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Are your results not matching up to the level of change you want? Let’s figure out what you truly want and set you up for success to actually get it. You may want change, but are you willing to create it?Sustainable and lasting change takes willingness. In this episode, you will discover how to boost your willingness through the Change Formula. Take the first step in boosting your willingness by learning about the importance of tapping into your creativity and crafting a powerful, motivating vision! You will then hear why getting comfortable with discomfort could be the missing component to making sustainable change in your life and leadership. Learn how you can get creative with how you support yourself through change and what support can do to make change easier. Throughout the episode you will also learn how listening to your Whole Body Yes can make each part of the Change Formula easier! Change doesn’t have to be hard. Once you tap into your will and choose to step into the Creator role in your life, you can create the changes you’ve been dreaming about.Highlights02:33 The Unarguable Check In12:12 How to Get What You Want15:00 What is the Change Formula?18:48 The Change Formula: How to Create a Vision26:17 The Change Formula: The Power of Discomfort33:06 The Change Formula: Why Support Encourages Change36:33 How to Guide Yourself Through Personal Growth: Follow Your Whole Body Yes43:20 Are You Willing to Change?46:08 Additional Conscious Leadership ResourcesFind this episode's shownotes here!
You have them and you’re going to keep having them: emotions. You are allowed to feel your feelings all the way to completion. You are allowed to name and listen to your emotions in a productive and meaningful way. In this episode, master a simpler, more powerful vocabulary of familiar basic emotion words that break you out of drama and help you navigate through your emotional world. Discover the wisdom of the 5 core emotions and how their wisdom can inspire change and growth. You will then learn about how emotions manifest in your body and how to identify what you’re feeling without overanalyzing or stifling your feelings. Learn how the fact vs. story framework gives you the skills to consciously communicate your emotions. By the end of the episode, you will know how to shift away from the drama-based story language and into the language of facts in order to break out of draining emotional cycles and step into empowerment. Highlights 13:03 - What does it mean to be unarguable? The Fact vs. Story Framework16:57 - The 5 Core Emotions20:50 - How Story Emotions Both Come From and Lead To Drama27:47 - The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions31:42 - How to Experience Your Emotions Consciously36:08 - Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions39:47 - The Part You Play in Your Emotions44:52 - Are you very emotional and sensitive? You can use that emotional intelligence for your growthFor shownotes and to become an Allowed Insider, head to
This week’s coaching session will help you end burnout, stop indecisiveness, reduce your feelings of overwhelm, and end the depletion of your creative energy. Do you tend to say yes when you really want to say no? Are you trapped in what feels like an unending burnout cycle? Do you find yourself breaking commitments? Or stuck in ones that now feel like burdensome obligations?In less than an hour, learn how getting into the daily practice of creating clear agreements with yourself for the day is a beneficial exercise of self-care. Self-care habits, like integrity, Whole Body Yes, and boundaries, help you to own the leadership role in your life and set the foundation for your external leadership. Discover how to use your internal wisdom to guide your commitments, so you can stop breaking your agreements and start creating agreements that make you feel ALIVE. You can stop engaging in the friction of fighting life, including the life that is within you. You can stop swimming upstream when you don't want to. You may still be working hard, but it doesn’t have to feel hard. You may still be putting in a lot of effort and energy into keeping your agreements, but friction is absent. Learn how integrity is a place of great ease which you can live in and create from if you choose to. Highlights 06:59 Self Care Is More Than Bubble Baths08:09 How Your Integrity Serves Others10:11 The Value of Self Care Habits11:07 What is Integrity?14:26 The Consequences of a Lack of Integrity16:28 What is a Whole Body Yes?25:19 What is a Clear Agreement?33:11 How Living a Life of Integrity Reduces Burnout36:10 Clear Agreements Journaling Exercise For show notes and more visit 
Are You Curious?

Are You Curious?


