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This week the boys revisit a subject covered many years ago, this time with a much more in-depth analysis, as we embark on the story of one of Britain's most infamous couples, Fred and Rose West.
Side Stories: Chicken Cult

Side Stories: Chicken Cult


Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including an award winning chicken truck accused of housing a secret cult, a food delivery robot rolls through a crime scene, the myths of constipation, fairy encounters, more UK time slippage, a "mouse loving" Hero of the Week, Listener Stories, and MORE!
The story of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate comes to brutally fatal conclusion as the boys recount the bulk of Starkweather's dirty work as well as the series of events that lead to his eventual execution.
Side Stories: Loab

Side Stories: Loab


Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including the Virginia country club with a 9/11 themed menu, US government cutting back on UFO disclosure, "Loab" the A.I. generated nightmare figure, a Q obsessed man murders wife in Michigan, Bigfoot butt prints, Listener Time Slips, and much, much, MORE!
The boys are back with another bloody tale of mass murder, this week beginning the story of Charles Starkweather, a dim witted outcast who kicked off his career of killing in the winter of 1957, and who would go on to kill 10 more just a year later.
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's tomato news and weird true crime stories including the co-pilot who threw himself from an airplane, strange tales of "Time Slips" in the UK, a DUI on a Rascal Scooter in Walmart, a very worthy Hero of the Week, Listener Stories and MORE!
Ben, Henry, and Marcus and joined by The Last Drive-In's own Diana Prince a.k.a. Darcy the Mail Girl to talk favorite Summer Horror Flicks!
Ben 'n' Henry are joined by true crime legend and author of How to Catch a Killer: Hunting and Capturing the World's Most Notorious Serial Killers, Katherine Ramsland for an in-depth discussion on BTK, what it's like to work so closely with a serial killer, and the many misconceptions on just how a serial killer is defined.
This week the gang's all here as Marcus joins Ben 'n' Henry for a classic grab bag of Side Stories including the South Carolina woman impaled by a beach umbrella, a man who got a little too frisky with the family cat, the "best" UFO photo ever found, a surprise hero of the week, and MORE!
Henry sits down with director, producer, and screenwriter William Brent Bell to discuss The Boy films, bringing back The Orphan in prequel form with the new film Orphan: First Kill, creepy kids, real life evil orphans, and MORE!
The boys conclude the story of The Salem Witch Trials, this time focusing on the trials themselves, the convictions, and the various gruesome executions that would follow.
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including an update on the disturbing Chris Chan Trial, the Indiana "adult-baby clothing store" ordered to close its doors by city, QAnon's "Queen of Canada" tells followers to arrest cops, Georgia murder suspect arrested after calling police over cold fries, a technological Hero of the Week, creepy cloud stories, and MORE!
This week the boys reach the third chapter in the story of the Salem Witch Trials and as the number of witch allegations reaches new heights across New England, a series of gruesome executions would begin... 
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including reports of a mysterious metallic orb in Mexico, the french scientist who fooled the twitter world with a slice of chorizo, the man who killed 4 people and blamed celestial ventriloquism, the benefits of "butthole breathing" studies, how pigs could possibly halt human aging, a kidnapped 12 year old girl escapes from a killer in Alabama, a hoofed hero of the week, spooky listener stories, and MORE!
The boys are back to continue the tale of Salem's Witches, who at this point have become a major issue in several New England communities, and as various "witches" are round up, one after another, the examinations for the Salem Witch Trials themselves begin.
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including a series of updates on last week's news, a Florida man who attempted to break into Space Force Base to expose the intergalactic US Alien / Chinese Dragon war, scientists turning dead spiders into robots, pigs breathing through their buttholes, a Hero of the Week with a great sense of humor, listener stories of demonic orbs, and MORE!
In this, Episode 500, the boys begin the story of one of the darkest chapters in New England's History. Traveling all the way back to The Salem Witch Trials of 1692, satanic panic sweeps across Massachusetts and the Puritan Church's fear of the Devil paves a path for the hanging of 19 people.
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including the man who's been farting for 5 years straight, a Russian Chess-Robot attack, the world's youngest serial killer, the Brooklyn Bishop robbed on livestream, a creepy little hero of the week, Listener Emails, Noodling Horror Stories, and MORE!
It's time for one last dance with the aliens before we reach big ole' 500! This week the boys are discussing possibly the most mysterious mass UFO sighting ever recorded, the Ariel School Incident of 1994, in which 62 students of a small Zimbabwe school witnessed and communicated with what can only be described as an extra-terrestrial phenomena!
Side Stories: The Henry 200

Side Stories: The Henry 200


Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest true crime stories including a fresh Murdaugh Murder-Family update, the woman who bought her husband a sex doll replica of herself, the Oklahoma man who killed friend for "summoning Bigfoot" on noodling trip, the Vicar caught having sex with a Vacuum, a former Papa John’s employee in Indiana kills two of his coworkers and tries to fuck the corpse, ALSO in Indiana, a pizza man saves 5 kids from house fire, a surprising Hero of the Week, and MORE!  Flowerhead - Pondering My Orb ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Sep 24th

Jessica Salyers

so exciteeedddd

Sep 24th

adrian quintero

just tell the damn story! all those lame ass jokes and changing your voice 👎

Sep 21st

World Cup Willie

Are we meant to believe these stories are true?

Sep 17th

Cheyenne Velez

cuts off mid conversation around 1:29:36 🥲

Sep 12th

Drew Anderson

goddamn Ben can be ignorant bahahah, "[dolphins] don't breathe oxygen!" wowza

Sep 10th

Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson

Puffins are delicious!!!

Sep 8th

Aimee Mather

this is awful, you've taken down the first 33 episodes, might be time to take this one down too

Aug 28th

christian gavey

My middle name is Giles.

Aug 20th
Reply (1)

Scrone Ferreira

TIL Henry has an enormous Polish Penis

Aug 18th

Hurricane McLean

it is you that is fake earthling

Aug 9th

fata morgana

aw fuck I binged all 3 parts for the funny Charlie voice

Jul 29th

Douglas Denhart

puffys dad worked for frank lucas

Jul 25th


This is even worse as Dahmer. Drilling a hole in a person's head and than ejaculate into it. This is it. This takes the cake. GOLD STAR MEMBER HERE

Jul 22nd
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AJ Carter

here's an episode before they told Henry he's not funny

Jul 20th

Jeff s

wow someone left a comment. rarely see that on castbox

Jul 14th

Sarah Black White

RAY Davies is the lead singer of the Kinks. Dave Davies is the guitarist. Marcus will scold you 😃

Jul 14th

Lori Fletcher LaPorte

Salmonella, more like salamander!

Jul 7th


I just want Trey Parker to write a musical about Jeffrey Dahmer as a sequel to "Cannibal! The Musical"

Jul 2nd
Reply (1)

Chrissy Mclain

get your facts straight. Abilene has had a hot topic since 2009. 🤣🤣🤣

Jul 2nd
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