in decision making00:05:41 Take the time you need to create a clear agreement00:06:43 The Importance of clear agreements in creative projects00:07:21 Coaching moment: Apply your learningsFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Delve into the power of understanding and embracing your core emotions to uncover the profound messages and hidden treasures buried in each emotion in this minisode. The core emotions each carry a unique message and value, and by fully experiencing and acknowledging them, you can tap into your inner guidance and make powerful choices in your life. Join Dr. Caneel Joyce as she breaks down the five basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger, and desire, and invites you to listen to their innate value and wisdom. Explore the power of emotional intelligence and the art of feeling your way through to a more fulfilling life.Listen to a full-length episode about the wisdom of the five core emotions here!For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Explore the power of ceremony in navigating personal and collective transitions in this episode of the Allowed podcast. Dr. Joyce highlights the emotional and identity aspects of embracing change and the resistance that often comes with it. Drawing from existing research, Caneel discusses the role of rituals in navigating new environments and sustaining consciousness. Throughout the episode, you will learn about ceremony and ritual’s potential to reduce emotional dysregulation and anxiety, as well as their significance in addressing grief and processing emotions. Highlighting the importance of community support and being witnessed during change, Caneel explains how ceremony provides a container for conscious transition. Are there areas in your life where ceremonies or rituals can aid you in navigating transitions? Listen and learn more…Highlights00:00:35 Ceremony is a powerful way to acknowledge the endings and embrace the new beginnings in our lives00:02:12 A story of a spontaneous, healing ceremony00:04:23 Practicing intuition, following messages, cleansing the earth.00:07:53 Learning, grieving, ceremony: detachment, connection, leadership.00:08:56 Rituals and ceremonies provide a container in time and space to process grief 00:14:20 Using Ceremony for transition, change, and support.00:15:20 Ceremonies mark an ending and a new beginning00:26:41 Rituals help control and reduce anxiety00:30:44 Opportunity for corporate funerals to help businesses embrace change00:33:10 Ceremonies and rituals give weight and permanence to important moments00:33:15 Transition must be honored and respected, peacefully.00:39:19 The value of community supportFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Are there areas in your life where you've wanted to make a change, but it seems like something is holding you back? Do you take the initial first steps to change but end up back where you’ve always been?In this minisode, Dr. Caneel Joyce explores why change can be challenging and shares insights on overcoming those roadblocks. Welcome to a crash-course introduction to the Change Formula, a powerful tool for creating lasting change in your life.Explore why change can be challenging, even when you desire it deeply, and learn how to harness the power of the three components of the Change Formula: vision, discomfort, and support. Join Caneel as she discusses the importance of having a clear, strong, and compelling vision, and how discomfort can actually be a catalyst for change. Get ready to unleash your willingness to transform as this enlightening minisode offers practical steps and insights to help you amplify your willingness to create the meaningful changes in your life you truly want to make. Full-length Allowed episodes about the Change Formula include How to Get Creative About Change and The Change Formula - Why Self-Help Books Aren’t Working for YouFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Let’s jump into the world of empowerment and uncover the keys to creating the life you desire. In this Allowed Essentials minisode, you will learn about the powerful concept of the Empowerment Triangle. Join Caneel as she explains the three essential roles within this triangle: the Creator, the Coach, and the Challenger.  Discover how the different roles on the Empowerment Triangle intertwine to cultivate your personal power. Emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility, Caneel explores how your choices, beliefs, and actions shape your life. Radical responsibility, embracing curiosity, and focusing your attention on all that you can control can lead to profound creativity, growth, and transformation. Raise your awareness of the patterns that no longer serve you and choose the path of the creator, coach, and challenger to create the life you want to live. By embracing the roles of the Empowerment Triangle, you can tap into your true potential and be the powerful leader you were born to be. Listen to the full-length episode on the Empowerment Triangle here! For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