Are you stuck in a rut, unfulfilling routine, or unhealthy pattern? Have you lost your inspiration? Are you not quite sure how to proceed or what to prioritize? Are you wondering why a certain situation or relationship is the way it is?  Are you unsure about different paths forward?  Here’s the good news: there is a way to find those answers and solutions. And you don’t need me or anyone else to help you find them. The answers are within you. And all you need to do to find them is to use an essential, multi-purpose conscious leadership tool called curiosity.  This week’s coaching session is all about the transformative power of curiosity.  In less than an hour, learn what genuine curiosity is and how to use it to your benefit. The perks of curiosity range from empowerment to productivity. You can improve your communication skills by learning how to ask mindful questions. Master how to use curiosity to craft creative solutions to lingering problems and free your energy.  Learn to question your motivations to gain insight into what to prioritize in both your personal and professional life to live with more integrity.  The opportunities for growth are limitless when you master curiosity. Get curious and take 100% responsibility for your life without blame, shame, and guilt.   Give yourself the power, knowledge, and freedom to promote healthy and sustainable change in yourself. 
Let’s activate your superpower and create a life you love to lead by using the practice of presence. Bringing your focus inward is the paradigm shift in leadership development and personal growth.Think of this episode as Conscious Leadership 101-  a quick and fundamental guide to the power of presence. Start back at the basics and learn what presence is and its wide array of uses. You can use presence to reduce anxiety, gain clarity, improve focus and productivity, and more. Learn how to use a variety of simple ways to help you return to mindfulness when you find yourself straying from presence. Throughout this coaching session, you will discover why presence is essential to conscious leadership, then explore the personal and professional benefits of living a mindful life.Highlights00:00 Intro04:06 Conscious leadership involves presence06:18 What is presence?08:04 You are allowed to be present 9:50 What presence looks and feels like12:50 9 quick and simple ways to be present
Wondering if it’s time to quit? Questioning whether or not to move on? Feeling an urge to start over? Are you struggling with burnout? Are you feeling like life is happening to you?If you see yourself repeating the same unfulfilling patterns and living a life of constant fire drills that drain you of your creative energy... that is your sign. It’s time for you to embark on your personal growth journey, and to experience the revolutionary freedom that comes with a fresh start and a completely blank page. This coaching session will inspire you to utilize new beginnings as an opportunity to release what no longer serves you. Change is possible, and it can start right now if you want it to.  In this inaugural episode of Allowed’s second season, you will determine if it's time to reassess areas of your life. You will discover the benefits that you can gain from the wisdom of faulty foundations. Most importantly, you will learn how to begin rebuilding and designing your life in a way that best serves you. A life customized by and for YOU. Throughout this episode, gain the life-changing leadership skill of shifting your mindset in order to dismantle the fear-based stories you have around blank slates. By breaking free of the thought patterns that keep you trapped and stifled by broken systems, you will move towards a healthy and empowered personal growth mindset that embraces the unbelievable power of change. Design your life consciously and foster creativity in all areas of your life. Highlights00:00 Intro05:13 What is the value of a growth mindset?07:37 How to embrace the powerful responsibility of leadership08:43 Learn how self-care and leadership intersect09:55 Practice decluttering by making clear agreements 13:24 When is it time to quit and start over?16:30 How to end the burnout cycle21:53 You are Allowed to change everything and start over25:53 How fear is holding you back30:39 How to shift your mindset about new beginnings 37:25 What is there to learn from old cycles and broken foundations?More information and tools are available at
It's time to look forward... Vision is the key to being the creator of your own reality.As we turn the page on 2021, I invite you to build a foundation for making a massive change that’s in service of your most authentic self.Imagine that you are at the end of 2022. Visualize the outcomes you want to create. Dare to envision things that you think are totally impossible and awesomely magnificent, imagined exactly as you'd want them to be. There is nothing that you’re not allowed to want.  Dare to find out what unfolds. And dare to help it unfold the way you want it to. In this special New Year bonus episode of Allowed, I will walk you through a year-end visioning routine. And while the coming of the New Year is a perfect time to do this exercise, you can create a powerful vision at any time. Wherever you are on your journey, this is a great way to give yourself and your goals a recharge. A compelling vision will help you achieve the lasting change you have been wanting.  And the best part? All you need to do for this exercise is answer a few simple questions.  Start the year with a commitment to yourself to make 2022 a year where you become even more uniquely and beautifully you. Have a wonderful New Year, I cannot wait to see where you are a year from now. 
