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Successful people share with Brian Fink how they navigated the ups & downs in their lives, and what advice they would have for others for overcoming adversity.
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Emily Vaughn is a rising pop star who has an incredible energy about her. But for three years, while she was telling people positive things to do through her songs, she was living in a physically and mentally abusive relationship. And even prior to that, Emily dealt with an abusive professional relationship when she first broke into the music industry. On this episode, Emily shares what gave her the strength to finally get out of both abusive situations, and what advice she would have for anyone who feels like they can't escape an abusive relationship they're in.
Clint Lorance was a United States Army platoon leader, whose one decision during a mission in Afghanistan got him court-martialed and sentenced to 20 years in prison. On this episode, Clint shares how he dealt with going from a soldier to a prisoner overnight. He also discusses how he deals with being back in civilian life, what great advice he would have for people interested in enlisting, and other adversity he's overcome from his book "Stolen Honor".
Gia Koka, Karra, and Lena Leon have accomplished incredible success as award-winning singers, songwriters, & producers. But it hasn't been easy, especially as women in the music business. On this episode, the three share their stories of overcoming adversity in an industry that seems to be tilted against them, what they feel needs to change, and what advice they would have for other aspiring singer/songwriters.
Sara Evans may be one of the most-played female artists at Country radio, with eight studio albums and award after award, but she's had to learn to make the most of every day after living through three near-death experiences. On this episode, Sara shares her incredible outlook on life after overcoming a ton of adversity, plus shares why her new memoir "Born To Fly" is a must-read.
Justin K. Sheffield has served on more than a thousand combat operations as a member of the elite Seal Team Six. He was also the team leader who planned a raid and jump in Somalia, and protected an American citizen during her rescue. In his amazing book "MOB VI", he takes us along on some of his missions in Afghanistan & Iraq. But when he was medically retired from service is when the real battle began. On this episode, Senior Chief Sheffield shares how he overcame not only the grueling obstacles of training and war, but also his torturous fight after with PTSD and depression.
SOFI TUKKER is a multiple platinum singer/songwriter/DJ/producer duo that has been nominated for two GRAMMYs. Their song "House Arrest" just went #1 on the dance charts. But the group almost didn't even exist, as Tucker was on course to becoming a professional basketball player! On this episode, Tucker shares how overcoming a severe illness that benched his basketball dreams put him on another path in life. While Sophie, dealing with foot injuries and the possibility of never being able to walk again, turned the experience into a #1 song!
Back in 2011, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy faced a horrific near-death accident, where she was hit by a spinning airplane propeller and lost her left hand and left eye. On this episode, Lauren tells us what got her through her long road to recovery, and what advice she would have for anyone also dealing with a tough recovery. She also shares about a brand new free social platform called "FaithSocial", which allows the worldwide Christian community to connect during this pandemic.
One of the biggest adversities to get over, literally, is a battle with weight. Jim DiBattista was able to overcome it when he lost 140+ pounds to win last season of "The Biggest Loser" on USA Network. On this episode, Jim shares what finally made him realize he had to do something about his weight. Plus how he was able to overcome his mind that allowed him to get to 400 pounds, and what advice he would have for anyone in the battle with being overweight right now.
Havener is a respiratory therapist working with patients that have tested positive for COVID-19. As we spotlight another incredible healthcare hero, Havener shares why she decided to get into the field, what made her almost give up, and what it's been like working on the front line of this pandemic.
Meghan is beyond a superhero! Not only is she on the frontlines being an infectious disease doctor, but she is now fighting for her own life. On this episode honoring another healthcare hero, Meghan shares what it was like for her in the beginning of the pandemic, trying to understand everything with little information, and how she is now managing having been diagnosed with breast cancer.
On this first episode honoring our healthcare heroes, Kayleigh shares her story of how she got into nursing, what has been most rewarding for her, and why she couldn't let her fears of the Covid pandemic slow her down.
March 23rd, Rhiannon started feeling sick with what she thought was just allergies. But the normal runny nose and cough lead to body aches, chills, bad fever, and inability to catch her breath. When she went to urgent care, they didn't have any tests available, but told her they were confident she had COVID-19. On this episode, Rhiannon shares what she experienced through the entire process, and how she recovered from the symptoms of the virus.
Karissa Kouchis is Tony Robbins' top female trainer & performance strategist, and is normally traveling the country 354 days out of the year speaking to teams about mindset & success habits. On this quarantined episode, KK shares what things you should focus on to navigate through times of stress. Plus why having a morning routine is so important right now, and what steps you can take to stay positive through these difficult times.
Ally Brooke has three songs out right now, one of them in the Top 10 of the dance charts with Afrojack. And she was three shows into her first ever headlining tour, when she had to postpone the entire thing because of the pandemic. On this quarantined episode, Ally shares what it was like leading up to the decision and how she dealt with it. Plus which celeb she would like to be quarantined with, what classic movie she surprisingly had never seen before, and she also shares about being born premature.
As important as it is to remember that we are all in this together, I thought it would also be great to get some advice from an expert on working from home. On this quarantined episode, Dr. Tracey Wilen, author of the blog "Working From Home; The New Normal", gives very insightful tips on making it through the quarantine without going stir crazy, how to keep a positive attitude during all of this, and how to successfully work from home while staying motivated.
Afrojack is one of the biggest DJ/Producers in the music industry, normally playing main stages at festivals all over the world. But right now, he's just like all of us; quarantined. On this episode, Afrojack shares his advice on what we should all be doing in this moment. Plus what he's doing to stay busy at home, and why the thought of making music right now actually depresses him a little.
Pop star Katy Tiz shares how her quarantine is going in London, what she's doing to stay active, and why she's really inspired to write music right now. Plus how she is overcoming a sickness that has sidelined her life and career for 18 months!
Over 20 years ago, Darude released the dance song "Sandstorm". If you've been to any sporting event and been hyped up, you know the song... if it doesn't ring a bell, YouTube it, I promise you know it. No one could have ever imagined that 20 years later, it would be used to unify a country during the Coronavirus pandemic. On another quarantined episode, Darude shares how people in Finland are using his song to comfort them. Plus what his quarantine has been like, and what message he would have for everyone.
On another quarantined episode, Lorne Padman (VP, Dim Mak) shares what's been getting him & his girlfriend through the lockdown in LA, Maykel Piron (CEO, Armada Music) updates us on what's going on in The Netherlands, and pop star Casey Baer talks about how the pandemic has affected her.
We're all in this war against the Coronavirus together, and this is some of the hardest adversity we've ever faced in our lifetime. On this episode, Brian Fink speaks with people under quarantine in Florida, Texas, and New York to get ideas on what they're doing to stay sane. Plus what they're binging, and what the first thing is they're gonna do when this has all passed. Hear from Shannon Gibson from iHeartMedia Tampa, Chad Cisneros from Tritonal, and John Suraci from Total Smash!
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