In this episode of the Allowed podcast, unearth the detrimental effects of self-isolation and the importance of social connection for our overall well-being. From combating loneliness to prioritizing self-care, explore ways to nourish your social needs and establish lifelong friendships. Join Caneel as she discusses the impact of loneliness on our mental and physical health, and shares insights into how the remedy to the loneliness epidemic starts with compassion. Don't miss this episode on mental health, self-compassion, and the power of conscious choice in finding healing and happiness.For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
In this thought-provoking minisode, host Dr. Caneel Joyce breaks down the fascinating concept of the Drama Triangle. Join her as she delivers a crash course on the victimhood mentality that can keep you stuck and disempowered in your life.  Through a quick breakdown of the three roles on the Drama Triangle discover how drifting from presence and adopting a victim mentality can hinder your personal growth and prevent you from making a meaningful impact. With her insightful guidance, Caneel will empower you to reclaim your power, break free from drama, and step into conscious leadership. For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
In part two of this episode on identity and the Enneagram, Dr. Caneel Joyce and Courtney Smith discuss the ancient personality typing system, the Enneagram, and its value for the process of self-discovery and letting go of harmful attachments to identity. Unlike traditional personality tools, the Enneagram goes beyond surface traits and delves into the underlying beliefs that shape individuals' perspectives. Throughout this episode Caneel and Courtney explore each of the nine points of the Enneagram, sharing insights into what motivates each type and the identity trappings of the different archetypes, including yours! Caneel and Courtney’s conversation shares a unique perspective on this useful framework for self-reflection and understanding others. They discuss the use of the Enneagram as a tool to go beyond simple awareness and into a different experience. Courtney explains the importance of connecting with physical sensations to loosen the grip of identity and self-limiting stories and guides Caneel through a somatic exercise that you can try out at home to help you cultivate awareness of each Enneagram type’s embodied experience to explore new perspectives. For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Join Dr. Caneel Joyce and guest Courtney Smith as they explore the impact of identity on personal growth and development in part one of this episode of the Allowed podcast. Gain valuable insights into how rigid childhood identity structures can become limiting and problematic in adulthood, leading to dissatisfaction, burnout, and a lack of fulfillment. In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Caneel and Courtney delve into the motives and challenges people face when embarking on personal growth journeys. Discover the challenges of rigid identities and how identity creates feedback loops, reinforcing existing patterns and limiting exploration of alternative ways of being. Uncover the common stages of life where identity crises often occur, like the thirties or midlife, and learn strategies to navigate these periods of transformation.Throughout this episode, Caneel and Courtney stress the importance of questioning and challenging the underlying stories and assumptions that shape your identity. They highlight the limitations of off-the-shelf personal growth tools and advocate for tools that facilitate deep self-exploration and reevaluation of identity, like the Enneagram.Discover the power of breaking points and embracing discomfort as a catalyst for personal transformation.This episode offers valuable insights into the role of identity in personal growth, highlighting the significance of examining and evolving your identity structures as you navigate life's complexities so you can achieve sustainable growth in both your professional and personal life. For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
On this episode of Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth, host Dr. Caneel Joyce welcomes back Enneagram expert Erin Rocchio to discuss how the Enneagram can be used to address burnout. They explore how different Enneagram types are more susceptible to burnout due to their specific tendencies and behaviors. The conversation includes practical tips for setting clear boundaries that connect to core values to promote emotional and mental well-being. If you're curious about using the Enneagram in your personal growth journey, this episode is a must-listen.Guest bioFor fifteen years, Erin has worked with executives across industries to find the sweet spot between business results and personal meaning. She designs and delivers transformational leader, team, and organization development in line with business strategy. Released in 2020, Erin’s inaugural publication, Wholeness at Work: Free Yourself from Burnout for Good, addresses the science behind workplace burnout. She explores the symptoms, sources, and solutions across three levels: individual, relational, and systemic. Her Roadmap to Wholeness supports leaders in finding a lifelong path to sustainable wellbeing in their work.For Erin's complete bio, please visit allowedpodcast.comHighlights[00:00:01] Enneagram allows compassion and growth; burnout discussion.