Expressing your gratitude for things that feel profound, positive, and important feels straightforward and easy. However, being grateful for that which we find most challenging is not usually something we consider or put into practice. Finding gratitude for the challenges you face allows you to take back control of something that may have felt beyond your control. When challenging moments and obstacles arise, we can easily slip into a state of powerlessness or victimhood that, in conscious leadership, would be described as being in the drama triangle, where we perceive life as happening to us and being against us. Living a life of conscious presence means that you acknowledge all aspects of your life as serving a purpose for your benefit and growth.With the complex pivots and particular set of challenges 2021 has entailed, this Thanksgiving holiday in the US presents a unique opportunity to revisit one of Allowed’s first episodes, originally aired in 2019. Focused on gratitude in honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday, this personal episode touches upon the value challenges bring to our lives, the beautiful complexity of family, and being thankful for and celebrating differences. Throughout the episode, explore the distinction between entitlement and appreciation and the results you can see born out of these two very different mindsets. During Heather and I’s conversation, you will also hear how creating a community of gratitude can transform your own mindset. Across the globe over the past two years, humanity has faced life-changing challenges, strife, division, and loss. These challenges, while immensely difficult, have also provided an incredible opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and face many truths we did not have the will or opportunity to face before. Shifting our mindsets around these challenges and examining how this might be exactly the right thing for you right now can hugely benefit both your personal and interpersonal growth. When you accept the challenge of looking at every aspect of your life with a grateful mindset, you may find yourself feeling more powerful and motivated than ever before.
Outer and inner beauty are at the forefront of this special bonus episode of Allowed, as we explore the complex relationship women often have with beauty- one of artistry, confidence, insecurity, and evolution. Join us as Brittany Allyn, founder of ThirtyWaves and SCOOPS, guides us through the art of her morning beauty routine while sharing her favorite beauty products and tricks. Throughout this beauty tutorial, this bonus episode also goes beneath the surface as we touch on how freedom to express oneself through beauty is feminist, context versus content, the Drama Triangle’s influence on beauty, and the power of hypnobirth. See show notes and get free tools at
Join this powerful conversation on beauty as a form of social currency, the future of dating app technology, the paradoxical association between intelligence and appearance, and the shame around discussing beauty. Throughout the episode, you will learn how shifting your mindset about beauty can empower you to break free from fear-based stories and challenge your own subconscious associations of youth and beauty.  Regardless of your gender identity, this episode breaks through the noise and helps identify your own thought patterns, and sheds light on how society has been shaping your own self-esteem. Putting aside generational differences, and stigma surrounding the polarizing topic of beauty as it relates to gender equality, Caneel and Brittany boldly address their own insecurities and how their experience with beauty and aging has transformed over time.Highlights 00:00 Intro03:08 Meet Brittany Allyn, founder of Thirty Waves and SCOOPS07:08 Caneel and Brittany discuss the pressures around aging and fertility 15:06 Discussing Brittany’s startup SCOOPS 21:36 Caneel shares her experience with disordered eating and beauty standards in LA23:44 Discussion about beauty as a form of forward-facing currency 25:15 Brittany and Caneel talk about how women are afraid to call themselves beautiful 35:57 The importance of dismantling associations between youth and beauty 37:54 The paradoxical association between beauty and intelligence38:40 Caneel reveals that we often perpetuate stories we are told and internalize41:04 Caneel discusses the existence of “pretty privilege” 48:04 Discussing performative beauty 54:32 Caneel asserts everyone has a choice whether to bond over shame or to overcome our storiesSee show notes and get free tools at
This week, you get to peek into the world of aerospace pioneer and exemplary leader, Tim Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Relativity Space. As one of my long-time clients, Tim has gained valuable insight into the world of Conscious Leadership, which he has learned how to put into action as his company has grown from a seed to a full-blown revolutionary venture. In this episode, he shares his unique experiences as a co-founder of a company that is not only growing exponentially but is also challenging the way that we as humans view the future of space exploration. Since co-founding Relativity, Tim has helped change the future of space exploration by expanding the possibilities of manufacturing. Under his leadership, Relativity has skyrocketed, and as with all fast-growing companies, there have been a few growing pains along the way. Relativity Space is the first autonomous rocket factory and launch services leader for satellite constellations which is disrupting 60 years of global aerospace manufacturing. Relativity is developing the first and only aerospace platform to integrate machine learning, software, and robotics with metal 3D printing technology to build and launch rockets and other aerospace products in days instead of years, with the long-term goal of building the future of humanity in space. See show notes and get free tools at