[00:04:49] Enneagram types face burnout from neglecting self-care.[00:07:21] Burnout by Enneagram types summary[00:12:11] Setting boundaries for emotional and mental well-being.[00:17:23] The need for predictability in daily routine.[00:23:43] Desire for wholeness & potential in life.[00:24:35] Link to resources and buy card deckFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Dr. Caneel Joyce talks with guest Erin Rocchio about wholeness and one of the biggest issues that moves us away from it- burnout- in part one of this special two-part episode of Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth. They discuss the factors that contribute to burnout, including the mismatch between a person and their environment, and offer six levers that can support well-being in the workplace. They also explore the symptoms of burnout and the phases that people go through, as well as the need for leaders to prioritize their own needs in order to be effective. Additionally, the connection between burnout and wholeness is discussed, and three self-guided coaching tools are offered as a means of prevention. The conversation ultimately emphasizes the importance of creating spaces where people can be their whole selves and flourish in all aspects of their lives.Guest bioFor fifteen years, Erin has worked with executives across industries to find the sweet spot between business results and personal meaning. She designs and delivers transformational leader, team, and organization development in line with business strategy. Released in 2020, Erin’s inaugural publication, Wholeness at Work: Free Yourself from Burnout for Good, addresses the science behind workplace burnout. She explores the symptoms, sources, and solutions across three levels: individual, relational, and systemic. Her Roadmap to Wholeness supports leaders in finding a lifelong path to sustainable wellbeing in their work.For Erin's complete bio, please visit Highlights[00:04:02]  Burnout threatens leaders and organizational success[00:07:56] Ignoring needs leads to burnout culture.[00:11:47] Wholeness tools for burnout and systemic issues.[00:17:36] Six workplace levers to support well-being [00:20:05] Guide to burnout causes and relief methods.For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Beth Anstandig is back on the Allowed podcast!As a lifelong cowgirl, writer, university faculty member, and licensed psychotherapist, Beth has 25 years of experience developing, implementing, and training people in Natural Leadership—a model she pioneered. Natural leadership helps people awaken their innate awareness so they can live and work with more authentic relationships and connections. Beth owns Take a Chance Ranch in Morgan Hill, CA providing leadership, culture, and well-being programs through The Circle Up Experience. Together with an ever-growing menagerie of animals, she’s trained thousands of leaders and teams from some of the most renowned corporations, universities, and nonprofits. Beth joins Caneel Joyce to discuss her brilliant new book The Human Herd and to share the incredible lessons leaders can learn from honing their natural leadership skills. Listen to learn why self-care is essential in building trust in teams, how learning about the different fields of awareness improves your leadership, and what being a part of a human herd really entails. During the episode, Caneel and Beth detail how you can strengthen the trust and relationships within your team through the principles of natural leadership. For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
This episode of Allowed gets personal as Caneel recounts the moment she realized she was still repressing some of the most unique, authentic parts of herself. You will learn the difference between your identity and your essence and then discover how 360-degree reviews can help you professionally AND personally by revealing the innate gifts you already possess. Is there a part of you that never sees the light of day? Do you believe that you can’t be your true self?  Are you hiding your precious gifts from the world? You can break out of the mindsets that keep you from playing full out. Become the person you want to be by letting go, rediscovering your essence, and Allowing all of you to come out into the world.Highlights00:00 Intro01:49 The difference between identity and essence 07:15 The significance of uninhibited dancing11:02 Why a 360-degree review helps develop personal branding13:34 My shocking 360-degree review report results 17:07 The importance of spontaneous creation18:26 Why we repress our essenceFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Are your results not matching up to the level of change you want? Let’s figure out what you truly want and set you up for success to actually get it. You may want change, but are you willing to create it?Sustainable and lasting change takes willingness. In this episode, you will discover how to boost your willingness through the Change Formula. Take the first step in boosting your willingness by learning about the importance of tapping into your creativity and crafting a powerful, motivating vision! You will then hear why getting comfortable with discomfort could be the missing component to making sustainable change in your life and leadership. Learn how you can get creative with how you support yourself through change and what support can do to make change easier. Throughout the episode you will also learn how listening to your Whole Body Yes can make each part of the Change Formula easier! Change doesn’t have to be hard. Once you tap into your will and choose to step into the Creator role in your life, you can create the changes you’ve been dreaming about.Highlights02:33 The Unarguable Check In12:12 How to Get What You Want15:00 What is the Change Formula?18:48 The Change Formula: How to Create a Vision26:17 The Change Formula: The Power of Discomfort33:06 The Change Formula: Why Support Encourages Change36:33 How to Guide Yourself Through Personal Growth: Follow Your Whole Body Yes43:20 Are You Willing to Change?46:08 Additional Conscious Leadership ResourcesFind this episode's shownotes here!For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
You have them and you’re going to keep having them: emotions. You are allowed to feel your feelings all the way to completion. You are allowed to name and listen to your emotions in a productive and meaningful way. In this episode, master a simpler, more powerful vocabulary of familiar basic emotion words that break you out of drama and help you navigate through your emotional world. Discover the wisdom of the 5 core emotions and how their wisdom can inspire change and growth. You will then learn about how emotions manifest in your body and how to identify what you’re feeling without overanalyzing or stifling your feelings. Learn how the fact vs. story framework gives you the skills to consciously communicate your emotions. By the end of the episode, you will know how to shift away from the drama-based story language and into the language of facts in order to break out of draining emotional cycles and step into empowerment. Highlights 13:03 - What does it mean to be unarguable? The Fact vs. Story Framework16:57 - The 5 Core Emotions20:50 - How Story Emotions Both Come From and Lead To Drama27:47 - The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions31:42 - How to Experience Your Emotions Consciously36:08 - Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions39:47 - The Part You Play in Your Emotions44:52 - Are you very emotional and sensitive? You can use that emotional intelligence for your growthFor shownotes and to become an Allowed Insider, head to allowedpodcast.comFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
This week’s coaching session will help you end burnout, stop indecisiveness, reduce your feelings of overwhelm, and end the depletion of your creative energy. Do you tend to say yes when you really want to say no? Are you trapped in what feels like an unending burnout cycle? Do you find yourself breaking commitments? Or stuck in ones that now feel like burdensome obligations?In less than an hour, learn how getting into the daily practice of creating clear agreements with yourself for the day is a beneficial exercise of self-care. Self-care habits, like integrity, Whole Body Yes, and boundaries, help you to own the leadership role in your life and set the foundation for your external leadership. Discover how to use your internal wisdom to guide your commitments, so you can stop breaking your agreements and start creating agreements that make you feel ALIVE. You can stop engaging in the friction of fighting life, including the life that is within you. You can stop swimming upstream when you don't want to. You may still be working hard, but it doesn’t have to feel hard. You may still be putting in a lot of effort and energy into keeping your agreements, but friction is absent. Learn how integrity is a place of great ease which you can live in and create from if you choose to. Highlights 06:59 Self Care Is More Than Bubble Baths08:09 How Your Integrity Serves Others10:11 The Value of Self Care Habits11:07 What is Integrity?14:26 The Consequences of a Lack of Integrity16:28 What is a Whole Body Yes?25:19 What is a Clear Agreement?33:11 How Living a Life of Integrity Reduces Burnout36:10 Clear Agreements Journaling Exercise For show notes and more visit For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Are You Curious?

Are You Curious?