This week, executive coach and partner in Evolution, Anjani Bhargava, is back on the show to share her personal experience on how to turn your family into a high-performance team. In this episode, you will learn how to make your family a team that trusts each other, that works well together, that can make decisions together, and that can really co-create the life and impact you want to have as individuals and as a whole. Teamwork is built into our DNA and since we are interdependent in our families, teamwork is the integration of the “we”, the “I” and the “it”. Anjani reveals it is possible to use this natural tendency to coordinate and develop healthy team dynamics in your own family.  With 20 years of experience helping organizations build the right culture for their stage of growth, Anjani explains some methods and insights in how she approaches her own family as a team. We cover some things she has done inside of her own family to create a really beautiful system that has, not only a positive impact on her own life but also a positive impact on the world. See show notes and get free tools at
This week, learn about a pernicious problem that you might be contributing to without realizing it.  One of the most common issues that come up in organizations, families, teams, and even within ourselves is gossip.Gossip is a pervasive form of drama that infects entire teams when left unchecked. Gossip matters because it is one of the easiest ways to spread drama in any social setting, in any relationship, in any team, and in any company. Gossip keeps you in Below the Line feelings like shame, blame, paranoia, and guilt. Shifting your mindset and practicing gossip-free leadership moves you and your team towards the incredible benefits you get living in Above the Line empowerment. Drama patterns like gossip stifle creativity and collaboration. By consciously leading your team and yourself out of the gossip habit, you can facilitate creative and safe collaboration. In this episode learn what gossip truly is, why gossip arises, and how to stop yourself and your team from engaging in gossip. Gain drama-busting skills that stop gossip in its tracks by addressing the root of the gossip issue. See show notes and get free tools at
This week, executive coach and partner in Evolution, Anjani Bhargava, joins us to take a deeper look at high-performance teamwork through the lens of Conscious Leadership. With 20 years of experience helping organizations build the right culture for their stage of growth, Anjani reveals some simple tactics to gain business results through leadership by transforming operators into culture-building leaders. Many great leaders understand that company culture is one of their greatest customer advantages and the foundation of culture is in the health of, not only the individual team members, but also of the team as a functioning whole. The first steps to becoming a leader of a high-performance team is to be completely accountable as a steward of culture through your behaviors, actions, and communications. Take those first steps today and lead your team to consciously create together. See show notes and get free tools at
I am sitting here 10 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of COVID. Where I am in my own journey is learning to accept that lovingly and not making my body a problem in any way. I'm naming this because I’ve been deep down that hole. We are coming up on International Women's Day, and I feel my hands shaking a little bit thinking about this pattern I see in myself, and in many women, to feel more or less valuable based on how we look. I want to speak to those of you who have also experienced some level of body shame from others or from yourself. We can have body shame about anything. It can be about our weight. It can be about our hair. It can be about our skin. Body shame is something that often starts from the outside. We get shamed by society and we internalize it. In an attempt to protect ourselves, we can begin to perpetuate the shame, the blame and the stories in order to have more control and be able to be accepted by others. We're not born into body shame. We learn it. We learn it from others and then we use those lies to break ourselves down from the inside out. So, what can you do? You can make choices about the types of thoughts you want to encourage in yourself. You can make choices around what you expose yourself to. You can choose to question these thoughts. You can choose not to spread them.  These stories aren't yours. Stop telling them.Please share this with a woman who could benefit from hearing it. Share this with a man who could benefit from hearing it. Share it with anybody of any gender identity who could use a little more love for themselves today. See show notes and get free tools at