This week’s coaching session is all about the transformative power of curiosity.  In less than an hour, learn what genuine curiosity is and how to use it to your benefit. When leaders get curious with true genuine curiosity they shift into a place of powerful responsibility. The way of the curious leader provides perks ranging from empowerment to productivity. You can improve your communication skills by learning how to ask mindful questions. Master how to use curiosity to craft creative solutions to lingering problems and see how your energy is freed up. Question your motivations and reevaluate your agreements to gain insight into what to prioritize in both your personal and professional life so you can live with more integrity. The opportunities for growth are limitless when you master curiosity. The curious leader takes 100% responsibility for their life without blame, shame, and guilt.  They give themselves the power, knowledge, and freedom to promote healthy and sustainable change.Highlights  04:08 Responsibility is power. 04:55 How radical responsibility combats drama09:15 How did you help create your situation?13:27 Curiosity can free you from generational patterns.15:38 Curiosity helps you let go of the control story17:54 Getting curious about challenges 22:47 You are Allowed affirmation26:51 Asking questions without an answer preference 32:44 Curiosity facilitates clarityFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Let’s activate your superpower and create a life you love to lead by using the practice of presence. Bringing your focus inward is the paradigm shift in leadership development and personal growth.Think of this episode as Conscious Leadership 101-  a quick and fundamental guide to the power of presence. Start back at the basics and learn what presence is and its wide array of uses. You can use presence to reduce anxiety, gain clarity, improve focus and productivity, and more. Learn how to use a variety of simple ways to help you return to mindfulness when you find yourself straying from presence. Throughout this coaching session, you will discover why presence is essential to conscious leadership, then explore the personal and professional benefits of living a mindful life.Highlights00:00 Intro04:06 Conscious leadership involves presence06:18 What is presence?08:04 You are allowed to be present 9:50 What presence looks and feels like12:50 9 quick and simple ways to be presentFor complete show notes and additional resources, visit
Wondering if it’s time to quit? Questioning whether or not to move on? Feeling an urge to start over? Are you struggling with burnout? Are you feeling like life is happening to you?If you see yourself repeating the same unfulfilling patterns and living a life of constant fire drills that drain you of your creative energy... that is your sign. It’s time for you to embark on your personal growth journey, and to experience the revolutionary freedom that comes with a fresh start and a completely blank page. This coaching session will inspire you to utilize new beginnings as an opportunity to release what no longer serves you. Change is possible, and it can start right now if you want it to.  In this inaugural episode of Allowed’s second season, you will determine if it's time to reassess areas of your life. You will discover the benefits that you can gain from the wisdom of faulty foundations. Most importantly, you will learn how to begin rebuilding and designing your life in a way that best serves you. A life customized by and for YOU. Throughout this episode, gain the life-changing leadership skill of shifting your mindset in order to dismantle the fear-based stories you have around blank slates. By breaking free of the thought patterns that keep you trapped and stifled by broken systems, you will move towards a healthy and empowered personal growth mindset that embraces the unbelievable power of change. Design your life consciously and foster creativity in all areas of your life. Highlights00:00 Intro05:13 What is the value of a growth mindset?07:37 How to embrace the powerful responsibility of leadership08:43 Learn how self-care and leadership intersect09:55 Practice decluttering by making clear agreements 13:24 When is it time to quit and start over?16:30 How to end the burnout cycle21:53 You are Allowed to change everything and start over25:53 How fear is holding you back30:39 How to shift your mindset about new beginnings 37:25 What is there to learn from old cycles and broken foundations?More information and tools are available at complete show notes and additional resources, visit
It's time to look forward... Vision is the key to being the creator of your own reality.As we turn the page on 2021, I invite you to build a foundation for making a massive change that’s in service of your most authentic self.Imagine that you are at the end of 2022. Visualize the outcomes you want to create. Dare to envision things that you think are totally impossible and awesomely magnificent, imagined exactly as you'd want them to be. There is nothing that you’re not allowed to want.  Dare to find out what unfolds. And dare to help it unfold the way you want it to. In this special New Year bonus episode of Allowed, I will walk you through a year-end visioning routine. And while the coming of the New Year is a perfect time to do this exercise, you can create a powerful vision at any time. Wherever you are on your journey, this is a great way to give yourself and your goals a recharge. A compelling vision will help you achieve the lasting change you have been wanting.  And the best part? All you need to do for this exercise is answer a few simple questions.  Start the year with a commitment to yourself to make 2022 a year where you become even more uniquely and beautifully you. Have a wonderful New Year, I cannot wait to see where you are a year from now. For complete show notes and additional resources, visit
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