What if I told you that you could speak about anything that you want to in a way that nobody can argue with? If that were possible for you, what would that unlock?Could you perhaps resolve some relationship tensions and issues that have been bothering you for a while? Could you maybe ask for a different role at work, a promotion, a raise? Could you maybe renegotiate some of your agreements with your family, with your partner that would actually help both of you to get more of what you want? What if I told you that this is both the simplest skill in the world and one of the most challenging to stick with?  I'm really excited today to teach you one of my favorite skills that is directly relevant to the whole body of work that we call conscious leadership. This skill is a super ninja communication tool. It's also a really useful way to be self-aware of when you might be dipping into drama, and it's also a useful way to get out of drama and to stop spreading drama in your relationships and in your life. This skill is called speaking unarguably.See show notes and get free tools at
Today I’m sharing one of my favorite tools that is useful in all areas of your life, regardless of if you are an executive, a formal people manager, or if you are in a family leadership position. ARCI is a tool that I teach to my executive teams when I'm doing executive team development and offsite training. It's a framework. It's a way of understanding the ‘who’ behind ‘who will do what by when’, which is the keystone of high integrity clear agreements.Integrity breaches are one of the most destructive forces in organizations, teams and families. When we don't do what we say we'll do, or when we create agreements that are vague, impossible to understand, ill-defined, or low integrity, this leads to a lot of drama. Unchecked integrity breaches create unhealthy forms of conflict and strife, and take up a lot of time and energy. ARCI is a framework for understanding, developing and tracking the structure of an agreement and how everyone involved is going to cooperate and coordinate action together. You can apply it to how a team generally operates. You can apply it to a process. You can apply it to a project. You can apply it to achieve a specific goal, and you can apply it to all different layers. With ARCI in your tool arsenal, you can start having breakthroughs in muddled situations in your work and home right away.See show notes and get free tools at
Don’t forget the most important thing to do this Valentine’s Day! When you hear the term ‘self-love’, you probably think about bubble baths, chocolate and massages. However, none of those things are truly self-love. Today, we’ll break down some barriers that we often have against self-love. We’ll also discuss what self-love actually is and what it could look like for you. Self-love is inner work. It's an inner experience of acceptance and appreciation. At the most basic level, self-love is simply asking the questions, "Can I allow myself?” and, “Can I allow myself to be fully here now?" The essence of self-love is 100% allowance of all that is here now.Self-love is at the heart of everything we talk about on this show, and it is at the heart of all genuine, lasting personal growth. Please remember to give yourself the gift only you can give – show yourself some real self-love this Valentine’s Day. See show notes and get free tools at
You’ve learned all the basics of Conscious Leadership, right? You’ve gone to the community meetings. You’ve listened to all the podcasts… So… What’s next? Today we speak with the remarkable CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Shelli Taylor. Shelli’s career as an executive highlights her passion for people as she leads through the lens of all her teammates and stakeholders to deliver results. Throughout the past year, Shelli has been putting lessons she has learned from this podcast to practice in her real life, her career, and her relationships, and she is here to tell her story and inspire all of us to put our own conscious leadership training into action. Join us as Shelli shares her amazing experience of being a newly appointed leader during crisis. Taking on the CEO position at Alamo Drafthouse in May 2020, right at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, created a unique set of challenges that paved a hard but rewarding road to success for herself and her team. See show notes and get free tools at
Most agreements are designed to fall out of integrity right away. End the friction of confusion and complication by fine-tuning how you make your agreements. You empower yourself and your team to work with integrity, by having concrete, literal, and clearly-defined plans from the onset, rather than vague suggestions.  Today, we're going to talk about how to create high-integrity agreements using a 3-prong framework. This practice can be applied at ANY time. Whether you’re making new goals or following up on a project, there is always the opportunity to improve your life and work by leading with integrity.  See show notes and get free tools at
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